Who Are You - Episode 11 (A SqueeCap)

Here we are, one step closer to solving all the little niggling mysteries that make this quiet drama a subtle masterpiece....[pfftt  HAHAHA]  Sorry everyone, I couldn't keep a straight face on that one. But I did try.

bcook: *clap* you kept it for a long time. It's episode 11!! That means there's only five episodes left!! *sob* That means there's five episodes left to watch *bawling*


Shuk:  Cha Gun-woo leaves the search area alone after his confrontation with Shi-on, pounding the steering wheel while driving. I don’t think she understands that he was more upset at her going to the lake alone than he was at her not telling him of her suspicions. She makes her way home where Ghost Oppa is waiting. I’m not sure if that’s good he wanted to make sure she was okay, or creepy because, yunno, ghost in the house.  She assures him she is uninjured and, when he appears on her couch plays Detective Choi’s confession, which of course, is sort of old news for him.  While the recording is playing, she is reliving Detective Cha’s words; I think Ghost Oppa notices. When the recording is done, he is gone.
bcook: At least she did one smart thing and recorded the conversation. Now make copies!!! Ghost in the house is only creepy if ghost doesn't look like Ghost Oppa. Kdrama tells us that "It's only creepy if you're ugly". 
Shuk:  At the precinct the Director springs into action, confiscating Detective Choi’s files and interrogating those he worked with, including Shi-on and Gun-woo.  Is he throwing his weight around because he is upset, or is he hiding his part in the crime?  I guess it will be beaten over our heads soon.
bcook: He's hiding!! hiding!! They all did it! Of course numnuts hands over the recording. *facepalm* watch as it gets lost in the evidence room.

Shuk:  In the interview room, Shi-on assures the investigator that Cha Gun-wook knew nothing about Choi, and confirms she had not had any contact with the fugitive since the night at the lake.  Gun-wook confirms the same thing; he admits almost in a whisper that he must not have known Detective Choi as well as he thought.  Poor puppy, your father figure is toppled into dust.
bcook:  Poor kid. :( I think he was actually acting in that scene. Like doing a good job.
Shuk:  Outside the room, Shi-on waits for him, wanting to talk, but before she says anything, she is called to the Director’s office.  He tells her she and Detective Cha are to take a few days off.  Also, even though she has cleared Detective Lee’s name, there are no plans to include her in the internal investigation, despite her objections and willingness to participate.
bcook: Erm what did you expect? I don't trust anybody in the police force. Of course she's going to stumble around and get into trouble in five, four, three...

Shuk:  Our Death Flunky shows up at a dilapidated warehouse.  Hey, is that where Master was held as a boy?  Anyway, Choi comes out of hiding, and his associate hands him a new passport; he will contact him when the boat is ready to take him out of the country along with his wife and children.  He tells him to tell his boss to not doing anything stupid.  Oh, so Flunky is the assistant for the Big Bad.
bcook: There are only 10 places in seoul don't you know that? The writers take turns in using them.
Shuk:  Gun-woo is drowning his sorrows at a restaurant instead of a p’macha, but he still has memories of their friendly drinking, focusing on the conversation they had when he was first reprimanded and send to the Lost and Found Department.  Choi had told him to trust his ability to get him back in Investigations.
bcook: How...poignant. Actually not really. Coz again...TC doesn't do drunk very well.

Shuk:  Shi-on finds him drinking alone and heads over to the table.  He blearily looks at her and wonders how she knew where he was, but she tells him he is pretty predictable. He tells her not to feel bad, since what happened wasn’t her fault.  She knows that; he drove her to work and protected her from danger, so it’s only fair she stay by his side too. Later, he staggers down the sidewalk.  Ooh should she piggyback him?  LOL
bcook: That would have made it a little better to watch. Heck even I know you don't pretend you're drunk...you pretend you're drunk pretending you're sober. SMH

Shuk: He ends up sitting on a bench, where she joins him.  He voices his thoughts: the man he most trusted turns out to be a cop-killer; but what makes him angrier is that he feels the need to defend his sunbae’s decisions.  Even though he killed the man she loved, and even tried to kill her.  And with that, he starts to cry.  She scooches over to him to pat him on the back.
bcook: Aww. He's a loyal little thing isn't he?

Shuk:  Back at his apartment, he looks at the two of them in happier times. Back in her place, she goes over her conspiracy wall, and things about the information she’s learned: that Korean officials were helping the smugglers; that Choi had no intention of killing Hyung-joon, all this going through her head as her hand circles the question mark of Big Bad.
bcook: Who is Big Bad? I hope it's not some random person.

Shuk:  Flashback to IHYV!  Choi appears to be in a hospital and heading down the escalator wearing a floppy black hat and black jacket. He must have picked them up from the Min Joon-gook Going To Prison Forever Yard Sale.  He ducks when he sees his protégé heading up the stairs and hurries to the outside doors.
bcook: Probably got it the same place they sell those silver briefcases.
"Darn it! I wanted Yoon Shi-yoon's orange jacket!"
Shuk:  Gun-woo is talking to the ladies at the pharmacy; apparently sunbae’s son needs regular medication.  They informed him that he just missed the father, who was picking up extra meds for a family vacation.  Realizing he just missed Choi, he runs outside.  Choi is waiting for some reason, but finally leaves when he sees Cha.
bcook: He wants to take one last look before he says goodbye? Sometimes the things they do for dramatic effect just don't make sense.

Shuk:  At the PPL Shop of Snowball Pastry, our two L&F boys are meeting.  Um, this isn’t really a guy place, fellas.  Sung-chan picks up a cookie bouquet; and Seon-ha wonders if it is smart to woo a girl when there is so much chaos at work.  Chaos gives them the perfect opportunity to take a breather, our Loverboy postulates. And with that, he abandons his dongsaeng for a girl.
bcook: And makes him pay! Which...I don't understand coz isn't he a rich dude? Anyway the PPL has worked, I will be looking out for this shop during my seoul explorations.
Shuk:  I think they are mainly in Hongdae.  But here's the weblink.
Shuk:  In the park, Hee-bin is sitting prettily on a bench when Sung-chan shows up and chases an admirer away.  He hands her the cookie bouquet, and she takes charge of the date.  She’s decided to test his resolve with a PG date.
bcook: Is that really how they pick up girls in korea? Talk about forward! I loved his observation about PG date.
This will probably not be a PG-13 date.
Shuk: Shi-on is doing a bit of house cleaning during her enforced vacay.  Grabbing some fallen items that rolled under the couch, she finds a dusty hair ribbon.  She flashes back to when she lost it; Hyung-joon was moving her living room furniture back and forth while she fussed with the placement, ultimately collapsing on the couch. She happily flirted until she realized her clip is gone. She bounced all over the house while he laughs at her. I guess she never found it until now.
bcook: Now they are the real couple! Good chemistry. I'm not a fan of the flashbacks coz they make them so fuzzy.

Shuk:  As if her thoughts bring him, Ghost Oppa shows up, and she tells him she finally found it.  She realizes so many things have changed in six years, but she is still happy that he’s there.  Her phone rings and he watches her run around the house looking for it, just like she did six years ago.  He’s neither laughing nor smiling this time.
bcook: But Ghost oppa is good at using his face to show expression. Study him TC! It's episode 11 and you're not showing improvement. *C+*
Shuk:  Gun-woo walks past Choi’s house, now with guards flanking the door, and he remembers the last time he dragged a drunk sunbae home.  He wonders why he acted the way he did during Y6I.  

Shuk:  And look!  Our Murderer…err…Man Of The Hour is heading back to the warehouse when Death Flunky shows up.  He gives the detective a song-and-dance that the ship isn’t ready yet. After all, his family is worried. Flunky is no longer speaking formally, so I’m guessing Choi has become expendable. Choi realizes it too, and warns him not to mess with his family.  Flunky wheedles that they've been coworkers for a while and he needs to trust him more.  Also, the detectives are still nosing around, so they may have to be dealt with.  Food for thought, there, you Lying Liar.
bcook: I need to work on my ear for formal speaking. Actually, I tell you the truth I spent this scene trying to figure out of Flunky had an orange tan or if it was just the lighting. Results were inconclusive.

Shuk:  A squinting, tipsy Ears shows up at Team Yang’s place, doing the Drunkard Dance in front of the CCTV.  She all but carries him in and throws him on the couch.  He mumbles that sunbae should turn himself in, and he’s sorry for how things turned out for Team Leader Yang.
bcook: So he's going to drink every night until DChoi turns himself in?
Shuk:  Inside his battered wallet, Choi still has a picture of him and a grinning Hyung-joon.  We have another flashback to Y6I.  He was on the ship waiting for the falsified manifest and port logs instead of at the stakeout car when Detective Lee arrived back from his rendezvous with Shi-on.

Shuk:  Choi tried to contact Lee by radio to get him away from the contraband, but it resulted in the squeal that alerted the bad guys to his presence.  We again see the two of them converse at gunpoint, only this time, after the gunshot, Shi-on screamed from the upper deck and caused all the bad guys to go after her.  Choi remained behind when he realized Hyung-joon was dead.  He moved the detective’s shirt to see he wasn't wearing his ballistic vest, and that he just killed his co-worker.

Shuk:  Ghost Oppa watches him sadly from the warehouse window and wonders how his mentor ended up this way.  After a few minutes, Choi walks over to a pay phone and tries to call Gun-woo, but he is still passed out on Team Leader Yang’s couch.

Shuk:  He is gone by the time she wakes up, and already at the office when she arrives. She drags him out for some hangover soup and conversation. She tells him they should team up together to find Detective Choi and get to the bottom of the situation.  Leaving the restaurant, she answers a strange phone number.  It’s Choi, but he just hangs up without saying a word.  They know who it is, and track down the pay phone location, which is right next to his warehouse hideaway.
Shuk: Back in the past, a shaking Choi called someone to tell them about Detective Lee’s untimely demise, while Shi-on stumbled across the silver ingots while trying to run from the thugs. And it’s Choi that pistol whips her into a coma, and then shot himself in the leg to cover it up. 
bcook: They've played that scene so many times. I get that it's different perspectives and you get to see the full picture but come on! I have to see her running around with those WEoF every other episode?

Shuk: The present Dynamic Duo are driving to the phone location. Gun-woo hopes he explains his actions; Shi-on hopes he is still there. Actually, Choi is in a taxi and heading for the harbor.  He receives a phone call from his associate, who wishes him bon voyage and mentions a couple of nosy visitors at the warehouse.
Shuk:  Shi-on calls for backup, but, still, the two wander through the warehouse until they are beset on all sides by bad guys in black lead by our Death Flunky. Choi must have used the phone as the bait for the trap.  Flunky does one of his usual little speeches before the fight is on. 10 to 2?  No fair, thuggies!
bcook: Isn't there a trope about that?  Love how GW says "It's a trap" erm... yeah.
Shuk:  They do the best they can, but it’s clear it’s only a matter of time.  At least, until Choi shows up, and holds off the entire troop with his pistol.  He yells at the detectives to run away, and Shi-on drags Gun-woo out of there.   Flunky distracts Choi long enough to get him stabbed twice, once in the front and once in the back.  And down he goes, just as Ears bursts back into the warehouse, and runs to the fallen officer.  Now Shi-on holds off everyone with the handgun as Gun-woo calls out for sunbae.
bcook: Oh nose! You know, I was thinking "it's a miracle how one guy can hold of 10 men" then he got stabbed. 


Shuk:  Hmm.  If Choi dies, without revealing anything, our canon couple is in for hard times.  However, if the phone calls he made were to lead them a confession or proof of corruption, then he gets the Redemption by Death Card.  Although it would be amusing to have the two ghosts slug it out with ectoplasmic glee, he wouldn't hang around like Lee Hyung-joon. His character is exposed and done, so writer-ga will probably dispose of him on the way to the Big Bad.   If he does survive, then he will get his farewell speech and hacking cough before being hauled off to prison.  I’m betting on the first, mostly because we still have many episodes left.
bcook: Don't be so hasty. Writer has already shown that they don't always do the good/right thing. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes their bed-ridden advisor. Buying his redemption by helping them catch Big Bad....while never actually tellling them who Big Bad is. Coz writer-ga is messed up like that.
Shuk:  There was little buildup of the romance, which I think is a good thing, however slow it’s going.  The two living people seem to work better as teammates and friends anyway. Shi-on and Ghost Oppa together have that moment of revelation where they can’t go back, no matter what.  I think that’s a signal for the writer to start glopping the sugary coating on the storyline once Choi’s situation has resolved.  Everyone, make sure you have your insulin ready.
bcook: You mean we'll be seeing more of the couple that isn't? No amount of sugar is going to convince me that GW and Shi-on belong together.