Inspired by Dramabeans (*we bow to you, Goddess of the KDrama blogs*), we decided to open up our own rating agency for KDrama. Ours is a simplified rating system, however. Cause simple is beautiful. We only rate on a scale from 0 to 10 - so it's purely subjective. It's how much we liked the drama (at the time of watching).
And: This is work in progress, of course.

Color chart: 0-2.5    2.6-5.0     5.1-7.5     7.6-10


1st Shop of Coffee Prince (avg: 8.92)
kakashi says (9/10): One of my early ones, loved it. Particularly Gong Yoo and his struggles to come to terms with the fact that he thought he was in love with a man. It's a classic and belongs on every must-watch-list.
lafer says (10/10): One of my first dramas and also one of my all time favorites. Perfect mixture of funny, heart and soul while actually having some weight to it. It's hard to find another drama that gave me such gut-wrenching feelings. Han Gyul, I luff you forever.
latteholic says (9/10): It's like slowly sipping a venti vanilla latte with whipped cream and reveling the taste in between sips but then realizing, as the remaining latte becomes colder, that it would've been more enjoyable if it was a grande.
bcook says (10/10): Loved it! Classic Kdrama, basically sets the scene for dramas to come. This is the drama I use to initiate new people to the kdrama world (3/3 so far). I've watched it 7 times and will probably watch it once a year for the rest of my life!
Shuk says (9/10): The first one I got tingles while watching. It was the beach scene, strangely enough.
Nabi says (6.5/10): I just never could muster up much enthusiasm for these characters or their stories, even though I liked all the individual pieces. In retrospect, I now appreciate how un-prudish they were, but not quite enough to bump my score up.

49 Days (avg: 7.75)
kakashi says (7/10): Yay for fantasy-dramas, there should be more of them on Korean TV! The story was pretty special, and I did like many parts of it; but I also outright hated some, like Nam Gyu Ri.
lafer says (10/10): This story was fast-paced and intriguing. I especially found the scenes between the two women leads touching. I really "felt" this drama. A personal favorite - I didn't even mind the ending.
Shuk say (8/10): I really hated the ending, but after cleaning up the pile of snot-soaked tissues I realized the symmetry and beauty of it. And every lead was just wonderful portraying all that pain and hope.
Nabi says (6/10): I didn't hate the ending, but I did find it anticlimactic and a bit contrived. And I was really bothered by the terrible production values and Nam Gyu-Ri's mom. Worst of all, KDrama heroes and villains are often stunningly bad planners, but 49 Days really took that to a whole new level.

9 Ins 2 Outs (avg: 8)
lafer says (8/10): Can best friends become a couple? It's worth watching the OTP explore the intricacies of this age old question. Endearing and enjoyable.

A Gentleman’s Dignity (avg: 6)
kakashi says (5/10): Made me fall in love with Jang Dong-gun hard - until the honeymoon was over and I realized that this was really a very annoying drama. We then got divorced and hate each other since. And Kim Han-neul sucked big time. 
lafer says (7/10): I'm with kakashi on this - first time seeing Jang Dong-gun and loved him. Unfortunately, Kim Han-neul added nothing to the drama. I looked forward to the first 15 minutes and the bromance, the rest could have been so much better.

A Love to Kill (avg: 8)
kakashi says (8/10): Rain and Shin Min-ah. Nuff said. Okay, maybe not... one of my first dramas and definitely my first melo. Almost my last, too, that's how much it traumatized me. Couldn't stop crying for weeks.

A Man Called God (avg: 6)
kakashi says (6/10): Not a bad revenge drama. Evil father-son combo and some gripping action. Not many surprises though. Song Il-gook is incredibly beautiful in it, I just wished they hadn't paired him with Han Chae-young.

A Thousand Days Promise (avg 10)
lafer says (10/10): Incredibly well written and superbly acted drama about a young woman diagnosed with Alzheimer's and the love that eventually sticks by her. Filmed in a way to make you feel as if you are eavesdropping on a real life situation that can't help but draw you in. The supporting cast and dialogue are outstanding. But be prepared - you will cry buckets, and the writer doesn't sugar coat the hopeless story.

A Wife's Credentials (avg: 9)
lafer says (9/10): Very mature and well done drama dealing with social status and the education of the children of the rich. This was one of those "cut above" dramas that felt real. I waited months for it to be completely subbed, and it was definitely worth it.

Age of Feelings / Inspiring Generation (avg: 7)
kakashi says (7/10): There was so much I loved about this drama (the set-up, the set, the beginning) - and so much I did not love (the script, the writer-switch, the end). Most important, however: It gave us a few characters I will never forget: Shinichi! Mo Il-hwa! The Dobis! Dog Nose! Overall, the drama had heart though. And I would especially commend it for it being so different to so many other KDramas.

All About My Romance (avg: 8)
kakashi says 8/10: Guess why I am watching this :) God in heaven, I have completely fallen under Shin Hakyun's spell. It's cute and the political background is quite exciting, it's a drama I'd actually watch again - if I miss Shin Hakyun too much. The hair, however, the hair!

Angry Mom (avg: 8)
Nabi says (8/10): It's not a rom-com, even though it has romance and a good dose of comedy. It's not a makjang, even with birth secrets, statutory rape, murder, a coma, and oodles of evil corporate plotting. It's not even a thriller, despite plenty of mysteries and thrills. But this drama is sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, sometimes scary, sometimes inspiring, sometimes depressing, sometimes adorable, often ridiculous, and always, always awesome.

Answer Me 1994 (avg: 10)
bcook says (10/10): Team Oppa. Nuf said. I loved it. I think saatori is pretty awesome and it's on my list (after learning standard Korean of course). It was a bit slower paced than 1997 and incited some crazy fans but definitely a watch. A good look at Korean social history. Watch it on Viki for the extra comments.

Answer Me 1997 (avg: 9)
lafer says (8/10): Given my age I was surprised at how much I looked forward to this drama each week. The running question of which brother ended up with the girl was uniquely handled but became a little tiresome towards the end but still made me want to watch it. Just wish the lead female would have done a little more growing up over the years.
bcook says (10/10): Brings back memories of squeeing over HOT with my friend in high school. Great story, pretty ridiculous twist suspense at the end but by then I was feeling so warm and fuzzy towards all the characters that I didn't care. Makes me look forward to my high school reunion.

Arang and the Magistrate (avg: 8.6)
kakashi says (9/10): Lee Jun-ki and Shin Min-ah. Nuff said. No? Okay: this drama is awesome, it's my favorite from 2012. Loved the unconventional story and the mythology. And Lee Jun-ki.
latteholic says (8/10): Loved the way it blends the average romantic K-Drama's charm and warmth with the ethereal world it created. The final act with the noble idiocy trope thrown in was a tad too long-winded.
bcook says (7/10): I finally finished this show after about 3 months of attempts. Shin Min-ah was adorable but for some reason I just couldn't get into it. *shrug*
Nabi says (9/10): When it was first airing, I found Arang a little frustrating. But when I rewatched it in a marathon two years later it suddenly hit me that it was much more romantic than I'd given it credit for. Add in a fully realized fantasy dramaverse populated with a rich, quirky, and sometimes even quite lusty cast of supporting characters, and, of course, Jun-Ki and Min-Ah, and this one is now solidly among my all-time favorites.
Shuk says (7/10): Loved the music, loved the story, meh on the ending. But Lee Jun-ki's quiet devotion was great.

Autumn in My Heart (avg: 7)
latteholic says (7/10): It has all the ingredients for a melodrama: birth secret, faux-cest, and terminal disease. You know this ain't gonna end well from the get-go and I cried like a baby throughout this one. However, this was my first Kdrama... at least I think it was...

Bad Guys (avg: 10)
kakashi says (10/10): Loved it - all of it. OCN at its best! The script, the cast, the directing ... the feels. And crushing so hard for Jung Tae-Soo (Cho Dong-hyuk). 

Beethoven Virus (avg: 7)
kakashi says (7/10): Made me discover Kim Myung-min before everybody else did in King of Dramas (yes, get in line!!). I like that this was about music, but the love-story was a bit icky. Lee Ji-ah did a fairly good job and Jang Geun-suk just has the nicest voice ever.

Big Man (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): Dear Kang Ji-Hwan, you're a handsome man -- start acting like one! No more curling or dying your hair, and invest in some gel! Also, pick better projects. Big Man was yet another in a long string of poorly written dramas that have squandered your talent (and beauty) and that of every potentially delightful actor/character around you. 정신차려!

Birth of a Beauty (avg: 4)
kakashi says (4/10): Horrible, horrible and stupid drama. But we had so much fun with it.

Blade Man / Iron Man (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): The blades could have been a clever metaphor, but they were more and more poorly integrated into the overall narrative as it wore on. And tonally this drama was a mess. The heroine had some spine, but was also, quite frankly, too saintly to be truly likable, and when she confessed her love halfway through I was taken genuinely by surprise. The brightest light in this otherwise fairly dull production was Han Jung-Soo as Secretary Go. I've seen him in much better dramas, but this was my first time seeing him play real comedy, and it was a delight.

Blood (avg: 1)
kakashi says (1/10): So friggin horrible. This is a drama that should never have been made. And I do hope it teaches KDramaland to NOT put people who cannot act at all in lead roles.

Boys over Flowers (avg: 4.5)
kakashi says (6/10): One of my early dramas, which did impress me quite a lot with all the pretty ... I couldn't watch it anymore today, though. It is too faulty: the story, the acting, the everything. It is a classic, however, and it turned millions into KDrama addicts.
bcook says (5/10): Was not impressed. I give this a 5/10 for Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joon. The lead actress annoyed me and Ji-Pyo's character was too mean to let me fall in love with him.
Shuk says (7/10): Mostly for the cinematography and the soundtrack.
Nabi says (0/10): I really loathed this drama. I can't even bring myself to write about it again. Can we add a negative point scale here?

Brain (avg: 9)
kakashi says (9/10): I'm so biased, but I absolutely devoured this drama. Shin Hakyun slays his role as "arrogant" but Oh-So-Sexy neurosurgeon Lee Kang-Hoon, the medical stuff is done with love for medical details, the overall story is gripping and never boring and the battle between two men with big egos is really engaging.

Bride of the Century (avg: 8)
Shuk says (8/10): Lee Hong-ki did surprisingly well, considering my main impression of his acting skill was YAB's Jeremy. The story was interesting until past the half-way mark, when it bogged down into redundancy and ennui. And the ending was lukewarm at best. But White Kitten gets a point for being so darned cute.

Can Love Become Money (avg: 2)
kakashi says (2/10): I watched this solely for Yeon Jung-hoon and fast forwarded through all the standard boring stuff. Really not a good drama. Don't watch.

Can We Get Married (avg: 8)
lafer says (8/10): A cable gem that gives a more realistic view of relationships than you usually find on the main stations. The screaming mothers can get on your nerves but you can almost see the wheels in their heads turn as they try to outsmart each other. The 4 main couples, in varying stages of relationships, kept me interested to the end.

Can We Love (avg: 5)
kakashi says (5/10): Great start, horrible second half. I really grew to hate this drama for disappointing me so!

Cheongdamdong Alice (avg: 4.5)
kakashi says (6/10): Oh, Cheongdamdong Alice ... you let me down so hard ... Started off as one of the best dramas I have ever seen and went down-hill about half-way.
Nabi says (3/10): Yes, the characters started out as quirky and intriguing, but they quickly devolved into utterly unlikable, and the story was always bleak, at best. All in all, a weird terrible formula for a rom-com.

Chilwoo, the Mighty (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): Not very memorable, except for its schizophrenic tone and Yoo Ah-In looking all silent and sexy. I guess that means it wasn't terrible? But clearly it wasn't all that stellar, either...

Chuno (avg: 7.77)
kakashi says (7/10): My first sageuk. My first Jang Hyuk. My first OST-love. This drama is one of the reasons I got so hooked on KDrama and stayed hooked ever since. Unfortunately, it also has a terrible Lee Da-hae and a phlegmatic Oh Ji-ho in it. And the ending? Not even sure I saw it.
latteholic says (7/10): I could only remember choco abs really when I think of this sageuk, there is also a plot about slaves' hunting and some politic intrigue. Somehow, I think I I was moved more by the story of the slaves' rebellion than the story about the leads.
Nabi says (9/10): Awesome story. Awesome soundtrack. Awesome abs. Awesome Jang Hyuk. I even liked Oh Ji-Ho and Lee Da-Hee in this drama! I have mixed feelings about the ending, but nothing serious enough to knock off many points.

City Hall (avg: 7.5)
kakashi says (8/10): Loved it for the special treatment of Korean politics, for Kim Sun-ah and Cha Seung-won. One of my favorite female characters.
bcook says (7/10): I finally managed to finish the show during one of my dry spells. It dragged for a couple of episodes but I slowly got into it. It was alright. A bit slow...no...a lot slow.

City Hunter (avg: 7)
kakashi says (7/10): A fairly standard revenge drama. Lee Min-ho tries and almost succeeds to act well. The supporting cast is fabulous. Park Min-young should be forbidden to act. She almost destroyed this.
latteholic says (9/10): It was my crack-drama at the time and it almost, almost converted me into a Lee Min-ho fangirl. But I was never fully behind the romance throughout and the ending scene felt rather flat
bcook says (7/10): Lee Min-Ho wasn't half bad in this. I could see him getting better from boys over flowers and personal taste. Loved the action, the revenge story. This is the first drama I felt twangs of Second Lead Syndrome.
Nabi says (5/10): This started out as a revenge thriller, but was distracted fairly early on by a dubious romantic subplot with close to zero chemistry. Still, I was on board until they turned abruptly back to the revenge about 2/3 of the way through. Trying to adjust course so belatedly was an exercise in frustration for the captains of both my "romance" and my "revenge melo" ships, and in the end we were all disappointed.

Creating Destiny (avg: 6)
lafer says (6/10): Typical family drama fare but worth it to watch the chemistry between the Eugene and Ki Tae Young, who met on the set and later married. They were definitely the reason I watched all 31 episodes.

Crime Squad (avg: 5)
kakashi says (5/10): Watched for Song Il-gook. A rather standard police drama, with some nice Song Il-gook moments. Utterly forgettable overall.

Cruel City (avg: 8.75)
kakashi says (10/10): OMG How we loved this drama!!! This is an absolute SqueeCap classic, we went crazy over this!
Nabi says (7.5/10): As much as I loved Baksa Adeul, the only thing real in this drama was Cutie-Soo. Also, his white pants alone earned that extra half-point. But all the butt shots in the world couldn't make up for the mess this drama -- which started out so addictively compelling -- ultimately became. Such a bummer (heh, heh).

Cunning Single Lady (avg: 7)
kakashi says (8/10): A mature romcom that does not disappoint - which means it does not derail in its second half and even manages to give us a decent ending.
Nabi says (6/10): One of the better entries among a sudden spate of divorce-reconcilliation rom-coms, with two charming leads in a mostly cute, if totally unrealistic story.

Da Jang Geum (avg: 10)
latteholic says (10/10): My first sageuk! So colorful and inspiring in every aspect. The plot is captivating, and the actors are well fit for their roles. Loved the long romance between the leads. AND, Ji Jin-hee can rock a Joseon beard like nobody's business!
bcook says (10/10): OMG!!! I love this sageuk! This is the drama that threw me full heartedly into the kdrama world. I used to watch it with a bunch of friends in college. Mmmm the food! the intrigue! The sleepless nights! This is THE KDRAMA.

Deep-Rooted Tree / Tree with Deep Roots (avg: 8)
Nabi says (8/10): Jang Hyuk and Song Joong Ki in the same drama! Sadly, not one in which they share any screen time, but even apart they could carry a drama into my Top-20 list without breaking a sweat. The second half of this one dragged quite a bit, and I had serious issues with both Shin Se-Kyung's character and the ending. But overall, it was a gorgeously filmed, compelling story, with some seriously interesting history sprinkled in.

Discovery of Romance (avg: 7)
Nabi says (7/10): About halfway through Episode 9 I realized I was a lot more interested in the love line between the two best friends (Hello again, Yoon Hyun-Min!) than I was in either side of the primary love triangle. But I give DoR credit for exploring many varieties of love and romance via its thought-provoking (if occasionally irritating) pseudo-documentary style. And I loved that the heroine expressed her sexuality honestly and without shame, even if I found her character in every other way unattractive.

Divorce Lawyer in Love (avg: 7)
Nabi says (7/10): "Opposites Attract" stories work best when the differences are superficial, while underlying values are actually quite similar. It's a balance DLiL doesn't get quite right, but if you can overlook that, it's rather enjoyable. After the initial off-putting episodes (more of that balance problem), I grew quite fond of the strong, sensitive, dorky heroine, and Yeon Woo-Jin was reliably appealing throughout. Extra point for a very entertaining supporting cast and mostly likable second leads -- yay!

Doctor Stranger
kakashi says: No.

Dr. Frost (avg: 5)
kakashi says (5/10): It wasn't bad but it had no heart or soul. Utterly forgettable and a lead that either has had too many botox injections or simply cannot act at all (yes, even if you portray a guy who has no emotion you can move parts of your face from time to time)

Dr. Jin (avg: 2)
Nabi says (2/10): What a mess. I just can't even. This is the only KDrama I've ever dropped so close to the end (after I looked on Dramabeans to confirm a growing suspicion that it wasn't going to make the last four episodes worth my while).

Dream (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): Not a whole lot to recommend here, but nothing terribly offensive either, to be fair. Mostly just really, really repetitive and boring. It features a lot of martial arts, including quite a few half-naked-male training scenes, so there's that.

Emergency Couple (avg: 4)
Nabi says (4/10): Breaking news: Doctors the world over cringe collectively and stab out their own eyes to keep from having to watch even one more minute of EC's stupefyingly awful interpretation of professional medical competence! Of course, those docs will have missed 21 episodes of Choi Jin-Hyuk's super-sexy voice and Song Ji-Hyo's awesome awesomeness, but still, they probably made the right choice.

Empress Ki (avg: 9)
Nabi says (9/10): Wow. Just, wow. At 51 episodes, Ki did have a tendency to drag a bit at times, and also a considerable penchant for histrionics. But overall it was a tour de force of fascinating, if often ludicrous, historical(ly "inspired" melo)drama, featuring a truly outstanding performance by Ha Ji-Won as the remarkable and bad-ass titular heroine. Perhaps even more impressive, I genuinely liked most of Ki's antagonists (who were considerably less caricaturish than in most KDramas), even while I rooted against them, and give (mostly) very high marks in the hair and costume departments.

Ex-Girlfriend Club (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): Its only real sin was excessive ambition. It was cute, sincere, just the right kind of wacky, and deeply -- if understatedly -- romantic, but it tried to do too much other stuff as well. tvN recognized it was going off course and cut it from 16 episodes to 12, but later than they should have. If they'd planned on 12 episodes from the beginning I think this drama could easily have earned 8 points from me.

Faith (avg: 5.75)
kakashi says (6/10): The romance made this bearable. The rest was pretty bad. I watched it to the end, however, which means it wasn't an outright disaster.
lafer says (6/10): The only drama I've actually watched Lee Min Ho in. I felt like this drama didn't know what it wanted to be. It had an interesting premise, but also wooden acting by LMH, an over abundance of poorly executed sword scenes and laughable bad guys. Loved the female lead, tho, and if you concentrate on the cute OTP, it's enjoyable.
bcook says (7/10): The good: Lee Min Ho has improved! He's so good at the eye-loving(TM) in this drama. Lafer, he's supposed to be wooden. Remember this is Choi Young who has killed so many people he's almost dead inside. He feels nothing until Eun-Soo shows up. This is one of those dramas where all the acting is in the eyes and what isn't said. The bad: unfortunately for the actors, the writers had no idea what they wanted to write, where they wanted it to go.
Nabi says (4/10): Arrrrggggghhhh, Faaaaiiittthhh!!! This drama drove me bonkers. Mostly because it should have been So. Much Better.

Falling for Innocence / Falling in Love with Soon-Jung (avg: 5)
kakashi says (5/10): A very unexciting script, but with great performances by our three most beloved leads. 
Nabi says (5/10): Ugh. Soon-Jung had the character of a dead fish and close to zero development. In fact, all of the women in this drama were embarrassingly useless, and the dialogue universally consisted almost entirely of posturing and platitudes. Watch the first episode for Cutie-Soo's shower scene, then do yourself a favor and move on.

Family’s Honor (avg: 4)
kakashi says (4/10): Watched for Park Shi-hoo. It is loooooooooooong. The romance is well done, but a lot of it can be fast forwarded fast.

Fated to Love You (avg: 8)
bcook says (10/10): *sigh* The cute in this show is just... *sigh*. The animation, the slapstick, that godawful laugh (you thought Cha Song Won's was bad), the tears, the love, the sexual frustration (hahahahahaha), the good kisses. It's just...Joy. It would say it's best watched when you have a few dramas under your belt because there are a couple of meta winks to other dramas.
Nabi says (6/10): Jang Na-Ra's character literally cannot finish a complete sentence in the first half of this drama without drifting off weakly at the end, like the last, sad gasp of a deflating balloon, and she never entirely overcomes that. But it's nice to see a Chaebol+Candy drama whose central conflict is not predicated upon the assumption that all rich matri/patriarchs are soulless, murdering snobs. Plus, Choi Jin-Hyuk, Jang Hyuk, and a pretty delightful soundtrack.

Fermentation/Kimchi Family (avg: 5.5)
kakashi says (7/10): Too many standard, over-used family-themes ... but the food. The food! It must be watched solely for the food (and the absolutely gorgeous location). I'm still craving it and probably will, till the end of my days.
bcook says (4/10): Meh. Skipped a bunch of episodes and didn't miss much. Loved watching the food. The Grandfather was the best character.

Flower Boy Next Door (avg: 7)
kakashi says (7/10): A bit boring, but there is Kim Ji-hoon. I am ready to suffer for him.
lafer says (7/10): This was the first Flower Boy drama I watched and my first introduction to Kim Ji-Hoon and his hot sulkiness. Its cast of quirky characters really intrigued me until about 3/4 of the way through when for some reason I started losing interest. Not a bad watch, though.
bcook says (7/10): The story was very cute. Park Shin Hye though...that girl can take the romance out of a kiss in a very unique way. She always looks like she's in pain.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (avg: 5.67)
kakashi says (5/10): The lead lady's chin distracted me big time. And I wanted to beat up Jung Il-woo's character. The noona love didn't do its trick on me - who can find a relationship between a teacher and a student romantic?! Not me!
latteholic says (8/10): I enjoyed it a lot. It was breezy, fun, witty, and it managed to hold my attention for the whole 16 episodes.
Nabi says (4/10): Full disclosure: I didn't finish this drama. I dropped it when I realized that Jung Il-Woo was the first male lead after all. He may have his good points, but his character in this drama did not.

Flowers For My Life (avg: 10)
latteholic says (10/10): A quirky, funny, and heartwarming drama set around a funeral home business. The unconventional main leads gives the drama a "fresh" feeling. Well-acted and touching without being too sappy (although there's no denying that I did clutch my Kleenex box like a floatation aid throughout the episodes). And.. Kim Ji-hoon was so FINE here..

Fugitive Plan B (avg: 5)
kakashi says (5/10): Watched for Rain, who was sexy as hell and loved the police duo. Otherwise, this drama is utterly forgettable.

Full House (avg: 7.75)
kakashi says (9/10): My very first KDrama. Couldn't watch it anymore even if I tried, but it turned me into what I am today - a Kraddict! I loooooooooved it at the time.
lafer says (8/10): One of my favorite OSTs. Far-fetched with some very annoying characters, but Rain and Song Hye Kyo are a must-watch, and the house is a personality all in itself. Some truly funny and touching moments. Definitely a classic.
latteholic says (8/10): The show made such a vivid and appealing impression that I forgot, ignored, or failed even to notice those elements that are too contrived. Song Hye-kyo and Rain are endearing together and it's very funny throughout.
bcook says (6/10): This was my first kdrama, before I even realized what kdramas were. I watched it again last year and while I love Rain and Song Hye-kyo's characters and acting...this could have been a 10 or 12 episode drama and probably would have been better for it.

Gaksital / Bridal Mask (avg: 9.25)
latteholic says (10/10): The show that trampled on my heart and left me bleeding on the floor with phobia of nails, and yet I keep coming back to it. Dark, twisted, intense, but carries a lot of heart in it as well. Brilliant acting from both male leads, lush cinematography, and stunning soundtracks. Has one of the perfect endings I've seen in TV shows.
Nabi says (8.5/10): My gateway KDrama!! Loved the setup, both for the story and the actual sets. Not quite genuine vintage costumes, but close enough. And I could watch Joo Won wink and say "Bingo" from beneath his retro pompadour all day. Sadly, Shunji's descent into psychopathy was a little too extreme for me, considering where he started from, and the OTP had waaaay better chemistry as enemies than they ever did as lovers.

Gap Dong (avg: 6)
kakashi says (6/10): Started promising, had some interesting parts, but was overall disappointing ... not tight enough.

Ghost / Phantom (avg: 7.75)
bcook says (9/10): So Ji Sub. Need I say more? How about So Ji Sub playing himself, then playing his friend playing himself? How about So Ji Sub pretending to play himself while solving cyber crime? You're welcome.
kakashi says (7/10): Great beginning ... but then got boring. 
Shuk says (8/10): The men brought me in for the watch but the story-line kept me watching each episode. Maybe it's the nerd in me that found the cybercrime side of things interesting, even if I'm not convinced of the realism. And I would have hoped for more Daniel Choi, but overall well worth the watch.
Nabi says (7/10): It's always hard to know when watching mysteries in a foreign language if any gaps, inconsistencies, and/or logic fails are due to sloppy writing or inaccurate/inadequate subtitles. Despite that (and 2 very tedious beginning episodes) this was one of the more successful efforts in the genre at keeping me interested and entertained for the bulk of the series.

Girl Who Sees Smells / Sensory Couple (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): MOST INEPT KDRAMA COPS EVER! And that's saying quite a lot. Also, SO MANY PLOT HOLES! Worst (?) of all, the final two episodes managed to resolve all the storylines in the most anti-climactic ways possible, and sloppily to boot. Still, it often was really quite cute...
kakashi says: cannot rate because I dropped it. 

Goddess of Marriage (avg: 6)
kakashi says (6/10): Oh damn, Kim Ji-hoon is SO GOOD in this one. Why did the script have to be so terrible?

Good Doctor (avg: 2)
kakashi says (2/10): Unwatchable for me - the pathos, the the script, even the acting. 

Goong / Princess Hours (avg: 7.75)
kakashi says (8/10): Not my first, but a very early KDrama for me. The story was good, the chemistry awesome, the heartache profound. It is a KDrama classic and should be on anybody's watch list.
lafer says (8/10): First dip into Korean culture (albeit a false one) so I found it, and the soundtrack, really interesting. Good chemistry between leads, touching fantasy story.
latteholic says (9/10): The first KDrama that turned me into a crazy shipper. Loved the premise, the setting, the plot, the soundtracks, and the cute and sizzling chemistry between the OTP. It draaaaged towards the end but the leads kept me there.
Nabi says (6/10): I think I would have really shipped this whole drama 20 years ago, but the high-school Cinderella story took itself way too seriously (and dragged on way too long) for my current tastes. On the other hand, I didn't hate it, and it's got Yoon Eun-Hye, Song Ji-Hyo, and Joo Ji-Hoon, all of whom I have quite liked elsewhere.

Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Unit (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): You know from the premise that "realism" isn't what this show is going for. So if you watch it anyway, you can't complain too much about its ridiculousness. Still, the production values could have been better, even for campy schlock, and the humor didn't need to be quite so lowbrow.

Gu Family Book (avg: 7)
Nabi says (7/10): Loved Bae Suzy's character, and adored Gumihot. I even liked almost everybody else, too! Maybe a little too much, in fact, since the story felt surprisingly lacking in tension. Also, the ending was a big letdown. Still, there are much worse ways to have spent 24 hours of my life!

Healer (avg: 8)
kakashi says (8/10): Overall very enjoyable drama, but I grew bored with it towards the end. I think the main problem for me was the hype around it.
Nabi says (8/10): Healer's writer really burned me with Faith, so in self-defense I read all the recaps before watching even the first episode, and perhaps that's what sucked so much of the tension out of my viewing experience. However, I still quite enjoyed it, and I especially loved all the natural physical interactions between the OTP. Also, even after 51 episodes of Empress Ki, Healer was the first time I started to see Ji Chang-Wook as a lot more than just a pretty face.

Heartstrings (avg: 8)
bcook says (8/10): 8 points for the sound track (it was awesome...I love CNBlue because of this drama), the underlying tension between traditional and modern and the adorable couple. Two points off for a very annoying time jump.

Heirs (avg: 3)
kakashi says (1/10): Or should I give a 0? I don't think I've ever hated anything more than this drama. A total waste of time!
bcook says (5/10): It was pretty incredible to watch. Never have I seen a cast of pretty good actors star in a pretty crappy drama. But there's good to be seen aka Kim Woo Bin. Watch for the bromance between Kim Tan and Choi Young Do, create a drinking game out for the PPL and the cute chemistry between Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal. PSH continues to make kissing look like it causes constipation.

Hi! School - Love On (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): Kim Sae-Ron was 13 years old when this drama started production, but I was willing to give her squicky love triangle with two 23-year-old idols a chance because I thought she did great things in Ahjussi, her Reaper-turned-human character in HSLO was technically ageless, and the first few episodes made me think they were going for fish-out-of-water hijinks with reluctant teen romance sprinkled on top. Instead, they hit True Love at record speed, then spent hours and hours manufacturing a series of weak, nonsensical obstacles for the OTP  to overcome. At its best, it was bland, sappy, and dumb, but at its worst it was downright awkward. 

High School King of Savvy (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): This dramaverse is populated almost entirely by "adults" who behave like children, and children who behave like...more children. In that context, it's really not all that hard to suspend your disbelief that a high school Junior (11th grade in the U.S. system) could infiltrate the management team of a major corporation and seduce his 27-year-old employee, but that doesn't make it any more palatable. Even worse, the requisite hijinks wore quite thin long before the weird, anticlimactic ending.

Hong Gil-Dong, the Hero (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): What. The. F#@k?! This drama is what finally convinced me the Hong Sisters may know how to create magical universes peopled by delightful characters, but they have no idea how to pace or resolve a story. Maybe they need a writing partner to help with that part? Oh, wait...

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (avg: 2)
kakashi says (2/10): Watched it for Park Shi-hoo and I don't remember a thing. Ah, yes, I do: Park Shi-hoo got the girl, even though he was second leadish. Well done, boy. That's before he revealed his true colors, the jerk.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me (avg: 4.5)
kakashi says (2/10): What a fascinating mess. Hyun Bin's "comeback"-drama that completely tanked has a terrible script, some terrible acting but a very cute Hyun Bin.
Shuk says (7/10): I actually liked this. Hyun Bin by far was the shining point of everything, but I was engrossed right up to the point where the bad guy is neutralized, way too far from the end.

I Do, I Do (avg: 5.33)
kakashi says (5/10): Very refreshing male lead (cute!). I adore Kim Sun-ah and I think she did a good job, overall, in portraying a career woman that is torn between said career and some choices involving a baby; but in the end, the drama underperformed.
lafer says (6/10): A role reversal drama with Kim Sun Ah breaking out of her usual frumpy girl role. I desperately wanted to like her in this, and it was close. Her gorgeous styling and shoes stole the show, but her hard edged character versus Lee Jung Woo's ever-loyal puppydog effervescence didn't quite jell for me.
latteholic says (5/10): The first episode was great but the plot takes its own sweet time to get going. I would have given it more points if I loved high heels.

I Miss You (avg: 5)
lafer says: (5/10): How could a drama so hyped be so forgettable? How could the constant barrage of tears by all characters leave me feeling so unmoved? It was pure perseverance that got me to the end, and when I got there I really couldn't have cared less.

I Need Romance 2012 (avg: 9)
lafer says (9/10): Yeah for cable romance dramas and the way they openly address intimate relationships. Loved the OTP, but also loved the female lead and second male lead together. Some didn't like the melo thread towards the end - it struck a cord with me and I found it totally believable. One of my favorites of 2012.

I Need Romance 3 (avg: 7)
bcook says (7/10):  I liked it. I thought there was real chemistry between Sung Joon and Kim So-Yeon. The story was interesting enough and the acting good enough to keep me watching... but not through the night. Sung Joon has an amazing voice.  A good watch for when there's nothing good currently airing.

I Summon You, Gold (avg: 1)
kakashi says (1/10): Do not go near it. Even if you love Yeon Jung-hoon to pieces (like me). DO NOT START. Rather: Read this.

Iljimae (avg: 8)
kakashi says (9/10): Park Shi-hoo and Lee Jun-ki in the same drama! Squeeeeeeee!! I really, really liked this drama, though it is substantially flawed. At the time I watched it, it delivered the right amount of pretty, romantic, action, and heartbreak for me. Couldn't watch it again, though.
Nabi says (7/10): This is a classic example of a drama with all the right parts that nonetheless added up to a less-than-compelling whole. I would have started with a lot more romance, because Iljimae ended up so isolated that it grew impossible for me to empathize with him, and more romance could have been a stronger connection for both Iljimae and the audience. Sigh. At least I still have my shirtless Park Shi-Hoo screenshots.

I'm Sorry, I Love You (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): There's a moment in Episode 2 of this drama that foreshadows its final 2 minutes quite literally, but I failed to pick up on it until it was too late to retrieve the intervening 15+ hours of my life. Not even So Ji-Sub and Baksa Adeul Jung Kyung-Ho could totally redeem this drama once it had been tarnished by that ending. Damn you, ISILY. Damn you to hell.

IRIS (avg: 2)
Nabi says (2/10): I watched IRIS so that I would be fully prepared for IRIS 2, which I wanted to see because I was convinced at the time that anything with Jang Hyuk in it had to be awesome. Worst. Decision. Ever. Not even Lee Byun-Hun could save this mess.

IRIS 2 (avg: 2.33)
kakashi says (2/10): And that's about it. This is a very, very, VERY bad drama. If you want to read more, read this.
Shuk says (3/10): I gave it an extra point for the mushroom cloud ending.
Nabi says (2/10): I really love Jang Hyuk, and I love action, too. I especially love Jang Hyuk doing action! And I still hated IRIS 2. I'm still at a loss to understand why it was so booooorrrriiiinnnnggg! Seriosly, the IRIS franchise nearly put me off KDrama for good. Avoid like the plague!

It's Okay, It's Love
 (avg: 9.5)
kakashi says (9.5/10): Loved it. Great script, great acting, very intriguing topic. I'm not even sure why I deducted half a point.

Jang Ok Jung: Live In Love (avg: 4)
Nabi says (4/10): Zero likable characters. Also, the tragic, 24-hour-long agony of two truly terrible chins in close proximity. Ah-In-ah, I love you dearly, but you may be the first and only man in the universe whom I prefer with straggly chin hair to without.

Jangbori is Here (avg: 5)
kakashi says (5/10): Objectively speaking, the drama is horrible. Makjang and all that stuff. But there is Kim Ji-hoon and I watched it and it was weirdly addicting.

Joseon Gunman (avg: 6.2)
Nabi says (6.5/10): Superficially, JG has a lot in common with The Princess' Man, including the director, so it looked and sounded very similar, especially at the beginning. However, JG had a different writer, and it made a huge difference, resulting in characters and plot devices that flirted with TPM's excitement and heartbreak, but ultimately fell far short.

Joseon X-Files (avg: 10)
kakashi says (10/10): One of the best dramas I have ever seen. If only more KDrama were like this. Intriguing, exciting, puzzling, fascinating, Kim Ji-hoon.
latteholic says (10/10): My first TvN drama!! It does an excellent job mixing period, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi. Horrifying and funny at times as well as absorbing and heart-wrenching at other. A Joseon crack!

Jung-Yi: Goddess of Fire (avg: 3)
Nabi says (3/10): I think I need to stop watching Moon Geun-Young dramas. I have literally never seen her play a character I liked. Maybe the characters I haven't seen weren't so loathsome? I shudder to contemplate finding out the hard way.

Kill Me, Heal Me (avg: 6)
kakashi says (6/10): I know many people absolutely loved this drama. Ji Sung was indeed phenomenal (well, as phenomenal as he could given the limited script), but the rest was not. Hwang Jung-Eum makes it almost impossible to watch for me. 
The King of Dramas (avg: 7)
kakashi says (8/10): Yay for the meta. I loved how this drama turned us all into KDrama experts. The leads were fabulous, the story towards the end less so (blindness trope, where did you come from???). I'll just pretend the ending didn't happen.
lafer says (7/10): King of Dramas was a fascinating look behind the scenes of drama making that almost took a little too long to get going. Parts of this were fabulous, parts proved uneven. Luckily, the leads all shined and really carried the drama over the rough parts.
latteholic says (8/10): A fun, fun drama and one that could easily earned more points if it wasn't for the ending. Loved the way it undercuts almost every serious moment with comedy, the meta, the slowly budding romance between the leads, and Siwon's vapid and vain character.
bcook says (5/10): Everybody loved it so I watched it. While the leads were amusing and Siwon proved that there's more to him than chocolate abs...It didn't excite me as much. I skipped some episodes.

Let’s go to School, Sang Doo! (avg: 7)
kakashi says (7/10): Watched this for Rain. An interesting mixture of funny and tragic. This is the drama that forever traumatized JoAnne.

Liar Game (avg: 9)
kakashi says (9/10): First (and last?) drama my husband watch with me. Extremely sexy Lee Sang-yoon. Thrilling and engaging and one of the better J-Dorama remakes of recent years.

Lie to Me (avg: 4)
kakashi says (3/10): Flat, too sweet, big waste of talent. Spectacular kisses and a radiant Kwan Ji-hwan, a waste of time otherwise.
lafer says (4/10): Biggest disappointment of 2011. Even the sizzling chemistry between Kwan Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye couldn't save it. Google the ice cream and cola kisses, forget the rest.
bcook says (4/10): I whole heartedly agree. Kwan Ji Hwan needed blotting paper for a couple of episodes (that was distracting). Loved cola kiss but that's mostly a function of YEH.
Nabi says (5/10): Lies as the foundation of a love story? Bad idea from the get-go. On the flip-side, Yoon Eun-Hye and Kang Ji-Hwan are both pretty awesome, so LTM ends up reasonably watchable, if fairly forgettable, except for a couple of memorably great kisses. Yay for kissing!

Love and Marriage (avg: 8)
kakashi says (8/10): Hmmmm .... Kim Ji-hoon. Kim Ji-hoon! In another lawyer role, and so so so delicious and cute. The female lead took some getting used to and the story started a bit slow, but if you like sweet romance, this is the drama for you.

Marriage, Not Dating (avg: 7)
Nabi says (7/10): A refreshingly realistic take on dating and sex. In other words, when couples in this drama date, it includes sex. Also, a surprisingly nuanced take on marriage for a KDrama, with multiple relationships in various states of blossoming and decay. More predictably, conflicts get set up much better than they get resolved, and the ending felt particularly rushed. But overall a really fun ride.

Mary Stayed Out All Night (avg: 4.33)
kakashi says (6/10): I must be among the 1% that didn't think this drama is the biggest mess ever. At least I don't remember being particularly puzzled or angry with it. I guess I was under a Sukkie-Moonie spell? Like the indie-music bit.
lafer says (3/10): I still have no idea why I finished this. Biggest mess ever. And with Sukkie's hair, I had a hard time telling who was the female lead. Haters will come flying, but I give this a 3/10.
bcook says (4/10): I watched this after You're beautiful so was looking for a Sukkie (really Sukkie? Jang Geun Suk) drama. The story wasn't as good and I detested Moon Geun Young's big wide eyes and blind adoration.

Mask (avg: 6.5)
Nabi says (6.5/10): The first 7 episodes were pretty crazy-awesome. But then Ju Ji-Hoon stopped taking his shirt off, the sister's character went from interesting to incoherent, Yeon Jeong-Hun's villain turned disappointingly toothless, and the writers just dropped a lot of their most intriguing story threads. To its credit, the love story was awfully cute.

Masked Prosecutor (avg: 5.5)
Nabi says (5.5/10): Aside from the weird music, I liked all the individual components. But pulled together as a whole it was just...dull. It should be a 5, really, but I gave it an extra half point for being a rare KDrama to show clear preference for public officials who maintain their professional integrity. Although the whole "prosecutor by day, masked vigilante by night" premise is actually fairly troubling...

Modern Farmer (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): The characters are ridiculous and their myriad antics outlandish. Plots were entertaining, but not very realistically played or carefully resolved. Despite all that, I found myself surprisingly invested in most of it!

Moon Lovers / Scarlet Heart Ryeo (avg: 6)
kakashi says (6/10): How is it possible to spend shitloads of money and preproduce everything and mess up that royally? Horrible camera, unbearable close-ups, messy - sorry, SHIT - editing and an ending that pissed off everyone and their dogs. However, Lee Jun-ki was mesmerizing, stellar, incredible. Don't ever mention "My Wolf" in front of JoAnne, unless you want to see her cry buckets.

My Beautiful Bride (avg: 9)
kakashi says (9.5/10): This brought me out of a very deep drama slump in light speed. One of the best KDramas I've ever seen because of the love of this writer to detail (meaning secondary characters) and because of Kim Moo-yeol. Wow. What a performance!
Nabi says (8.5/10): The first 10 episodes were brutally awesome. So awesome that I remained convinced up until the last few minutes of Episode 16 that the writer was about to pull something insanely genius out of his hat to make the last six episodes equally brilliant. Turns out, MBB had the same writer as Cruel City, which at least explains the disappointing ending. Still, the first 10 episodes were brutally awesome. And Kim Moo-Yul. Holy F#@k me.

My Daughter Seo-Yeong (avg: 7)
kakashi says (7/10): I watched this for Lee Sang-yoon (and I admit to doing a lot of fast forwarding), but as weekenders go (yes, it has 50 episodes!) this one delivered! Sure, some of the acting was terrible (younger brother) and nothing was overly original, but it gave me Pride&Prejudice vibes plus dimples.

My Girl (avg: 6.13)
kakashi says (6/10): The hair ... oh my god. Lee Jun-ki as second lead is a curiosity you might want to see, but otherwise, this is hard to stomach nowadays. It is, however, considered a classic.
latteholic says (8/10): Hilarious, cute, but got too angsty towards the end. Liked but did not love as I was content with waiting for each episode to be aired on TV.
bcook says (4/10): I cannot make it past episode 4. Even with Lee Dong-wook oppa
Nabi says (6.5/10): Similar to Lie to Me, this drama features a romance that blossoms from lies. But My Girl's lovers both go into it with their eyes wide open, and for me that made a big difference. This is also Lee Da-Hae's most charming role, Lee Dong-Wook's best hair (although, yes, Jun-Ki's hair is horrendous), and overall best-resolved Hong Sisters drama I've seen to date.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (avg: 7.75)
kakashi says (8/10): Enjoyed it a lot! Shin Min-ah is great. I just love her.
lafer says (9/10): This surprised me. Shin Min Ah's adorableness along with the touching story line pulled on my heart strings and didn't let go. Favorite Hong Sisters drama
latteholic says (8/10): An interesting take on the tale of Gumiho. Hilarious, and cute. The last two episodes was angsty and downright melo, but the ending was quite unpredictable and sweet.
Nabi says (6/10): Lee Seung-Gi has never been my idea of a dreamy romantic hero, but Shin Min-Ah rocks! And together they manage to weave a fairly charming love story. If only their biggest hurdle hadn't been resolved so stupidly at the end, this drama would have earned higher marks from me.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon (avg: 6.4)
kakashi says (7/10): Another KDrama classic. I would say this is a must watch for any KDrama addict, but do not expect too much. Liked the slightly unconventional heroine. Didn't like Hyun Bin.
lafer says (5/10): I will be unpopular here, but I found this story too unbelievable and Kim Sun Ah's character embarrassing to watch. Hyun Bin was adorable, though, and there were plenty of great moments later on. If only I could have bought into it.
latteholic says (7/10): I liked it because of Sam soon's adorably neurotic character who constantly gets herself into humiliating situations, but I was not fully behind the romance. Oh, and the cakes looked so yummylicious!
bcook says (7/10): mmm the cakes! And her telling Hyun Bin to go stuff himself. hehe. I liked that it was a little more sexy than most kdramas I'd watched (at that time). The ending was a bit unreal.
Nabi says (6/10): Does Hyun Bin ever play a truly likable character? If so, I haven't seen it yet, but this drama manages to be fairly charming in spite of that. It's nothing revelatory, and contains a number of unattractive implications about a woman's ultimate worth, but it's generally enjoyable nonetheless.

My Secret Hotel (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): Yoo In-Na's character in this drama was my favorite of all those I've seen her play so far, and it boasts a great soundtrack to boot. Unfortunately, nothing else about the production matched those two positives, and by the end even the good points had deflated and the mediocre points had pretty much imploded.

My Princess (avg: 7) [NOTE: did not count bcook's rating]
kakashi says (7/10): A Goon-variation with an absolutely gorgeous Song Seun-heon and some funny moments. Sweet fluff all the way, consumed easily, forgotten even easier.
lafer says (7/10): Lightweight love story, perfect for marathoning on a rainy afternoon and then forgetting.
latteholic says (7/10): Song Seung-hoon and Kim Tae hee shine in this sweet, forgettable rom-com. Sometimes charming, sometimes a tad too silly and all the time predictable.
bcook says (/10): I know I've watched it because Dramafever tells me so...but I don't remember much about it.

Myung Wol the Spy (avg: 2)
kakashi says (2/10): Watched for Eric Moon, hated it with a vengeance. Terrible drama.

Nail Shop Paris (avg: 6)
kakashi says (6/10): Oh, we had fun with this one! Watched it for mary, stayed for Rim.
Nabi says (6/10): While I am less convinced of this writer's genius or of Song Jae-Rim's sexiness than some others are, I did find it a quick and entertaining watch, not the least because it is totally and completely bonkers in every conceivable way.

Nice Guy (avg: 8.25)
kakashi says (9/10): What a cast! What great acting! What a stupid ending. But it helped me get over my fear of melos.
lafer says (9.5/10): It would have been worth it just to see Song Joong Ki all grown up, but this story pulled me in bigtime with its fast paced twists and turns and beautiful, talented actors. A perfect 10 was tarnished only by the ending, which I swear was written by a different writer. Still one of my favs for 2012.
latteholic says (7.5/10): Nice Guy suffers from excessive length and rushed ending, but it remains a well-acted, tightly-paced, and moving melodrama.
Nabi says (7/10): This drama is a melo. Hard core. By their nature, melos are hared to resolve well, and I certainly have issues with NG in that respect. But the leads are all gorgeous, and I also find Song Joong-Ki totally captivating, so if you have to watch 20 hours of human cruelty played out on your TV screen, there are worse ways to do it.

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (avg: 7.88)
kakashi says (8.5/10): You did it again, tvN! A surprising, exciting, thrilling dramas with some VERY nice kisses ... I deduct one point for some of the most terrible over-acting I've ever seen.
lafer says (8/10): Hooray for cable dramas, especially those starring Lee Jin Wook! This hooked me from the beginning with its fast, exciting pace, and interesting love story. I felt it could have been a few episodes shorter, though, as the end seemed to try too hard and ended up, for me, in a total state of confusion.
bcook says (7/10): I liked it...but I'm not quite sure why?
Nabi says (8/10): I won't pretend there weren't flaws in the time-travel logic, and the ending was particularly problematic in that regard. But Lee Jin-Wook was great as a smart, sexy time-traveler with a wounded heart and a generous soul. And yes, some excellent kisses. "Do you know the word I hate most in the world? Uncle." So hot. I'm still swooning.

Oh Hae Young Again (avg: 5.9)
MariDZ: I'll give it an 7.8 out of 10 love the actors, the director had this really good eye for colors and setting up the scenes. I love some of the characters. Yet I was never even 65% behind the two couples & at times wanted to punch walls because of them. But I watched it all!!!
JaeLiSsi: You get a 4!! You gave us one of the weakest female leads in drama hhistory and that's the only thing you have to be proud of. As if this weak, deranged, codependent woman wasn't enough of a slap in the face, you extended??

Oh My Ghost (avg: 8.25)
kakashi says (9/10): What a cute little drama. The OTP was stellar, the skinship abundant and the story not half bad. The only thing I could have done without was the murder mystery. 
Nabi says (7.5/10): I liked all the individual story components, and I loved the cast. But there were some fairly serious pacing/balance problems here that made some important developments feel rushed, and some parts of the plot seem over-emphasized for where they ended up.

One Thousandth Man (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): Cute. A little out there. Inoffensive, but largely forgettable. Seemed kind of low budget.

On the Way to the Airport (avg: 10)
kakashi says (10/10): I'm not watching many this year, but this is my favorite drama of 2016. Quiet, slow, highly emotional, and not a single cliché anywhere in sight, this is the story of a married man and a married woman who meet and fall in love, because they are simply made for each other. How far should we go for our happiness? Well, you can certainly watch this drama for starters.

Operation Proposal (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): A young guy's friend gets engaged, forcing him to realize he's about to lose the woman he secretly loves, so when a magic talisman that allows him to travel back in time falls into his lap, he spends the next __ episodes repeatedly trying to fix his past mistakes and win the girl. Emphasis on "repeatedly" and on the "young" in "young guy."

Orange Marmalade (avg: 7)
Nabi says (7/10): This show had a tendency to let a lot of important events and conversations happen off screen, and a huge penchant for jumping around in time. I think I still have whiplash. It also deviated quite a bit from the source material (or so I hear), so some fans were quite upset about that. But terrible pacing aside, the episode count was short (12), the style was mostly sweet and dreamy, and the cast was particularly appealing.

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (avg: 8)
Nabi says (8/10): The story is a little sloppy, and the drama a little overblown, but it also has some lovely whimsy and a solid, unchaste romance. And Jung Woo-Sung.  I love Jung Woo-Sung, and this drama is a big part of why.

Pasta (avg: 7)
kakashi says (7/10): One of the cutest couples in KDramaland. Made me hungry for pasta. In fact, I even started cooking pasta the way they cook it! (In the frying pan)
bcook says (7/10): First introduction to the Voice (Lee Sun Gyun) and (now that I looks at the cast list) several actors I'd see again. I have tried to cook the way they do but my wrists are too delicate Oo__oO. Started saying Chep.

Personal Taste (avg: 7.4)
kakashi says (8/10): My second Lee Min-ho drama after BoF. It is quite interesting how this guy makes me love him, when I watch one of his dramas. I even forgive him almost everything. I liked the ways this drama treated homosexuality and menstrual cramps.
latteholic says (7/10): Loved the premise and the chemistry between the leads. I found the first half funny and hilarious, while the latter half really dragged. And the second female lead frustrated me to high heaven!
bcook says (8/10): Lee Min-Ho was good in this one. Loved that it was more sexy, loved the chemistry. I had a good chuckle watching it. The amnesia storyline was a bit much but it was well played.
lafer says (6/10): Ok, I take back what I said about Faith. I did actually watch Lee Min Ho in this but have absolutely no recollection of him, so am guessing neither he nor the story impressed me much. I think there were some funny scenes in the beginning, but nothing to write home about.
Nabi says (8/10): I found the OTP somewhat mismatched, but the fake-gay-roommate titillating (even though I was uncomfortable with the drama's tendency to equate masculinity with heterosexuality) and the broad comedy endearing. Plus, there's that kiss, which tricked me into watching a lot more Lee Min-Ho dramas afterward, to my continual disappointment.

Pied Piper (avg: 10)
kakashi says (10/10): The perfect drama for me. Great acting, great script, meaning, no pointless romance, stuff for the brain. I love it so much I want to marry it.

Playful Kiss (avg: 4)
Nabi says (4/10): My raging teenage hormones have mostly long subsided, but even older-me has more fire than this drama's two high-school protagonists. PK was cute at times, but mostly just bland and awkward. Blech!

Prosecutor Princess (avg: 7.25)
kakashi says (9/10): My first Park Shi-hoo drama. When he first appeared on screen, I thought to myself "how can they cast a lead that looks like a frog?". Three episodes later, I was head over heels in love with him. Forever. The drama surprised me in a good way and even though it took me a long time to start liking the lead lady, I remember this very fondly.
lafer says (7/10): I watched this after first seeing Park Shi Hoo in A Princess' Man, and his character didn't disappoint. The female lead took a longer time to warm up to. All in all, an enjoyable but fairly forgetable love story.
latteholic says (8/10): Fly high! So fly high! Come to the skyyy! *sorry, just have to sing that whenever I read the title*. It reminded me of J-Drama Hero which I loved a lot. Loved the chemistry between the leads and I liked the way the plot unravels.
Nabi says (5/10): Another drama whose characters left me pining for an emotional connection that I never did feel. Instead, they delivered appalling displays of professional impropriety. What I thought were some good kiss scenes at the time haven't entirely stood the test of time, either.

Protect the Boss (avg: 8)
kakashi says (7/10): Liked it, but didn't love it. Too much standard cliche for me. The favorite role? The chaebol father.
lafer says (10/10): Another personal favorite. I loved everyone in the cast, from the grandmother down to the room mate. The chaebol father and his mandatory community service was a hoot. A perfect rom com - enough to make me overlook Ji Sung's perm.
bcook says (8/10): Liked it. Loved the dad, hated Ji Sung's perm, loved Jae Joong's character's need for bbcream (coz he's infront of the camera a lot). Good romp in kdrama land.
Nabi says (7/10): I loved the gender reversal of the rescue trope in this drama, even though the standard Chaebol/Cinderella cliche remained fully intact. Still, it's not like that's never been done before, so it really could have been executed better. Extra point for the heroine's awesome bestie/roomie.

Queen Inhyun’s Man (avg: 8.5)
kakashi says (8/10): Overall well done, and yay for a really smart first lead! Yes, the OTP was particularly lovely (I guess real love helps when it comes to acting), though I must admit to not overly liking the lead actress.
lafer says (8/10): One of the best time-traveler dramas, with an adorable OTP who had so much sizzling chemistry they became a couple in real life. Engaging storyline, but it was the OTP that kept you wanting more.
latteholic says (9/10): A slick fusion sageuk at first sight, but as the story unfolds, it's really a charming, witty, passionate romantic drama about a love transcending space and time.
Nabi says (9/10): Yay for kissy cable dramas! The heroine was overly dopey, but her romance with brainy-sexy Kim Boong-Do managed to be addictively delightful all the same. The ending cheated a little in terms of logic (okay, a lot), but it also had more kissing! Watch the even steamier director's cut of the final scene here if you aren't afraid of spoilers.

Queen of Reversals (avg: 9)
kakashi says (9/10): Started to watch for Park Shi-hoo and stayed for the drama. Quite a surprise and a drama I think about often. A very, very sweet love story.

Que, Sera, Sera (avg: 10)
kakashi says: I'll watch this one day. I promise, lafer!!!!
lafer says (10/10): A thoroughly engrossing story of 4 dysfunctional people who just can't stay out of each other's lives. Gritty and real right out of the gate. While not a big fan of any of the leads, the combination was perfect, and Eric rocked it as the cocky social climber inching towards redemption. This drama is at the top of my list (horrible fashion aside). Oh, and it had the BEST ENDING EVER in terms of the way it was written.

Records of  Night Watchman (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): Extremely kooky drama that tried to incorporate hard-core fantasy elements, including ghosts, monsters, and magic, into very real, recent history -- a device that always bothers me. But most disappointing was a heroine who started off interesting, only to grow progressively more insipid, and an equally bland "romance" that was supposed to be the key motivator for so much of the ridiculous action.

Return of Iljimae / Moon River (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): Dreamy, soft lighting, and Jung Il-Woo at his prettiest (and baby Lee Hyun-Woo!!). This drama was kind of like poetry onscreen, but then poetry has never really been my thing. Extra point for the copious, angst-free premarital sex!

Rooftop Prince (avg: 6.6)
kakashi says (7/10): The king and his entourage? Absolutely hilarious and so adorable. Unfortunately, this drama couldn't sustain the momentum and went weirdly makjang. The company storyline pretty much killed it all. And the ending was so, so sad ...
lafer says (6/10): The beginning was totally laugh out loud hilarious, the middle to ending forgettable.
latteholic says (6/10): Starts off as a hilarious fish-out-of-water comedy, but once it throws in a jolting, yet foreseeable-plot-devices that could have been borrowed from any classic makjang, it never regains its balance. A royal letdown.
bcook says (7/10): I liked it. The story was predictable but the characters personable and lovable. You were rooting for them the whole time. Love the power ranger warriors.
Nabi says (7/10): 1 point for each of the Joseon Power Rangers and their myriad ridiculous/adorable antics, and an extra point to Yoochun, who really committed to his goofy role 110%. 2 more points for a story that had a clear goal in sight and an ending that was neither rushed nor sloppy. Unfortunately, too much soul-sucking corporate intrigue in the middle.

Sassy Girl Chun-hyang (avg: 4)
kakashi says (4/10): This is another Kdrama classic and beloved by so many but I could never even start to like it. Both main characters just constantly pissed me off and especially Jae Hee's acting made me grit my teeth.

Scholar Who Walks the Night (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): Gorgeous costumes! I spent several weeks of RAWRs mostly raving about how stunning they were. And, as always, Lee Jun-Ki really gave it his all. But the rules of this dramaverse were a hot mess, and in my final RAWR on the subject I completely lost it.

Secret Garden (avg: 7.25)
kakashi says (7/10): Watched it ravenously at the time. Never understood why everybody liked Hyun Bin, though. What a despicable character. And so thin! The humor in this was well done, though, and I love myself a spunky heroine. And Oska? Gaaaaaah, how cute was he!
lafer says (8/10): I enjoyed this drama. The scenes where they exchanged bodies made up for some of the other flaws. Entertaining and sexy. You'll never think of sit-ups in the same way again.
latteholic says (7/10): A strong opening, bursting with wit and vigor, gives way to a frustrating second half. Could have been so much more. But the sit-up scene and milk-mustache-kiss undoubtedly fit comfortably within the pantheon of classic romantic KDrama scene.
Nabi says (7/10): The humor in the body-swapping scenes is low, but effective, and while Hyun Bin has never been my favorite, this is definitely my favorite of his roles (maybe because he spends so much time as a woman?).

Secret Love Affair (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): Very artistic camera work, but surprisingly little sekshiness, considering the title. Exactly one likable character among the core cast, and it's hard to sustain a whole drama on that, regardless of the quality of their performances.

She Was Pretty (avg: 6.5)
Nabi says (6.5/10): My first, and probably last, Hwang Jung-Eum drama. The OTP was refreshingly functional once the Truth was out, but from their initial, fraught crossed wires all the way through to their extended Happily Ever After, they were never terribly exciting for me. My highest marks for this drama go to the supporting characters, and especially Choi Shiwon and Go Joon-Hee, who really elevated this otherwise-mediocre Rom-Com into something that was often quite watchable.

Shine or Go Crazy (avg: 6.5)
kakashi says (7/10): Started out great, ended up disappointing. They bit of more than they could chew, but Jang Hyuk is phenomenal in it.
Nabi says (6/10): Jang Hyuk's emotional range in this drama swung a little too much between extremes for me, especially for 24 episodes, and the heroine started off spunky and interesting, but then fell completely flat and dull. Plus, a huge dodge of an ending, and terrible hair. Such a disappointment.

Shining Inheritance (avg: 7)
kakashi says (7/10): My first Lee Seung-gi drama, yummy. As this was the first time I was exposed to the classic rich-guy-super-jerk character, I was quite intrigued by it. Great taming of the male shrewd!
lafer says (7/10): I watched this after MGIAG to see more of Lee Seung Gi, and found it typical, but enjoyable, drama fare. Thank heavens LSG's kissing has improved since then!
latteholic says (7/10): First half feel-good, second half feel-bored.

Smile, Dong Hae (avg: 5)
kakashi says (5/10): Watched for Ji Chang-wook (though I admit to fast-forwarding through quite some bits). It's an enjoyable drama, though with many of the well known clichés. Liked the cooking-bits.

Special Affair’s Team TEN (avg: 10)
kakashi says (10/10): Violent and scary, a lead to hate (or pity?) ... but very good cast, very good script, intriguing end to Season 1. Yay for Season 2. I cannot wait.
bcook says (10/10): Thumbs up for gritty cop drama. Kdramaland should do more...Or maybe I should watch more?

Special Affair’s Team TEN 2 (avg: 8)
kakashi says (8/10): The double-episodes very AAAA+++, the rest a bit meh. I think they got a bit lazy, overall ... still, the team interactions were wonderful, the cast remains one of my favorite ensemble and I do hope there's going to be a Season 3!

Stars Falling From the Sky (avg: 8.5)
kakashi says (9/10): This is an admittedly high score for a fairly unsurprising rom-com ... But I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe because it is the first show I've marathoned into the wee hours in a long time and maybe because I skipped some of the evil-family part. The lead actress took some getting used to, but Kim Ji-hoon .... Kim Ji-hoon ... *le sigh*. And the kids. Adorable.
bcook says (8/10): I found the kids annoying after a while. Toilet jokes were hilarious (first time I can actually say that). Didn't realise the full power of Kim Ji-hoon when I watched this. Must have been the hair.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (avg: 8.25)
kakashi says (8/10): Loved the three guys, hated the woman. If only they had casted someone who can act! Good gender-bender sageuk overall, spectacular Song Joon-ki, super sexy Yoo Ah-in, adorable Yoochun. Probably a good KDrama entry drug, if you're out to convert somebody.
lafer says: (7/10): My first sageuk and introduction to the Joseon era, which I found altogether fascinating. The storyline kept me watching and the guys were cute (even then I was all about Song Joong Ki), but I, for one, would never have believed the female lead was a guy and found that distracting. Worth the watch, though.
latteholic says (9/10): My worst second-lead syndrome to date! It’s addicting to watch the off-the-chart chemistry from the four main leads as Jal-Geum Quartet, especially the bromance shared between Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in. I also think it managed to find comfortable ground between comedy and social commentary, but the ending felt so rushed and a bit confusing.
Nabi says (9/10): I love SKKS with a passion that knows no limits, but even I must admit that it has its flaws. In particular, the whole Geumdeungjisa mystery was pretty lame, and very badly resolved. But the awesome Jalgeum Quartet and their interactions more than made up for that in my book. Plus, I was fully onboard the OTP ship (even while falling head-over-heels for Moon Jae-Shin and Gu Young-Ha too), and was very happy with the epilogue.

Surplus Princess (avg: 2)
kakashi says (2/10): Hated it with a vengeance. The story is just so stupid. Because tvn did not like its own drama, they cut it short - and even though that's exactly what most dramas would need (10 and not 16 or 20 episodes), this one never found its footing because of it.

Sword and Flower / Blade and Petal (avg: 3)
Nabi says (3/10): One point for Uhm Tae-Woong. One point for Kim Ok-Vin. One point for the pretty photography and production design. And that is all.

Take Care of the Young Lady (avg: 4)
Nabi says (4/10): Hulu claims I watched all 16 episodes of this a couple years ago, and from the screenshots I vaguely recall a story about Oska from Secret Garden as Yoon Eun-Hye's butler? Damned if I could tell you any more than that. I'm not even sure it's fair to rate under those circumstances...

Taming of the Heir (avg: 4)
Nabi says (4/10): Another one Hulu claims I watched a couple years ago. Holy forgettable, Batman!
kakashi says: I have no clue what this is, is it a sequel to Heirs? 

Tamra The Island (avg: 10)
latteholic says (10/10): I lost count on how many times I dropped this drama after watching the first few minutes, but once I got passed it, the story just pulled me in. It's an endearing, fun, and heartwarming tale about setting off on an adventure to find your dream only to realize that it has always been there in front of you all along. Oh, and Team Park Kyu! :)

That Winter, The Wind Blows (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): So disturbing. And not in a good way. Don't be fooled by the promising beginning -- because it lies! Yes, I'm still bitter.

The Greatest Love (avg: 7.67)
kakashi says (10/10): I love Cha Seung-won and Kong Hyo-jin and I devoured this drama without even blinking. I would marry Dokko Jin if I could. Well, I would probably divorce him after about half a year, but man! This guy rocked my world.
lafer says (5/10): After some really funny beginning episodes, Dokko Jin wore thin on me and I never warmed up to the lead girl with the drippy clothes and personality. The storyline kept me watching but I wondered why at the end. You were either on the Best Love train or off it, and I could have passed on this trip.
bcook says (8/10): It took a while for me to get into this drama but once I did it was totally worth it. The chemistry between the two leads is quiet but visible. The last episodes have you alternating between sorrow, angst and warm gooeyness. Cha Seung Won's laugh takes some getting used to but soon you're laughing along.

The Master's Sun (avg: 9)
kakashi says (9/10): I thoroughly enjoyed this drama! Granted, I do not remember all the details (cause the Hong Sister dramas tend to be so full of fluff it makes yor go soft in the head), but it left me with a very good overall feeling. 
bcook says (9/10): I thought it was adorable and sexy. So Ji Sub is one of my favorites. The word play and self-awareness via meta references tickled me pink (yes I'm using that phrase). Kong Hyo-jin has chemistry with everybody she stars with so I'm shipping her and SoJiSub pretty hard. Hyorin's theme song is just...*thumbs up*. This is on my watch again list.
Shuk says (9/10): Loved it. Loved SJS's exposed ankles.  Loved his puzzled looks when KHJ did something outside his comfort zone. And I want to pull him ontop of me like a warm chaebol blanket.

The Moon That Embraces The Sun (avg: 7.17)
lafer says (5.5/10): I am still perplexed as to why this was one of SK's highest rated dramas. Yes, the first 6 episodes with the child actors was amazing, but when the adults came on the scene it started to go nowhere fast. Or should I say nowhere sloooooowly.
latteholic (7/10): I enjoyed it when I watched it although I felt like there's not so much plot in this. I hated the way the show was trying to solve the [future] political intrigues!
Nabi says (9/10): I bawled for two weeks after I saw this the first time, and when I rewatched it a few months ago it stood up even better than I had expected! The heroine can be frustratingly passive, and king is a bit of an ass-hat, but I still found the story totally addictive and compelling, even the second time through.

The Princess’ Man
 (avg: 10)
kakashi says (10/10): One of my Top 5 dramas of all times. It combined everything that I want from a good drama: pretty men, hair, intrigue, gripping action, tears, love, hate, a good ending.
lafer says (10/10): If I had to pick one sageuk, this would be it. Well paced, great writing and acting, and Park Shi Hoo's mane of glory, all in one semi-historically accurate love story.
latteholic says (10/10): Great acting and directing, it's one of the best epics that combines history, drama, and romance. Full of riveting twist and turns of plot, enhanced with well-placed musical score.
Nabi says (10/10): Epic and addicting! Lots of evil cackling from the bad guys and some time progression inconsistencies, but that's so standard in KDrama. I give TPM full marks for its gorgeous production design, photography, and music, plus two strong, passionate lovers at the center of a sweeping and believable love story, a compelling conspiracy, and a beautifully executed secondary romance.

The Time We Were Not In Love (avg: 4)
Nabi says (4/10): One star for each of the first four episodes, and that is all.

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (avg: 7)
lafer says (7/10): I would have given this a higher score but found something about the female lead unappealing (maybe those bangs?) Bummie was adorable, though, even if I didn't actually find the relationship believable.
bcook says (8/10): This drama was delightful. Sadly I can't remember much of what happened (hence the 8/10) maybe this means I should watch it again?!
Nabi says (6/10): Kim Bu-Ki rocks! Other than that, this drama is nothing revelatory, but fairly solid. Would have earned a higher rating if its 30-something noona hadn't spent the whole drama acting like a scared virgin and/or if Kim Bum's character hadn't had such a questionable personality and terrible hair.

Three Days (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): The suspense was blunted by a villain so loony that he stretched vastly overstepped the bounds of credulity. Also, Yoochun's emotionally restrained acting style is a lot less entertaining when he doesn't have an assertive romantic foil to play against. Overall, surprisingly dull for a suspense thriller, but not a complete waste of time.

Time Between Dog and Wolf (avg: 8.75)
kakashi says (10/10): Excellent drama if you like revenge stories and action/spy stuff. Also used the amnesia trope in a good, creative way. No character was wasted, excellent writing, very good directing.
Nabi says (7.5/10): Much better than City Hunter, which had similar revenge themes, plus early vintage Lee Jun-Ki and Jung Kyung-Ho.

To The Beautiful You (avg: 7.5)
Nabi says (7.5/10): Yes, TTBY had a lot of flaws, but gosh was it pretty! Plus, it featured the delightful Lee Hyun-Woo. Take my advice: turn off your brain and turn on TTBY. It's totally worth it.

Trot Lovers (avg: 6)
Nabi says (6/10): Quirky, endearing characters, semi-regular trot montages, and a surprisingly unprudish take on Korean life in general and women's sexuality in particular. Plus, Jung Eun-Ji really shines! Sadly, an unwelcome reliance on wildly improbable plot twists and several of dramaland's most hackneyed melo clichés made what I thought would be a breezy rom-com drag quite badly in the middle, which then segued into a rushed and very sloppy ending. Also, so much PPL!

Twelve Men in a Year (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): What could go wrong with a mindless parade of 12 beautiful Korean men? As it turns out, a lot. TMiaY was varyingly dull, cringe-inducing, and downright offensive. I would love to see this drama remade properly, but as it is I can't recommend it much.

Two Weeks (avg: 7)
kakashi says (6/10):  For reasons not entirely clear to me, this drama made me fall asleep EVERY single time I watched an episode. There is nothing wrong with it, really. It's just ... well, one of those fugitive dramas. Sorry, Joongi.
Nabi says (8/10): Lots of running, lots of hiding, lots of crying. Plenty of suspense, and cute-cute, too. For me, it was a great ride.

Unkind Women (avg: 4)
kakashi says (4/10): A weekend drama that somehow ended up mid-week. Cliched script, flat acting, boring. Yes, there's Rim. But it's not worth watching even for him.

Vampire Prosecutor (avg: 8.75)
kakashi says (10/10): Loved it. Everything about it was gorgeous. Here's a very good review.
bcook says (8/10): Blooody! OMG so bloody. But the stories are good. The overarch is believable. I'm in love with a vampire. There I said it. Yeon Jung Hoon can drink my blood any day. I took two points off for the blood.
Shuk says (9/10): Loved our Sidekick Bromance, and the stories kept me interested and waiting for the next episode to be subbed.
Nabi says (8/10): Sleek, stylish, and super sexy, without trying too hard to be any of those things. Easily the best-executed murder-of-the-week KDrama I have ever seen. Plus, a rockin' female lead, a super-hot, blue-eyed Yeon Jeong-Hun, an awesome bromance, and a deliciously simmering romantic subplot.

Vampire Prosecutor 2 (avg: 7.83)
kakashi says (9/10): Also loved it. Great sequel, good development of characters and story. I deduct one point because the second time, it was less surprising.
bcook says (8/10): I'm still in love. Only now I wish the gangsters would stop killing each other in such bloody ways. Scary bad guy is super scary.
Nabi says (6.5/10): Still sleek and stylish, but now with a sexed-up, underused female lead who is still supposed to be a credible and professional police detective. Her transformation was emblematic of all the changes-for-the-worse in this season. Still not terrible, but a significant step down.

Warrior Beak Dong Soo
 (avg: 9)
kakashi says (9/10): This drama has it flaws, but the various bromances are spectacular. If you fast-forward the slow bits (and the romance), this is an incredibly moving, gripping sageuk.

What's Up (avg: 9)
latteholic says (9/10): Well-acted with riveting plot and great musical performance [so smad there's no official OST!]. I was invested in [almost] every character and eventhough it's not a romance drama, the love story actually made my heart ache with joy and sadness. I deduct one point for the ending which felt like it's left [too] open.
bcook says (9/10): Second. I love this show because it introduced me to Daesang. My other, other love from BigBang. (basically everybody except GD).

What’s Up Fox (avg: 5.75)
kakashi says (3/10): A noona romance classic... which didn't work for me at all. She knew him as a toddler and then there's romance and sex and stuff? Gross.
bcook says (7/10): This was actually kinda cute. It takes some getting used to but the male lead was...kinda dynamic. His love for her makes him really vulnerable which I love.
Shuk says (8/10): I really liked the interaction between our leads, and he was a hot piece of work. Nevertheless, the ending fell flat for me, especially given the amount of clothes he wore to bed.
Nabi says (5/10): As a shameless noona myself, I'm generally in favor of noona romances, but his one was a little icky, even for me. Also its "But you're a kid to me!"/"But I love you!" conflict was a bit repetitive.

When A Man Loves (avg: 5)
kakashi says (4/10): What a mess. But highly entertaining. Especially when Squeecapping. Song Seung Heon is giving the performance of his life, and was actually quite good in it!
Shuk says (6/10): Just for the sparkling abs alone. And the expressions when he ate spicy food.

Who Are You? (2008) (avg: 5)
Nabi says (5/10): Super-squicky "rom-com" in which a 20-year-old girl falls in love with a 31-year-old man while he's being temporarily but repeatedly possessed by the ghost of her wacky, suffocatingly loving father (who also uses his host's body to woo his own girlfriend from beyond the grave). But the real problem was the final third or so, which abandons most of the first 2/3's internal logic and also devolves into a bland, sloppy, sob-fest. The only thing I really liked was Yoon Kye-Sang's performance.

Why Did You Come to My House (avg: 5)
kakashi says (5/10): An early Kim Ji-hoon drama (and that's why I watched it). He is cute and gorgeous. The drama is aboslutely nothing special and I only advise it for die-hard Kim Ji-hoon fans.

Wild Romance (avg: 6.5)
kakashi says (7/10): I had no expectations at all when going in and was pleasantly surprised. However, I don't remember a thing about it. I guess it's not very memorable! lol.
bcook says (6/10): It took me a while to get into this drama but Lee Dong Wook kept me coming back.

Winter Sonata (avg: 9)
Shuk says (9/10): The Makjaeng That Started It All. While this wasn't the first SK drama I watched, at the time, it made the biggest impression, and is one of the reasons I still watch them, some 5+ years later. It has all the elements that are almost iconic in the drama world: Trucks of Doom, amnesia, birth secret, multi-generational intrigue, pretty but jealous girlfriends, lots of tears and sighs, and that one perfect moment about 2 minutes from the credits at the end of the final episode. Nowadays it's seems quaint and old-fashioned, but nevertheless deserves a big place in our hearts.

Witch's Romance (avg: 5.5)
kakashi says (5/10): There were things I loved about this drama (mainly the leads) and things that made me scream (mainly the script in the 2nd half).
Nabi says (6/10): This was basically a remake of The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, but with a feistier heroine and a much more likable hero. Along the way we lost Bu-Ki, but gained Cutie-Soo, and the end result was more enjoyable overall, but suffered badly from a weak final act.

You Who Came From the Stars (avg: 6)
kakashi says (7/10): The 2013/14 hype (sorry, hit) drama that I never really got into. If anything, watch this for Jun Ji-hyun - what a star.
Nabi says (5/10): Honestly, I never felt the chemistry in this romance. Worse, Kim Soo-Hyun's character was surprisingly idiotic for someone who was supposed to be so brilliant, and Jun Ji-Hyun's character was first vain and ditzy, then gratingly serene after being "transformed" by her love. This drama is also a member of the sloppy-rushed-illogical ending club, of which dramaland had more than its fill already.

You're Beautiful (avg: 8.2)
kakashi says (10/10): My first Jan Geun-suk drama. I loved it! One of the best rom-coms in my book, because it gets the right mix between the romantic and the comedy throughout.
lafer says (9/10): One of my favorite comedies, hilariously over the top. The actors nailed their roles, and the laughs were abundant (in spite of some crazy melo storyline that popped up for a bit). This was my first introduction to Jang Gen Suk and the idol world.
latteholic (8/10): Familiar trope but enjoyable. It fits comfortably within the above-average gender-bender comedies. Just like other Hong Sister's drama, it got angsty towards the end.
bcook says (8/10): It was really cute and funny. Park Shin-Hye was cute and a good actress. Jang Geun-Suk was amusing, Jang Yong-Hwa was sweet but needed seasoning, and Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) was adorable. I would have cut it to 14 episodes.
Nabi says (6/10): So laughably bad I almost didn't make it through. Then around the halfway point I started to suspect that the drama was in on its own joke far more than I'd given it credit for, and a few episodes after that revelation I started to genuinely enjoy it. It's still my least favorite cross-dressing KDrama ever, and my worst case of Second Lead Syndrome in any drama I actually finished. Sorry, sensei!