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Rainy Days

It pains me to say this, but Headbanging Susie has been kidnapped. By pirates. On her way to Stockholm. They demand a ransom that is just beyond anything I could ever own so she has to hang in there, maybe forever. I hope they treat her well. While I wait for her, I keep watching Korean TV shows. I have seen approximately 400hrs of it already and I just get in deeper and deeper. It all started with Ninja Assassin and Bi / 비 , whom I fell in love with after about 15 minutes. In my quest for more of Bi I stumbled upon "Full House", a Korean TV show with legendary status. It has 16 episodes and each episode runs for a full hour. 16 hrs later I was craving for more. I stumbled upon , which is a piece of heaven, I'm not kidding. I watch "A Love to Kill" and "Let's go to school Sang Doo!". By that time, my passive Korean was almost impeccable. I am not entirely sure why I watched "Personal Preference" next, but kn