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Swing dein Ding

Sure, Headbanging Susie is more of a Metal girl, but these days, under the rule of Postmodernism, even a heavy metal girl can like folklore, yodeling and Schwingen. These days, everybody does.

HB Susie is a wild thing

Meet Headbanging Susie's boyfriend. His name is Naruto and he is a Ninja. He is a pretty cool kid and knows all sorts of tricks. Susie's guinea pigs are very jealous of him. Susie and Naruto have been going out for about three months now but all they do is kiss.

Where HB Susie lives

Headbanging Susie lives in a big tent. The tent is grayish in colour and there are many cushions inside. Her guinea pigs also live in the tent. Sometimes it stinks a little, but only if she forgets to clean them. In case you have wondered: her guinea pigs are called Kim, Idi, Pol, Augusto, Fritzli and Iossif.

This has to change

Nobody likes to admit defeat. So I'm doing this hush-hush, quick-quick: being grateful at least once a day is too hard. I give up. Instead, I want to introduce you to someone very special: It's headbanging Susie. You shouldn't judge herby her appearance. Headbanging Susie is a very nice girl with a good heart. She is polite and kind and loves her guinea pigs very much (she only feeds them organic food). Headbanging Susie has one great weakness, however. You might have already guessed: it's head banging. If her guinea pigs wouldn't object once in a while she would head bang from 7am to 11 pm NON STOP.