Day 17

Watching an episode of Supernatural in which the sound is not in sync with the video and I hate it. And I hate that blond thing named 'Jo' (<-- that's the woman over there). The www informs me that I am not the only one (at the time of airing of this episode, which was in 2006, at least 10 Mio. women disapproved of her - leave Dean alone, you skinny little thing!). I am also informed that she dies in Season 5 Episode 10, that is last November.

Other main characters that are killed in series:
- Robin of Sherwood (--> that's him with Lady Marianne over there). Just terrible! stupid, stupid Michael Praed who thought he could become more famous elsewhere and probably ruined not only his career but also one of the best TV shows every made. (because in came Jason Connery, who should have left acting to his dad).
- Michael Scofield from Prison Break. But only at the end. Didn't bother me at all.
- Kara Thrace in Battlestar Galactica. No, wait, she comes back a couple of episodes later as an angel or something, doesn't count.
- Kenneth „Kenny“ McCormick in Southpark. Regularly killed, until he dies for real. What a postmodern moment. Zizek could write a whole book about it.

So, anyway. I am grateful for something really profane today: about finding and buying three pairs of beautiful shoes.