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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #415

Anne: Hello Everyone! I am just a little late with the posting, and again I don't have too much to post. I did continue with Love Across the Galaxy  and Alchemy of Souls, but everything is just following along the story lines. I don't remember any particularly memorable moments, except this... and then this.... when we find out that Master Lee's "body" is the correct biological age and no, he didn't discover some magical spell to keep him eternally youthful...Now... is he lying or is he telling the truth? We will find out next week!   I have continued on my quest of watching a lot more Korean dramas lately, due to the obvious lack of interesting shows coming out of China. Maybe it's my taste in choosing only certain genres, but almost every Korean show that I'm watching has some sort of corruption between the wealthy and some sort of government entity. Maybe I am not current in global politics, but what is with this intense focus that Korea has on corr