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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #418

Anne: Happy Tuesday everyone! It's been well over a week. My deadlines at work are overlapping, and I'm becoming slightly deranged with the ever constant moving target that I'm trying to hit. I have always thought it was funny that for a person who swore she will never get into a customer service industry ended up in a customer oriented industry. The irony! And this is why I never make blanket statements anymore. They always seems to come true. Now on to the shows! Alchemy of Souls Well... we all saw this ending coming right? For any seasoned watchers of any Korean drama, when the show seems to be ending and yet you still have at least one episode to go...We all know that nothing will be going right at the end. So Jang Uk died and came back to life. Mu Deok went wild and jumped into the lake but was "rescued" by we all know who...or rather I should which family. Seo Yul has that worm thing in his body (a result that I cannot understand, even with the ridiculous lo

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #417

Anne: This past week has been a little weird. First, while I was going to sleep one night, I heard a high pitched giggle. In the dark, for like one half of a second, my mind flashed to every single horror movie that I have ever watched with dolls coming to life. I swear that I stopped moving, with the bedcovers right beneath my nose and I strained my ears. And there it was again, the giggle. I told myself if I hear quick foot steps next, I'm burning all the stuffed toys my son had. All this happened in about a minute, which was about the time it took me to come to the more realistic conclusion that the giggle was my son giggling in his sleep. Yes, I can hear his giggle from my bedroom (I live in a tiny house). It is at these moments when I realize that no matter how much my rational mind knows that supernatural events are not real, when sudden things happen that my brain cannot process in a split second, I almost always go back into the supernatural world.  As I was saying, this we

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #416

Anne: We are getting close to the end of the summer. And depending on which school district you attend, 1st day of school for the new year can be any time between next week and until September. The 5, almost 6, year old is in his last week of space camp and having a hard time waking up at 6:30am when he's been sleeping in until 9am for the last two weeks. The week is still going by as trying to catch up on sleep, catching up on my Korean drama watching, and chasing after some sort of end to my long work list.  And so...on with the shows! Alchemy of Souls Master Lee was a soul shifter... But if being able to move your soul out of your body is part of attaining a higher level of your magical abilities, and since you can occupy the body where a soul has departed...then does that mean that there is a soul shifting technique that isn't sorcery? Then what about Naksu? And since Jin Bu Yeon is able to "lock" someone's magical ability, is that what ha

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #415

Anne: Hello Everyone! I am just a little late with the posting, and again I don't have too much to post. I did continue with Love Across the Galaxy  and Alchemy of Souls, but everything is just following along the story lines. I don't remember any particularly memorable moments, except this... and then this.... when we find out that Master Lee's "body" is the correct biological age and no, he didn't discover some magical spell to keep him eternally youthful...Now... is he lying or is he telling the truth? We will find out next week!   I have continued on my quest of watching a lot more Korean dramas lately, due to the obvious lack of interesting shows coming out of China. Maybe it's my taste in choosing only certain genres, but almost every Korean show that I'm watching has some sort of corruption between the wealthy and some sort of government entity. Maybe I am not current in global politics, but what is with this intense focus that Korea has on corr