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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #423

Anne: I actually debated a bit about whether I should write this week or not. But the little boy went to sleep a WHOLE 40 minutes earlier than he usually do, and I find myself with time on my hands, mostly because I decided to ignore whatever work (read that as documents and all the related stuff) that continues to circle me. Besides the client related work, I ended up taking a large chunk of our lab moving project. It's a long, long story of my struggle of getting alignment. I finally just gave up and took charge of it all. I take the fact that no one stopped me as agreement. And my need to know all is giving me a lot of anxiety when it comes to the 6 year old's "project". I KNOW they have a class project where he worked on a biography in class for 2 weeks. He was suppose to turn in the "report" TODAY. And he has a presentation on Friday dressed as a famous historical figure. The problem is, every time I ask him about the project, his reply is always, "

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #422

Anne: Happy Tuesday everyone! Yes, my life continues to be an upstream battle against paperwork and deadlines and now the chaos of moving/relocating a lab. I did not realize how nice it was when I was able to setup a lab without anyone else having any say...because I was alone...haha.  Here's something funny for everyone, I have a weird anxiety, that makes absolutely NO sense. Saturday night, walking back to our car, I found about $200 dollars on the side walk. My first thought was...this isn't good, something bad may happen soon. And for some reason, I have this thing where every time I find any money this way, I usually balance it out by "giving" it away. Well...this was not happening as far as my husband was concerned. He thought I was nutty. And when he parked the car, a person who always complains about how close I get to the curb, he managed rammed his rear wheel on the curb, and damaged the rims. I just looked at him and say, " it even out."

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #421

Anne: Hello Everyone! I have been, as usual, inundated with paperwork. And of course, trying to figure out why a six year old is going through the "teenage" difficult years. I'm looking at him and this can get "worse"?!  This week's post will be really short, and it is mostly a drop by just so everyone knows that I am still keeping up with the blog (and hoping that something better will air at some point before the year is out). Let's get on with talking about the couple of shows I've managed to watch in the last two weeks. Tracer (season 1 and 2) Yes, I am a little late to this drama. Even though the second on aired in 2022, it was the first quarter of 2022. I've only caught it now because both appeared on Viki. In case anyone hasn't see this, it is about Hwang Dong Joo trying to get revenge for the death of his father. The act that he blamed on In Tae Joon, the current director of the regional tax office. The first season