Who Are You - Episode 13 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  We now know what odds are intrepid team are against; Big Bad is the head of their Division, which is why everything has been stymied from the get-go. Shi-on is in the hands of our crazed Death Flunky, while Gun-woo gets his chance at Wide Eyes of Fear (time for a shot!)
bcook: I'm all out of soju. The store won't sell to me anymore coz I buy so much every week. (jk)


Shuk:  Our Hacker gets ready to make a copy of the data on the SIM card, but Gun-woo stops him. Death Flunky told him he could tell if a copy has been made. Piffle, I say, with all the nerd grandeur I can muster, but nevertheless, no copy is made, and Gun-woo snatches the card and heads out the door. He gives Hacker some advice: go into hiding for at least 3 months

Shuk: Gun-woo shows up at the drop-off point, gets frisked, and meets with our crazy guy, who twiddles his fingers in hello. Shi-on is tied to a chair against a column and appears to be unconscious, but manages to wake up as Ears is handing over the SIM card. She tells him not to do it, but he gives it over. The thugs head out while he runs over to his team leader and untie her. It’s too easy, though, and the thugs come back for some Final Solution action.

Shuk:  Suddenly the lights flicker and go out.  Yay! Ghost Oppa! He manifests near Shi-on and leads the two livings out of the building to his car.  Unfortunately, there are goons waiting for them there.  They fight, Shi-on takes a hit across her back and arm protecting Gun-woo.  Angry, he cranks up his ass-kicking a notch, and they get away.  Ghost Oppa disables the thug cars by setting off their alarms.
bcook: Why did she do that? He clearly said "run that way". See what's wrong with having cars with electronics in them? Ghosts can mess them up!

Shuk: She is slumped over in the passenger seat and defeated, telling him that information was more important than she. He, of course, doesn't see it that way.  She goes quiet, and he realizes she is more injured then he first thought.
bcook: Bit unbelievable that. I can believe the injuries but she wasn't even flinching or gasping or anything.

Shuk:  At the hospital, she has an IV but no humidifier. Her injuries are confined to a gash in her arm; the rest are superficial.  He sits with her and fusses with her blanket. Ghost Oppa shows up and watches the younger man fuss with her bangs.
bcook: Heh. no humidifier. I guess that's only for when you faint from exhaustion? Or for the winter?

Shuk:  He flashes back to his vigil at her side on Christmas Day, a day where the late unlamented Lying Liar Detective Choi showed up to remove her oxygen, and we assume, kill her.  Oppa’s flickering light and poltergeist antics chased Choi away before he could do any nefarious shenanigans.  “I waited, hoping for a miracle that you would wake up.” Back in the present, he thinks he is running out of time, and fades out.
bcook: Woah! Ghost Oppa had some powers back then. It was nice to see the age old method of offing somebody (death by oxygen mask removal) being used AGAIN in this drama.

Shuk:  The boys are upset that Team Leader Yang is in the hospital, and beg to stop by after they pick up the lost items from the subway. They all but drag Detective Cha out the door.
bcook: ?? Confusion is a constant theme for me while watching this show.
Shuk:  Ghost Oppa, looking the worst I’ve seen him to date, is talking to Hee-bin. She asks him if he is scared of the path he is taking, and he tells her he is more scared of leaving Shi-on alone in the world. Aww, poor Oppa, but what are you planning to do?
bcook: *claps hands* idea! They get GW really drunk, like piss drunk then Ghost Oppa takes over his body forever! Meanwhile i'm going to make some soup for Ghost Oppa and buy some medicine. Ghost medicine.

Shuk: Hee-bin marches over to the hospital to visit Shi-on, but before she can converse, the L&F gang shows up, all eager to see her.   Hee-bin asks her if someone is helping her at the hospital; Gun-woo pipes up that he intends to, bringing stares all around the room. Shi-on is amused by everyone: Hee-bin is puzzle why “Ahjussi” wants to help her, and the boys say the office is gloomy without her.  She notices a necklace slipping out of the bag of items from the subway, and pulled it out. Suddenly, she gets a ghost tingle as a young nurse with blood on her face flashes in and out, behind the boys.
bcook:  Seriously! you're going to bring back the ghosts now?! This must be proof that the writer is just throwing things out there. And of course she goes "It's nothing" coz you can investigate from your hospital bed can't you?
Shuk:  At the precinct, Director Monkeyface and his suck-up shadow enter stage right to let us (the audience) know, that Director Big Bad Moon is a shoo-in for the soon-to-be-vacant position of Police Chief, thanks to his strong connections.
bcook: They're like a really bad chorus.
Shuk: Director Big Bad is having tea and crumpets with a Senator, with all kinds of wily and implied conversation about that possible Chief of Police position. [gag]
bcook: Is senator bad too? At first I thought he was one of the bad guys. It's just such a random scene. I'm not even surprised by them anymore.

Shuk:   Ghost Nurse Kim Jung-im shows up with the doctors doing their rounds, but disappears before Hee-bin shows up.  She prepares to stay with her unni overnight. They finally have the conversation that was interrupts by the boys. Hee-bin finally admits she also sees Ghost Oppa, but doesn’t mention she talks to him.  She presses Shi-on to let him go, so he can peacefully leave without any regrets.
bcook: So he's staying coz he promised to always be there, she's not looking for another relationship coz he's staying, he's staying because he doesn't want to leave her alone.

Shuk: It’s time for her to leave the hospital, and Sidekick Cha is there to help her pack, in a nice pretty backpack, and carry all her stuff out to his car. Meanwhile, somewhere else, Director Bad and Death Flunky convo in a car. Director tells him to lay low for a while, so as not to rock the boat before the Chief of Police is decided.  Ghost Oppa listens to it all.
bcook: pft. Her hand isn't even in a cast (this is the injury that made her faint so dramatically). 

Shuk:  Detective Cha’s car is relatively quiet, as Shi-on goes over the conversation with Hee-bin.  Gun-woo decides this may be a good time to drop the bomb, and tells her that Director Moon was behind everything that happened to them, and was in charge of the Y6I incident as the head of the smuggling ring. She tries to take it all in as he apologizes for telling her.
bcook: Did they ever use the key? I don't remember and don't really want to check.

Shuk:  And guess who calls up – it’s the Director, wanting to see her in his office now that she has been released from the hospital. Tears are in her eyes but her voice is steady. At the precinct, she pauses to gather her thoughts before going in, remembering all the positive things he would say to her.
bcook:  Hey the guy who's nice to you can also be the guy who orders you dead. It's just business you know.  But I totally called the Director didn't I? Didn't I?

Shuk:  Inside the office, he likens their situation to orchids, and tells her to stop making waves. She defiantly tells him to stop threatening her, that she has lost all respect, and that she intends to bring him down. He scoffs.
bcook:  Way to show your hand stupid. Just pretend you didn't know it was him. Her strategy has been shyte from the beginning.

Shuk:  At Lost and Found, Gun-woo is shocked that she declared war on the Director, but she is pretty calm, since the Director knows they don’t have evidence….except the key from the pawn shop. But they need someone trustworthy.
bcook: FINALLY!! she doesn't trust the police service.

Shuk:  Enter our almost-married Prosecutor Park, who is willing to listen to them.  He calls them rash, as usual, but agrees to do some snooping regarding the key, by checking Choi’s bank records for a safe deposit box.
bcook: I don't really trust him either. Didn't she understand that this thing is pervasive? Trust no one! *facepalm* and she gives him the key. Did you make a copy? Nope. *disgusted* 

Shuk:  It’s dark by the time they arrive at her house, and she’s reluctant to leave his car.  He tells her he cleaned her place up from her kidnapping.  She climbs out, but before she goes too far, he calls out, dragging an overnight bag behind him.  She is now in the Gun-woo Witness Protection Program. He bulldozes over her objections and plops himself on her couch, declaring it his zone.  I have to admit this part amused me, but maybe its leftover from I Hear Your Voice.  They get into a cushion-fight, which ends with her across his lap. No UST vibes, though.
bcook: Yawn

Shuk: The boys fall over themselves welcoming Team Leader Yang back, and Gun-woo proposes a team dinner.  Later, she wanders through the storage room and finds the nurse necklace again.  Nurse Ghost shows up but still can’t seem to stay intact.  Her attempt to communicate is interrupted by Detective Cha, and a phone call from Prosecutor Park.  He finds the safe deposit box location; it turns out to be a recorder.  Dammit, I had hoped for a printout of the records on the SIM card.
bcook: Writer has to decide, are we trying to solve static ghost's story or Y6I? Coz right now I don't care about either.

Shuk:  In the Prosecutor’s office, the three listen. It’s the same conversation that Shi-on overheard between Director Moon and Detective Choi. In it, Choi gets Big Bad to admit to Y6I, and threaten Choi if he doesn’t continue to act under orders. Park says the recording isn’t enough evidence. They all pledge to do Justice and Right The Wrongs and Take It To The End. I wonder if they can extradite the Chinese-Korean witness.
bcook: Nah, he's never coming back.

Shuk:  During the drive from Prosecutor Park, Gun-woo aeygos her into agreeing to do the team dinner.  They all meet at the chicken place.  For some reason, I didn't realize it  was owned by Hyung-joon's sister.  Shi-on is hesitant to enter the establishment, remembering her unni's request to stop coming by. But Hyung-joon's sister is fine with it; she just wanted Shi-on to stop going there because of her brother.
bcook: They probably just needed a reason for her to show up.  Did you notice that the superman cutout in the front has psy's face? and the poster on the wall is of psy as well?

Shuk:  Gun-woo and Shi-on good-naturely bicker on the way to her house, and Ghost Oppa watches the pair enter her house.   In his office, Prosecutor Park reviews the autopsy reports on Detective Lee Hyung-joon and finds a discrepancy.
bcook:  Wruh roh

Shuk: The scenes are starting to get a bit disjointed.  Now we have Shi-on stopping by the hospital. She bumps into a woman who has a wooden necklace just like the one from the subway, and she follows the woman to a room, where the "ghost" nurse is still alive but comatose.  Shocked she turns from the door and sees Ghost Nurse at the same time she sees the body.
bcook: Writer must be watching master's sun. I mean seriously? Ghost of a comatose person? We've seen that already and it was more fun.

Shuk:  At the same time, Detective Cha is meeting with Prosecutor Park, who is outline the information he has found so far. And the conclusion is: the body found at the scene at Y6I is not Detective Lee Hyung-joon.  And the nurse provides proof that the body can still be alive, even if the soul is existing outside of it. Cue final shocked face of Shi-on.
bcook: So he's alive? Then why does he look like shit? His body is failing? Funny how that's happeneing to him but Shi-on woke up fine. Aah it's probably coz he's been using up energy making the lights flicker.


Shuk:  Okay, now I’m in a quandary.  Since the writer has no idea what a misdirection is, clearly Ghost Oppa really isn’t Ghost Oppa, and his body is somewhere unconscious.  Maybe in the same ward as Shin Won-ho from “Big”? So Hyung-joon may be skirting between life and death; his more sickly appearance may be due to his body finally ‘giving up the ghost’.  I can’t imagine any scenario where Director Moon would be footing the bill for a comatose body, given his penchant for sniping loose ends, but whatever.  I guess we’ll have to see what’s in store for the final three episodes.
bcook: From the recording it looks like DChoi was lying to the director (so he's not all bad...speaking of which is he in a coma or is he dead?) most likely he's the one paying for Ghost Oppa's hospital room. It still doesn't explain why he tried to kill Shi-on though.

Shuk:  This was the first episode that I felt anything between our two leads.  It may possibly be seeing the more serious side of Taecyon’s character, pulling away from the puppy behaviors and the ‘aw shucks’ moments of the past episodes.
bcook: Or it could be a figment of your imagination. He might be getting better it's too little too late in my opinion. This is episode 13!