Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

kakashi: This is what I thought: with RL picking up speed quite brutally, I am not even too sad there's only one episode to recap this week. But, oups, we were all fooled! Because episode 6 did air as planned and now I need to hurry up and get my act together! We're on a tight schedule here! It helps that I am really excited about the adult cast - and also quite curious. You know: can he?
JoAnne: I guess I was really worried because the amount of relief I feel after watching even just a part of this episode was kind of staggering.
Episode 5

kakashi: I want the soundtrack! Especially the instrumental pieces are great. But that's not what's most important! It's Jung-tae alright, and once again I am so happy they managed to make the young one look like the older one (and vice versa). The fighting scenes continue to be well choreographed. And Kim Hyun-Joong speaks! He invaded the lair of another gang of smugglers; but not because he minds their dealings. Nope - he has a special password. Gangster boss (he seems to be into human trafficking, and that is why Jung-tae is here) isn't happy that he knows it and after more fighting (hm, it's not only the choreography that makes this special, but also the sound), Jung-tae is DOWN. Thankfully, Poong-cha and older version of Rockhead make an appearance and save him. They, in turn, save the children that the smugglers have hidden in a backroom and Jung-tae cries a little.
JoAnne: I like the music too, I've been tweeting that a little bit. It is very stirring! I thought KHJ did a pretty decent job but he isn't very relaxed about the choreography of the fight scenes yet, I could see some hesitations/set ups. I didn't really notice them at all with young Jung Tae. Still, he was very touching with those poor kids.
kakashi: The older version of Bobby Sox/Kim Ok-Ryeon has a voice I don't like at all. She bandages Jung-tae's arm and expresses her worries about his "inner fire" that could consume him. She also takes his hand and wants to stay with him, but I'm not sure she got any further with him than she was when we last saw her.
JoAnne: I'm pretty sure they're dating, and I'm pretty sure she's completely put Gaya out of her mind, and I'm pretty sure she'll be crying soon.
Next, hot-head Jung-tae goes to see Dog Nose. Still don't know what the deal is with this guy ... he is quite enjoying his sashimi and I can't help but like him. Anyway, Jung-tae is looking for someone - the people that knifed him after his first train jump? He suspects it was Dog Nose that planted them there (yes, I do too!), but it's not quite sure, is it? Dog Nose says that if he finds that bastard, he will also find Chung-ah. Waitaminute ... huh, is he implying that Chung-ah isn't dead?
JoAnne: Oh, he's not implying.  He's flat out stating. And yeah, I like him too.
kakashi: I don't think we're supposed to. 
kakashi: Yes! It is confirmed by Bong-shik (Squeeeee, they're all still here!) - Chung-ah seems to be alive. And hey, KHJ emotes! It's not even bad. When they were younger, he once sold his sister to an inn, but she came looking for him, walking mile after mile. Since then, he swore that he will protect his sister with his life. That he has lost her breaks his heart. I see that he has perfect teeth and am a little distracted.
JoAnne: He was my first K-Crush, although Rain wiped him completely off the planet. Still, I have a deep fondness, and I'm happy to see him doing well and that his choices are more personal these days. I was watching him to see how he was doing, and then I realized at a certain point that I wasn't watching him anymore, I was just watching the story - and that's when I realized he'd gotten better and he'd probably be ok. Happy me!
kakashi: Shinichi!!! Awwwwww, the nose ... he talks to Gaya about the special meaning of the railings of the temple they're at. He says hardly anyone has ever died falling off those railings, because people tend to lean inward due to the very high cliff they're on. But when they fall off inward, they were killed immediately. Fear makes you die, that's the lesson. Total bullshit, but I still fancy him.
JoAnne: Ok, Shinichi Wan Kenobi. Whatever.
kakashi: Gaya, the cheeky devil, says let's see whether that's true and climbs on the railings. His eyes almost pop out. She walks towards him, almost falling down for a few seconds, but then she makes it and looks at him challenging. She smirks when she sees his tight fist: it seems he felt more fear than she did? He slaps her and tells her to never do something like this again. Oy. Emotions! Hawt.  
JoAnne: He is a good looking devil, isn't he? So... marble statue perfection -y though.
kakashi: Shinichi is taking Gaya to see Evil Overlord and instructs her on how to behave. So it has been three years since we last saw her defeat Aka - and she has done it again! (Fuck you show, you don't even let me see him?) He puts fish scales into the tea (she is not to chew them, Shinichi said). Oh dear, she swallows, but they are sharp little devils and cut her throat inside. It's some kind of lesson again, something like: this will happen every time you betray me? Not sure. Anyway, she is now Shinichi's new master. Ohhhhhh .... can I be your master too??!
JoAnne: The mind, it travels to dark, thrilling places...
kakashi: He kneels in front of her and gives her the sword of his loyalty, the only weapon he will die from (noooooo! don't die!!!!!). She is then allowed to look at Overlord, but it seems he cannot meet her eyes. That's weird. And when she asks (even though she shouldn't ask any questions!) whether the person that killed her mother is in this organisation, he says to follow him.JoAnne:  I offer you my manhood. Please kill me with it, if you must.
kakashi: He takes her to a cell. A prisoner with a sack over his head is in there. He betrayed the organisation and embezzled money. So die he must. By her hand. Awwww, Shinichi is upset and wants to protect her, but Overlord is a mean and relentless one. By the way, this organisation ... what kind of organisation is it? Yakuza? I don't get it. 
JoAnne: Well if he's royalty, an overlord is like... ok think of Game of Thrones. Or England, pre-Arthur. Like that. A fiefdom, if you will. I think.
kakashi: And indeed, Gaya is "weak". Cause when the prisoners says he has a small daughter, she lets the sword sink (hm, the sound it makes when you unsheathe it, so sexy!) and even fall ... but the man lied, of course, plus managed to untie his hands behind his back, so Gaya does kill him, in self-defense. Afterwards, when she asks Evil Overlord once again whether the one who killed her mother is in this organisation, he nods ... but he doesn't tell her who it is. He orders her to go to Jung-wae-town and plant their flag there. More Q&A after that.
JoAnne: Seriously, the Gaksital  parallels are just killing me. I think this might be better, though.
kakashi: Oh man, the way she cries afterwards and tries to clean her hands off the blood ... heartbreaking. Evil Dude expresses some worries that his bloodline might die "again" (and doesn't answer Shinichi's question whether he will tell her the truth after she conquers Jung-tae-town), but Shinichi promises to protect her.
JoAnne:  I like the grown up Gaya. Really well done scene. And I'm happy that she is NOT robotic and cold all the time, nor is she completely consumed by hatred and anger.
kakashi: Train! But no train jumpers. I'm briefly disappointed, but not for long, cause .... Kim Jae-Wook! He is reading a Time Magazine, while a curvy woman is using him as a pillow, staring at his face. He is totally sweet-talking her (she refers to herself by her first name, Naoko) and I'm sure her having a suitcase full of money from her father's bank with her adds to the attraction. Buahaha, they exchange love vows in French and German. What a player!
JoAnne:  He is perfect for this. Perfect. His face is so expressive, and he's much more LIKEABLE than someone with such classic beauty would generally appear.
kakashi: Did he drug her wine? She falls asleep on his lap, just when train is about to stop at Jung-tae-town. He has a slight issue getting her off his lap, but then, he leaves without her but with two suitcases.
JoAnne:  Did you...ummm...pick up on the visual subtext of that scene? (Oh YES. In fact, I first thought "wait, this is a public TV Kdrama, they wouldn't?!" ) I laughed ENTIRELY too loudly.

Almost immediately, he happens upon Bobby Sox, who is auditioning at a ... I guess record company? Who is the other girl? Kim Jae-wook, whose drama name is Kim Soo-Ok, is smitten. So is Record-Person, but he is also quite slimy (lessons? I can guess what THAT means) ... until Kim Soo-ok comes in. They know each other; but don't like each other. Kim Soo-ok swings, hits, and downs the sleaze.
JoAnne: I assumed 'lessons' meant the whole thing is a scam to get your money. Come in, audition for what you think is a job, get 'hired' and then pay for 'lessons' to make you more professional while preparing for the job to begin. Plus he was sleazy so yeah, he's going to push for sex.
kakashi: He kinda helped her, but Ok-ryeon walks out on him ... why exactly? He tries to persuade her to come have tea with him, but she (good and taken woman but without a ring) does not want to associate with him (evil man who definitely acts and looks like a playboy).
JoAnne: She must need glasses. Why would you turn down tea with that face? Even if you have no intention to go any further... you still get 10 minutes of looking at that face!
kakashi: Sniper on da rooooooof! It's the Korean resistance aka Jung-tae's Daddy, and he kills Japanese people. He is hurt in the process and self-operates (Baksa Adeul did it better).
JoAnne:  No argument THERE.  That was Appa? (Not sure) I thought it was that other guy, the first one who went to see The Fortune Teller.
kakashi: Gaya, now on a ship and getting closer, still has the piece of cloth that Jung-wae wrapped around her hand the first time they met. Lingering feelings there? She doesn't want Shinichi to see it, but she surprises him with the question whether Evil Dude is her grandfather. Oh, he doesn't have to answer ... she'll find out by herself.
JoAnne: Shinichi's WTH face.
kakashi: Shinichi's face. 
kakashi: Dog Nose tells his Gangster Boss that they should get ready ... the Shinichi-people are coming. Yeah, I know they're not called the Shinichi-people, but I seriously cannot remember another name! I still don't get what Dog Nose's role is, so let's be surprised!
JoAnne:  Love a good surprise! Dog Nose is handsome and his voice is rumbly and I like that. Shinichi, that group is Il Ghuk Hwa or something like that. I think we can just refer to them as The Japanese. Hot Dudes in Bathrobes? Shady Fucks?
kakashi: Poong-cha and Dobi-Boss-Cutie are a bit worried over Jung-tae ... and then, Bong-shik tells Poong-cha that he has found that person; the one that screwed Jung-tae over. In the meantime, Jung-tae and Ok-ryeon are holding hands while they walk through the streets ... a little bit closer then? But he hasn't given her a ring yet ... something Playboy noticed, and something Jung-tae now realizes too. He is going to Dandong tomorrow (to find that person, but he probably doesn't know that yet) and tells her to stay inside.
JoAnne: I am not sure that I like that she just took him back after he ran after Gaya like that, though. Not that I think he 'must' be with her or anything, but just on a sisterly support level, he dogged her big time and she took it. I don't like that for her.
kakashi: Already at Dandong, hot as ever: Shinichi et al. They want to see "Leader Mo", but that isn't all too easy, cause Leader Mo is well protected. But not well enough! Ohhhh, Shinichi is awesome ... but then, Leader Mo appears. It's Song Jae-rim, and he is incredibly cool. But also a bit crazy, it seems. I totally like it. (They're all here now, JoAnne! All the boys! Gaaaaaaaaah!) Gaya asks Shinichi if he can protect her against that one - and Shinichi doesn't seem too sure.
JoAnne: Welcome to Crazy Town, where all exits lead to places you really do NOT want to go. I love Leader Mo already. I love his name, even, because Mo (Moe) is such a schlubby name in English, so it's funny in this context.
kakashi: They have tea together and Mo seems quite thrilled by Gaya, but not in "that" way. He eyes her like an interesting specimen. She says they're here for an apology and a favor. The apology first: she apologizes for the death of his mother (that he witnessed), even though the Il Gook Hwae (I prefer to say the Shinichi-people) has nothing to do with it. The request: do not interfere with their conquest of towns: this one and Jung-tae-town. Or else ... blood will flow, like a river. Ah yes? he says with a wonderfully creepy-insane smile, that might be true, but the blood? It will be theirs. And her blood: it will be the reddest.
JoAnne: Because isn't Dandong HIS town? I mean, that was just rude.
kakashi: He is totally the Leader, so ... yeah. 
kakashi: Poong-cha is leading Jung-tae to that dude that knifed him back then. He seems to be a butcher. After a short while, he recognizes Jung-tae, who says he'll let him live if he tells him who gave him the order to kill him. Butcher won't (or can't) tell, of course ... he'd rather try to kill Jung-tae this time! Note to self: KHJ is really doing a good job during these fight scenes.
JoAnne:  He's going to be just fine :) That woman... did you see when Poong Cha booted her ass into the bags of rice or whatever? He stuck out his foot and she FLEW sideways and I laughed really hard.
kakashi: Butcher is soon down and off to Leader Mo they go - Butcher mentioned him as the reason he didn't go back for Jung-tae back then. Uh-oh ... big meet-up. Gaya and Jung-tae whisper each other's names and stare at each other in shock.
JoAnne: Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Leader Mo! 'Cause a crazy chick with a big damn stick just aren't enough, you know.


kakashi: Good, good, still good! Everything! Alright, one thing wasn't ... that thing about his sister. Why is she suddenly not dead and abducted? It's fine to keep secrets from us, show, but that's really taking it a bit too far.
JoAnne: Oh come on, it's a secret they kept for all of 5 minutes. It's ok.

kakashi: I don't feel like writing about the obvious (the obvious being whether KHJ can act or not), but maybe JoAnne wants to? In detail? He really does well. And anyway, this world is so rich and so full of gorgeous men, I cannot get enough of it. And I don't even care if one or two of them don't act really well. The story is captivating, the secrets manifold and I am just glad there was a second episode this week. Which, by the way, is totally AWESOME.

JoAnne: He's doing a good job! I mean, you can't stack him up against the eye-acting of Boss Hwang or Kim Jae Wook or the overall aura of Song Jae Rim but he's not sticking out like a sore thumb, either. He has expression, he has reaction, his physicality is good..this is very promising! And the SHOW. Oh my goodness, the show. I love this show, I love it, I love it. Not just for the EMBARRASSING number of hot men, either. It's gorgeous, it's thrilling, it's FUNNY, it's emotional....and they're doing a great job technically, managing the plot points and side stories and 'world building' because this very crowded universe does NOT seem confusing to me at all anymore. I am SO happy right now, I could just kiss you all.
NB: Show, if you don't give me a ton of Aka in Episode 6 we will have WORDS.
kakashi: Have a Shinichi instead.