Full House Thailand Episode 20 Final (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  The final episode as we say goodbye to Mopey Mike and our Thai gang.  I really thought this was one of the best Thai dramas that I have ever watched (sorry Cee Siwat and Dome Pakhorn). But I'm afraid with the international success of this show, the Thailand Entertainment business may lose some of it's unique characteristics to become more cookie cutter for the public palate.  On the other hand, Mike in a remake of ISWAK?  Yes please!!
JoAnne:  My first Thai drama ever.  I'd say the bar is set pretty high, which is unfortunate for the rest of what's out there, I'm guessing?


Shuk:  Om-Am is sipping her OJ in her same-same seat on Same-Same Airlines, remembering all his rules he spelled out for her, finishing with the good bye packet.

Shuk:  Mopey Mike is wandering Seoul.  We are going to call this Scenario # 1.

Shuk:  In Bangkok, a personality-transplant MinTramp brings over sandwiches for Guy to taste. Somehow she's making the leap from dress designer to restaurateur? Do you want fries with the Dolce Gabana?  He is her food-tasting guinea pig. Has she made a kimchi sandwich yet? She should at least know his favorite if she isn't, you know, selfish anymore.
JoAnne:  I thought fashion people didn't eat.
Shuk:  The race is on!  We shall call this Scenario # 2. Om-Am shows up at Same-Same Hotel and talks to the Same-Same concierge. He's not there. She goes to the hanok, but Ahjumma says he left the day before.

Shuk: Scenario # 2: The wall painting with flashback.
JoAnne: I'm a genius.
Shuk:  Yeah yeah yeah.

Shuk:: Scenario # 1: In front of Gyeonbok Palace.

Shuk: Scenario # 2: At the fountain with the fake wishing well (I think it's outside Seoul City Hall)

Shuk: Scenario # 1: Gwanghwamun Plaza fountains

Shuk: Scenario # 2: Gwanghwamun Plaza fountains - she's getting closer

Shuk:  Scenario #1: That killer indoor ice skating park, catching snowflakes

Shuk: Scenario # 2: That killer indoor ice skating park, praying

Shuk: Scenario # 1: Eating at the open market.  No Om-Am, no soju-guzzling thugs
JoAnne: Someone needs to say to Mike 'This is not the chicken you are looking for.'

Shuk: Scenario # 2: Overlooking the Han River
JoAnne: He's Thai so he can be excused for not knowing....but nothing good ever comes from going to the Han River.

Shuk: Scenario # 1:  He's riding past her on the bike path along the Han River, but doesn't see her, and her back is turned, so she doesn't see him.
JoAnne:  That was frustrating. But expected.  In fact, I expected it to happen more.  So thank you for subverting my expectation, Show.
Shuk:  Scenario #  2:  She makes it to Namsam Tower and looks over the locks. She finally finds their locks. It's a quiet moment, then we hear a voice: "Did you come back to unlock it."
JoAnne: YES. I mean, NO.  But yes.  You know what I mean.

Shuk:  ABOUT. DAMN. TIME. She thinks so too, and immediately launches into his arms. His arms are open for a split second, before he pulls her in as close as humanly possible and buries his face in her hair as she cries.
JoAnne:  He gives good hug.  Damn.
Shuk:  She shoves him by for a scolding - Why did you make people worry? What have you been doing? His reply: "Thinking of you." And this time he pulls into the hug. After a timeless moment, she pulls away and demand the extra key for the love locks.  Wait, why does he have it? Who cares, just go along with it, Shuk.
JoAnne: Seriously, really excellent hugging technique. As for the ring, he must have taken it from her room or something before he left, because I clearly remember him pretending to throw it, then handing it to her.  So in his hope for her to find him in Seoul, he envisioned this very moment.  Shivers.

Shuk: Regretfully he hands it to her and she walks back to the lock. She hesitates over the pink lock, and with a sudden rebel yell, throws it over the Tower railing. Laughing, she races back to him and throws her arms around his neck.  Orbital Spin-Hug!  Yay!
JoAnne: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Shuk:  She's happy she fooled him, thinking she's a great actress.  He is going along with everything she says, just happy she's there. That big wide grin says it all.
JoAnne:  Imagine the relief and the joy.  Hug again, kids. You earned it.

Shuk:  More crazy fun things to do in South Korea, including the Jeongseon Rail Bike Park, ending up, of course, playing in their favorite fountains, until they end up thoroughly wet and tightly entwined. It's a mammoth moment.
JoAnne:  It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out. Careful where you point that thing!

Shuk:  They frolic in the sands of Daechon Beach. As the afternoon slips away they are playing with sparklers at the water's edge.  Well, she is; he's just staring at her.  He had sat there while he was alone here, wishing she was by his side.  And now she is, and it's like a dream.  She sidles up to him and pinches his cheeks.  Does it feel real? They end up shoulder-cute on the sand.
JoAnne:  You know I'm right about them, don't you.

Shuk:  The next morning, they wake up together in a camping trailer.  She wakes up first, to trace his chin and lip.  She toys for a moment with her wedding band, held on a lanyard around his neck, before pulling away and sitting up to look outside.
JoAnne: I lose precious moments wondering why people wear so much clothing to bed. Isn't Asia HOT?

Shuk:  His hair is adorable out of control when he finally wakes up. They look at each other, and she quietly asks, "Do you really love me?" That's our Om-Am, straight shooter.
JoAnne:  He does, and I do too, sweetie pie. We all do.

Shuk:  He strokes her hand, and introduces himself:
"My name is Mike.  I have a temper and never listen to anyone.  I didn't know what true love is...until I met you.  I can be myself with you.  I like to look at you and see you angry, laughing, but I hate to see you cry. I've made you cry a lot. I feel like crying whenever you don't understand me.  I'm uneasy when I see you with someone else. But I know this: marry me.  No contracts, no conditions, no rules, just a man who will love you forever. "
Shuk: What's a girl to say to that? She smile through her tears as he puts her ring back on her finger and kisses it.
JoAnne:  Woulda worked on me.
Shuk:  She cups his face for a moment before kissing his forehead. Whoa, Thailand,  a little racy! But it gets even better. Forehead rub, eskimo kiss, then she initiates the real thing. His eyes open for a moment, then close. They end up smiling at each other, touching head and hands before BigHug time. Is it "ummm" time yet? She chooses this time to say they never divorced, which erupts into giant bed tickle session, ummm?
JoAnne:  Ummm...I just assumed that happened the night before, really.
Shuk:  They are back on their favorite SK bench, with a tandem bike. Mike leaning against her as they hold hands, just content to sit there with each other.

Shuk:  They make it back to Thailand, and are sharing snuggle time with the doorbell rings. She makes him get off the couch. It's the other generations! Hugs and kisses all around, even for Dad.
JoAnne:  Dad needs love too.  And that Grandma's smile just kills me.

Shuk:  And the cooking lessons continue, this time making those chicken feet Mike loves. He pops in like a little boy to steal a little food or a few kisses. Over dinner, Grandma is happy, but, then again, she has  more feet than Mike. hah.
JoAnne: I love this family to bits but I'm never having dinner at their house.

Shuk:  Story tie-up time!  Mintra is still foisting her her cuisine on him, but she has her storefront. Our lovey-dovey couple is spoiling their second cousin, and Pao gripes that they act like they gave birth, and we find out it's their wedding anniversary. So six months or so of wedded bliss so far.

Shuk:  It's cook-out time at Full House, and the Love Dodecahedron is together on the balcony. Blah blah, the four of them watch the stars.
JoAnne:  And then three of them signal each other, grab the fourth, and launch her over the side to certain death?  No?

Shuk:  Let's move on to more meta-cute. It's teeth-brushing time, but this time, Om-Am is schmutzing the mirror while Mike wipes it. More vignettes: the two of them are on the pier with junior, Om-Am riding her bike while Mike jogs, Om-Am giving him a bike ride, sharing popcorn on the couch.
JoAnne:  It's not that I want to see the ummm, but if you spend all this time doing not-ummm, when DO YOU HAVE TIME TO UMMM?  Where is my cute baby?

Shuk:  And we get the Salacious TV channel doing the Exposition Expose: the hidden marriage, love, public viral video, success and happiness for both. [sigh]  I like her hair not kinky, but I like his bangs down.
JoAnne: Hair up he looks like a little boy trying to look grown up. Her hair is better shorter and straight.

Shuk:  She stands next to her mural, and Mike draws her outline and face. He finishes by writing "Full Of Love" above her outline with hearts and an arrow. Final quiet scene with a backhug in the sunset.
JoAnne: Happy squees here on the hill.


Shuk:  While it certainly had its draggy moments, I thoroughly enjoyed this adaptation of an already-familiar story. The emotions on the screen are almost palpable, leading to many of thinking they are a couple in real life.  If so, go for it, you two!! You are adorable together! Su-su, hwaiting!
JoAnne:  I really only thought this last episode was kind of draggy, but I stand firm in my belief that even if it is a short-term thing, these two totally have the hots for each other and have indulged at least once.  
Shuk:  Some disappointments. I wanted Traitor Swish to come to some unpleasant end, since he was clearly the snake in the organization. Most of the side characters were there strictly for exposition, and that's okay as long as we stuck with the main couple.
JoAnne:  Right? How come no one got their just desserts?

Shuk:  Jane Janesuda did a great job of  focusing our hate, although I never did understand Mintra's motivation. If Mike had the trauma, why was she the needy greedy one? Oh well, everyone is happy, and so am I.
JoAnne: Mike had a sister who died, but Min has no family. And I'm guessing she never had any friends but the two guys, who were mostly friends with her out of loyalty, not liking. I didn't like her. I didn't like her pissy face or her rat's nest hair or her voice, but I did like some of her clothes, particularly the navy blue outfits in the last episode.  

JoAnne: As for the show, this was an easy breezy job for me, only having to do comments! It was a last minute add and I'm glad to have been asked and really glad to have watched! Kamsa for the invite, chingu! Do these two star together in anything else? Because I'd watch. Does anyone know where her movie is?  I'd watch that, too. 
Shuk: I'm a little sad to see my first Thai SqueeCap be pushed out of the nest into the cold, cruel world. ลาก่อน, และขอขอบคุณ! Thanks to everyone who read and commented!! (They were awesome commenters and very HELPFUL too!)