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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #364

Anne: Another week goes by and I think I need more sleep. And good gracious how many dramas aired last week? I didn't even have time to take a peek at most of them. I haven't watched the rest of Forever and Ever  so we will leave these two love birds for discussion next week. The Founder of Diabolism -- Final Season If anyone has been watching the anime The Founder of illustrated one of the MOST highly anticipated scene, the slightly funny, oddly romantic, and earth shattering moment when Wang Ji bounded Wei Wu Xian's hands with his hand band and proceeded to show him off to the youngsters.  As most of you know...the ONLY person who didn't understand the meaning of this was the one being bound. Even the kids knew what was going on. Lan SiZhui wisely blocked the truth from spilling out...with that famous piece of chick leg. The other interesting thing is that Wei Wu Xian did realize what the head band really meant. I never liked how they did this in the dr

Fanfiction: The Moon Mirror (Pojing & Bai Qian Alternative Ending) - Chapter 9 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 9 written by LalaLoop edited by Kakashi consulting by Bunny I’m not dead . Bai Qian’s eyes fluttered open. A white ceiling was above her and soft sheets underneath. She closed her eyes again, wondering if perhaps this was only a dream and that both she and the Dark Immortal had gone to the Nothingness. But if it was a dream -- she forced her eyelids open -- it wouldn’t hurt this much. Bai Qian had been sick and injured before, but the fatigue she felt now was beyond words, as if she had been hollowed out, sucked clean of all her powers. Her every muscle, every bone shrieked in pain if she so much as tried to move a hand. And her right arm… A terrible pain shot from her right elbow down to every single one of her fingers. Fractured as a result of a rough landing -- she remembered, swallowing down the pain. She turned her head to the right, where it felt brighter. Xunzhua , Bai Qian breathed in. This was her old room in the palace, and someone was standing by the wind

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #363

Anne: Another week passes and more work has piled on. How is this even possible?! My weekend pretty much was spent sleeping and keeping my five year old entertained. We do a lot of these projects. And we have completed each of these more than 6 times. Although, truth to tell, I do most of the work; he just help picks out the packets and stir. I have to say that I have gotten pretty good with these things. Now that I have demonstrated my obvious artistic skills...let's get on with a bit of discussion on the shows that I managed to watch this week. (Update: Have anyone ever met a more dramatic 5 year old? He had one little band-aid on his thigh where he got his shot. He screamed bloody murder when I tried to pull it off in the bath. With half the band-aid barely hanging on, he's "limping" because each step hurt.) One and Only I cannot believe that I managed to watch the last 3 episodes, with only minimal FF. I was cringing the entire time. I guess the writer (of the boo

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #362

Anne: This weekend I decided to "get back into my youth" by taking up inline skating again as a way to help my son be more interested in biking. Yes, I know this doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it did when I was standing in Target, looking at bike PPEs for the little one. What I have concluded after 20 minutes on those skates were...That was one supremely IDIOTIC idea. I am still amazed that I only ended up with some scraped elbows, a sore knee, and a sore neck. Seriously, if I go missing on this blog, it's probably because I'm in the hospital with a concussion, or broken wrist/arm. While I'm still mostly intact, let's get to discussing the 3 shows I managed to watch this week. One and Only Yes, I succumbed and started this drama. I can't help it, it has both Bai Lu  and Allen Ren, whom I still think oozes sex appeal in costume. It's not an easy feat with all those layers of clothing! Also, the sequel Forever and Ever started airing this wee