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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #347

Trotwood: I've been reading and writing more than watching lately. Work was sad and exhausting last week with me falling asleep at night in my work clothes more than once. I spent the weekend just catching up on trying to make my apartment remember that a human being lived in it rather than some sort of cave creature. Didn't even watch some of the things I like this weekend, like Dark Hole or the crazy Miss Monte Cristo . Probably should have since I need Kim Ok Bin's beating up alien zombie energy going into this week. I'm hoping to catch up on a lot next weekend since it is a holiday weekend in the US, but then again, I might just sleep.  Is anyone watching Use For My Talent ? I really like Jasper Lui, but I didn't start it when it first happened, which means I probably won't get to this one either. Sigh. 

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #346

Trotwood: I am back to strong internet, so I have been able to watch dramas. I had a great time with my mother, ate pie, and bought hats. Still, I feel as though, there are so many dramas that are out that I am just never going to see, and I'm much more fine with that than I was before.  I love both Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung, but the new Korean drama, Mine, has nothing about it in which I'm interested, so it's a pass for me although I'm sure with the two of them the acting is going to be on point.  Also, is anyone watching Miss the Dragon? The people on my t-list either hate it or find it comic for the wrong reasons. Everyone looks really pretty, though.  Kakashi: I still have no desire to watch anything. The last thing I ffwarded was Shadow and Bone . Only for the Darkling scenes though. Poor misunderstood bully. Occasionally, I wonder about the Fated General and its fate.

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #345

 This is a non-RAWR :D Discuss away, dears.  My Mother's Day present from my kiddo :)  

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #344

Trotwood: Evening meetings or events every night last week meant no drama watching during the week. Not a lot of time to catch up on weekends either until June. Giving everyone a head's up that I won't be able to post next week because I am going to surprise my mother for Mother's Day. Both my parents got their second shot on April 7, and I have not seen either of them in over a year. I have talked to my mother on schedule every weekend since I went to uni at 5:30 am on Saturday or Sunday when you used to pick the "cheaper times" to call and we were a 4-hour time difference, so it needed to be scheduled. I plan to show up at 5:30 and call like normal, but this time when she picks up, I'm going to ask her to let me in. She will cry. I will cry.  At any rate, the subsidized housing in which she lives has really really slow internet, so I won't be able to watch anything next weekend or post, so . . . Means another week where I won't be talking about the e