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"The whole world will be yours" - Or Missing Lee Jun-ki

I really, really, really miss Lee Jun-ki. It is strange, how we miss certain people sometimes, right? I don't know what it is that makes me miss this one more than others that have been absent from my bedroom for a while. Oups, did I just say that??? This could be misunderstood. But I always watch my dramas in my bedroom. Which is actually not the bedroom I sleep in ... but never mind. Oh, and correction: Lee Jun-ki isn't even completely absent from the bedroom-I-don't-sleep-in! I have postcards of his on my bookshelf. And a signed Iljimae CD. So ... he kinda watches over me whenever I watch something. Nice ... but not enough. I want this man back on my screen! Pronto!   To miss him a little less until he gets back on my screen in a few months (hopefully), I sat down to write this post - with lots of pretty Joongi pictures (credit as tagged). Let's start with this recent Twitter and Weibo addition, with the tag line "The whole world will be yours":   

When A Man Loves - Episode 8 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: We begin with Jae-hee brooding in a darkened office, while our couple choses wine. She ignores his phone call, and he texts her to call him immediately. When she doesn’t, he walks to her house, and sees the skinship going in the bookstore. JoAnne: This whole scene was very sweet. Come read to meeeeeeeeeeee, Oppa! Shuk: Let’s all rewatch the kiss, again! JoAnne: Like I had to wait for you to suggest it. kakashi: kissu! kissu! kiiiiissuuuu! #WhenAManFinallyScores Shuk: Jae-hee is in shock as he flashes back to all the subtle and not-so-subtle clues that she was never going to leave Oppa for him. At least he doesn't fall to the ground, but he does stumble away and walk a lonely path in the middle of a bridge, pausing to look out over the Han River. JoAnne: So I have this to say about that: Remember when I said Oppa listens to Pissy, and then does what she asks him to do? Chubs did not do that. Pissy makes the age-old mistake of wanting to be fri