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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #369

Anne: The week passed by like any other, and the pace of my life just zipped on by. I did spent the entire Sunday seeing my cousins whom I have not seen in years, so that was very enjoyable. And the five year old got a Christmas present from two years ago, still in its wrapper. The decision on which costume for Halloween he should wear will depend on which one isn't too hot and which one he can remove enough to use the restroom at school. I will probably need to send him to school with some shorts he can change into. This is Texas after all. Maybe the cold front will come early this week. I am still on my weekly streak of only watching a very limited number of shows. I managed TWO this week! Both with very slow airing schedules, which is probably why I was able to watch both of them. The King's Affection First thing I want to say... again... gosh this is one very very very pretty cast! Even her royal cousin (in the upper right) grew up to be quite the looker. And in episode 4 w

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #368

Anne: So this week, the 5 year old told me "I'm want a wife who says poopie." And I just looked at him and thought, Odd that a 5 year old boy is talking about marriage/wife. And the very next thought I had was, Smart boy, you should always marry someone who has the same sense of humor.   To continue my weekly streak of only discussing one show a week, I wanted to start this week with a show that was talked about a few weeks ago, Rainless Love in a Godless Land .  The first thing I want to say is the title, which again is an interesting interpretation of the actual title, which is There is No Rain in a Godless Land . I do agree that Rainless Love sounds more poetic. I only watched the first few minutes due to my time constraints, and it starts with the plot that all the the "gods", which is a certain type of people, will leave earth before the last rain falls. However, some have developed human connections and want to take their "family", which is not a

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #367

Anne: work life hasn't gotten any better...and the limited dramas that have captured my interests seem to be dwindling. I like the Mango short dramas, since they only take like 8-12 minutes each episode. I like them because they are short, and I don't need to focus for too long. I continue my streak of only talking about one (or two) drama per week. As always, if anyone has any interesting to share, I'm all ears.  Danger Zone This is a crime drama out of Taiwan that is quite intense. I started this about a month ago, but didn't continue pass the first ten minutes because I was really deep into One and Only and Forever and Ever . But now that is over, I started this back up. And once I started, I couldn't stop. The good thing was that I waited and the first 12 episodes, which finishes the first major arc of the series, all aired. Otherwise, I would be waiting very impatiently for the two episodes that air each Friday.  The story itself is at once intricate,

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #366

Anne: Happy Tuesday Everyone! And is it sad that I'm looking forward to the weekend already? Those are the only two days when I can feel relaxed, even if I have deadlines. They just seem so far away...for the whole 48 hours. My life has been pretty boring, although I really wish that I can take a vacation. Do you think my people will hate me if I just dump all the work and left them for a week? Not only am I behind on everything, but I still have work that I need to do for a meeting with the Global Director tomorrow where I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting a lecture. (I erased everything I just wrote after this since I did tell people I work with about the blog...).  But back to our discussion on dramas, or in the case of this week... the discussion of the 1 drama that I finished with some FF, that most people finished over a week ago. I do promise that I will make a more interesting posts when there are more interesting dramas. BTW, I'm waiting for History 5(?), e