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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #380

Anne: Hope everyone in the US had a good Thanksgiving break. I slept, not as much as I would like. I watched a bunch of shows, again not as much as I would like. This week's post will be a little different. The reason is due to random YouTube videos that popped up on my feed. I started watching one BL comic that led me down a road where now I've subscribed to a bunch of random sites. While I was immersed in the BL fantasy world, two very interesting trailers popped up. And since we are all, or most of us, are waiting eagerly for Luoyang  to air on Wednesday, I wanted to devote this post to two other future dramas that caught my eye.  Till the End of the Moon Well...if I can't get Immortality , at least I have THIS to look forward to. Luo YunXi is taking a slightly different character, the Devil Lord. The story starts in a world where the Evil sect is in charge and all the righteous and immortal/celestial sects are in hiding and/or hunted. No one knew anything about the Devi

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #379

Anne: I am looking forward to not working for two days for Thanksgiving, to sleep and just turn off my brain for longer than two days. Since nothing really interesting happened in my life this last week, let's get on with some show discussions! The King's Affection I assume that everyone watched episode 12 and that I'm not revealing anything that isn't too shocking.  Yes, Ji Woon was VERY surprised. Mostly because he had come to terms with his falling in love with the Crown Prince. Compared to Hyun, her cousin who secreted loved her from afar, Ji Woon confessed his love for someone who is off limits in everyway. In this aspect, he is definitely a braver soul. And which one of us watched when he got drunk and leaned in and didn't think "Oh no...he's NOT!" And he did! For days after, he kept dreaming about being kissed back. Finally he remembered that it wasn't a dream. (Hm... I've never recovered any memories after being drunk out of my mind tha

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #378

Anne: This week's discussion will be extremely short. I have a work emergency to tend to, in the form of fixing a data analysis. But I don't want to leave everyone hanging, and hope that someone has found something interesting to watch last week that they can share with the group. I think we all know what I will be talking about this week. Novoland: Pearl Eclipse , the name confounds me. I don't even know what "Eclipse" is supposed to mean.  First, it is a very classic Novoland story, full of clans and empires with a touch of the "other". In this case, the "other" is the existence of mermaids and the pearls that are made from their tears. I have no idea why they are so valued, and after the first scene with the mermaid, this topic doesn't come back up again (at least by episode 7). The Tear Pearls are one of the many many reasons that our FL, Hai Shi, wants to kill the emperor. However, due to something (we don't know what yet), every w

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #377

Anne: Ah...where was I? Yes, last week I ended up watching an older 2021 drama. This week started with me scouring all my subscriptions, looking for something interesting to watch. For most of the week, nothing interesting came up. Chinese dramas have been on the decline as of late, with very little coming out. Granted, I do have very specific tastes, so for people who like modern dramas or serious dramas, they might have found something to binge. The stuff at work still continues to be one very long and very annoying set of series of events. However, this week might be a turning point for me in finding some interesting new dramas.   Danger Zone I've caught up to episode 20. I just need to wait until Friday for the last two episodes, and I can binge the last 4. It is clear that everyone is somehow connected to that Christmas massacre 10 years ago, but the why of the events is still unknown. After Si Qi was kidnapped, the team raced trying to locate her. They all know who did it, an

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #370

Anne: Well... you would think that at my age, I would know my alcohol limit. However, under the glittering lights of an 80s disco ball with lasers streaming across the dance floor, those thoughts go right out the window. And I pay for it dearly the next day. On actual Halloween night, the five-year old reluctantly put on his Pacman head gear that his dad made out of cardboard and papier-mâché and went trick-or-treating down two blocks. Where upon he has enough candy to last an entire year, until next year's Halloween. I've also successfully held a virtual team building activity at work, where a bunch of PhDs, MSs, and BSs, made fake sushi out of candy. It was a good week peppered with interesting fun events in between very long hours at work and stressful debates. Since the two current dramas that I'm watching only has 2 episodes a week, I've skipped this week so I can bank some episodes to binge through next week. What I ended up watching this week is something that a