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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #361

Anne: The first week of school is over and I have come to a realization... 5 year old conversations...if they were spoken by a group of adults, everyone would think they were insane, or at least mentally unstable. My son came home one day and this was the stream of words that came out of his mouth, in all seriousness, "Phoebe says that she's going to teach me magic. She says she knows magic and can do all sorts of stuff. But I think she's fooling me. Because I don't think she knows magic. Angel knows magic. He says that he can turn his dad into a penny. That's pretty cool, I think." What do I follow this up with? All I did was nod and went, "Oh, I see..." Now I want to know what other "discussions" have been happening with no adult supervision. The other thing I wonder... maybe this is how some of the drama writers have been getting their inspirations. It would make a LOT of sense. This week I started a few new shows, and not all of them ar

Cubic (A SnarkCap) - Episode 16 FINAL

 Shuk: FINALLY Trotwood: Finally. Appropriate, too. Since I'm not going to be blogging anymore for awhile. Work is too stressful and too busy. Spending most of my vacation being bitter that I have to go back to work and researching ways in which I might not have to go back to work for long. I'm really feeling like I'm getting too old for the crap and pressure that I put up with. But at least I haven't been blown up and gone down a trash flume slide! Wow. This episode is almost two hours!!  Kmuse: It has been so long that I almost feel I need to rewatch the whole drama to remember everything. But then I remind myself that you can only spend so much of one's life staring at gangsters staring on stairs.

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #360

Anne: Spent the weekend playing MarioKart, or rather I watched the other adults play while I try to keep my 5 year old calm as he wonders why his "stupid" car isn't turning correctly. I have to remind him that driving with one hand while jerking the wheel one side to another isn't really the best method to keep your car on the road and not crashing into walls. Gosh I hope this isn't a foreshadowing of his future driving skills. And I also saw part of the new Paw Patrol movie...I think this production company decided to take a page from the Chinese Fantasy genre. Everything was super BRIGHT and all the colors somehow looked weird. I do again have to apologize for my lack of drama watching this week. I also stopped grouping the drama by country of origin due to the limited shows that I watch.  Do I chance it? At the latter part of last week, One and Only  popped up on my iQiyi account.  It starts one of my favorite actors, Allen Ren, and it's costume! I was exci

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #359

Anne: Is it already another week? Where did all the time go? The only thing I seem to remember this week is going to Walgreens at least 3 times. Why so many trips? Because I always end up forgetting to buy the one thing that I was going to buy. Anyway, my life is pretty boring really, work and home, nothing too exciting. So let's not bored everyone with mundane things, let's get on with the discussions for this week. I do have to apologize as I actually do not have too much to post this week. I will focus mainly on one drama that has turned out to be super super addicting.  Interesting...but I just don't have the time Ideal City. I saw this pop up on iQiyi this past week. The pre-veiws were all very interesting. It's looks like a great story of a determined woman and her career journey breaking through the good-ole-boys network. And it has Mark Chao. But it's slated at 40 episodes, and it seems quite emotionally engaging (as in I will have to devote emotional energy

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #358

Anne: This week has been feeling kind of blah... not a whole lot is happening except work. And the reintroduction of COVID restrictions at the site. So, our team building plans are put on hold, and I need to pivot and come up with some sort of activity that can be done virtually. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. (Update: I realized how many pictures I've posted this week. If you get tired of reading, there are lots of interesting pictures to look at!) I saw the preview for Luoyang a while back on iQiyi. It looks pretty amazing! I'm not the biggest Wang YiBo fan, but the preview are very cool. It reminds me a lot of the Longest Day in Chang'an, as in the pacing, the camera work, and the specular views. I wonder if it would live up to the previews. Comfort Drama of the Week I couldn't think of just one that stood out this week. And some of them, aren't really for comfort in the traditional sense. They give comfort to me because they take me away into a diffe