We are a group of ladies from all over the world, most of us met first on Dramabeans. Some live on Twitter. We blog about CDrama and KDrama since October 2012. Our main specialty are SqueeCaps: very emotionally invested recaps, with many gifs. And hot men.

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This is our mascot, the Twitterbean! it's a DramaBeanie that is constantly on Twitter, like us! (original artwork by lafer/KLnoona)

Kim Ji-hoon and (sometimes) Lee Jun-ki lover (what's with the crappy dramas though?!). Alright, I admit it, there are others, i.e. Joo Sang-wook and Lee Sang-yoon (OMG YES) and Zo In-Sung. AND HU GE! And Shin Ha-kyun, I loooooove him. It's only post-army, above 30 men though. I am married to a very tolerant man. Daughter thinks Lee Min-ho is a girl. Multitasker. Sleeps very little. Is convinced Twitter is dangerous for the brain. Hopes her students will never find out about this secret identity.
Kakashi Sensei@PotUPMaster

JoAnne has the grabbiest of grabby hands, but despite passing infatuations her ultimate love remains Rain. She can often be found waxing a bit NSFW on Twitter, mostly about puppies.  Her pool is vast, given fondness for both dramas AND K-Pop.

Spends most of her time in public safety pursuits, working for the local police department, as well as spending a significant portion of the last thirty years volunteering in pre-hospital medical care. Has a great weakness for chocolate cookie dough and dark anime. Her favorite actors include Cha Seung-won, Jang Don-gun, and Kim Myung-min, in reality any actor close enough to her age so she doesn't feel guilty. She is currently deep in the throes of Thai LakornLove, and her original poems, stories, and recaps can be found at www.shukmeister.wordpress.com.

(Using both names, one to post, one to comment.)
Drama dreamer who really, really, really loves Block B's Jaehyo. I got into Asian dramas with Great Queen Seondeok and have never looked back. Sageuks are my favorite genre because I like to study the history as we go along.

Started out just commenting about Moony and Lee Yu Ri’s clothes in the Jang Bori recaps. Still cannot believe that she was actually asked to participate on this site. She was never at the cool table before! If there is a comment about clothes, it’s probably hers even though she generally rather wears sweats. She posts a lot of Weir and Utt pics on twitter. Not really into Kpop, but loves Sung Si Kyung and Park Hyo Shin and hope they don’t retire before she gets to see them in concert. Wants move to London or Switzerland.

Has been watching Asian dramas and film for a while, started blogging about them in 2012, and in 2015 "met" Wang Kai. Needless to say, most of her online life now revolves around running Wang Kai International and still trying to watch as much Asian drama as possible.

Occasional Squeecappers

Considers herself the thinking man's drama addict. A loyal Lee Min Ho fan, bcook spends her time thinking up "leeminhonisms"™, dreaming up names for their kids and learning hangul so that she can whisper sweet nothings in her oppa's ear. New owner of online store www.kraddict.spreadshirt.com

Raised on a steady diet of scifi, cop procedurals, and old movies, Becca stumbled upon the world of Korean dramas by accident and was sucked into the black hole of feels. Done right, she loves dramas about makeshift families, time travel, and revenge. When she's not obsessing over dramas, she is an aspiring writer and singer who believes there is no greater pleasure than feeding people, whether it be with food or laughter.

Left Coast Otaku and Chicago Expat, successfully mangling both the Japanese and Korean languages at the same time.  Legal Beagle by day, and Struggling Blogger/Musician/Fangirl by night.  Über-devoted Ji Chang-wook follower since 2007, and shows such love for Her Precious at Ji Chang Wook's Kitchen.

KLnoona (previously lafer)
A.K.A. Korazy Lady. Happily married with children, and then some......sometimes painter, sometimes runner, sometimes language student, always a Korean Drama lover. Loves relationship dramas the most. Super night owl who needs little sleep. Is all about the joie de vivre.

A caffeine-based grad student. A lazy workaholic. A wannabe fervent blogger. An ardent acousticholic. An impulsive backpacker. A newly converted gifholic. A formerly avid moviegoer. A confessed dramaholic. I frequently escape the real life to go camping in the wonderful world of Dramaland, spazzing and fangirling usually happen right after.

Mary is a squeecapping newbie who's in it for Song Jae Rim. She rolls innocently with JoAnne's jokes without realizing they mean something very very different. When not Google searching Jo's puns, she is Chief Legislator at Kdrama Laws, where she responsibly uses her position to forge Song Jae Rim Fangirl Licenses for herself.

Discovered Korean television in 2012 and never looked back, but had to give up live viewing in 2013 due to the stress. Now she only marathons dramas, and occasionally is compelled to write about all things that drove her wild. Eternally grateful to kakashi for allowing her to gush, gambol, and gnash her teeth in such a great forum.  She has a particular weakness for gender bending and fusion sageuks, and her least favorite KDrama tropes are old men cackling evilly in boardrooms or throne rooms; poor but cheerful and hardworking Candies; and petty, vindictive second female leads.