Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 8, Part I: Jin Rak)

Why cannot more shows be as good as this one?

Oh, how my poor heart aches for this gorgeous second lead ... with his pathetic, epic #fail moments! I seriously felt like crying in this episode. To see him so sweetly and stupidly in love, but messing it up each and every time ... it seems so, so unfair! This post is dedicated to poor Jin-rak. Enrique pictures will be posted tomorrow. I hope you are luckier next time you fall in love, Jin-rak dearest ... (is it a bit obvious I have a HUGE crush on this man?!)

- by the way: I don't mind you re-using these gifs in any context you want to; but you may consider crediting me for them. Cause Google image search knows anyways who did them. hahaaaaaa! - 
My baby Oh Jin-rak being sad ...
My baby Oh Jin-rak being determined ...
#FAIL! (Learn: always switch off you phone when stalking people)
The Webtoon Editor. She is awesome. And looks as if she won a beauty contest in this picture ^^
My baby being annoyed by the annoying puppy
My baby Jin-rak shouting. Wanna come to anger management classes?
My baby Jin-rak being sweet ...
My baby Jin-rak being smart ...