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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #445

Anne: Happy Tuesday Everyone! We are getting close to the end of July and ... it is still freaking hot in South Texas. And getting hotter... The last two weeks pretty much has gone on as usual, with nothing too exciting to report. The 6 year old spent the last two weeks without camp or anything else to do, so he has become a couch potato and fulfilled his summer vacation wish to play games all day. Hopefully this summer doesn't rot his brain. But then again, I don't ever remember doing anything else during my summer vacations but watch TV, and my brain turned out pretty ok... Except for my short term memory loss... Last Thursday, I literally forgot what I wanted to say, as I was saying it. I probably sounded like I lost my mind! Besides catching up on the new shows, I've been spending a lot of time watching the short web dramas on YouTube. Not just the web dramas that are produced by the well known production companies, but also those that were produced by random people. Th

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #444

Anne: Happy Tuesday everyone! Hoping that everyone, in the US, had a somewhat relaxing 4th of July. It's weird having the holiday on a Tuesday, some people got Monday off, some didn't, and then there is the theater summer camp that operated through all 5 days. Let's take a guess how close I was to sending the 6-year old to "camp" on a holiday... But I didn't because I did promise him that the camp was only NINE days. would think that with ALL this extra "vacation" days on my hand that I would have caught up to some shows...well...I did...but they were all standup comedy. Yep, somehow my YouTube feed started recommending Mandarin standup, which I didn't think it existed, until YouTube somehow read my mind and decided to test out interest by "introducing" some shows on my feed. And about two days later, when I came up for air, I realized that my Mandarin wasn't SO bad...I got the jokes! At work, I'm working through my ow