Full House Thailand Episode 13 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Our couple is reenacting the Warring States Period, and I do hope things thaw quickly.  They are too adorable to stay mad for long.  I hope.  [rubbing lucky rabbit's foot][Wait, it wasn't lucky for the rabbit]
JoAnne:  Between you and rabbits and Grannie's ummm forcing...I don't think it will take long.

Episode 13

Shuk: There is still no detente at the breakfast table.  This is not helped by Mike pretending to set up a party at the house. Om-Am leaves breakfast on the table and hurries out to meet Guy, and her husband is left to amuse himself, something he fails spectacularly at.  I guess it was easier when he just stood around hoping MinTramp would notice him. He finally calls Guy's office and get his long / lat.
Shuk:  Guy is busily skimming a magazine, watching Om-Am,  and occasionally critiquing her work. Tough job.  Mike sees them in the cafe window and lurks from a nearby table.  The cafe girls sigh at the celebrity in their midst, and Guy realizes who is on the other side of the furniture wall.  He decides it's time to leave the cafe and find lunch while losing the tail.
JoAnne:  Doesn't this seem a bit mean-spirited from a lifelong friend, especially when he does it specifically because it will make Mike crazy?

Shuk: He buys a iced caramel macchiato, and tells the girls to deliver it from a 'fan'. The male reporter is surreptitiously taking photos. The fangirls, well, fangirl, and he realizes he's been had. Sure enough, once they shoo away, Guy and Om-Am are nowhere to be found.

Shuk: I guess everyone is calling Mike the Prince. Guy wonders why Prince hasn't tried to call her, but Om-Am says they only talk about the house and fight about everything else.
JoAnne:  This reminds me too much of JGS, the Prince of Asia.  I don't like mixing Mike up in the crazy.

Shuk: The Prince And the Stupid Swing! Wherever it is. At least that woman isn't there. Mike receives a phone call - a South Korean ice cream company wants to hire Mike and Om-Am for a couple's ice cream CF. Boss wants him to accept it to keep in face in the public eye. Traitor Swish gushes about the romance of it all.
JoAnne:  That guy!  That guy sets my teeth on edge.  Can I punch him?

Shuk:  Om-Am is working on her edits when Mike gets home. She innocently asks how the party went today, and he snipes at her if she had fun disappearing with Guy from the coffee shop. She realizes he had been following them and teases him while he gets increasingly defensive.
JoAnne: You don't find it at all odd that she's so accepting of it?  SHE doesn't know he likes her.

Shuk: He scoffs at her love-conquers-all script, and she counters that her heroine will find true love in the end and be deliriously happy. Mike degenerates into a personal attack: if he hadn't hired her to fake the marriage, she would have ended up an old maid. She repeats the argument back to him.  His pride and his temper snap, and he throws a pillow at her, which knocks a glass of water into her notebook.  Sizz!  Pop! And he knows he just thoroughly screwed up.
JoAnne:  I do love remorseful Mike.

Shuk:  He paces outside her room, trying to build enough courage to knock on her door, as she tries to dry her computer. He never does.
JoAnne:  Punk ass Mike, not so much.

Shuk:  He's wearing her apron and making breakfast when she comes into the kitchen, but Om-Am just throws him a dirty look, grabs a snack and leaves without saying a word.  He leaves the kitchen as-is, and grumps off.
JoAnne:  The breakfast thing though, that would have won me over.  I'm easy, I guess.

Shuk:  Boss is sitting with the ice cream company representative discussing the CF. They want to do it as a Real Life Love story. Oh boy...

Shuk: Om-Am finds the mess in the kitchen and starts cleaning. She gets little bursts of creativity and writes them on posties and puts them up on the refrigerator (since she can't type them up anymore).  Mike stares out from afar like another socially-inept, lovesick fool...
JoAnne:  But oh so very much cuter!

Shuk: He makes a couple of apologetic stickies and puts them with the notes. He waits until she reads them, then watches in horror as she rips them into teeny tiny pieces.
JoAnne:  On the one hand  I admire a woman who is not swayed by all the cuteness, but on the other: wasted opportunities!

Shuk:  He runs back upstairs to his room, and practices a speech offering his Mac Book Air.  He finally minces downstairs while she's chopping vegetables....aaaannnnddd fumbles the ball.  He tells her she probably can use a Mac, even with her dull brain, so he will be nice and let her borrow it.  She chops harder and flat out refuses to use anything of his.  She will complete her script without his help even if it means chopping off her own fingers.
JoAnne: He seriously cannot get out of his own way.
Shuk:  He almost throws his own computer but thinks better of it. (but oh, how I wish he had.  Om Am and I would have PEED ourselves laughing at THAT face.)

Shuk:  Later, Thot shows up and sees Om-Am hand-washing the laundry. After greeting her, Thot walks into the house.  Mike grabs her arm and pushes her out of Om-Am's earshot.  He asks her what they talked about, then admits that he caused a fight.
JoAnne:  He might as well stick a post it on his forehead that says I am a lovesick fool for Om Am, help me.

Shuk:  It's cute how he asks her for advice. She tells him reconcile and shoves the CF storyboards at him. She's never seen him ever this nervous about making up with a woman.  She recommends flowers and buys a bouquet of every flower on his behalf.
JoAnne:  Man, translations.  I thought he was going to get every flower in the store.  Rain bought everything. I loved that.

Shuk:  The flowers arrive, and for some reason, Mike is trying to sneak them into the house.  When he gets caught, he does some type of psycho mumbling and walks past Om-Am. Seriously, just give them to her already, Prince Clumsy!
JoAnne:  I was completely confused by this.  He buys them for her, then doesn't give them to her?

Shuk:  Mike is in the same room watching her clean, but he might as well be the furniture for all the attention she pays him.  He receives a phone call from Thot.  They are scheduled to meet tomorrow to finalize the CF stuff.

Shuk:  At the coffee house, Om-Am gives him her paper notebook of stickies, and has to admit that her electronic notebook is no more, along with the work they had previously completed.  It's simple to fix; Guy calls his office and has someone bring a spare laptop to the coffee house.  She doesn't want to accept it, but Guy smoothly plays the Friend Card.
JoAnne: You have no one but yourself to blame, Mike.

Shuk:  Mike is having a stern talking-to to her plastic bunny, but sofa-dives and pretend-naps  when he hears a vehicle outside. He pretend-wakes, but quickly gets annoyed when he sees the new laptop from Guy. He's humiliated she would accept something from another man, but she's quick to point out his chumminess with MinTramp, and after all, P'Guy understands her better than anyone. His temper flares, and he grabs the laptop and throws it to the floor.  Bad Mike!! No chicken feet for you!!
JoAnne:  The look on his face is worth it all. "Oh shit, I did it again." She just makes him crazy.
Shuk:  He realizes it, a split second too late. She looks him straight in the eye and asks him why he hates her. With that, she runs out of the room.  He picks up the laptop and fiddles with it.  A "click" catches his attention, and he realizes Om-Am has absconded.
JoAnne:  Poor baby girl, is that what she thinks? 

Shuk:  He catches up to her on her own bike. She won't stop until he calls out that they will earn a large amount of money tomorrow. That stops her in her tracks. He offers her 10% of the CF fee.  She agrees, as long as he apologizes to her fifty times. Hee. He finally gets serious, and sincerely apologizes for acting without thinking, and promises he won't interfere with her dreams ever again. After all, he's the one that broke everything.
JoAnne:  He does understand the art of the apology, which is good because he'll be using it a lot over the next 50-70 years.

Shuk:  She stares at him for a moment, but deep inside she knows he talking about more than just objects. She gives in, but she gets the bicycle and he has to carry her luggage back. She starts counting apologizes as they head back to the house.

Shuk:  Things are easy between them at the CF meeting the next day, until the company representative starts asking personal questions. While the primary filming will be in South Korea, there will be a filmed interview with each of them that will be incorporated into the CF campaign.  They are given a list of questions that will be asked.

Shuk:  Back at the house, they go over the questions, and realize almost all of it will have to be a fabrication, from their first impression, to their honeymoon experiences. One of the questions: What is Mike's secret? Right away, Om-Am is thinking mammoth. So is Mike, when he warns her to be answer nicely or lose her salary.  They both start thinking along the same lines: Mike's enjoyment of chicken feet; her treatments during his ankle injury; Mike teaching her to ride a bike...
JoAnne:  We just sit back and enjoy a revisit to all the sweet memories.
Shuk:  The neighbor's dog takes the moment to bark a hello, and Om-Am runs outside to play with him. Mike stays inside and watches the pair gambol around the back yard.

Shuk: The scene gets broken  by a phone call from Princess Cockblock. She wants to meet up with tomorrow, but he can't due to the photo shoot.  Right away, she makes the decision to come to the shoot and dress him. He doesn't tell her to pack sand.  He really needs to grow an anti-MinTramp spine.
JoAnne:  Done with this bitch.
Shuk:  At the photo shoot, they are in makeup when the UnWelcome Presence shows up.


Shuk:  MinTramp better not invite herself to the photo-shoot in South Korea.  And Mike, you had better cut the cord.
JoAnne: If I cut it for you, Mike, it will be uncomfortably close to things you might want to hold on to.