When A Man Loves - Episode 2 (A SqueeCap)

[Hello, chingus, this is kakashi speaking! kakashi says hi! kakashi hasn't seen any KDrama for many days, which is just terrible and makes kakashi very sad. But imagine my joy when I got home from a conference in Germany and find a wonderful recap in the draft section of the blog - by uri Shukmeister! This is the very first recap on this blog. It needs to be celebrated *runs to the fridge and gets out soju*. And then: wonderful JoAnne, who just loves When A Man Loves, also had a few things to say. Of course I couldn't keep quiet myself while giffing, though I'm not watching this train wreck of a drama. I hear it is even worse than IRIS2. Wow. This, then, is a slightly special recap ... but I hope you enjoy it!]

But now, drum roll for Shukie! Long live Shukie! And JoAnne! Long live JoAnne!

When a Man Loves - Episode 2

Shuk: Inside his cavernous, MouseTrap of an apartment, the sun lovingly glides over a lonely figure.
kakashi:...and over his abs... Plus: this scene would have made Anthony proud!
JoAnne: That is God admiring the handiwork, I’m telling you. I have never wanted to lick a belly more in my life. As an offering of gratitude. Honest.

Shuk: Tae Sang prepares for work while his television announces plans for his loan firm to acquire a Capital Services company to become a powerful force in the financial world.
kakashi: Which causes him to give the TV set a stern look. Woah, there SSH, that's some method acting!!!
Shuk: Seon-joo shows up at his work with a bouquet of flowers and a sexy dress, but throws a hissyfit when she finds out he’s in Hong Kong, and didn't tell her.
kakashi: I'm not doing gifs of random women, sorry. She doesn't get one.
JoAnne: Oppa says ‘I do what I want!’ #WhenAManDoesntWantYou

Shuk: Tae Sang is sitting in a meeting in Hong Kong, with Jae-hee at his side, impressively speaking in Mandarin, English, and Japanese. 
JoAnne: See, Oppa was meant for important things! He reads French! He speaks 3 other languages (so far - can German be far behind? Isn’t that the language of Finance? Dr. Kakashi, you know, right?) and he is kind to younger siblings of friends!
kakashi: I'm not convinced. He is that evil demon-boy from Arang and the Magistrate. 

Shuk: In Seoul, Seo Mi-do girl tries and fails to get an anchor job, fails to get an art gallery, basically fails to find any gainful employment whatsoever. As a waitress, she ends up with snooty chaebol girls at her tables. Her friend, however, has the idea of putting Seo Mi-do in a swanky dress to mingle with rich unmarried guys at a fashion show/meat market.
JoAnne: #PissyFishFaceFailsatLife

Something like this, but with better fashion.

Shuk: Seon-joo shows up at the party and the hostess fawns all over her, sucking up like a Dyson 500.
JoAnne: What else is that woman in? I hated her voice there, too
kakashi (yawns): this is getting boring ... #WhenAManDoesNotShowEnoughAbs

Shuk: Seo Mi-do has the unfortunate luck of bumping into several of her restaurant customers, who then get nasty as only rich girls can get. She ends up with a glass of wine in the face; she fearlessly retaliates with a bowl of punch. Add girly screams of outrage.
JoAnne: Major props from me for that one. Plus, that red dress is about the best thing I have ever seen in a drama that wasn‘t covered in abs. You GO, Pissy Fish Face.
kakashi: Yes. You even get a gif for this one! 
Shuk: Seo Mi-do’s younger brother, Idol Boy, is gratuitously dancing, when she comes along and shares beer and noona advice.
JoAnne: Ah, that’s JB from JJ Project. Also DH2 (shhh) in which - apparently - he was SO charming and popular with viewers that they switched him from second lead to first, displacing my beloved Chicken Beak in the process. (I KNOW, right? But still, on par with every other decision made about that drama. Which is to say: BAD one) Anyway. I kind of like his dorky smile. And I like the sibling relationship. I also like Chang Hee and Jae Hee’s sibling relationship. (That’s Crazy Eyes and Chubby Cheeks.) I am hopeful that when Oppa’s little brother shows up I also like them together. I know who he is but I don't think he shows up until next episode so I won't say anything.
kakashi: and they do the silliest of dances together, which looks even sillier in gif-form. 
Shuk: In Hong Kong, the two men salute their success with a Spode bottle of mysterious expensive liquor. Jae-hee announces that when he finishes school, he intends to join Tae Sang’s company, in gratitude for the support for him and his older brother, and make the company successful. The conversation takes a serious turn when they talk about his older brother, serving time in prison for killing Tae Sang’s old loan shark boss.
JoAnne: "I am so grateful to you, Hyung. In return for your generosity, I will repay you by totally taking a job through my connection to you and then, because you have me, you will suddenly be successful because despite appearances, you totally aren’t."
That kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I know it’s not what was meant but it’s how I took it. At this point, I was predisposed to dislike Chubby Cheeks (that’s OPPA’s girl you’re going to woo, dammit, even if I don’t like her.) and I was failing miserably at disliking him and I was grasping at straws. I give up the effort entirely pretty soon.
Shuk: Flashback to the fight scene seven years ago, where Tae sang got his back scar, Lee Chang-hee cracked heads, and Gu Yong-gab unsuccessfully attempts to keep Tae Sang on the dark side. Tae Sang promises Lee Chang-hee to keep his brother safe and in school.
JoAnne: Grandpa Leeteuk, I will hate you with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns. Ever wonder why it’s fiery and not firey? I do.
kakashi: ... and more method acting from SSH. 
Shuk: Back in 2013 Seoul Tae Sang walks into his office to find Seon-joo wearing Phyllis Diller’s Laugh-In polyester pantsuit and lolling around his office waiting for him to buy her birthday dinner.  At the restaurant, while classical music plays in the background, she announces to the waiter that it’s their wedding anniversary. Tae Sang doesn’t object, but doesn’t participate either.
JoAnne: Oppa feels sorry for her pitiful ugly-outfit-wearing self. Plus he just can’t be bothered. He’s tired after a long day of being beautiful.

Shuk:    At the restaurant, Tae Sang sees Seo Mi-do, the girl that’s been haunting him for seven years.  While he pretends he’s not watching her, the chaebol girl and her syncophants show up to make sure Seo Mi-do gets fired.
kakashi:  #WhenAManStares
Shuk: The Total Failure Light goes on when Tae Sang flings money on the table to prevent Seo Mi-do from having to pay for the table’s food.
JoAnne: The disrespectful gesture belies his graceful words and cleverly displays Oppa’s talent for insults, Shukie.
kakashi: I'm sorry, but I really like it. I think he practiced a lot. 

Shuk:  And the Pantsuit Princess gets abandoned at the table.
JoAnne: Like the used up leftovers she fails to recognize that she is
kakashi: Not anybody can wear something like that. Give her some credit, will you?

Shuk: After dragging Seo Mi-do outside, he berates her for working instead of studying. She throws back that the money went for hospital bills rather than her education. Seon-joo naturally interrupts the conversation with claws bared, and they go their separate ways.
JoAnne: First moment of actual hotness between Oppa and another human being. Because that other human being was an IDIOT. I was yelling ‘Care about ME, Oppa! Me! I’ll show you my gratitude daily! And twice on Saturday!’ at the screen.
Shuk:     Yet another flashback to that seven year mark, where we see Seon-joo half-heartedly apologize for not helping Tae Sang with the aftermath of the fight.  He boxes up his stuff, blows off her confession, and heads out the door.  She began her stalking ways then, showing up at his apartment and demanding he let her sleep over.
JoAnne: Pantsuit Princess Plots Poorly

Shuk:  That night, we get a gratuitous shower scene and some pain twinges from the shoulder wound he sustained.
JoAnne:  That was not gratuitous, Shukie. That was an integral part of the drama. The water cascading down his manly torso is meant to remind us of the naturalness and fluidity of his love for PissyFishFace, and perhaps even will remind viewers that water will wear away a rock (hard ab), over time. And then the pain represents the rocky path that Oppa has chosen, to move from gangster to legitimate businessman. It was not without peril and difficulty, although the drama just assumes we know that and doesn’t bother to show us any of the actual business starting and growing. There’s also the pain of his unrequited love and - one can assume from his suffering face - unslaked passion. Seriously. Do you not yet get that this drama is just FULL of a buttload of metaphor?
kakashi: BTW: is anybody counting how many times SSH takes his shirt off in this series?
Shuk: In what seems a completely unrelated scene, a young kid eats at a friendly ahjumma’s ramyun shop and then bolts without paying.
JoAnne: Oh it IS this episode. That’s the other JYP dude from JJ Project. I don’t remember his name. He sings the B Song with Kang Sora in DH2. He was adorable and a good dancer. Let’s see what he does here. By the way, since we know from Oppa’s vision that this is his mother, I’m totally going with this is his younger brother. I don’t know why Ahjumma doesn’t know that, but I’m guessing amnesia plays a part. Just a hunch. I see that used once in a while and it certainly seems to fit here.

Shuk: Gu Yong-gap, resplendent in his purple-tinted hair, is apparently stalking the stalker. He finds Seon-joo at a golf range, and with all the panache of a thug Lothario, locks her in his office until she agrees to marry him. Seon-joo goes badass when she breaks a window and jumps two floors onto his car, and drives off in her own.
JoAnne: That was pretty cool, Pantsuit Princess. Plus, backstory. You’re like Jin Rak giving up the gangster family except we don’t like you and you just went to a different gangster group. You should have been a pure Candy girl who drew cartoons and jumped out of windows to escape. Then we would like you. Grandpa Leeteuk remains the creepiest of creeps, plus isn’t it here where he starts the whole ‘pitiful me’ chapter of wooing the girl? Ick.
kakashi:  Shukie, please explain. Why does this guy have lilac hair??
Shuk:      When using the stuff out of the box, please make sure that it is at room temperature when you mix it, and leave it on your hair the required amount of time.  Also pick the right decade color, because that one is so early 80's...

Shuk: Tae Sang drives to the Seo family bookstore, but it’s closed.  The restaurant manager violates all kinds of personal information rules by telling Tae Sang the name of the hospital where Seo Mi-do’s father is at. He proceeds to move him to a private room, which thrills Mom, worries Dad, and puzzles Mi-do. Little Brother could care less, but, then, he has the IQ of a carrot.
JoAnne: Ha! Carrots! Plus here I was seriously cheering Oppa. When he likes a girl, he goes all out.
kakashi: I like carrots. 

Shuk: She confronts Tae Sang at his office, and he deftly carries the conversation into a job offer.  She doesn’t want to work with a married man who lusts after her, but he proves to her that his is single.
JoAnne: How freaking adorable was my Oppa here? Seriously. I kept eying that desk. And not so I could use his computer, if you know what I mean. Although I probably would have made his hard drive hum. By the way, if I should be more discreet, tell me. I’ll try.

Shuk: The next day, she is wearing a standard black Asian Job-Hunting Business Suit. He agonizes over the perfect tie.
kakashi: Watch this while looking at the next gif 
Shuk: After a few charged glances, they both work their respective jobs. Later on, they find themselves together in an elevator. He tries to be chivalrous; she demurs; he dumps the box back into her arms.
kakashi: He does look good in a suit. Yes.

Shuk: Late in the day, he drives them to the Seo bookstore, where he industriously stacks single copies of books while she eats dukbokki. She is amused by his hatred of spicy food.
JoAnne: And I am amused by his efforts to hide it. Oppa is too adorable for words. I am a complete sucker for a man who is beautiful and also awkward, and Oppa can do that very well. My earnest belief is that is Oppa’s real life personality. World’s Hottest Goober. 
kakashi: I'm sure he practiced that a lot. And he deserves a nice gif for it. 
Shuk: In the quiet of the bookstore, he finally asks her the question that’s been running around in his head for seven years:
                    “Will you live with me? Let’s get married.”
JoAnne: And I died. But not before I screamed, ‘YES!!!!’ (or had completed re-watching the scene half a dozen times.)
kakashi: You know what, JoAnne? You can have him!