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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #420

Anne: So, how has everyone been lately? I feel like I'm still drowning in the endless sea of paperwork with no shore in sight.  In order to encourage the 6 year old to read, which he does very well but doesn't like to do, I'm bribing him with MineCraft mods for every book he finishes. Although I will need to re-think the number of words because some of the books he's checking out at the library are a bit on the "thin" side. And I asked him why he keeps checking out geography books, thinking maybe if checked out a "story" book or something it won't be so boring. And he says it's because he likes geography. I replied, then you should be more than willing to read them.  And now for what I managed to watch during this week. About Youth Thus ends one of the sweetest BL stories I've seen this year. There was no violence, no weird abusive relationship (even the parents' turned around quickly), nothing slightly objectionable at all. Even the

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #419

Anne: Another Tuesday has arrived! Yes, I missed last week's post. I had to write a protocol in under 2 days, which I accomplished. And yes, I am very proud of that. Especially since I had to make "forms" to go with it. Who knew that next to grant writing, making "forms" would be my second most hated thing to do?! Now, I did spend a lot of time watching shows. Unfortunately, for 2 of those days, I was re-watching Love O2O. (I tried not to cringe at the kissing scenes.) And then I got side tracked by the music. As of this point, I have played it endlessly in my car for the last 5 days. At around day 3, the now-six year old in the back seat said, "I like this one," to the song "One Alluring Smile". And I can tell you why, because the beginning instrumental sounds like a video game.  All righty, let's get on with the shows that I did manage to watch and even actually finish a couple! About Youth There were several short BL dramas that aired