Marry My Husband Ep 6 (A SqueeCap)

SHUK: We were left with a bit of cliffhanger last episode, with a collapsed Hottie. Please don’t turn this into a clone of Winter Sonata, Show! Trotwood: I love how drama watching has conditioned us to see somewhnat faint and we immediately think "terminal illness" EPISODE 6 We get a bit of extended convo between our CP. Boss wonders why Ji-won is rubbing her stomach as they walk towards her place. She mentions she is have a stomach ailment. Ji-hyuk focuses on the word “stomach”. Of course he would, since we all now know that he remembers their past life. However, this is the point where he ends up slumped in her arms. Wait! What? I read the webcomic, and I was still surprised at this. She urgently calls out to him while struggle with his weight (and height), but he is unresponsive. I'm glad to see this struggle. I've seen too many shows where people carry someone or are supposed to, and I know for a fact there is no way they could manage it. The the BTS shows how out

Marry My Husband Ep 5 (A SqueeCap)

 SHUK:  We established that our Hottie Boss Ji-hyuk has also transmigrated into the past. So there are at least two people trying to change their sad sad pasts. I wonder if there are any others that might throw a monkey wrench into things. Also, is Ji-hyuk becoming a bit…stalkerish? Trotwood: He's a stalker. In this life and the past life so stalker squared? But I'd welcome this giant green flag stalker any day of the week into any room in my apartment. I wouldn't even make him take off his big shoes! Snakey has bolted down the cray cray path... EPISODE 5 Based on the shortened screen, we are in another flashback. A group of ten guys surround our young Ji-hyuk and celebrate by spraying him with champagne. After the ritual, the gang heads out to drink. But suddenly, Sadoko!? No, it’s just a young and thoroughly drunk Ji-won. Ji-hyuk sees a couple of hooligans speculating on her ability to resist their advances, and he decides to accompany / guard her. She’s too inebriated an