Full House Thailand Episode 15 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Kiss!  Kiss!!  Now that we have had a little action, are we getting more cute?  Or does the angst start? Boo Angst Boo Go away.  Anyway, there's going to be lots of screen shots and gifs in this one.  I can't help it!  It's madness!!
JoAnne:  I just want them to admit they love each other, go for an elephant ride, and then maybe show us lots of cute babies.
Wrong kind of KISS

Shuk:  Yesss!  The lips finally touch!  Squee! I think even the director was squeeing inside.  LOL.  Mike's eyes fly open with the first kiss, but then he just closes his eyes as they move in unison between the ice cream and each other. His hand goes on her waist, hers on his arm.
JoAnne:  I loved his eyes.  He is fully aware that it is HER he is kissing, and to me the eyes show both that and his decision to allow himself to want her.

Shuk:  Apparently there's no post-osculation meltdown as our couple goes through a series of promos, including making kimchi and chocolates. They are perfectly cute with awkwardness.
JoAnne:  It was an abrupt switch for me but they're cute so I got over it.  Did you love how the chocolates flew out of her box in the last commercial?
Shuk:  Yep! Definitely an NG except for his smile.
Shuk:  They end up at an indoor skating rink with all kinds of icy fun stuff. I don't see any cameramen, so I'm assuming they are just doing this for fun. Honest, did Mike ever smile this much before meeting Om-Am?
JoAnne:  Not in his entire life all put together.

Shuk:  They end up on a park bench with a tandem bicycle, and this time they are a lot closer, sitting side by side instead at opposite ends of the bench. And his arm is around her (but on the bench, natch). There's still a bit of a gap between them, too.
JoAnne:  Hello, Full House Korea :)

Shuk:  That night, she gets the mattress pad, but they share the blanket and fall asleep holding hands.
JoAnne:  It's cute but come ON.  They're grown ups.  They're 'married'. They're holding hands and kissing and falling asleep like that? Where's the SPOONING?  Where's the MAKING OUT?
Shuk:  On the flight back, he's even more solicitous; covering her with a cloth while she sleeps. He goes to brush her hair away from her face, but, still asleeps, she grabs and holds his right hand, then bends in for a snuggle, which he is happy to oblige. He uses his other hand to touch her hair again and do a little snuggle action of his own.
JoAnne:  Happy sighs throughout from me.  I luff dem. And he does tender quite well, does he not? Come see noona, honey.

Shuk:  Back home, it's business as usual, with a twist; now Mike joins in the cleaning fun. He's distracting but adorable, especially his window mammoth dance.
JoAnne:  Hips don't lie...
Shuk:  She's still cooking when he sidles into the kitchen, but he will have to eat alone while she mops. His solution? He mops for her! And we get another fun song with a little 70's wah-wah pedal.
JoAnne:  Why can't she eat and mop after, though?  Why is that a rule?

Shuk:  After dinner, they head to the basketball courts. Mike is scruffy with one sweatpants leg up, the other down. So much for his cool clothes in public - take that, MinTramp!

Shuk:  While grabbing for the ball, Om-Am ends up in his arms, and gets flustered.  They stare at each other for a moment, then she turns, gets the ball, and wonders out loud if it's time to get ice cream. Rawr!
JoAnne:  Is that code for she wants some time where I won't be able to knit?

Shuk:   At the end of a long and happy day, they share a strawberry / vanilla container, but with spoons, darn it. He tells her that he has felt at ease the last couple of days, but he goes back to work tomorrow. She calls him cute when he's relaxed, and he almost aeygo's for a second. Then she continues that when's he relaxed he doesn't complain about the house, the food, her....
JoAnne:  They're just so damn good together...

Shuk:  She hesitantly asks for half her salary up front, so she can give it to Prego for the amniocentesis.  He asks the question we all are asking, mainly Why are you helping her after what she did to you???
JoAnne:  Pretending anything related to this subplot does not exist.

Shuk:  She smiles ruefully and says she doesn't have any other family, so she feels she needs to help her cousin. Nice. Naive, but nice.
JoAnne: Dammit.

Shuk:  Mike muses that, once the debt is paid off, Om-Am will leave.  She asks him if he wants to stay.  Say it Mike.  SAYYY ITTTT!
JoAnne:  That was brave of her!  Say it Mike. Say it!
Shuk:  Instead, he falls back on the same line: who is going to be his housekeeper? And cook?  And do laundry?  She laughs it off, and good naturedly, he makes her feed him ice cream from her spoon, and in return, gives her a bit too. I assume they sleep in their own rooms.
JoAnne:  Mike, you make me sad.

Shuk: After breakfast, Mike helps with the dishes.  He asks her about any dinner plans, and she promises to call him once she has seen her cousin. Once he leaves, Om-Am has to pep talk herself not to fall for Mike.
JoAnne:  Methinks that ship hath sailed, yeah verily.
Shuk:  He's outside the house door, looking back in and smiling slightly.  I'm thinking he's already admitting it to himself.
JoAnne:  Thine harbor doth boast many ships, indeed.

Shuk:  At the condo, Om-Am casually hands the envelope to her cousin and begins flipping through a magazine. Oom gives it back and, through tears, wonders aloud why Om-Am doesn't hate her.  Our heroine admits that when everything was gone, she almost hated enough to kill them.  But then it just dissipated, and now she wants to make sure her niece or nephew is healthy.
JoAnne:  I hate people who are nicer than I am.

Shuk: Mike calls just as they are saying their goodbyes. He tells her that she can pick the restaurant, and she agrees to go to the usual place.  I'm guessing that first restaurant?

Shuk:  THAT DAMN PRINCESS RING TONE - LOSE IT!!!  MinTramp calls Mike. Mike had forgotten to bring her a souvenir, so she all but demands he meet her for dinner. He doesn't say a thing before she hangs up.
JoAnne:  He doesn't look WILLING, at least, but come ON, Mike.  Speak up.
Shuk:  Om-Am taxi's over to the restaurant and waits. He's thinking and driving, but doesn't call either woman. Om-Am waits some more.
JoAnne:  Dude, you are KILLING me.

Shuk:  And..... he ends up eating at MinTramp's favorite restaurant.EPIC FAIL.
JoAnne:  In the words of the immortal Vivian Ward in the classic movie 'Pretty Woman':  Big mistake.  Big.  Huge.
Shuk:  Without even contacting Om-Am, he eats, although he keeps looking at his watch throughout dinner. MinTramp asks him if he's afraid of the little housekeeper and guilts him into going to a bar after dinner.
JoAnne:  You are so going to have to grovel for this, you spineless schmuck.  You don't even want to be there.  You WANT to be with OmAm.

Shuk:  And Om-Am waits. I'm thinking she should either call him or give it up as a bad job, but she sticks it out until dark. She finally calls him, but his phone is turned off. Finally finally finally, she leaves.
JoAnne:  ..to buy itching powder to put in his bed?  No?  To buy all the chicken feet in Thailand and then throw them away so he can't have any until a whole new batch of chickens grow up and shed their feet? That's what happens right?  As they get bigger their feet just fall off because they're too small?  Or do they just cut the feet of the laying hens because they don't need to be moving around anyway...
Shuk:  You are sooo gonna be chased by PeTA, unni.
Shuk:  Other people join the boozefest, and it's way dark when Mike finally takes MinTramp to her place. She tells him he seems different and inattentive since he returned from Korea, and she won't allow him to continue be that way. She airbrushes his cheek after that threat statement, and closes the door.  I can't even guess his expression: Fear? WTF?
JoAnne:  I think he's realizing that Min is a bitch, but feels powerless to do anything about it. Why, I do not know.

Shuk:  Mike makes it home, and knocks on her door. She ignores him and continues to stare at a photo of her dad. He sighs and turns away.
JoAnne:  Empty handed? There aren't roses and chocolates and diamonds and fluffy kittens in a bag somewhere?  Foolish boy. Where's the artfully toweled mammoth, at least?  No matter what that was just fucking RUDE, to not show up and not even call.

Shuk: She's gone the next morning, leaving breakfast and a note that she'll be gone most of the day.  He's sad, and it totally serves him right.
JoAnne:  Yeah, take THAT, you dick.

Shuk:  The Prego's are heading for the doctor's office.  But Dumba$$ Dad spent the money on a get-rich-quick scheme. She yells at him, but what can be done?  The money's gone. Come to think of it, wasn't it his idea originally to screw Om-Am over?
JoAnne:  Yes, he's ridiculous. Let's kill him.
Shuk:  She meets Om-Am on a rooftop. She doesn't tell her the money is gone, though, so it's mostly girl talk about boys. Om-Am admits she's attracted to Mike, but wonders if it's too mismatched to work. Her cousin isn't much help, but then, look what she's stuck with.

Shuk:  As the two cousins part ways, Om-Am gets a phone call.  Is it a Groveling Mike?  No!  It's a Granny Gone Wild!  Grandma wonders why she hasn't been by the house to continue the cooking lessons, then admits she's a little bored.  Om-Am offers to take her somewhere fun.

Shuk:  They go clubbing.  Not quite a disco, though. It's a ballroom dancing group, and apparently Grandma has an old beau who greets her familiarly. Om-Am sits back and watches Grandma flirt and dance.
JoAnne:  I absolutely adore this old woman's face.  I want to kiss her cheek.  I am absolutely certain it feels like blotting paper and smells like rice powder and I will cry and miss my grandma.
Shuk:  Suddenly, Mike is there. How did he know?  Mom told him. He tries to dance, but she barely stays anywhere near him; he more or less traps her in a bear hug and moves in closer and closer, asking her to get over her mad and forgive him. Finally she blurts out an agreement, and he lets go and drops her. Damn, Mike is this how to be charming??
JoAnne:  I was loving the ever-tightening hug and the slow lean down with the threat of a public kiss...but then dropping her? We are not amused.  
Shuk:   He pulls her up off the floor and casually tucks a strand of her hair back. Grandma wants to dance with him, so Om-Am sits down and watches, gradually smiling at the antics of the two.
JoAnne:  Anyone with eyeballs can tell he loves her, honestly.

Shuk:  That night, almost everyone enjoying dinner and talking about dancing when Dad shows up. There's a lull, and Om-Am is quick to invite him to the dinner table. He hesitates but sits down. Then Om-Am all but forces Mike to serve his dad rice and something to drink. The atmosphere thaws, and Grandma couldn't be happier with a full table.
JoAnne:  Om-Am, Healer of Families

Shuk:  Suddenly, Mike gets a phone call. It's on buzz, but we can all guess who is probably on the other end. He immediately leaves dinner.
JoAnne:  Listen, you fuckwad.  I am about done with this shit. You get one, possibly two more episodes to get your act together, or I am DONE with you.


Shuk:  I can't understand why she is able to lead him around by the short ones.  You can argue his relationship with his wife, but to leave family dinner?  He's a smart guy, why isn't "NO" in his vocabulary when he clearly understands how this bothers the people he loves and who love him.  [sigh]
JoAnne: I don't fault him for leaving, because that was clearly alarm on his face.  Something bad happened. Or at least, it's presented to him as if something bad happened.  But to get up from the table and leave without explanation to anyone is just rude, unacceptable behavior.