Birth of a Beauty - Episode 21 FINAL (A WookiCap)

We made it to the end, my friends, and everything is neatly wrapped up in this last episode. And everybody gets what they deserve. We even get a truckload full of cute.
S@ki6: Such a relief!
Lafer: The champagne is in hand! Actually I should have probably started drinking before I watched.
becca: Oooh, is this pic of them in heaven? Or a fantasy sequence as one of them dies slowly in the other's arms? I thirst for blood!
JoAnne: I would swear that I already commented on this, but after looking through, nope. I'm just stuck in an endless loop of idiocy, I guess? Oh wait! THIS IS THE END!!!!

Episode 21 - Final Episode

It's the final countdoooooooown. Dududuuuuuu, dududududuuuuu. Hearing Not Awesome Assistant's voice makes Tae-hee pull out the watch from the accident site and wonder ... could it be? To make sure, he has to go see halmoni.
Crikey, not Halmoni again. 
I am impressed. Not only did the watch survive unscathed, but he still remembers the voice from the explosion.
Naturally. He's a "genius."
Methinks a 'genius' would have advised Sara to go to the police, report her husband and his chippy for attempted murder, and be DONE with this foolishness some 19-20 hours ago. But no.
Chae-yeon has fled her ass to her brother, where she receives a phone call from Birth of a Chef. I guess they're telling her she's sacked? She cries a bit. No, show ... we want to see her in prison!
Thems the breaks, Chae-yeon.
Hello Ji Hoon! Sorry you had one of the biggest waste of roles ever.
Maybe we should congratulate him, though. At least he didn't have to work hard on this dumb show.
Yeah, I can't imagine there are too many people who would be proud to be associated to this show.
Tae-hee is out, Sara is waiting for her mother and her friend to arrive, but in the meantime, she does a bit of housework, and discovers their wedding rings in Tae-hee's drawer. She also takes a look at her wedding dress - and seems sad. Yeah, it's a bit awkward ... how do you tell a person you broke off with right before getting married that now, you do want to get married after all? 
It shouldn't be so bad considering she originally cancelled to save TaeHee from getting killed.
Which, if she had just told him WHY she cancelled the wedding, could have saved us about 8 episodes.
Last I knew, rifling through some one else's desk drawers wasn't 'housekeeping' it was snooping.
While she gets her mother's blessing for making Tae-hee happy, he is meeting with his Halmoni (I guess the show still wants us to like her? It will never happen, Show), who tells him that the watch belongs to a Winner Group employee. It's a prize. And the "J" on the side of the watch is that employee's first name.
Like that information narrows things down. Unless the watch is super-expensive Rolex-made and only given out once every 10 years. 
What company is so lazy that they don't even write the recipient's whole name or at least a set of initials on a watch?
That Halmeoni character is one of the most unsatisfying of the show. It's like they started out with an idea for her and then decided against it so they parked her in jail to get her out of the way. She was hateful, so no one watching was going to care that she was locked up, and they did nothing to show us why Tae Hee liked her so much. Maybe she saw how terrible the story was and demanded less work.
Right then, said "J" walks through the door ... it's the first time he and Tae-hee meet. And it's the first time Tae-hee hears him speak - at least in his capacity as Assistant. To make double sure we all get it, Awesome Assistant Choi calls right that moment to tell Tae-hee that he has identified the caller as Halmoni's assistant. At which point he kills both him and his grandmother.
LOL at Sensei's wishful thinking there.
I was getting really excited at this until I realized she was kidding.
That wasn't wishful thinking. She was subtly giving me an order. Don't worry, Big Kahuna. I'll take care of these losers and wrap up the loose ends so that it doesn't lead back to you. *sharpens knives and dons ninja outfit*
Becca, I'm noticing you have a bloodthirsty side to you.
When he gets home a bit later, Sara has prepared a little sweet something for him. Candles, balloons, and flowers everywhere. And in a note she leaves for him, she asks whether they should get married. And his answer is ............ yes. I'm glad we got that over with.
Yeah, I was really concerned about that. Not.
So that must mean Fuck Ears is about to make an appearance. Can't we just push him down a flight of stairs or something?
Ah, but no. There's that thing called Kang-joon, also known as Sara's husband. And because there's no other way, Tae-hee starts negotiating with Fuck Ears, who wants a fake identity and money to settle overseas. Secretly, Kang-joon is plotting to kill Tae-hee after the meet-up. Why? Nobody knows. He tells Evil Han about their secret meet-up, and Evil Han tells Assistant Kim to off Tae-hee. Like ... for the 49098th time, it seems. Anyway, the plan is to cause another explosion. Hahahahaaa, yeah. These villains can't even come up with new methods to kill people, seriously.
These villains are super-boring and, especially KangJoon, a bit lacking in the critical thinking department. Seriously, who would trust a company with 2 massive explosions that killed chaebol family members? 
These villains are super-stupid and super fickle, too, as their undying love they had for Sara dissipated at the drop of a rice ball. 
Bad, bad baddies! No pictures for you, so there.
That'll teach 'em a lesson.
Tae Hee is seriously the most stupid genius I have ever come across. Why not just call the police? What does Fuck Ears have over you now?  Nothing!

But before we get some killing action (yesssssss), Tae-hee actually calls Assistant Kim and they meet. Tae-hee is like: this watch was found at the site where my parents were killed. It's yours, right? How could you do that, scumbag! But Tae-hee also knows that Kim isn't the real culprit, and that's why he won't report him to the police right away. No, he wants to catch the Evil Hans. Unfortunately, Kim won't talk easily ... so Tae-hee has to torture him a bit.
kakashi, you are getting this drama mixed up with Cruel City or something. There is no torture in it, only bracelet-breaking wacks on the shoulders and wishful thinking on your part.
Paksa Adeul!!! HE would take care of these idiots.
Let's go all Gaksital on their asses, huh?
Afterwards, Kim runs straight to his love, Frag Face aka Evil Han Mother. Endure this one more day, cries Frog Mother, one more day! Kill Tae-hee before the shareholders' meeting and all will be well. But Kim isn't convinced. He feels used by this woman. Haha. Yes. The assistants are the only ones with brains in this show. Evil Han is confident though that he will kill Tae-hee the next day.
If I were to meet a man who is willing to kill inconvenient people for me, I would seriously consider doing witness protection. 
I have serious doubts about the bunch of lifeless, crowd-following shareholders, though. Let's just say I wouldn't be investing any money in Winner Group stock.
Perhaps it should be pronounced 'weiner' because everyone associated with that company is basically a dick.
Sara brings Tae-hee some yummy food (that's every man's dream, says Tae-hee) and gives Chae-yeon a lecture on sinning and repentance on the way. Sara = good, Chae-yeon = bad.
Yep, that's the dichotomy! Plus, Sara has nice soft eyes, even when distressed or mad, while Chaeyeon: okay, the actress needs some acting lessons. 
Sara's excessive plastic surgery has made her lose the ability to pop her eyes.
Well at least she stayed cute because come on, you have to admit it, Han Ye Seul has this thing where you just want to pick her up and put her in your pocket.
When Tae-hee packs a load of money, the false passport, and the divorce paper into a pretty bag the next day, he suddenly pauses ... why did Kang-joon want to meet right before the shareholders meeting? (Wah?  He's THINKING?  NOW?)  Before he can conclude that thought, Sara comes in to wish him luck and give him a yellow handkerchief. He tells her to go and stay with Halmoni - it'll make him less anxious. And he also wants her to deliver a letter to the old woman.
Halmoni is under house arrest with the Evil Hans, so staying with her doesn't make any sense, but okay, whatever.
Was halmoni's character even necessary? Honestly, what purpose did she serve?
What purpose did anyone serve, except Awesome Assistant??
Why on earth did she give him a yellow handkerchief?
So what, Tae-hee knows something is wrong, but he still goes to the warehouse?! He hands over the money and the passport to Fuck Ears, who signs the divorce paper in turn. But when Tae-hee wants to leave, Kang-joon calls in a bunch of thugs. Greetings from Han.
Singing telegrams are so passé. Fist-swinging thugs are what's hip.
We need us some Bad Guys up in this place. And if they happen to accidently punch Tae Hee too, at this point I really wouldn't mind. Just not his face. Don't mess up the face.

In the letter that Sara delivered, Tae-hee tells his grandma to contact the police if he can't be reached (that must be the dumbest backup plan ever) - and that her assistant is the culprit. How convenient that the man walks in the door right then and there! He regrets deeply and tells her her grandson is in danger. Off to the warehouse they rush!
This episode is so long. 
*yawning in agreement*
Nice try, sir, but you're still Not Awesome.
What is this writer's name? Can we make a pledge to never ever watch anything by this writer again? Is this one of those 'I won a contest' drama writers? Except I think they actually did well...
Once there, they discuss for about 5 minutes who should and shouldn't go in because, yeah, the explosion. (Uhh, how about YOU, assistant Kim? You should run into the explosion to atone for your previous sins.) It's all very suspenseful (NOT) as we see various things happening simultaneously: the shareholder meeting starts, Evil Han is the only nominee. Sara runs into the warehouse. The detective in charge of the Han-case gets a phone call about the warehouse.
Oh look. They remembered that the police are a thing.
I was JUST thinking that.

And then, Evil Han's appointment is opposed by 67% of the (approx 10) shareholders. Hahahaaaaa. This was one of the first things that made sense for this company. Evil Han has a (controlled) rage fit, until the shareholders demand Han Tae-hee as their CEO. That makes him lose his composure and he proclaims that Tae-hee won't be coming. Wrong. He is here! I feel a minikin twinge of sympathy for Evil Han.
Nope, no sympathy there. But Tae-hee does look really cool strutting in.
Listen, Dough Boy, we are all gluten-intolerant at this point.  Just go away.
"The star always comes in at the end", he says - and a new round of voting begins and with it the suffering of the Evil Hans. In a flashback, we see that the police got to the warehouse in time (as did Sara). All thanks to Assistant Kim, who saw the light. And in the present, the police storm the conference room and arrest both the Hans. The end.
So, now we can finish this?
I had to laugh at the flashback. For a minute I had visions of all the thugs scrambling to beat the explosion. But Dough Boy sure was poppin' mad! Time to take a rolling pin to this bad boy.
I can't believe you ladies were able to sit through this.
I stopped watching weeks ago. I just like to hang out with you guys and I can always think of something to say.
Well, not quite the final end, because first, Tae-hee gets elected as CEO with 81% of the votes.
If I ever meet this writer, I might do one of those water thrown in face things. 
How about if we lure writer-nim into a warehouse and have a little explosion?
Let's get Mary in on this. She "takes care of" people at the Han River all the time. A warehouse explosion should be no biggie.
Did you see she's trying to hire Healer to bring her Song Jae Rim? What would we have had Healer do in this story? Steal the DNA necklace? I'm still really grossed out by that.
Tae-hee is as bored as we are.
Second, Sara and Tae-hee stop Kang-joon from leaving the country. There's a GPS locator in his money bag. Also, if he shows his fake passport, the police will be notified. Kang-joon is arrested and will rot in prison for a while.
That was cool.
Coudn't they have saved themselves the trouble by just notifying the police of the tracking device? Then our OTP would have had more time to anticipate the joys of wearing matching pj's.
I hope they at least have time to pick up some lollipops on the way home.
Balloons, too. Don't forget the balloons.
Third, Chae-yeon gets a visit by the police too - to get the blackbox footage. She'll avoid legal consequences, since Geum-ran isn't dead, but her life is destroyed already anyway. And because she is actually a good person (or whatever), she gives back the Canvas building to Sara. Well, not right away, cause she's ashamed to face her.
Her brother was way too calm and accepting and helpful. Normal family members in the same sitch would've been yelling about right and wrong and throwing things, and then, when they'd finally calmed down a bit, would've looked into psychiatric care. At the least, this idiot relative of hers should've got her into therapy. 
I wish I had started drinking earlier. I would have gulped the rest at this point.
I'll say one thing about Chae-yeon, though: she has lovely hair.
Wait, so if you try to kill someone but fail at it, the police just say ohhh, okay, we'll just let this one go?
Fourth, time to address plastic surgery one more time. Sara is afraid she might suffer from memory loss, a very common side effect of PS, as we all know. Also, their future kids? They will not look like the new her. Hahahaaaaa, so true! Writer-nim, that really needed to be said. In any case, he doesn't care about any of this. He will love her. Forever and ever.
Yeah, I get why people do plastic surgery, but better save up for the kids to do the same later. 
Well, if everyone who has had plastic surgery gets memory loss (or hallucinations as my translation said,) we better enjoy our Kactors now, before the whole lot of them starts to act like the cast from Night of the Living Dead.
Oh. They're smiling. Whoop-dee-doo.
Had to laugh at this - there was a guy in China who sued his (beautiful) wife for giving him three ugly kids. I saw the pictures - they were really ugly. Turns out she'd had plastic surgery before meeting him and never shared that piece of information.
Fifth, the restaurant is re-opened. Oh, it was closed? Yes, that explains things. Grandma comes by to give Tae-hee and Sara her blessing.
Wraps up Granny.
Thank heavens we solved the empty restaurant. I've lost several nights of sleep over that.
I forgot about it. Again.
You know, they killed off Kang Joon's grandmother really early. I bet she saw what was coming and bugged right the fffff out of there... but everyone else was too stupid to do the same. And I'm with you - if characters weren't on screen, I forgot they existed. Well. 'On screen.' I didn't actually watch them, so I assumed the fact I kept forgetting about people was related to that. Apparently not.

And sixth, and finally! There's the grand wedding. Ah, the pretty people. Because there is no one stronger or more mature, she is the most beautiful woman in the world to him. And because there is nobody more cool or sincere, he is the best husband to her. And they walk into the light together.
Yes, walk into the light! Walk into the light!
Carol Anne! Carol Annnnnnnnnnnne!


Okay, that last bit was extremely sweet. This show got one thing right and that is the emotions between the OTP, when they weren't tainted by noble idiocy. Unfortuantely, that's absolutely the only thing this drama got right. I won't miss you at all, mess, but I cannot outright hate you either, because Joo Sang-wook was so, so beautiful.
We really should've just gone with a mise en scene at the alter with one convo between Joo SangWook and Awesome Assistant summarizing what happened to everyone else. I have to say, what got me with this OTP is their deep admiration for each other.  It was the sort of relationship that makes you want one like it, though minus all the painful PS, KangJoon, Evil Hans, Halmoni, Chaeyeon, murder etc. 
I know this drama's main plot line was WTF to begin with, but the writing was so bad that as much as I tried to like it, I just couldn't. Adorable OTP aside, for me the whole experience became like one of those pictures where you stare at the image until you finally see something in the negative space, then can't see the original image again. The ridiculousness overshadowed any rational thoughts I may have had about the drama. At least the writer did, surprisingly, wrap up some loose ends and give us a nice happy ending, and I'm comforted knowing Tae-Hee will soon be getting his lollypop sharing time that he wanted so badly.
Yes, he and his ajummah will spend eternity wearing couple pajamas and licking lollipops in heaven. What's that? What do you mean the ending wasn't them moving on to the afterlife? It totally was.
Yep. Tae Hee died in that explosion when he was a kid. Geum Ran survived the plunge into the ocean only to die on the operating table undergoing all that plastic surgery - but not before dreaming all this crap in a medically-induced coma. So let that be a lesson to you, kids! Plastic Surgery is bad! Oh, Show, I disliked you so intensely. But Sara and Tae Hee had some really cute moments. I wouldn't mind seeing them together again.