Who Are You - Episode 7 (A SqueeCap)

So her memories are back...or are they?  Is her shock knowing he's an officer that died?  Or knowing he is her lover that was murdered?
bcook: Don't think she remembers that he's her lover. But she probably senses the connection.
Also watching the show is more fun with viki comments on.  FYI
Shuk: pfui.

EPISODE SEVEN               

Shuk:  Shi-on closes her eyes for a moment, and Ghost Oppa disappears.  She is still in shock over her memories, and just stands there, numb.
bcook: Ooooh! *sigh* the one tear. He's not at LSG level but he's a good crier. The eyes go red, the water wells... *practicing*
Shuk:  A now-calm Team Leader Yang shows up at the Director’s office.  They exchange pleasantries, until she gets to the point of the visit.  She wants to see the Y6I files, even though they have been sealed.  She wants to see the case that stole six years of her life.  The Director says it’s impossible; they were sealed by the Prosecutor's Office.
bcook: Why? so suspicious. This story is actually getting a little interesting. Maybe coz there aren't any random ghosts showing up?
Shuk:  Shi-on thinks about the ghosts that have sought her out, and realizes the commonality: she has touched something belonging to them.  She feverishly starts searching through the property in storage, trying to find what triggered her visions of Ghost Oppa.  She passes over the puzzlebox as I blow an exasperated breath.  She makes a phone call to request a list of all items that have been found at Incheon Harbor or have ties to the wharf.
bcook: Ya! Shi-on. The box! the box! Sure sign that you're getting your memory back is to start investigating....bad guys are going to start coming out of the woodwork.
Shuk:  She goes through her old day planner, and finds a name and decides to do some investigating on her own.  On her way out the door she bumps into Cha Gun-woo, late from leaving Detective Choi’s office. She assumes he’s trying to get back on the Investigation Squad, and teases him for his diligence.
bcook: I don't get it. He knows you see ghosts...why not tell him about the rest of it? This need to keep information from THE WRONG people is prob what got the fiance shot in the first place. *face palm*

Shuk:  Shi-on meets up with an older man,  looking for another individual.  It appears it had been several months since they had talked.

Shuk:  HE SPEAKS!!  Our resident psychic gets a visit from hottie Ghost Oppa, who tells her the license plate of the killer’s car.  She is the only person who can hear him.  It’s never happened to her before, but she hides it well, and tells him there must be a payment made to keep the balance between the living and the dead.  Hey, Whoopie never asked for anything!
bcook: Hehe for Ghost reference. Resident psychic is so mercenary. What are these rules of which she speaks? Looks like she's making this stuff up. Writer-nim solved the "how will he contact her" problem. Chuk-ha-yo!
Shuk:  Sung-chan pulls Gun-woo aside to ask some advice. If there are beings you can’t see, and a woman can talk to them…Sung-chan stops, and hurries out of the office, leaving behind a bemused Gun-woo who wonders if their Team Leader told him about her ghost-seeing abilities.  I hope he doesn't say anything out loud.
bcook: I hope the level of mis-understanding here doesn't reach Master's Sun levels. This isn't that kind of show.
Shuk:  Shi-on tells the older man the story of her six-year amnesia.  He sympathizes, but the person she is looking for, named Woo-chul, doesn’t ever  meet with anyone.  He promises to give him a message from her, though.   And almost immediately after she leaves (and I soo wish she had to return to use the bathroom or something), a sick and shaking Woo-chul comes out of the back room.   The two men sit for soju, and Woo-chul keeps mum about Y6I.
bcook: It was so obvi older man is lying. I wonder what Woo-Chul is hiding and if it has anything to do with Detective Choi.
Shuk: It’s a sunny day outside the precinct, and Hee-bin is strolling along, chattering to a grim but gorgeous ghostie.   She tells him she actually know Shi-on unni, just as the person in question shows up. He quickly ghosts away behind some shrubbery as the two girls go for a snack.  Oh, those longing looks kill me.
bcook: Look at me *checks his age* oppa! Look at me! 
Shuk:  Gun-woo decides to have a man-to-man with our sighing clubfly, and the two of them go outside. Sung-chan explains this beautiful girl he met at a club, and Detective Ears realizes it’s not Team Leader Yang, and his relief makes him happy.  He gives the younger man advice:  Who cares what she is, if you like her?  He leaves, and Sung-chan muses that it was very mature advice.
bcook: Yes! Who cares! The one positive message in this show so far. Also, what's with the random camera changes? Face to face then pan down from the tree?? Somebody needs to go back to director school.
Shuk: PPL!!  The two girls share a snowball pastry as Hee-bin broaches the subject of the license plate.   She tells the officer that the car hit her storeboard and ran off.  Shi-on won’t do anything non-police related, but the psychic drops the paper with the plate number and all but runs out the store.
bcook: So confused. She knows Shi-on sees dead people right? So why not just say oh a dead guy said you should take a look at this plate. Why the mystery? Writer-nim just needs material for episode 8?
Shuk:  At the precinct, a Traffic Control buddy hands Gun-woo a USB.  He plugs it in; its surveillance footage from somewhere.
bcook: Pretty USB! He's looking for the baddie's car from the mountain attack. Gun-Woo is actually kinda smart. Dunno why TC is playing him with that wide-eyed vacant look. Oh wait. That's just his acting face. 

Shuk:  Our sick hermit is coughing up blood, and he decides to activate his conscience and grow a pair, and collects some items to meet “that friend”.  Ooh, he has Ghost Oppa’s police credentials.  As he is leaving he tells his friend he has to come clean before he dies.  The BGM tells me otherwise, mister.  Did you write anything down? Just in case?
bcook: BGM? Totally agree with you. Life Lesson: When you know something bad, make a record of it and put it away somewhere. Make several records...in different languages. So that when you die in a 'mysterious/freak accident' it'll come out.
Shuk:  Shi-on gets the call, and bolts out of the office.  Gun-woo follows her, and drives her to the rendezvous site.   For some reason, they stand on either side of a crosswalk, staring at each other.  Shall we all chant the upcoming trope together?? Yep, it's the TRUCK OF DOOM, or in this case, the black Hyundai of Doom.
bcook: It was either that or the stranger bump followed by sudden death. I guess writer-nim doesn't want to be subtle. 

Shuk:  She lunges for the older man, Gun-woo lunges for her, and the only impact is our informant, dammit. The guy behind the wheel is our resident Murder Attempter .  He stops long enough for Ears to call 112 with the license plate, then takes off.  Shi-on is sobbing wildly over the unmoving body, in hysterics, as Gun-woo watches.
bcook: License plate is a Mcguffin. and the mystery continues.  

Shuk:  The man is alive, unconscious, with an oxygen mask AND an oxygen tent.  Okay, no time for a rant about medical portrayals as Shi-on asks the 24,000-won question, will he be alright? Doc gives the usual platitudes, and Gun-woo drives her home.  We find out that Woo-chul was the first officer at the Y6I scene. Hmm, bad guy hiding?  Or good guy bought with hush money?  And will we ever know?
bcook: Nope. Failed murder attempt = try another day....or coma. All the comments on Viki agree with me. *sigh* so predictable.
Shuk: Team Leader Yang sees a trickle of blood on Gun-woo’s temple, and immediately hustles him off for some TLC and a few dabs of a cotton swab.  Typical noona/donsaeng interaction, or maybe whiny boy and nurse, but at least he doesn't stare at her chest like Daniel Choi in Baby-faced Beauty.  She slaps the bandage on, and he breaks the awkwardness by complaining that the house is outdated with poor security.  She replies that the unchanging environment calms her and helps her remember the past.
bcook: Another failed attempt to build tension and show chemistry. If GW were a chaebol the next scene would be him presenting her with a newly renovated house. She'd get angry and maybe slap him. He'd be confused and not understand what he'd done. Then they'd both go off (to separate places) to drink their confusion away. (I think I would like that story better).

Shuk: Our tented hospital guy is left alone with many machines that go “ping”.  Choi’s Reaper stops by and removes the oxygen mask.  The retired officer squeaks once before Reaper pinches his nose and finishes what little life the car didn't take.   Flatline.
bcook: A pillow would have been more dramatic. But this does the job. 

Shuk:   Shi-on is there when they cover him with a sheet, and she begins to cry just when Gun-woo gets there.  When they get back to the precinct, she starts throwing her investigation notes on the incinerator fire.  He tries to stop her but all she can think about is that a man died because of her. She falls the ground, defeated. Cha reaches out to touch her but refrains as her notes turn to ash.
bcook: Erm stupid move. What kind of cop is she anyways? Yeah feel the guilt but destroying your notes? Stupid much? 
Shuk:  Sung-chan is finishing up his work with the two drag themselves in.  He cheerily hands Team Leader Yang an envelope that someone dropped off.  Before she can open it, Gun-woo sees the pyschic’s sticky note on her desk and exclaims that the license plate matches the one belonging to the guy that tried to snuff her on the mountain.  How does he know that?  The jump drive given to him by his traffic chingu contain the traffic cam footage for the roads around the mountain, and he had been pouring over it to find the guy.
bcook: I'll say again. GW is pretty smart. Makes me even more curious to find out what he did to get kicked out of the special investigation team.
Shuk:  She’s surprised at the link, and barely hears that the plates were fake before she grabs her bag and walks out, leaving a worried Detective Cha behind.
bcook: Somebody's in trouble! 
Shuk:  She confronts Hee-bin, who is a poor bluffer but still manages to convince her that she would never lie to a police officer.  Shi-on storms back out, and Hee-bin takes a deep breath as Ghost Oppa reappears.   She mutters that no good can come from a ghost you meet at the police.  LOL.  She puts two and two together, and asks him if he knew something would happen.  So does he resent Shi-on unni and is planning revenge?
bcook: You shoulda asked that question before. I guess she was swayed by his pretty face...I would be too. 
Shuk:  He finally answers: that woman is the one he loves.
bcook: aww 
"I love her"
Shuk:  If only Cha’s mouth was in indirect proportion to his ears. Our blabbermouth is spilling everything to Detective Choi, who, under the guise of actually caring, is learning all kinds of stuff.  Shut up, Ears!!   Too late, he learns about the car registration, the dead guy was a former officer involved in Y6I, etc. etc.  A tiny bit of good news; he also told him Team Leader Yang’s memories are still locked up.  Gun-woo wonders why the Y6I is so tightly sealed.
bcook: Say it with me POLICE CONSPIRACY!

Shuk:  At her house, finds her gate unlocked and her door ajar.  Grabbing a nearby broom, she comes in a-swinging…..Only to find her sidekick shielding himself from her blows.  He had installed external and internal CCTV in her home.  Yeah, buddy, you might want to check with the homeowner first.
bcook: How was he going to explain that if she hadn't show up? Also when you sneak into somebody's house shouldn't you close the door after you? What if she'd had a nosy neighbour?
Shuk:  She tells him to stop worrying about her, but from his point of view, someone has tried to kill her twice. She doesn't want him involved and in danger, but he quietly promises not to die and leaves the house. Outside, he wonders why she can’t say “Thank you.”
bcook: Dunno GW. I wonder the same thing then decided *singing and dancing* "I don't care eh eh eh eh eh. I don't care eh eh eh eh eh"

Shuk:  Looking at him walking away from her brand new CCTV, she  flashes back to various times he’s been to her rescue, and sighs.
bcook: Coz he's a nozy pants and might get killed? *singing and dancing* "I don't care eh eh eh eh eh. I don't care eh eh eh eh eh"

Shuk:   At the police building, Detective Choi is having electronic trouble as his screen distorts, and Ghost Oppa walks by.  He senses something.  Yeah, Choi, that's more than your conscience making you jump.
bcook: That was just such a random scene. They probably wanted to show off their screen distorting effects. I'm curious about the PPL. I will be paying more attention to that next episode.

Shuk:  A woman comes into Hee-bin's shop, and in best IHYV tradition, Ghost Oppa feeds her intel on the woman's plight, getting her a big fat tip.  Balance between the worlds, indeed.
bcook: That was a nice but random scene too. Like they realized they had some extra time so slotted this in. I'm not complaining. Any chance to see Ghost Oppa.

Shuk:  She tells him he can't have an impossible love, but he asks her, does she really think he's there for a forbidden romance?  And I jump up and down and yell: "Yes Yes!  And a flashback shower scene".  Alas, he doesn't listen to me.
bcook: bwahahaha. Maybe there'll be a flashback kiss?

Shuk:  Shi-on finally opens the mysterious envelope, and finds Detective Lee Hyun-joon's credentials and a note saying it was found in the dead retired officer's belongings.  Wait, she's just finding out now he was a detective?  Wouldn't they have told her that during her first post-coma interview?  I shake off that logic bug whispering in my ear.
bcook: They clearly say "Two cops went to the port and now a one body was found dead" I went back and watched that scene again. The production team is missing a continuity intern.
Shuk:  They must have sent him out for keoppi and kimbap.  As a matter of fact, let's all have a kimbap break.
Shuk:  She decides to do down to the archives and look up the original face sheet for Y6I.  But, lo, someone is already there.  It's Detective Choi, looking for the same thing.  He gets there first and pulls it out.  She's about to round the corner, when she gets cornered herself by Ghost Oppa.  He herds her into another bank of records just as the older man rounds the corner, and blocks her from his eyes. Ooh, can he hide humans? Nice!  She gets ready to say something, but he puts a finger to his perfect perfect lips.
bcook: shhhh. Kagimah.

Shuk:  We get lots of Ominous Latin Chanting as Choi senses something and reverses back into the archives. Ghost Oppa seems even more determined to hide her as she peeks over his shoulder.
bcook: Can he really block people's views? Or is he just trying really hard like he tried to hit the wanna be killer last episode? Will Choi turn the corner and see Shi-on standing there with her WEoF? Tune in next recap.

Shuk:  [Fanning self]  Man, my thoughts just flew right out of my head as he was backing her into the records.  If it was me, I would have stopped to see if that chest was as solid as it looks.  Just give me a moment...
bcook: I like how they did that. Instead of saying "hey follow me" and having to go through minutes of WEoF and questions before she finally got it. He used her fear to back her up. *claps hands*

Shuk:  Okay, we are finally out of the Ghost of the Week and now into the meat of the circumstances of Y6I.  I'm still not exactly seeing sparks fly off our canon couple, but I'm still okay with the heightened awareness of each other.  But KJW!!  He's is totally stealing the show with just a few short words and those wonderful wonderful expressions.  His character is managing to pull more emotion out of me than Ears, in spite of his golden-retriever cute antics.  Like Heartless City's Baksa, we already know there won't be a happy ending for Detective Lee Hyun-joon; the best he can hope for is justice, closure, and a final goodbye. Still I can't help but root for him. I'm buying stock in tissues again, though, for sure.
bcook: You think there are going to be tears? I think the mass of cliche's and the stretched out suspense will keep me from getting into the story long enough to cry. They're going to have to go back to Ghost of the Week. I don't think the Y6I is fleshed out enough to carry the show. I'd almost rather have GHoW than those random scenes they've been throwing our way.