Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 48 (Recap)

kakashi: I must apologize to all of you for the amount of gifs in this post. We all know this episode has some of the best OTP moments of the entire drama and I just couldn't help myself. If you use up all your monthly data, I am sorry but not sorry. And I am not taking any responsibility for any other damage like exploding ovaries either. 
JoAnne: I wonder if there'll be an increase in actresses who will be angling for opportunities to have on-screen romances with Mark after all this is over.

Episode 48

Yan Zhi has arrived at the foot of Kunlun Mountains! Which is guarded, as we know. A rather sour Second appears (many tiny Kunlun boys in tow), recognizes her and tells her to scram. But she asks for Zi Lan / Sixteenth. Nope, she's not to take one step further or else. Out of nowhere and quite unexpected, Li Jing appears! That just immediately escalates the situation. He is so uuuuuseless, this guy!
But who are the tiny Kunlun boys? How can you have new disciples when the Shifu is presumed lost, even dead?
They've been around as the Never Growing Boys
Luckily though, Sixteenth stops them from shedding blood by jumping in between them. When he hears what Ghost Princess is here for - making an elixir for the baby - he takes it on himself to help. Thinking it's a sin to assist (and love) a Ghost Lady, Sixteenth vows in that cauldron chamber that he will spend the rest of his life guarding the Sea of Innocence as soon as Mo Yuan returns. 
I would pat his face if I could. Dear, sweet, noble Sixteenth.
That cauldron sure gets some action these days! And another dummy in love uses up tons of his cultivation to make someone someone he likes likes better. Wow, I'm so proud of this sentence: Someone someone he likes likes.
You are indeed a wordsmith.
Cut to the Nine Heavens! Ye Hua seems to be studying warfare; Bai Qian complains that tactical formation strategy used to be her least favorite subject, her head hurts from just looking at it. She is sitting like this next to Ye Hua despite of it because she feared he wouldn't be able to hold the brush. Now that she sees he can do it so well, she can't help it, she wants to take a longer look at him. D'awwwwwwwz, she's in love. 
Nothing wrong with those eyes anymore, I guess!
Riceball is back! Bai Qian wants to rush to him to help carry the sugar cane, but Ye Hua holds her back: let him do it by himself. They're like real parents already *heartbeams* - and no more of that "you would treat him differently if you would not think he's your stepson". 
Rice, Rice baby! Yay!
Cheng Yu is requesting of Ye Hua to be allowed to touch Bai Qian when she's all googly-eyed in front of her. She's the first female High Goddess she has ever encountered, that is why. A-Li intervenes: his mother belongs to his father! He is the only one who can touch her.
What a little shipper that kid is, I love it!
Ye Hua reprimands Cheng Yu for being so bold (half-jokingly) and then hugs his A-Li for bringing Bai Qian so much sugar cane. A-Li was reminded by Jia Yun about Ye Hua's badly hurt right arm repeatedly though, so he asks whether it still hurts? No, claims Ye Hua and swings A-Li around with his other arm.
A rare and eagerly anticipated scene of the little family - I love these so much. Thank you for the GIF, Sensei!
Bai Qian fusses over him like he's an invalid. Yes, she knows his arm will recover soon, but she is concerned he might not be able to paint anymore in the future. That's so random, Fox Queen... Ye Hua feels the need to prove he can draw very well with his left hand too and has his wife and his son pose for him. Cheng Yu squeezes in as well. She takes this opportunity to tell Bai Qian she needs to have a word with Fengjiu.
I wish there more of Cheng Yu in this drama, really. Maybe there's a book for her and Third Uncle?
Indeed so! If it is ever written. 
Ye Hua draws, concentrating sexily, but when the three models view the picture, he completely omitted Cheng Yu. Pfft, probably to punish her for her cheeky behavior earlier.
Remember how grim he was when we first met him (after being set free from the Lotus, I mean) - he's really so different from that. Very warm and playful. It must have been so hard growing up and forcing himself to be so self-contained. Ye Hua was made for love, in every sense of the word.
But Bai Qian suggests it's because Ye Hua "doesn't have enough stamina these days". OMG, what?! Okay, she adds that it is very tiring to draw with the wrong arm (she says "just one arm", but I'm sure she means "his wrong arm"). A-Li asks: "He doesn't have enough stamina? What does that mean?" Cheng Yu covers her mouth in shocked excitement, A-Li continues: "Does it mean that although Father can hold A-Li, he can't hold mother?" You just see in Ye Hua's face that he is NOT liking where this is going. (I'm curious to hear from our Chinese speakers what word she is using and what its different meanings are ... is she indeed implying other types of stamina as well? Deliberately? Or is it just an honest mistake)
Maybe she was thinking enough already, time to start introducing activities again.
Okay, enough is enough. Ye Hua basically jumps up .... stares a Bai Qian for a few seconds .... and then picks her up, throwing her over his shoulder, to carry her away. RAWR. You do NOT question Ye Hua's stamina without consequences.
*fans self* Okay fine, Ye Hua, but I bet you can't do that again.
I really do think he would bed her on his death bed.
That's how I'd wanna go out, wouldn't you?
And here we go! The panther move. I think Bai Qian has found the "turn-on" button for this guy. Just mention his stamina and he's on fire.
Damn this is so freaking hot. *stares endlessly at loop* The only way the whole thing could have been better, right from the moment he picks her up to now - apart from it being me instead of BQ, I mean - would be if Su Jin had been standing in the courtyard, watching him kick it into high gear, and then having to stand outside the palace knowing what was going on and maybe hearing some giggles and then...well, we won't eavesdrop on their most private moments. *one more watch of loop*
He is so ready, but WHHHHYYYYY is this woman stalling?! She's like "sorry I didn't wanna go the to Hall of Beautiful Youth", yadayada, "the dead should be respected, it wouldn't be appropriate to do it there", yadayada, she told Nai Nai to put all of the dead wives things .... WHO CARES! Certainly not full-of-stamina Ye Hua. But okay, I get it. Bai Qian has something on her mind and this is just the lead-up to what she really wants to say. Next time, sleep with him first and THEN talk?
Seriously. Her priorities need adjusting.
It's something very important, Bai Qian begins. Does he still remember that she said she wanted to cancel their engagement when they were at the West Sea? Oh goddamn YES the poor man remembers. He instantly looks terrified.
Wow, way to kill a mood Bai Qian!
But she is not going to tell you she meant it, Ye Hua. You could know this if you were not so damn sure she's in love with another man. She continues that she did "not look into her heart" back then. But now, since they're sharing a mutual affection, it's out of the question to cancel.
I'm not sure it's good for his.... stamina to go from one extreme to the other and back again so quickly, LOL
It's only when she talks about actual dates that it registers with him. The 2nd of September, she says, is good for weddings and constructions, a good day for everything, really. He should tell his grandfather that they'll get married on that day. He thinks he misheard - but she mistakes his "what did you just say?" as mild outrage at her fox-style bluntness. Wow, Ye Hua... your tears of relief and joy are beautiful.
You did it, Ye Hua. You won her back! (And as it happens, I'll be attending a wedding on September 2 this year, so...good to know!)
She tells him she loves him. And she wants to be with him forever. To hear her love confession shakes him to his deepest core. Finally. The love of his life wants to be with him. It is what he hoped ever since he met her again, but also what he did not think possible anymore in the last few days. 
It's very very sweet, yes, and I hate to be a downer...but it ain't over until she knows the full story, Ye Hua. So don't get too comfortable.
Overwhelmed by emotions, he kisses her like a drowning man. "Qian Qian, give me another child" must be about the sexiest line I've ever heard in Asian entertainment.
That is not even a tiny bit exaggerated. Everything I possess that can flutter did just that.
Apparently, Qian Qian is "sore all over" after what they don't show us. She is content.
Qian Qian, I don't care how sore you are - clearly the man needs some help falling asleep.
His little self-satisfied smirk. I guess even Celestial men like hearing this from their woman. Has there ever been a man who didn't love to hear it?
But the poor Ye Hua ... he cannot relax. He is lying there, thinking about how Mo Yuan's return means Qing Cang will be able to break free. He asks Bai Qian if she would have sealed up the Bell 70'000 years ago if given the chance. Of course she would have. Every Kunlun disciple would have. Later, he orders someone to keep close watch on the bell. Anything abnormal needs to be reported back immediately, to him only!
Back to our Ghostlings (booo). Li Jing mopes about A-Yin again and in the process of this, Yan Zhi gets to hear that Si Yin is not a man but a woman and more than that, the High Goddess Bai Qian. She thinks that's pretty cool. Glad we got that out of the way. When it's day, Second brings them the elixir and a prescription Zi Lan wrote, telling Yan Zhi to take care of herself. Yan Zhi is so disappointed not to see him personally, but he has made his decision and this is the end for them. After 2nd has left, they give the elixir to the baby ... and it really wakes up! Ha! Li Jing touches his child for the first time too.
Maybe he'll finally step up to the plate as a father and a leader now. I'm perfectly fine with him going out in a blaze of glory in a couple episodes if we can at least get that from him first.
Up in the Heavens, Bai Qian wakes up, feels for Ye Hua next to her - but he is already up! Looking delicious. Bai Qian is very pleased with what she sees. He is pleased too, because her smile clearly expresses how much she appreciates him. All aspects of him.
Somebody woke up THIRSTY.
She tells him she would never mistake him for her Shifu - except for that very first time she saw him. Shifu's eyes aren't as dark as his. And not as calm as his. She does wonder though why he, such a young god, behaves like an old one so much? Even more than Dong Hua Dijun? The familiarity between them is such a welcome sight. Later, he tells her how much he likes to hear her talk like this.
I guess in her eyes the boy has become a man now. Yay!
A bit later, Su Jin's spy-maid sees that Bai Qian puts something in Ye Hua's tea. It's Zhe Yan's healing elixir, of course, but the stupid maid goes and squeals about it to Su Jin and Ye Hua's mother. Su Jin smells a chance for new intrigue and goes on about how weird it is that Ye Hua fell so quickly for this new woman blabla. They conclude that Ye Hua must be bewitched! And drugged! And in danger from this sly fox!
Meddling bitches.
They rush to Ye Hua's palace like headless chickens. (And just like a chicken, condemned to have eggs unfertilized in perpetuity.) Haha, it's hilarious. After an exchange of polite greetings, both Su Jin and Ye Hua's mother try to prevent Ye Hua from drinking the tea. He's like: don't fret, mother. Qian Qian made me this tea. And she added the nourishing elixir from High God Zhe Yan to it. Ahahahaaaaaa, you stupid women. And hahaha, Bai Qian. Did you think he wouldn't notice?
Suck that, Su Jin, you headless chicken full of unfertilized eggs.
Realizing Bai Qian is doting on her future husband so much, Consort Le Xu suggests they should move quickly ahead with the wedding. A-Li, who has been reading with Bai Qian in the room earlier, runs up to his grandmother and tells her how much he likes her for saying this. He has so been looking forward to the wedding! Because it means he can more easily see his mother. She won't have to worry about Celestial Tribe's regulations and won't have to sneak in to visit Ye Hua like last night! Le Xu bursts out laughing. Take this, Su Jin! They have sex all the time and will have a grand wedding - while you have neither. Hahahahahahaaaaaa.
I could not stop laughing at how quickly Le Xu changed sides. Su Jin, you are the last rat on a sinking ship.
Once they're alone again, Ye Hua and Bai Qian laugh about this interlude, and talk about their wedding as well. Ye Hua says he will go talk to his grandfather about it as soon as he becomes available and Bai Qian thinks to herself the whole process will have to be sped up a bit - with the help of her brothers and her parents.
Now that she's had a taste of what Ye Hua has to offer, suddenly the wedding is urgent.
She needn't have feared though, Ye Hua is quite eager and goes to see his grandfather asap. Heavenly Lord is happy about this development! Wait a second, says Ye Hua's father though (ASSHOLE), Ye Hua first needs to withstand a heavenly trial in the Mortal Realm, as punishment for killing the four mystical beasts, which carried half of the Heavenly Father's powers. It's the regulations (his wife hates him for saying it, as do we all). The Heavenly Lord cannot disregard "it's the law" but decides Ye Hua will at least not have to experience one of Si Ming's stories - they will leave the pages in the Book of Destiny blank. Whatever happens, happens. 
I'm not sure that's a plus, though?


He just cannot catch a break, our Ye Hua. It's tough. He finally has his woman back and now, they're sending him down to the mortal realm for 60 days/years? Not nice. And not only that, he has to worry about that Bell, too! We know, of course, that he is more concerned about preventing Bai Qian from doing something stupid (i.e. sacrifice her soul) than the actual villain coming out, but maybe we could all worry a bit about that? Mr. Ex Ghost King is an ugly fellow, I actually don't want to see him again. 
Every time we cycle back around to that plot line I cringe, honestly.

PS: No recap tomorrow, this is it for the week! See you in Peach Blossom Wood on Tuesday! 
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