Who Are Master's Sun?

Yes Yes. The title doesn't make sense but bear with me.
Is this love that I'm feeling? *jumping* YES! YES!
We're about half way through our two ghost seeing dramas. One show *cough* Who Are You *cough* is making us seriously wish Taecyeon would stick to his 2pm career.
Is not that we don't love you TC...It's just that you don't quite have what it takes. Even Hottest will admit it.

The other show. *sigh happily* The other show is just....lovely! I ship the lead couple so much. It's like the world is full of skittle rainbows and gummy butterflys when I see them together.

I was so inspired by the thought of watching Master's Sun on a Saturday morning (Yes, it's usually subbed by Thursday night but I like the anticipation) that I thought I'd come up with a little quiz for readers who are still trying to figure out which show to watch (if you're already watching one or both of these shows you can take this quiz too).

Ready? Here goes

1.  You suddenly wake up with the power to see ghosts. Who would you have as your sidekick?

a) A man who blackmails you with his body
rwarr oppa! Yes please!
b) A man with bigger eyes than you have
and ears...such big ears
c) What are you talking about? I'd much rather complain about how my husband's family won't let me work
2. Sadly every heroine has to have a fault.  Yours just happens to be...

a) Smelly hair and dark circles under your eyes

b) The inability to show emotion without using WEoF (Wide Eyes of Fear)
She sees something scaryShe's just realised that D.Choi is a baddie
c) What faults?! Naega Star! Star!
3. Once you accept that you can see ghosts, you start thinking about the worst possible scenario. What's the worst that could happen?

a) You get possessed by a ghost dog when you're drunk

b) The love of your life is a ghost....who can't talk to you

c) You wish you'd chosen man B instead of man A....BAPO!!
If your answers were A: You like skittle rainbows too?!! You should be watching Master's Sun!!! Good Choice! Hurry up and catch up with the rest of us. Be prepared to laugh and feel joy and kinship with all of mankind.

If your answers were B: Are you sure? Do you want to take the quiz again? Go ahead, I'll wait. You're sure? *sigh* Ok... watch Who Are You. Or if you can't bring yourself to watch, read Shuk and My recaps. *Shamelessly plugging* We go through the pain so you don't have to

If your answers were C: Kakashi is that you?! Why are you here? This quiz isn't for GoM watchers!