Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - List of Characters

Confused about who is who in 3310 aka Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms aka Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms or Eternal Love? Yeah, there's a lot of characters. Below, you find an annotated who is who, which we will update as we go and meet new characters.

There is a timeline too. 

Please be aware: This post contains *SPOILERS*!

List of Characters / Character Descriptions for 


Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Eternal Love

*** Main Characters ***

Si Yin / Seventeenth

  • Description: Si Yin is Bai Qian's (fake) male identity. Since she is the future Queen of the Fox Tribe, but not exactly behaving well, her mother in particular insists she go study Taoist Cultivation at Kunlun Mountain, with Master Mo Yuan. The school only allows male students. She is given the name/rank Seventeenth. Only few people see through her disguise (Mo Yuan is one of them). She is not a good student at first at all, but when her Master subjects himself to the heavenly trial in her stead (and gets severely injured in the process), she becomes quite studious. She receives the Jade Purity Fan of Kunlun Mountain from Master Mo Yuan on her first day.  
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Relationships: In a master-student relationship with Mo Yuan. "Once a Shifu, always a Shifu" *sigh*

Bai Qian 

  • Description: The beautiful and secluded Queen of the Fox Tribe. She is loved by her people and considered a good ruler (because she doesn't really rule, I guess :D). The public story is she has never left the Fox Realm since her birth. She is the only who knows that the seal on the Bell of the East Emperor only lasts 70'000 years and that Qing Cang will be able to come out, because Mo Yuan gave her the spell before he perished.
  • First Appearance: Episode 8
  • Status: Missing as of Episode 10 (she has lost her memories after resealing Qing Cang and has become mortal) - back in Episode 26 as High Goddess, after she jumps off Zhuxian Terrace as the Mortal Woman Su Su.
  • Relationships: Engaged to be married to Crown Prince Ye Hua (without knowing who he is until episode 30). Daughter of Fox King and Fox Queen. Aunt of Bai Fengjiu. 

Su Su

  • Description: Su Su is Bai Qian's identity when she loses her memories due to Qing Cang's seal (that red dot on her forehead) and becomes mortal. She lives in a lonely hut on Mount Junji of the East. She takes in wounded animals to keep her company until she happens upon a black "snake". That one she takes to bed, because she fears it could be cold. But it ain't a snake, it's a dragon god. A yummy one.
  • First Appearance: Episode 10
  • Status: Ceases to exist in Episode 26 when she jumps off Zhuxian Terrace - that breaks Qing Cang's seal and she returns to being Bai Qian.
  • Relationships: Married to Crown Prince Ye Hua, but without knowing it is him.

Mo Yuan / God of War / Shifu

  • Description: God of WAr, "only" son of Father Deity / Father Immortal. Master at Kunlun Mountains. He is revered by everyone. He is working hard on his cultivation and has a very soft spot for his Seventeenth pupil.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Status: His soul is scattered in Episode 6 after stopping the Bell of the East Emperor from destroying the world and sealing in Qing Cang (but his corpse is preserved by Bai Qian's heart blood and hidden in the Fox Realm). He returns in the latter episodes, yay.
  • Relationships: Was in a platonic relationship with Si Yin, but did tell her to "wait for him" before his souls scattered. Is having a hard time when he finds out she is engaged to his twin brother. His twin brother = Ye Hua.

Ye Hua / The Crown Prince

  • Description: Raised from very young to be the Heir under a strict grandfather (Heavenly Lord) and separated from his mother at birth so that she couldn't spoil him. He reached the status of "high immortal" at only 20'000 years, the youngest ever (Mo Yuan "only" did it at 25'000), only to be able to see his mother. His resemblance to Mo Yuan is uncanny. He only wears black ever since his mother had to see him covered in horrible wounds after his ascension because of his light clothing. When he meets Su Su in dragon/snake form, his world is turned upside down. She is the love of his life. 
  • First Appearance: Episode 8
  • Status: Alive and beautiful
  • Relationships: Married to the mortal woman "Su Su", engaged to the Fox Queen Bai Qian (unknowing they are identical until episode 30). About every second woman in this universe pines for him, like we do. He is the son of Yang Cuo and Le Xu, but was conceived through a "miracle" (when his mother touched the Golden Lotus, she got pregnant for the first and last time).

Ye Hua as Mortal

  • Description: To get closer to Su Su, Ye Hua pretends to be a wounded mortal warrior and moves in with her. He hides the hut from Celestial eyes with a magical barrier. Well, that was stupid.
  • First Appearance: Episode 13
  • Status: He is revealed to be the Crown Prince to Su Su in episode 20.
  • Relationships: Married to the mortal woman "Su Su" and blissfully in love for a, sadly, short time

Golden Lotus Spirit

  • Description: Before Ye Hua is born, his spirit lives in a Golden Lotus, which was given to Mo Yuan by his Father Immortal. We find out much later he is actually Mo Yuan's twin. Mo Yuan places the Golden Lotus in the Lotus Pond at Kunlun Mountains, where Si Yin interacts with it.
  • First Appearance: Episode 3
  • Status: From Episode 7 on in human form as Ye Hua (but with no recollection of his previous form). Ye Hua has occasional Lotus dreams.
  • Relationships: The Spirit was very much attached to Si Yin before he was born and protective of Mo Yuan.

*** Kunlun Mountains ***

Die Feng / Senior Disciple / 2nd Son of the Western Seas

  • Description: Senior Disciple at Kunlun, making sure all the other students behave. He is very serious and filial and fiercely loyal. Does not stop searching for his Master and Seventeenth after their disappearance.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Relationships: He seemed to like Xuan Nu, but knows that his father will arrange his future marriage for him. 

Ling Yu / Ninth

  • Description: In charge of keeping an eye on Si Yin/Seventeenth. Got kidnapped by the Ghost Tribe along with Si Yin and (almost) forced to become the Ghost Lord's godson. The experience was very traumatic.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Status: Dead (Episode 6) Dammit.
  • Relationships: One of Si Yin's best friends. I miss him.  

Zi Lan / Sixteenth

  • Description: Arrives almost exactly at Kunlun when Si Yin does. Is granted "senior" status over her (rank sixteen) because he was there before her after all. Often goes to the mortal realm with Si Yin, to pass the time. Seems a bit grumpy.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1, returns in Episode 30!
  • Status: Alive
  • Relationships: All I'm saying is Ghost Princess.


  • Description: Well, he's second.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Status: Alive
  • Relationships: unknown

*** Phoenix Tribe ***

Zhe Yan

  • Description: And ancient phoenix immortal. He keeps out of the affairs of the three realms as much as he can, guards the ten miles of peach blossoms he planted and brews his special wine. He is very friendly with the Fox Clan in particular. He is also the one who brings Si Yin to Kunlun, giving her the appearance of a boy. He likes to wear pinkish clothes.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Status: Alive
  • Relationships: Best friend/lover and mentor of 4th Brother, Fox Prince Bai Zhen, who constantly hangs out with him; "brother" of Mo Yuan.

*** Fox Tribe ***

Bai Fengjiu

  • Description: Cheeky and slightly spoilt Fox Princess. Loves to travel, just like her aunt Bai Qian when she was young. She adores her aunt and thinks she's indeed the most beautiful woman in the world. She also knows all of her aunt's secrets. Follows Dijun to the Nine Heavens and then works as maid in Dijun's palace, trying to "repay his kindness". That doesn't go well. Later, she follows him to the mortal realm, where he is undergoing a trial just for her.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2 (as baby), Episode 9 (as grown woman)
  • Relationships: In love with Dijun, after he saves her life. The Fox King's granddaughter, Bai Qian's niece.

Bai Zhen / 4th Brother

  • Description: Bai Qian's elder (4th) brother. Rather than staying in his own mansion, he likes to hang with Zhe Yan in the Peach Blossom Grove. During the war with the Ghosts, he was very brave and I love him.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Relationships: Love his sister Bai Qian. Only ever hangs around Zhe Yan and his Peach Blossom Grove. It is possible they're a pair. Okay, whom are we kidding, they're lovers of course.

Mi Gu

  • Description: A tree spirit and servant of the Fox Clan.
  • First Appearance: Episode 8
  • Relationships: Servant to the Fox Queen Bai Qian after her parents move out of the Fox Den and abdicate the throne to her.

Shao Xin

  • Description: A snake spirit who practiced years until she could take on human form. Very kind and maybe a bit dumb. Bears many children once she becomes 2nd Prince's wife (until Zhe Yan feeds her contraceptive peaches, secretly).
  • First Appearance: Episode 8
  • Relationships: Servant to the Fox Queen Bai Qian after she saves her from bandits, later wife of 2nd Prince of the Nine Heavens Sang Ji, but with no title. 

Fox King

  • Description: The somewhat timid but very powerful (he single-handedly fought those monsters guarding the Fungal Grass and won!) ruler of the Fox Kingdom. He seems to be respected by everyone.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Relationships: Married to the Fox Queen. Father of Bai Zhen, Bai Qian and Bai Yi. Grandfather to Bai Fengjiu

Fox Queen

  • Description: The Fox Queen. She wears the trousers in this relationship. She was the one who insisted Bai Qian be sent to Kunlun Mountains, which she later regrets a lot. She gives Bai Qian half her godly essence when she almost dies and thereby saves her life when she goes up again the sealed-in Ghost King.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Relationships: Married to the Fox King. Mother to Bai Zhen, Bai Qian and Bai Yi. Grandmother to Bai Fengjiu. Zhe Yan claims he once was in love with her, but she didn't want him.

Bai Yi

  • Description: Elder Fox Clan brother. He is the only one who is married and the first to father the next generation. He is incredibly happy his first child is a girl, but he later has much trouble with her. Seems grumpy and often cross, people try to avoid him.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Relationships: Daddy of Bai Fengjun. We haven't met his wife.

 Yun Sheng

  • Description: Lives at 4th Bro's palace in the North. Could be a servant. He is a total Ye Hua fanboy! He was the one who delivered the map of the Norther territories to him during the rebellion of the North. 
  • First Appearance: Episode 31
  • Relationships: Is afraid of Bai Yi, who seems to be in a foul mood often.

Bi Fang

  • Description: Zhe Yan's mount, a phoenix.
  • First Appearance: Episode 3 
  • Relationships: Zhe Yan's mount, but Bai Zhen also gets to ride on him. We find out later that he has a massive crush on Bai Qian. Awwww.

*** Ghost Tribe ***

Li Jing / Ghost Lord

  • Description: Passionate but somewhat weak 2nd son of Qing Cang. Falls for Si Yin at first sight, finds out she's a woman, does everything he can to win her over but right before he does win her heart, he cheats her with her lookalike Xuan Nu. Is extremely jealous of Si Yin's adoration for Mo Yuan. After Si Yin disappears, he never stops looking for her, because he doesn't believe in the stories about her disappearance.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Status: Is killed by his own father.
  • Relationships: Madly in love with Si Yin, but married to Xuan Nu (whom he doesn't like much). Son of Qing Cang, Half-brother to Yan Zhi and Li Yuan, whom he hates (since he killed his mother)

Xuan Nu

  • Description: Her sister is married to Bai Qian's eldest brother. She herself is not of noble status. She grew up with her and has always been jealous of her looks. From Zhe Yan, she learns how to give her face a different (Bai Qian's) appearance temporarily. She betrayed everyone at Kunlun Mountain when she stole the tactical formation strategy from Mo Yuan and caused huge casualties in the war on the side of Mo Yuan's forces.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Status: Dies in episode 45, due to injuries obtained from the four magical beasts.
  • Relationships: Unhappily married to Li Jing, who detests her. She has a baby later, but it shows no sign of life.

Qing Cang

  • Description: The Ghost Lord, itching for a fight to end the rule of the Celestials, particularly of the "Heavenly Father". This ruthless man is succeeded to the throne by Li Jing, his 2nd son after his disappearance.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Status: Sealed into the Bell of the East Emperor in Episode 6 (and again in Episode 9), dies towards the end of the drama. Yay.
  • Relationships: Had two wives, both seem to be dead. In particular, he seems to have had a soft spot for Li Jing's mother. It is said he killed Li Yuan's mother for her. Father of Li Yuan, Li Jing and Yan Zhi.

Yan Zhi

  • Description: Youngest of the Ghost Lord's children. Kind-hearted and fair. All she wants is harmony in her family. After she betrays Li Jing by freeing Li Yuan, she goes to live in the mortal realm
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Relationships: Falls in love with Si Yin at first sight, not knowing she is a woman (and never finds out). Loves both her brothers (Li Jing and Li Yuan). Later falls in love with Kunlun disciple 16th. Sad.

Li Yuan

  • Description: Power hungry and dickish eldest son of Qing Cang. He suffocated Li Jing's mother with his own hands.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Status: Banished to the Arctic Lands by Li Jing, rebanished after a brief foray into rebellion. He is kept alive because Li Jing found out his father cursed all three of his children. When they die, his power greatly increases. In episode 38, he has Xuan Nu kill him because of it.
  • Relationships: Kinda likes his sister, but hates his half-brother, whose mother he makes responsible for his own mother's death. His mother was of the Mermaid Clan.

Fire Qilin

  • Description: A magical beast, with Li Jing since he is very young. He doesn't speak often in front of strangers, but starts opening up in front of Si Yin.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Relationships: He is Li Jing's "mount" (and Si Yin gets to ride on him once)

Golden Lion Beast

  • Description: Ferocious and very dangerous magical beast who spews Crimson Hellfire.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Status: Killed by Li Yuan in the Rebellion of the North (episode 23), by accident - or rather, when he is shielding the Ghost Princess.
  • Relationships: Qing Cang's mount. Likes the Ghost Tribe Royal Children and is loyal to them. Eager to help Ghost Princess free her brother.

*** Nine Heavens ***


  • Description: Su Su and Ye Hua's love child. Aka "Riceball". Soooooo cuuuuuuuute.
  • First Appearance: Episode 25 (as baby), Episode 28 as 300 year old
  • Relationships: Son of Su Su and Ye Hua.

Dong Hua Dijun

  • Description: Ancient god of unknown origin, though legend says he came from a rock. He is known to not give a damn about anyone or anything. Before he didn't care about anything, he was the Ruler of the Heavens and the Earth, but then passed on this office to the father of the current Heavenly Lord after the "war of the four seas". When he uses his (considerable) powers he glows crimson.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Relationships: None. He doesn't care about anyone. That's what everyone says, anyway. He did quite clearly like Mo Yuan though and he would have loved Fengjiu if he had not removed his name from the Rock of Three Incarnations.

Su Jin / Princess Zhao Ren 

  • Description: Last surviving descendant of the Su Jin clan, which sacrificed itself in the Ghost Wars. She is taken in by the Celestials and adopted into the Royal family (Ye Hua's step-sister). Has been taking care of Ye Hua since she was a child, at the behest of his mother. She is deeply in love with Ye Hua and goes completely insane over him. She is to blame for Su Su's "death".
  • First Appearance: as child (episode 7); as grown woman (episode 9)
  • Relationships: Madly in love with Ye Hua, then married to his grandfather the Heavenly Lord, then "gifted" to Ye Hua as side-consort. Only, Ye Hua never accepts her as such.  She has a trusted personal attendant named Xin Nu and that is her only "friend".

Lian Song / 3rd Uncle / 3rd Prince

  • Description: Known as gossiper and playboy, but seems fairly good-natured (and overall lazy). He gives Ye Hua relationship advise and helps him where he can. Him and his brothers were total dicks during the Ghost War, but I have since forgiven him.
  • First Appearance: Episode 5
  • Relationships: Used to date Cheng Yu. Is known as a womanizer. The Heavenly Lord's third son and Ye Hua's favorite uncle. Also my favorite uncle.

Si Ming / Star Lord

  • Description: He is in charge of the fate of the mortals, writing their stories. He is a follower of Dijun and prone to gossip. I think he has a love-hate relationship with Dijun and wants to see him rattled. Incredible voice.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Relationships: A follower to Dong Hua Dijun and friends with the other gossipers in the Heavens, 3rd Uncle and Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu

  • Description: She used to be a mortal but gained immortal status through cultivation. Has history with 3rd Uncle Lian Song. I think she's a bit bored in heaven and seems prone to mischief.
  • First Appearance: Episode 12
  • Relationships: Used to date Lian Song. Seems over him, or not?

Heavenly Lord

  • Description: Tyrannical ruler and extremely strict with Ye Hua. He seems very cruel. He isn't loved by any of his subjects, in fact, there is always a threat of rebellion against him and I HATE HIM.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Relationships: Has a gazillion consorts (among them Su Jin) but no sexual desire anymore. Grandfather of Ye Hua. Father of Yan Cuo (1st son); Sang Ji (2nd son); Lian Song (3rd son).

Sang Ji / 2nd Uncle / 2nd Prince

  • Description: Falls for Bai Qian's snake spirit and causes a diplomatic crisis. He is ready to die for her. Gets demoted to Water King and sent into exile. He is weak, but secretly, people envy him for following his heart.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2
  • Relationships: Married to the Snake Spirit Shao Xing (previously engaged to Fox Queen Bai Qian). The Heavenly Lord's second son.

Zhi Yue

  • Description: An annoying brat whose only purpose seems to annoy us and be an obstacle for Bei Fengjiu. Did I say annoying.
  • First Appearance: Episode 12
  • Relationships: Cousin of Ye Hua. Parents unknown. In love with Dijun.

Yang Cuo / 1st Prince

  • Description: Booooooring. And such a coward.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Relationships: Ye Hua's father; the Heavenly Lord's first son.

Le Xu

  • Description: Yang Cuo's Consort, Ye Hua's mother. Without child for a very long time until she touches the Golden Lotus and draws the Lotus Spirit into her belly. She adopts Su Jin and is very friendly and supportive of her desires to be with Ye Hua.
  • First Appearance: Episode 7
  • Relationships: Yang Cuo's consort, Ye Hua's mother.

Nai Nai

  • Description: Ye Hua brings her in as only maid for Su Su. According to Uncle Three, she is the "most honest". Sadly, she's also very naive.
  • First Appearance: Episode 20
  • Relationships: Su Su's main maid.

Xin Nu

  • Description: Su Jin's personal attendant since birth and her only confidante.
  • First Appearance: Episode 14
  • Relationships: Seems utterly devoted to Su Jin and just as devious. 

Tian Shu

  • Description: Ye Hua's bodyguard. He is a Star Lord.
  • First Appearance: Episode 8
  • Relationships: highly loyal servant to Ye Hua.

Jia Yun

  • Description: Ye Hua's aide.
  • First Appearance: Episode 8 (when we first meet Ye Hua - but I think he speaks for the first time in episode 25)
  • Relationships: Very loyal to Ye Hua.

Lord of Numinous Treasures

  • Description: He seems to be the keeper of all the cool stuff, but I don't exactly know what his function is otherwise. 
  • First Appearance: Episode 4
  • Relationships: unknown

Medicine King

  • Description: The main physician in the Nine Heavens. 
  • First Appearance: Episode 19
  • Relationships: unknown

Yao Guang / White Goddess

  • Description: She and Mo Yuan fought together during the last War against the Demons. She is very much in love with him, even moves her whole estate to Kunlun Mountains, but he won't look at her. That drives her crazy enough to kidnap and torture Si Yin, to force him down from his school. She is not the only one who has noticed that he dotes the most on his youngest pupil.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Status: Dead (Episode 6)
  • Relationships: Was madly in love with Mo Yuan. She moved her entire estate to Kunlun Mountains to be near him and even kidnapped his favorite disciple Seventeenth, just to get his attention. 

** No Tribe / Unknown Affiliation**

Father Immortal

  • Description: Creator of All Existence. 
  • First (and last) Appearance: Episode 2
  • Status: Scattered / descended into chaos
  • Relationships: Father of Mo Yuan. Creator of Zhe Yan

Earth God

  • Description: Not overly smart earth spirit, tasked with guarding the Bell or rather Qing Cang's movement in the Bell by Mo Hua Dijun. Gets tricked by Fengjiu (she takes Dijun's bells and gives him a flute) and whacked over the head by Bai Qian. 
  • First Appearance: Episode 9
  • Relationships: unknown.

Yu Dan

  • Description: Fengjiu's maid when she is in the mortal realm with the mortal Dijun (he is undergoing a trial). 
  • First Appearance: Episode 29
  • Relationships: unknown.

** The Water Kingdoms **

Water King of Chang Sea

  • Description: A weak leader who sucks up to the Mermaid clan instead of fighting them, with grave consequences for his citizens.
  • First Appearance: Episode 2 (very briefly), then 17
  • Relationships: Uncle of Die Feng, father of Lu Xiu (the younger) and another princess. He has no sons.

Princess Lu Xiu

  • Description: The second princess of Chang Sea. A Crown Prince fangirl.
  • First Appearance: Episode 17
  • Relationships: Wants the Crown Prince. Can't have him.

Water King of the Western Sea

  • Description: Well, he's a Water King, but the least known of them all. That's about all there is to say ... oh, and he's Die Feng's daddy!
  • First Appearance: Episode 2 (very briefly), Episode 24 (at the Crown Prince Seal festivities), we realize who he is in episode 35.
  • Relationships: We meet his wife too.

First Prince of the Western Sea / Die Yong

  • Description: Very ill with a mysterious illness for 600 years, until Zhe Yan takes a closer look and discovers Mo Yuan's weak spirit inside of him! 
  • First Appearance: Episode 35.
  • Status: Very ill and bedridden (until Bai Qian "heals" him).
  • Relationships: Die Feng's brother and the host of Mo Yuan for a while.

Second Prince of the Western Sea / Die Feng

  • Description: Die Feng when he's not at Kunlun! Hot! The second prince of the Western Seas, has been fighting against the Mermaid Clan for thousands of years in his uncle's stead.
  • First Appearance: Episode 17
  • Relationships: Still looking for his Shifu and Seventeenth and quite depressed he hasn't found them in 70'000 years.

Miao Qing / Princess of the Easter Sea


  • Description: Younger sister of the Water King of the Eastern Sea. Ends up in the Nine Heavens, as maid for Ye Hua. Falls in with Su Jin, well, that was stupid.
  • First Appearance: Episode 28
  • Relationships: Love at first sight when she sees Ye Hua after saving A-Li in the Junji-forest.

Water King of the Eastern Sea

  • Description: He seems okay, overall, but also a bit too eager to pimp his younger sister to the Crown Prince.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1 (very briefly), Episode 24 (at the Crown Prince Seal festivities), we realize who he is in episode 29
  • Relationships: Has a wife (or wives) and one son, but we don't meet them. We only know his little sister, Princess Miao Qing.

Yuan Zhen / First Prince of the North Sea

  • Description: Eldest son of ex-2nd Prince, now Water King of the North Sea, and Shao Xin. Su Jin pretended he molested her and he was sent to the mortal realm for punishment (60 years), but because Shao Xin had a wish open from Bai Qian, it did not turn out bad for him. 
  • First Appearance: Episode 33
  • Relationships: ?

Mermaid King

  • Description: King of the Mermaid Clan. A uncouth troublemaker.
  • First Appearance: Episode 18
  • Status: Killed by Ye Hua in episode 19.
  • Relationships: Li Yuan's uncle. But not by blood - his mother's father treated him like a son in the past.

Mermen Prince "Hong'er"

  • Description: Son of the Mermaid King.
  • First Appearance: Episode 18. Last appearance: episode 18.
  • Status: Dead (Beheaded)
  • Relationships: Wanted to marry/have Lu Xiu, the 2nd Princess of Chang Sea. No such luck.

***  Magical Artifacts ***

Jade Purity Fan of Kunlun

  • Description: First powerful magical weapon to appear at Kunlun Mountains for quite some time. Mo Yuan gives it to Bai Qian - or rather, the fan chooses her as his master, making him realize how special she is. It fell to the mortal realm with her and has a way of finding its way back to her. It can summon the wind and the rain. And it drinks blood.
  • First Appearance: Episode 1

The Bell of the East Emperor

  • Description: Made by Mo Yuan, contains the power to destroy the world. Given to the Ghost Lord by the now Heavenly Ruler during the Demon War, as a token of peace and trust. WTF.
  • First Appearance: Episode 6

The Cloud Clearing Fan

  • Description: Given to Si Yin by the Lord of Numinous Treasure after she helps subdue a demonic phoenix. He warns her that its power is proportionate to the power of its wielder.
  • First Appearance: Episode 4

Fuxi Zither

  • Description: Belongs to Zhe Yan. He sealed it under Kunlun Mountains after the first war (probably hoping he would never use it again).
  • First Appearance: Episode 6
  • Status: When Zhe Yan sees how desperate their situation is before the 2nd Demon War, he attempts to retrieve it, but all its strings break.

The Sword of the Yellow Emperor

  • Description: Mo Yuan's magical sword. Stop giggling, JoAnne! 
  • First Appearance: Episode 6
  • Status: The sword and Mo Yuan's armor where carefully sealed away after Mo Yuan's spirit scattered. When he was about to wake up, the sword awoke too! Stop giggling, JoAnne.

The Soul-Gathering Lamp

  • Description: A magical lamp of the Su Jin clan that can gather someone's scattered soul and can assemble a body from items that once belonged to the person. It is used to bring back Ye Hua after he jumps from Zhuxin Terrace and he hopes it will help him bring back Su Su. Later, Bai Qian uses it to hasten Mo Yuan's return.
  • First Appearance: Episode 27

The Soul Jade

  • Description: An sacred object of the Ghost Tribe, with which bodies can be preserved. Si Yin goes and gets it for Mo Yuan, but Li Jing does not give it to her (due to his jealousy). Later, she gets it from him and gives it to Ye Hua. Maybe the reason why he still looks so good after coming out of the basalt coffin.
  • First Appearance: Episode 7