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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #451

Anne: Happy Tuesday again everyone! I had one of the oddest interviews ever. The entire time, nearly 80% of the questions had to do with what would you do if you have to give someone an evaluation rating that they or their manager didn't agree with, how would you rate two people who are exactly the same in performance (which does not happen if you account for time, milestones, peer feedback, etc), what would you do if you have a lot of work and you cannot increase head count, and etc, etc, etc. Seriously, nearly the entire interview had to do with people management. I'm thinking, either you are fishing for information, or there is something seriously problematic with this division. But my goal isn't to just go work anywhere in Asia, I want to spend a job in South Korea one day, so I can live there for a few years and eat a lot! (Yes, I am very food motivated...) Now...I spent the rest of the week watching some new dramas, continuing some dramas, and binging a bunch of short

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #450

Anne: Hello Drama Lovers! I'm late. And I'm doing a short post today as I'm preparing interview slides where I'm asked to present the talk in Mandarin (but the slides are in English because I don't know technical language in Mandarin). So... you know...I see a train wreck coming. As to why I'm doing this? I always try an opportunity if a recruiter finds me. just never know. But...enough of my personal struggles...let's get to my crack drama of the week. Forever Love Let me first state that I did see this drama come up when it first came online on my WeTV app. But I didn't really take to the synopsis, so I didn't actually start it. And I know I'm shallow...but what I actually made me start this show was a short that popped up on my YouTube feed where the ML was taking off his shirt. I can't remember what the title was but it had a tagged something like the blind girl and her bodyguard. Then I saw the title of the drama, and I wen

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #449

Anne: Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is the first day of my 4 day off from work. However, I had 2 hours of meetings and at least one hour of "immediate" things that I need to complete. Then the electricity went off for like 1.5 hours. first day of peace and quiet was not all peace and quiet. And I also didn't get to sleep in all that am certainly doing time off wrong. Or I'm just a workaholic and I can't stop even if I want to. Ok...let's discuss some of the shows I've managed to watch last week. Stay With Me This was also in my list on Viki and it popped up again after me watching those other BL dramas last week. Now, before we get to the whole drama thing...doesn't Xu Bin (the one in the red checkered shirt) looks at lot like Xu Kai? (Know that their last name isn't the same despite the spelling.) I only did a cursory search on google and there is nothing that would indicate that they are related. If anyone knows, d