Who Are You - Episode 12 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Poor Detective Choi Moon-sik, screwed over by life.  Wait, he killed his protégé, slammed a fellow officer into a six-year coma, and set up the next generation of cops for heartache. Nevermind.

bcook: He might actually be the most fleshed out character in this sorry mess of a...what genre is this anyways? On the plus side...blood effect is very good.
And now for a moment of cute before the crap-tango begins.

Shuk:  The goons are ready to go Good-Night-Gracie on our three detectives when Shi-on holds them off for a moment with an empty pistol.  The sound of the sirens causes the cockroaches to scurry away.
bcook: Flunky looks kinda crazy when he's playing scary. I think this might be his first and last role as a bad guy.

Shuk:  In the ambulance, which is remarkable for its lovely white curtains and its complete lack of any rescue personnel whatsoever, the three detectives huddle for a deathwatch. Gun-wook is hanging on to Moon-sik’s hand while the dying detective croaks out an apology and goes lax.  His bloody hand drops his wallet as a last gesture as the young man starts to cry. 
bcook: Pick up the wallet! It's a clue!!! Oh right. Much sadness and crying.

Shuk:  His wake is in a tiny room with a tiny bit of white flowers, and the only two mourners are our couple. She hands him the dead man’s wallet, believing that he pulled it out to give it to Gun-woo.  Later, he stands in front of the simple black marble marker as he relives his relationship with his sunbae.  Shi-on shows up and silently takes his hand.
bcook: What happened to the wife and kids? they got on the boat? So he had enough time to go to the boat, tell them to go on without him and then raced back just in time to keep them from getting killed?! Oh yeah. That totally makes sense.

Shuk:  At the precinct, she looks at the End Of Watch board, and the newest entry: Detective Lee.  She tells Ghost Oppa that he finally has his tribute, but it’s a bittersweet moment.  He looks at her sadly before puffing out.
bcook: It'll be really nice if they just ended here. It's a bit bitter sweet but a pretty good conclusion. Ok Writer? End it right here.
Shuk:  Shi-on has another coffee klatch with the Director, who tells her to take care of Detective Cha Gun-woo. The suspect who killed Detective Cha has been bolo’d, but the important thing is they can close Y6I for good with Cha Moon-sik as the scapegoat smuggler.  She tries to protest, but the Director quickly switches from Concerned Fatherly Type to Career-Dissipation Boss and sternly warns her to stop investigation things on her own. And suddenly a hundred red lights and klaxons go off in the office.  No, not really, but maybe that would be some surprise and suspense for the plot. No?  Okay, moving on…
bcook: psh! Like she's going to listen. We have four episodes to go! It's the perfect time for a random plot switch, a kiss, a misunderstanding and some crying...lots and lots of crying. Oh yeah, maybe they'll actually find out who Big Bad is.
Shuk: The boys are happy to see Team Leader Yang, but the boys want to go by their hero’s house.  Shi-on nixes the idea, but she does try to call him.  He’s brooding in a white t-shirt that’s not nearly tight enough when Shi-on knocks on his door and tells him to snap out of it; the ones that made Choi Moon-sik are still out there.  He doesn't reply and she leaves.
bcook: He does looking tragically dashing in the white tee doesn't he?

Shuk:  Clearly, she is not taking the Director seriously as she asks for Detective Cha’s cellphone log to be faxed to her. The boys realize something is up, and leave her to her privacy.
bcook: Knew it. She has these minute flashes of brilliance.
Shuk:  Supervisor Monkeyface and Team Leader Suckup give us a little expositional convo regarding the deceased officer was as a contraband smuggler, and that everyone involved in Y6I has been killed or harmed, that maybe Team Leader Yang…will get a promotion. [groan]  For the record, the only funny is our maknae Lost and Found boys.   But, yay!  They show up, and deflect these two from going to the L&F office.
bcook: Oh that was meant to be funny? Writer fail.

Shuk:  Shi-on starts going over the dates where he left the office, and finds a strange number.  It turns out to be a pawn shop.  She tries to get information, but the wily proprietor will only talk to someone with a receipt.
bcook: Dunno how she thought that would work.

Shuk:  In his apartment, Gun-woo looks through the wallet, and finds….wait for it…..wait for it…..a pawn ticket!!  Anyone who can guess what is at the pawn shop gets a free hug from Ghost Oppa.
bcook: A notebook! No a phone! A laptop?  I know!! A McGuffin!

Shuk:  In another view from the past, Ghost Oppa was standing over his body when he looked up and saw Detective Choi standing over Shi-on’s inert body. Shi-on, before losing consciousness, saw Ghost Oppa staring at her. Back in 2013, he silently rails at the black marble.  Moon-sik left the world, without giving our spirit guy a chance for justice, or give himself a chance for redemption.
bcook: The CGI in that scene was *kisses fingers* pretty darn good.

Shuk:  Shi-on gives a plaque to her almost sister-in-law, and the older women gently tells her to stop coming by her shop, and let go of her lost love, now that Hyung-joon can rest in peace.
bcook: Sorry she can't do that. We still have 4 episodes remember?

Shuk:  Except, of course, he’s not.  He’s over at Hee-bin’s place.  She tries to convince him to leave, but he won’t go until Shi-on is safe.  She explains that he needs to think about his lover, and how hard it would be for him to linger.
bcook: She says something that Master says in like episode 2 "Let living people solve living people's problems". Of course he doesn't like that answer.

Shuk: Shi-on is heading home, and remembering when they would walk arm-in-arm down the street to her house. From the flashback, we find out that he knew her and her parents even before they died, and she has a phobia of driving since then. We also know that the same white truck has been parked in the same space for over six years... So the two of them have a long friendship history to bolster the romance.  In the flashback, he promises to be her driver, her caretaker, and her lover, forever staying by her side.
bcook: He does this sneak hug from the back that just *shiver*.

ShukRANT:  Okay, this whole scene is a complete Ass-pull.  First of all, the entire time we are told she could remember everything except post-Y6I, but it turns out she can’t remember a childhood friend she’s known since her early teen years?  If she had that many holes in her memory, the police department would never have let her back. And now we are getting Driving Phobia, so let’s just crystal ball it and say she’s gonna end up behind the wheel of Ear’s zippy little buggy.   Darn it, Grimm’s Fairy Tales were more subtle than this. [sigh]
bcook: Hasn't she driven already?
Shuk:  I can't even remember anymore.
Shuk: She comes out of her reverie to find the object of her thoughts in front of her house. She stares at him as a tear trickles down, and silently asks him if he will still stay by her side forever.  His answer? Poof.
bcook: Don't forget the sad realisation that maybe he has to break that promise. It's all in the eyes Shuk. It's in his eyes.
Shuk:  Gun-woo is giving himself a stern look and a face slap in his mirror, then shows up at Shi-on’s place. His ears are fetchingly backlit to a pink glow as he tells her it’s time to team up and finish the investigation. She doesn't invite him to see her etchings, but she does show him her Conspiracy Board, and the evidence she has already garnered.
bcook: hehehe "fetchingly backlit" hehehe

Shuk: He is impressed with the amount of data she had, but she is quick to tell him that he contributed as well. He realizes how tough it was for her to investigate alone.  As they are going through the cell logs, he notes the pawn shop.  They head over there.  Before they reach the store, Gun-woo is bumped by a mysterious hooded figure.  The old man at the shop tells them somebody had a Death Certificate, so he gave them the pawned item.  Anyway, who wants a beat up, damaged cellphone?  They ask him who took it.  Annnd, it's the guy in the hoodie. Gun-woo heads after him, but the shop owner stops Shi-on to hand her a key that was part of the pawned items.  I guess he left more evidence somewhere.
bcook: Wait is that a picture of a dog on the Board of Bad?
Shuk:  For some strange reason, Hoodie is being ultra-conspicuous, but I think it's because the actor couldn't figure out the script.  Gun-woo chases him up the stairs and down the elevator, but it’s Shi-on at the entrance that whacks him with a collapsible baton and causes him to drop the phone.
bcook: That was a pretty funny sequence. Poor GW always

Shuk:  They head out to the parking garage, only to end up surrounded by the Team of Ten from the last episode. Death Flunky spouts off some more. This time, instead of Shi-in holding a gun over her head, it’s Gun-woo holding that poor poor PPL Samsung over his head. Flunky is not impressed. The young detective throws the phone as hard as he can on the concrete, then grabs her hand and runs to a taxi.
bcook: Confused. But third time's the charm I guess.

Shuk:  Understandably, she’s angry, but he just grins – he took out the SIM card.  And off we go to our hacker’s new hideout.  He looks over the data, but this time some of it has been damaged beyond retrieval.  The two hover for a moment before Hacker shoos them away.

Shuk:  Our Detectives are walking down the street towards her house, almost exactly the way Hyung-joon and her so many years ago.   The convo is the same too: Gun-woo whines about his legs being tired, and why won’t she drive? She explains about her parents’ accident, and how Hyung-joon Oppa helped her get her license, and yet she still doesn't like to drive.  He promises to always be her driver.  She smiles and tells him not to make promises he won’t be able to keep.
bcook: Echos of flashback anybody? Somehow when Ghost Oppa said it, it was more....What's the word I'm looking for. Oh Yes. More believable.

Shuk: He grabs her arm and turns serious. He takes responsibility for everything he says. He WILL be her driver. She finally gives him a tiny but genuine smile, and he thinking “Score!!”
bcook: eh

Shuk: Death Flunky hands the phone off to someone in a black car.  Ghost Oppa is shocked to see who is in the back seat.  I think we all know, but let’s just extend the drama a little longer. [sigh]
bcook: Who is it? I'm betting there's a twist and it's Ghost Oppa's stepfather who he has always hated.

Shuk:  Gun-woo is back at work, and the puppies are excited! He finally shakes them off when Team Leader Yang shows up.  She asks Detective Lee about the strange key from the pawn shop, but it doesn't look familiar to him.  She doesn't tell him it's from Choi Moon-sik, pabo.
bcook: We've already established that she's not the smartest cookie in the jar. But I'm betting key mystery gets solved by the end of the episode.
Shuk: They head off to Hacker's Hideout, where he pretends to have fallen asleep over the keyboard. He recovered about 2/3 of the data this time. He does what he can to show off his nerd skills, but of course they are more interested in the results.  They find a name, "Park Il-do" which turns out to be our Death Flunky and a former police officer.  Please don't tell me he's a undercover bad guy.
bcook: Again confused. Why does he pretend to fall asleep? Is it so his work looks more impressive? Just when you think the writer can't be more nonsensical.
Shuk:  Ghost Oppa is with the man from the black car as he takes apart the phone and finds out the SIM card is missing.  The thugs are playing Go Stop as Park Death Flunky receives the phone call regarding the missing data.  Time for Plan B, I guess.
bcook: Whoops. So Ghost Oppa could flash to shaman chick's house, tell her who the bad guy is and then flash back but nooooo. He's just going to watch Big Bad until Shi-on gets into trouble (or so the previews tell me).  And oh! oh! I saw a flash of white shirt and what looks like police blue shoulder thingies...It's the Director!

Shuk:  Shi-on drags herself into her house, exhausted.  She picks up a frame of her and Hyung-joon Oppa, and wonders where he is.  She looks around, as if hoping he will appear.  He doesn't and she ends up falling asleep on the couch.
bcook: He's (sing it like Justin Timberlake) Gone! Gone! Goooone!

Shuk: Ghost Oppa is talking with Hee-bin, and asks her for a favor.  Her eyes grow wide and she refuses, saying it would put his soul in jeopardy.  He is adamant; if he can protect Yang Shi-on, then all efforts will be worth it.
bcook: Coz hey, what's he going to do? Die? heh heh. How do they turn on those tears? I really wanna know. 
Shuk:  At Shi-on’s house, the thugs approach.  The camera records it, but she’s still sleeping.  A short time later, Ghost Oppa shows up, and the living room looks like it has been ransacked and his love is gone.
bcook: "It's too late t'apologise. It's too late!" -- One Republic

Shuk: Gun-woo calls her cell phone when Hacker finishes his data processing, only to have it answered by Death Flunky, who tells him to bring the SIM card, and not to make copies, and they’ll let her go.  Gun-woo takes a final look at the data and sees a name that alarms him.
bcook: Of course he makes a copy. That's pretty dumb. How d'y know data has been copied? Also, anybody else find it funny that the code-breaking software says "Code Breaking System"?? It's like we're Loki and the writer is The Hulk. (Avengers for the win!!!)

Shuk: Death Flunky calls Big Bad to ask what to do with the two nosy cops.  The Director’s answer? “Kill them both.”
bcook: The big reveal was so anticlimatic. Not surprising really. This was such a particularly bad episode I need something to pick me up. I know! I shall watch LMH's toyota movie ads.  "I'm not great, this Camry is."

Okay, really, nothing was a surprise or a mystery except the key, and what Ghost Oppa plans to do in order to protect Shi-on. With four episodes still to go, this won’t resolve as fast as, say, Jang Hye-sung’s kidnapping in IHYV (1/2 episode maybe?) or as long as White Christmas. But I'm betting on at least two episodes of Gun-woo doing bcook's favorite thing, running around.
bcook: He's running so much, even HE's complaining about it.  

Shuk:  That Hyung-joon is willing to sacrifice even now is not a surprise, but I'm highly disappointed in Moon Ji-young (for so many things).  To lose his shot at reincarnation strikes me as cruel but exactly what is planned for our hot guy in blue chambray, since "misdirection" is apparently not in her dictionary.
bcook: I'm still holding out for Shi-on to sacrifice herself so that she can be with her oppa. Leaving poor GW to fake drink himself into becoming the best damn cop in seoul but he doesn't care, because his passenger seat is empty. *playing world's smallest violin*
Shuk:  So here's what's in store for the final stretch, based my current understanding of the plot. 

Shuk-bin's Fortune Telling Made Easy:
  1. We find the mysterious locker for the key - It's a confession along with copies of every bad thing for the last six years as penned by our Late Detective, plus a sunbae love letter to Cha Gun-woo
  2. Shi-on drives Gun-woo's car, probably to save him
  3. Hyung-joon gets a final "I love you, goodbye" before he's annihilated during the killing scene of Death Flunky.  Yes, he dies
  4. The cops will be too late to do anything for anybody, except clean up the mess
  5. No rescue personnel will be there to give oxygen to anyone
  6. Director goes to jail and Shi-on feels bad
  7. Our detectives kiss and saranhae.  The end
bcook: I agree with everything. Wah! Shuk-bin is good! You must study muism (I looked it up). Can't we just, for the next four episodes, just put a check mark beside each prediction??

Shuk: On the other hand, wouldn't it be great if Ghost Oppa meets up with the Jade Emperor and Hades for a little friendly game of 바둑 for the chance for corporeal existence?
bcook: Watch out Ghost Oppa, Hades cheats!