Full House Thailand Episode 4 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Mike has requested Om-Am to meet him!  Was it love at first sight?  Does his heart go "degeun degeun" (or the Thai equivalent) when she enters his sphere.  Stay tuned!
JoAnne:  How does she get around? No car. I know. It's not really the point, but these are things I think about.


Shuk:  Om-Am is sitting on some steps waiting for Mike. When he pulls up, he orders her into the passenger seat.  There is a moment of awkwardness, until he blurts outs out, "Will you go to dinner with me?" She wonders if he's hitting on her,n but no; there's a complicated situation that only she can help.  He hands her a wad of cash, and tells her to go buy a nice dress. She grumbles that he should ask nicely, leading to a snarky, fake-aeygo request.  She rolls her eyes and gets out of the car, then grins over the amount of money.
JoAnne: Since I know the story I really just want them to hurry up and get to the good stuff.

Shuk:  Shopping montage! And when he shows up, all hawt in black and shades, they both stare at each other for long moments. I think they like what they see.  He refuses to admit she's pretty, though, so she pushes the receipts into his chest and gets in the car.
JoAnne: Screw that.  HE is pretty.

Shuk: It's a silent ride until he parks. She's troubled that she might act inappropriately, but he tells her not  to worry about his small surprise. She girds her loins...okay, she adjusts her top, but it's the same, right?  LOL
JoAnne:  It must be the cut of the dress but that is one ample bosom.

Shuk:  They are the first to arrive, and she gets nervous about the prices - is it going to add to her debt balance with him?  He rolls his eyes and assures her no, except she has to eat whatever she orders.
JoAnne:  One of the best things about this guy is that even though he's all cool rockstar singer with a slammin' bod, he's actually a grumpy old man.

Shuk:  She's concentrating hard on the menu, and doesn't see Guy and Mintra arrive until she hears him call out her Korean nickname.  She's shocked for a moment, and hides behind the menu with a "Holy Crap!"  Mike is nonplussed - so they really did know each other? Mintra is clueless.  I have to wonder now - did he really believe her SK nonsense? And expect Guy to drop Mintra for her?  I think I need to run my fingers through his hair and check for blonde roots.
JoAnne: I assumed he thought she had SOMETHING with Guy, and he wanted to show Mintra that Guy was a lost cause.

Shuk:  Mintra is glad Mike brought such a cute friend; Mike is speechless as Guy explains how the two of them met, but he finally gets his voice back, and point by point her story gets shot down.
JoAnne: I don't think he bought the wedding and all that, but I do think he assumed they had a fling. Guy is kind of a playa...it hasn't come up here yet, but I remember.

Shuk:  The meal goes along well, okay not really, but it’s still hilarious.  Mike glowers at the end of the table while the other three make small talk.  Guy mentions that he found a soulmate in Korea, who was having a few problems with her booking. Om-Am’s healthy appetite, her script writing, and her food reviews are all discussed.

Shuk: Finally, Mike flame-texts Om-Am, threatening all kinds of dire consequences for a con artist and a liar. She replies that she really was tricked. Mintra calls him out on texting at the dinner table, and Mike states he is arguing with someone from whom he needs to recover money.
JoAnne:  Mintra is piiiiiiiiiiissed at all the attention Om-Am is receiving. From both guys.

Shuk:  Finally, the dinner comes to an end, and the two unsuspecting people go in one direction, and Idol Boy and Con Artist go in the other.  A suspicious guy watches the four leave.

Shuk:  Mike arn-grabs her and pulls her towards his vehicle. He’s taking her to the police station!  She insists she’s not a con artist. She finally tells him the truth regarding her cousin, but, naturally, he doesn’t believe her.  She counters; he willingly went into and signed the contract with her to stop bothering his friend, so clearly he is not a victim.She finishes with a threat to let his fanclub know that he is  an evil man who threatens helpless women. She bites  the finger he’s pointing at her, kicks him, slaps him and runs off.
JoAnne:  I loved that. Especially the finger bite.  So unexpected and juvenile!  You know he's thinking this tiny peanut is crazy.
Shuk: Mintra is probing Guy for information on Om-Am, but I don’t know if its because Guy knows her or because Mike brought her.  She wonders if Mike is serious about her; Guy replies that every guy is looking for a comfortable relationship.
JoAnne: Both. She wants Guy but she likes having Mike follow her around like a puppy.

Shuk:  It turns out that strange guy in the restaurant is paparazzi, and photos of Om-Am and Mike show up in the tabloids.  His handler is sporting a headache, and asks his assistants to find out the truth.

Shuk: At Full House, the new furniture has started to arrive.  Om-Amn pretends she is the neighbor just passing by, but secretly watches the installation from  several vantage points. This becomes a pattern until the house is fully furnished. The time is ticking down until she can no longer live there.
JoAnne: I like the inside of this house better than the K-Full House.

Shuk: Sure enough, one morning a white car pulls into the driveway while she’s relaxing in the master bed. The new owner checks everything out downstairs as she obliviously works out a script plot in her head. And we finally see the new owner - Mike!

Shuk: She hilariously acts out a Rapunzel story on the kitchen island, complete with a frying-pan swordfight. Outside, Mike hears the noise and comes back inside. Our couple gets their first full-on face to face since the dinner! During their conversation, with the kitchen between them, we confirm that he bought the house a month ago.
JoAnne:  Hurry hurry fall in love! I'm being too impatient.  Everything so far has been cute and necessary to get them to the cohabiting and the pace is better than FH-K was...but I'm just so excited for what's coming I can't help myself.
Shuk:  Mike contacts his agent, and, yes, the paperwork brought to the closing was authentic. He is genuinely sorry, but she has to leave. She refuses to hand over the key, but that’s a simple matter of changing the locks. She asks for some time, but since she’s lived there free for a month already, the answer is no.
JoAnne:  He's kind, and he feels bad for her, but he's being firm. I like it. Mostly because if I had one tiny quibble, it would be this:  Why the hell has she done NOTHING about finding a place to live?

Shuk:  Later, he locks the new locks and sets the cipher key before leaving. She, of course, is still lurking around, but is unable to get inside. It seems to rain every night, and poor Om-Am ends up crying in a city park. Uh oh, do they have Officially Sanctioned Water Sources in Thailand to avoid catching colds?
JoAnne:  I'm glad this is just about over, this part, because like I said...

Shuk:  Mike shows up at the house the next day with some of his personal things and finds her sleeping on the porch. Sure enough, she’s unconscious and feverish. He carries her inside to a fainting couch in the living room and proceeds to take care of her with a towel bath, stove-top soup, and meds. Gorgeous man, gorgeous view!
JoAnne:  Honestly. One of my favorite parts, to tell the truth. I always thought it was this interlude that really got him, anyway. It's like a baby. You love what you protect and care for.

Shuk: He goes through her things, and finds her journal. He reads a little and sees her despair in those few lines.  And aww, he stays on the couch near her rather than sleep upstairs, taking care of her throughout the night.
JoAnne:  Loved the thoughtfulness of returning the journal to its exact place. There was no feeling of sneaking, but instead that he wanted to protect her feelings by allowing her at least the illusion of privacy. Our Mike has a good heart.


Shuk:  A wonderful man to take care of you when you are sick?  Oh yeah, this is fiction.  LOL.  But seriously, in spite of a prickly exterior, Mike is all gooey and marshmallowy inside. But then, we kind of knew that on the plane didn't we. And now that we have finally gotten around to the house, I cannot wait until hi-jinks ensue!
JoAnne:  Get to jinkin', stat!