Rainy Days

It pains me to say this, but Headbanging Susie has been kidnapped. By pirates. On her way to Stockholm. They demand a ransom that is just beyond anything I could ever own so she has to hang in there, maybe forever. I hope they treat her well.

While I wait for her, I keep watching Korean TV shows. I have seen approximately 400hrs of it already and I just get in deeper and deeper.

It all started with Ninja Assassin and Bi / , whom I fell in love with after about 15 minutes. In my quest for more of Bi I stumbled upon "Full House", a Korean TV show with legendary status. It has 16 episodes and each episode runs for a full hour. 16 hrs later I was craving for more. I stumbled upon http://www.mysoju.com/, which is a piece of heaven, I'm not kidding. I watch "A Love to Kill" and "Let's go to school Sang Doo!". By that time, my passive Korean was almost impeccable. I am not entirely sure why I watched "Personal Preference" next, but know exactly why "Boys before Flowers" followed, it's because Lee Min Ho is probably just as cute as Bi. Unfortunately, he has not starred in anything recent so I turned to Mysoju's Top Ranking List and watched "You're Beautiful" next, then "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" before starting "Shining Inheritance", where I am at 20 of 28 episodes right now. It's very dramatic so I really want to continue watching.

One of these days I will analyze what it is that draws me to Korean drama, but not today. I want to see how the evil step-mother gets punished and the rich arrogant son falls in love with the poor but very nice girl and changes in the process to a warm-hearted good person.
Ah. Life is beautiful.