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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #414

Anne: Well...vacation is over and back to the realities of life. Although I guess I didn't go that far away from reality since I refused to let my work email pile up into high triple digits and having to go through it all in one go. It was quite relaxing for the most part since I was able to ignore almost all the scheduled meetings. I did managed to watch some of the older (as in one or two years from now) Korean dramas that had been in my queue. Now on to the shows that I've watched this week. (I'm writing this as I'm catching up on this weeks episodes of Alchemy of Souls . And next week we should talk about how the CP in this drama is really Jang Uk and the Crown Prince.) Immortal Samara I was very, very excited when this show dropped all of a sudden. I have watched the first 8 or so, and it is everything that I expected it to be...for better or worse. Yang Zi plays Yan Dan, one of two last descendents of some sort of plant, and her body is basically a treasure trove

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #413

Anne: Happy Tuesday drama lovers! So...I am actually on vacation this week (more like work and vacation since I'm still working some...just took 6 hrs of meetings today). Rented a place near the river...take a look out the backyard of this place.  And the backyard leads directly to the river.  The water is freezing! Yes, it's like 102F or something outside, but the water is probably <80F. I can't tell. It was cold, but not the bone chilling cold that basically paralyzes you. No wonder most people tube down the river. You stay mostly on top where the water is the warmest. Next time, I'll need to bring my dive suit, at least it'll help with keeping me a bit warmer. I do need some swim shoes though...I was NOT liking the "moss" that I sometimes step on underneath the water. You can't see the makes that whole sensation of "slime" between your toes a bit... shiver ... I was hoping that since I have a LOT of time this week, some

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #412

Anne: Hello drama watchers! Another week and the heat continues to set record breaking temperatures. The 5 year old is in theater camp these last two weeks, and I am still waiting to see what role he is supposed to play. First week was a tree, or rather a "baby" tree growing up. And now he is a bee, particularly a bee that likes to speak in rhymes. All of these seemed more normal than what he said last Friday...He asked me how to get abs. I'm pretty sure my faced looked like this...πŸ˜• He wanted abs because a 6 year old has abs in his theater class. (The entire time, I'm trying to figure out why a 6 year old has abs. And then I figured that they probably weren't really talking about what I'm picturing inside my head.) I asked, very directly, "are you sure that it wasn't a costume" (they were dressing silly that day). He was adamant that they were real. I told him that I could draw some on his tummy... He rolled his eyes and walked away. Yes, this

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #411

Anne: Well...another week has gone by, and I remain glad that my life is a very boring and routine flow of time that resolves around the exact same schedules as the weeks and years before. But the lack of any interesting dramas have put my drama watching into a breaking halt, to the point that I re-watched the Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty and re-read the novel. As such, this week's post will be quite short. The Insider Oh man....How much more can the writerz torture Kim Yo Han? First, the little boy he was trying to save ended up being hit by a car by a major baddie (the writers must be having some sort of sadistic tendencies). Then, he finds out the identity of the person who murder his grandmother, and it's none other than Jang Seon Oh, his prison buddy that helped him to become the leader of the prison gang. In the meantime, the prosecutor friend who betrayed him before is now trying to keep Kim Yo Han in prison indefinitely as protects his and his family's self interests.