Can We Love? - Episode 9 (A LoveCap)

This show ... it makes me laugh and it makes me cry and it keeps me amazed at how it never does what I expect from it. There are (at least) two very unusual things in the Can We Love universe: one, secrets last a few days at the most; they all come tumbling out. Two, people (at least some of them) deal with their issues by talking to each other. Wow. Ah, of course, there's the third thing: every single male character is nice. Genuinely nice. No skeletons in the closet! Also, at this point in the drama: no dropping shoes for the OTP. Maybe I should stop waiting for them to drop. Maybe they will be no dropping shoes. Is that even possible?
Episode 9

While Sera is preparing to move out of the house behind her mothers back, Ahn Do-young demands to meet with Ji-hyun. He is in front of the house! And he is outraged: how could she have not told him about their daughter!? He wants to see her again and does not take no for an answer; of course not. This is his daughter and he indeed has every right to meet with her.
What Ji-hyun doesn't know is that her husband saw her get out of Ahn's car ... she lied to him about having to go down to her own car to get something she had forgotten. Should be more careful next time, our notorious liar, because he sees the car keys on the vanity table shortly after and hurries down after her to give them to her, being the good person that he is. Yikes.  
On their way back from the cutsie date, our cutsie-pair starts talking about mothers. He says he is not only jealous of her husband but also of her son because she is a good mother (she just talked to him on the phone and as we know, their conversations are always incredibly cute and full of warmth). She, on the other hand, doesn't think she's a good mom ... She knew from her own divorced mother how hard it is on kids to see their parents split, but she got divorced herself, despite of that knowledge. True, he says, because parents are the world to kids. Yes, she agrees; but kids are also the world to their parents. On this point, Oh Kyung-soo has a slightly different opinion - and we finally find out what his mother has done (though he talks about it in general, impersonal terms). She abandoned him (and his father) when he was seven, for another man; and never looked back. Not even once.
The way he talks about this story with such emotion makes her realize that this must be his own - and she tells him a bit more about hers: Her father was a bad man, always drunk, gambling, cheating. She hated him for making her mom suffer. When he was dying of cancer, he wanted to see her one last time. She refused him and he died. Alone. It created her a tremendous and lasting amount of grief. When she became a mother herself, she understood why he wanted to see her - to hold her hand a last time and to say sorry. She can't forgive herself for denying him that chance and she deeply regrets that she didn't get to forgive him. Oh is the first person she ever told this story; because she doesn't want him to be stubborn like her and regret for the rest of his life.
He stops the car, clearly moved by the story. Still, he resists going to see his mother, several times, but she keeps asking and keeps urging him to go. She knows how a mom feels. She knows how a mother loves. At that, Oh Kyung-soo bursts into tears. Jung-wan reaches over, and just hugs and comforts him, quietly.
After he has collected himself, she gets coffee for them. Cute .... he is embarrassed, avoiding her eyes, trying to joke about it a bit, as he always does. Don't be embarrassed, she says: how many times has he seen her crying? And in addition: she realized for the first time today how sexy a crying man is. Really?! he says, almost falling for it, but ... nope. She just said that to make him feel better.
After that, he really does go to the hospital. What Ahn couldn't do all this time, she does in such a short time ... Ahn is there, as are Kyung-soo's aunt and uncle. They leave him alone with his mother. She can no longer speak, but he takes her hand, and they look at each other for a long time. From outside the room, Jung-wan watches this and cries. For Kyung-soo and his mother or for herself and her dad? Maybe for everyone.
He made it in time, but just in time ... we're at her funeral next. Jung-wan does the proper greetings but continues to be very sad, looking at Oh Kyung-soo (who seems tired and a little lost) with so much empathy. What a woman. I think I'm a little bit in love with her.
When she is sitting at one of the tables alone, crying a little, Sun-mi, Ji-hyung and her huband come in. They talk a bit and then, who comes? Ahn. Husband insists that Ahn sits with them, though he clearly doesn't want to and the atmosphere goes from friendly to veeeeeeery awkward. Husband (his name is Lee Gyu-Shik and if he keeps appearing that much I'll have to call him by it, I guess) keeps suggesting they get together again, him, Ahn, and his wife, which doesn't help at all.
As is her style, Jung-wan "saves" the situation by suggesting they step outside, since it's kind of stuffy in the room. The three women escape, but only briefly ... Gyu-shik follows the three women quickly to collect his wife, as he has to go back to the office. Ahn apologizes to Sun-mi and Jung-wan after him and his wife have left for the awkwardness, before leaving himself.

Fate wants it that Gyu-shik forgets (or "forgets"?) his cell-phone on the table. When he goes back into the funeral home to get it, he overhears Sun-mi and Jung-wan talking about Ji-hyung and her "boyfriend from college". Another secret is out! Though you ain't seen half of it yet, poor Gyu-shik. I keep hoping that you're a bad guy, somewhere behind that perfect exterior, but so far, you don't seem to be. Slowly, he begins to realize that his wife has been lying to him.
Sun-mi visits Jung-wan at home for dinner, bearing gifts. She is quite sweet when she wants to be! In fact, I think she's a naturally sweet person, but ... oh well. They talk about Ji-hyun, whom Jung-wan also invited, and why she wouldn't come. Sun-mi tells them about the awful MILDragon and that things in Ji-hyun's life might not be as rosy as they seem and the two women are surprised and shocked to hear about it. When asked when she will get married, Sun-mi once again touts she will be married very soon; and she even has the gall to ask for Jung-wan's support!!!
When she sees her "friend" our after the meal, Jung-wan takes heart and tells Sun-mi that she has something to discuss. At a coffee shop, she tells Sun-mi that she too likes Oh Kyung-soo. A lot. It took her a while to realize, but now she does. As expected, Sun-mi gets really angry, throwing all kinds of "how can you"s at her friend, kind of giving her an "either him or me" ultimatum. It's incredibly childish and very sad at the same time. 
Jung-wan, as we know, is quite anxious for harmony, so she desperately tries to reach her, but Sun-mi doesn't pick up or reply to her texts. Thus, Jung-wan goes to Sun-mi's place and talks to her through the security system, since Sun-mi won't open. She tells her how important his friendship is to her, talks about how they became so close, despite their differences, and how she was always beside her. They are very, very good friends ... so can't she understand? Oh, I like this new Jung-wan. She is no push-over - she knows what she wants. Sun-mi on the other hand ... not ready yet to be reasonable.
Afterwards, Jung-wan goes back to the funeral place to check on a completely exhausted Oh Kyung-soo from the door. I think it is the little weaknesses that he shows that made her fall in love with him so hard. Remember when she told him he was such a perfect man? He still is perfect, but he also has shown her his vulnerable side.
A while later, she comes for a surprise visit at his place. The poor man is exhausted, mentally and physically. But when he sees her, his face lights up.
She just brought porridge for him and will leave again after watching him eat - she thinks he might want to be alone. But he hugs her ... so tightly. He missed her so, so much ... he did something he would never have done without her. Something hugely important. His mother, she smiled at him. All that hate he had felt for her for so long, it disappeared. He is forever grateful to Jung-wan for what she did for him.
When he tastes her abalone porridge, he pulls a face though ... but it's only because it's so delicious ... hehe. He is sorry the movie schedule is delayed because of him, so he wants to take the whole crew out for drinks. And he is very eager to tell everyone about their relationship, of course, but she'd rather keep it quiet until the movie is done. She doesn't want people to say she is dating, not working. He agrees to it, though not gladly. 
After finding out that Sera has moved out, Ji-hyun is in panic mode once again and tries to get her back, but her daughter is through with her. The one time she agrees to meet, she just asks her for her signature on the adoption papers. And should she ask for her dad's signature herself or will she do it? As per Ahn Do-young's wish, Ji-hyun arranges another meeting between father and daughter (the other daughter). It isn't entirely clear to me why she also stays, but they have a meal together, and of course, they're mistaken for a family. Yoo-Kyung gets the waitress to take a picture of the three of them (oh no .......) and promises to send it to both of them. In the meantime, angelic husband meets with a police office-friend and asks him for an (illegal) favor: his wife's phone records.
MILDragon comes for dinner, suddenly. Ji-hyun panics again, because she lied (of course) about Sera's whereabouts, telling her husband she had gone to her father's. Seriously, it's much better to tell the truth in the long run, believe me on this. But she needn't have worried ... Sera is already at the house... with the adoption papers. She tells her father and her grandmother that she is pregnant. Oh wow. This is one courageous girl! 
We have reached the moment we all knew was coming: Sun-mi's employee Moon tells her boss she is quitting - while also telling her how horrible she was as a person for the entire time she worked for her. And that's not the end of it ... she is also taking the other employee with her, leaving Sun-mi with Puppy ... who has also resigned and is just staying a bit longer out of courtesy.

It's the day of the party and Oh goes to collect Ahn - who looks at the picture of him, Ji-hyun and their daughter dreamily. Ahn has quite the lurve-antennas cause he calls his friend and cousin out on his love-affair. Bingo!
Sun-mi drinks far too much and far too fast at the party and keeps pointedly ignoring Jung-wan's every effort to be nice. Sooooooo childish. When she has to throw up in the toilet, Jung-wan follows her and tries to help her, but Sun-mi continues to be rude and brusque with Jung-wan. But Jung-wan, brave Jung-wan is not wavering: She wants both: this love and this friendship. Call her greedy, but this is how it is - and she asks Sun-mi once again whether she cannot understand her. Nope, Sun-mi doesn't want to understand her. 
Haha, Oh Kyung-soo, is this how you keep your relationship secret?! He is all over Jung-wan in his caring, loving way, and Sun-mi almost throws up again. She excuses herself and walks out. Jung-wan follows her, concerned - though Kyung-soo would like to keep her there longer and/or wants to bring her home, but she'll at least text him when she gets there, right? immediately? - but once again, her help is turned down. Rudely.
When Jung-wan she gets home, another surprise is waiting for her ... ex-husband is there! He dropped his son off after having dinner with him and kinda thought this was the right moment to stay and wait for his new-old love interest. Eeeh, Jung-wan doesn't like to see him. She tels him in so many words to put his coat back on and get the hell out of there. Mother is appalled, but Ex-hubbie is all cool ... he knows why Jung-wan is like this with him: because he told her to get back together with him. Oh, how underhand of him ... he even asks his son whether he wouldn't like this?!
Jung-wan drags him out to tell him to p*** off again, but he blurts out that he sold the house, gave back his professor title, and the car, etc., everything Snotty Brat gave him. He has cut all ties because he wants to start over again with Jung-wan, slowly, but surely. Jung-wan is angry and appalled: he shouldn't be like this and he shouldn't hurt Snotty Brat like this. He is still very cool, so sure of himself and her ... but she bursts his bubble alright by saying: there is someone I like. 

There is not much point in me repeating again what we all know: this is a wonderful little gem because it tells a love-story, without much aplomb and drama. It is a drama without drama, at least for some of our couples, or at least no KDrama-drama. The drama is what life usually has to offer, money-issues, health-issues, mommy-issues, etc. But here it comes. These issues, they are dealt with. Quickly. Which means they do not FILL this drama. They are NOT what this drama is about. This drama is about people; people and their lives.

Oh Kyung-soo and Jung-wan deserve every ounce of happiness coming their way because they are doing everything right. They are incredibly honest with each other: Not a single lie has come between them. He likes her, tells her. She resists, cause she's is overwhelmed. He keeps telling her and meeting her. She sees his true, vulnerable self, she immediately opens up to him because she is no longer daunted by this über-perfect prince. She sees that indeed, they can be good for each other. These two have already become so incredibly close, I feel like crying happy tears. And Jung-wan ... Jung-wan! YES! She is no longer self-less. She wants something and she is going to get it. For herself. Now we just need the all-too arrogant ex-husband to back down.

Sun-mi on the other hand is no longer a threat. This was the last hissy-fit that we have seen, I believe (and hope). She already knows she has lost for good. That's why she was so defeated outside the restaurant. It was very stupid of her to behave that way, but I can understand the disappointment she was feeling. The lie she kept telling herself (marriage will happen) seems to have been convincing enough to truly make herself believe in it. I hope we will see some character growth from her in the remaining episodes, but I am confident that she will find her way back to the light.

Ji-hyun on the other hand ... hm. All the lies come tumbling down, but what will be left afterwards? I don't like her predicament (actually, too much drama for my taste!), but I am curious to see where this strand of the story will take us.