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Fanfiction: The Moon Mirror (Pojing & Bai Qian Alternative Ending) - Chapter 7 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 7 written by LalaLoop edited by Kakashi   consulting by Bunny *This chapter takes place in place of 15 part 3 of the original story, following Bai Qian’s return to Kunlun from Xunzhua after the meeting. BAI QIAN SAT BY THE LOTUS POND, unsure how long they both had been there. Their meeting, all that talk of war and the Dark Immortal seemed a world away. She had been overjoyed to see this mountain again, to clasp shoulders and trade jokes with her Sixteenth Senior again when they’d arrived. At one point, Moyuan had smiled, it’d looked as though things were fine and simple again. But they were not. The night slowly trickled by, the zither wept as Moyuan’s fingers moved across its strings. Elegantly, leisurely. As though time was under his command. It was the same song Bai Qian had heard so many times before, but now every note that was raised echoed loudly in her head, ruthlessly reminding her of a time she could not go back to. With a great pang, she realized that this was

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #355

Anne: I will try my hand at starting the weekly RAWR... Although sadly, I haven't watched much this week. I've been occupied with my new role as the party planner for my department and creating presentations for our new hirers. The new Dr. Qin debuted...and it stars one of my favorite actors (Zhang Yu Jian). Can you tell how excited I am? Trotwood: I'm still here! Next week is my last week. What show is this? Are you adding to the dramas that look interesting but we will probably never have time to watch category? What's funny is that I had this on my list as well. Medical Examiner, Dr. Quin is EXACTLY my kind of show, but really if I don't have time to start a show when it first starts, I know I'm never going to have time to watch and catch up, especially with 3-4 episodes coming out every week. Yikes! That's the pace? (Why am I even surprised?) I actually did start's quirkier then the one with Zhang Ruoyun. Although... do not ask too many qu

Fanfiction: The Moon Mirror (Pojing & Bai Qian Alternative Ending) - Chapter 6 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

  Chapter 6 written by LalaLoop edited by Kakashi   consulting by Bunny Bai Qian woke up before dawn, not that she had slept much. Strangely, she was not tired despite a whole night of wandering around the city and a reckless fight in the desert, only frustrated. She threw her blanket off and yanked hard at the bedsheet as she hauled herself up. Everytime she tried to close her eyes, Pojing’s face would be there, her heart would start hammering at the thought of having to see him again shortly in the light of day. Where did they stand with each other? This war was already making everyone's life, including hers, difficult, and she could live without something like this being thrown at her. Maybe she had just dreamt it. Well… no . Until now, she could still feel the prickling of his stubble against her jaw. She had been kissed before -- immature mistakes during her school years, recklessness in the mortal realm, proper courtship. Yesterday was different. It was like a stampede. Bai

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #354

  Trotwood: There are a lot of people I know who experienced flooding this past week. I hope everyone has dried out somewhat. The drama flood keeps coming. I don't know what to do about these dramas that are putting out 3-4 90-minute episodes a week. I know I'm busy with work, but I wouldn't be able to keep up even if I were retired! Anne: Hello Trot! Hello Everyone! I can finally contribute! This is the wettest summer I've ever lived through in South Texas. Luckily, there has not been anything beyond flash flooding yet... (I should knock on wood. Hurricane season technically just started.) I agree with the pace of the dramas... I would have to give up all other activities and forgo sleep to even catch up. Even so, I'm still waiting in anticipation. Welcome, Anne. So glad you are taking this on. I may pop up again every now and then. I just can't do the whole thing. I'm here now after getting up at 2 am to do final run-through of a 60-page grant proposal tha

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #353

Trotwood: I'm not going to be leading RAWR anymore after July, but the blog will still be here and Kakashi is working with some readers to turn the space over, so there is still somewhere for people to drop in and talk about dramas. I know some people were worried it was all going to disappear, but it doesn't look like it. Hurray!!! " Interesting, but I know I am never going to watch": Mysterious Love is exactly the kind of drama I should be gobbling up. Sixteen 30 minute-episodes with romance and mystery, but I just didn't have time. I watched the first episode, and it seemed clunky but also looks like the kind of show that might get better once they are done with setting up the complicated plot. I had every intention of watching the first episode of Monthly Magazine Home because I really like Ji Suk and Jung So Min. It also has other actors that I like, but somehow it started and I didn't even know, and I'm not is space to "catch up" on a sho

Fanfiction: The Moon Mirror (Pojing & Bai Qian Alternative Ending) - Chapter 5 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

  Chapter 5 written by LalaLoop edited by Kakashi     consulting by Bunny *This chapter takes place after the events of chapter 14 part 8 of the original story, following Moyuan and Luoji’s chess game in the Nine Heavens. MOYUAN PLACED A HAND ON Bai Qian’s forehead -- it was burning. She was drifting in and out of a restless sleep. Migu, the Qingqiu spirit was standing at a corner, quiet yet fully alert. Never in his life had he seen Bai Qian this ill, not even after she’d been tortured in Yaoguang’s dungeon. Luoji might have spared her life but he certainly found joy in damaging her. It had been a few hours since Moyuan had arrived at Xunzhua, and he would have to leave soon. If she was still not awake by then… “Not Pojing,” she suddenly murmured, stirring under her blanket. “Not Pojing too.” And suddenly she leapt up. “No!” Moyuan caught her by the shoulders and pushed her back down. Bai Qian was staring at him with panicking eyes, tears streaming down her fa