Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 8 (KimJiCap)

Oh dear, it's been a while since I watched anything Korean! My La Femme Nikita binge-recap is such a satisfactory business, I have indeed forgotten all about that other world. Okay, almost forgotten: I know I have 47 episodes of GEoDiL to recap, don't you worry! Forget Kim Ji-hoon? Impossible!

Episode 8

Dooly has woken up in her (ex?) boyfriends house. Mortified, she flees as soon as his mother turns her back on her. When she creeps out, she does that rather funny thing with her head; and has absolutely no chin! It's quite fascinating. See?

Boksu hears all about it from his sister on the phone. His mother upset, his grandmother offended. Such a mess. And who is that woman, anyway? Boksu will not say, and his sister is quite angry at him - doesn't he care at all that the house is in turmoil because of him? Well, I get the feeling he does care:
Mijin flees home and gets a royal dressing down for making her parents so worried. And where the hell has she been?
At the same time, Boksu's mother is looking through Mijin's bag ... especially commenting on the lack of books (she doesn't study at all?) and the abundance of make-up (and just puts on make-up?). Oh, but then, Omma discovers the cell phone - and switches it on. And what does she see? A picture of her Boksu and Mijin. Doing kiss-mouths. Omma doesn't seem to know too well what a cell phone is - but it starts ringing. It's Dooly's mother. 
Temperamental as she is, she starts yelling as soon as somebody picks up. It takes a well for Dooly Omma to realize it's not her daughter at the other end. But then, she hears about Dooly's misbehavior (the short version) - and the two women agree to meet.

Mijin calls Boksu - who is, understatement, displeased. Mijin wants to know how she ended up sleeping at his place and he tells her: she walked in on her own two feet. And his entire family saw her act like a crazy drunk. So what should they do?? she wants to know. Do??? It's the end for them! he screams.
The two mothers meet. It's instant dislike. Of course, we also have the classic country bumpkin vs. refined rich woman trope here. And Dooly's mother hears it ALL for the first time: Drunken violence, sleep over, disappearance without a word of thanks or apology in the morning. At her "in-laws". Oh yes: her daughter came to introduce herself, with a fruit-basked and all. Boksu Omma informs the other woman that she wants her son to marry a "nice woman with manners and grace".
Boksu-Dooly meet-up at the Han River. The only thing left to do is for her to get on her knees and beg for forgiveness. She is mortified. But if she wants to marry him - it's the only way.
And it's on! At lunch time the next day. Boksu seems to enjoy torturing her. A bit. Until she faces his parents, the enraged neighbor Ahjumma, and ... his grandmother.
They all go inside and sit around the table. Boksu apologizes sincerely. Dooly follows suit. She says she should die for what she did - and his father says not to worry, their family doesn't kill people. Hahaha, that was funny. And he asks what her drinking limit is. Hahahaha, this is the best part of this (otherwise slow) episode!
And Mijin gets on her knees ... but grandmother says she will never forgive her! Get out of here!! Boksu's father says: "Don't be so sad. There are lots of women in the world".
"Yes, dad - I think you are right", says Boksu.

The Sad Rest

Sad Second Wife's marital plight continues as before. Her husband is sad and drinks, she is neglected. But there is the Broody Photographer! Soon!

Menopausal Dragon MiL is hurt that her mother doesn't treat her well. Oh my, she is a whiny sad creature ... But a few botox injections will make it right ... right? Or maybe not. She realizes nobody likes her, especially not her son. Yeah ... maybe it's because of your character? 
The funny-faces couple is finally getting a chance to become a couple, as Inwoo is told to "guard" Boknam - because she is always late delivering her episodes. These two are warm-cold for me. Sometimes I find them cute, sometimes they annoy me to hell and back. Subtlety people. Subtlety.


Yeah, a bit slow, this one. Nothing much happens. The end is very funny, though ... and I'm pretty sure they are just pulling her leg, making her suffer for her bad behavior.