Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 11 (KimJiCap)

It's a winner! This episode brings us lots of cute between our OTP and takes us huge steps forward with regards to them getting married. It's wonderful to see two people really happy and in love ... well, but then there's the mothers. They're not happy. Not at all.
Episode 11

Kiss-kiss time! Boksu says he is sorry for giving her a hard time and so grateful she came to visit tonight. He wants to tell her: he really loves her. D'awwwwwwwwwz, you cutie pie ...
But not only that, he also wants to marry her - he wants to protect and love her forever. He wants to earn lots of money and buy her tasty food. She is overwhelmed by her feelings after such a wonderful proposal and hugs him very tight. I want to, too... I guess that's a yes, Dooly?
But look who's coming, and catches them in-the-act? It's Dooly's brother In-woo! He is afoot to collect one page from Boknam's script that didn't print out correctly. He immediately calls his father to tell on his sister. Boooooooo. Well, his mother gets a hold of the phone and he - as you might remember - is mainly after HIM, who is AWOL from his studies to live his dream in the TV industry. He quickly hangs up and sneaks away. Behind him, some serious making-out is in progress. I kid you not! There's smooching like we never see on screen but I guess if it's in the background it's okay? Hmmmm .... Halmoni doesn't seem too happy about it :)
Boksu walks his Dooly home. They're so in loooooooove. And when you're that much in love, you believe everything is just roses, rainbows, and unicorns.
You're also incredibly happy! They're like that too, even at work! Others are not, but that belong below, under "The Rest". In addition, Lady Choi continues to be the voice of reason - or rather, the party pooper. She tries everything to stop Dooly from marrying Boksu, but Dooly doesn't listen. Good.
Dooly has a contract ready for Boksu. That way, she can go and live at his place, she says. She is 26 years old and she will not change easily - she doesn't plan to, in fact. He is not allowed to change her. And then, there's these conditions. First: three years of living at his parents' place, but then, they move out. She'll learn the basics of being a good DIL during that time, but after that, she wants to live freely. Second: she will not quit work. Third: she wants to just have one kid - be it boy or girl. He signs and promises to love only her - forever.
The whole neighborhood knows about the passionate smooching. Boksu's mother is really angry and calls him a jerk. Boskus is "huh"? His father too. His mother goes into her room to cry. Ohhh ... poor omma ... she is losing her son to another woman. Stern halmoni will not have the crying and that's that. The wedding will be at the end of this month!
The next day, Boksu tells Sad Wife he is getting married - and he tells Dooly that Sad Wife is his cousin's wife. Dooly isn't very happy about hearing that -  she thinks Sad Wife will give her a hard time after they've become in-laws. Boksu says not to worry: they're not close at all. His aunt is really strange (agreed). He is going to meet her parents this Saturday evening. Her father: okayish with the whole thing. Her mother? SO not okay with this wedding.
At home, Boksu's father tells him he'll have a sad life: he'll be stuck between two women, just like him. Boksu goes to talk to his mother, who doesn't leave her bed anymore - and gets her to play badminton with him. In the middle of the night. But all his attempts to make her laugh or lose her extremely bad mood fail.

The Rest

Sad Wife is sad. Doctor Husband too. Oh, but there is broody Kim Gi-ha - with his genius pictures from the photo shoot. They're exchanging glances ... it's certainly not heated ones. Maybe they want to see who falls asleep first?
Broody-moody Giha gets to sign a contract with Sad Wife the next day. He is very sensitive, didn't you know? So he asks her what is wrong with her. She tells him to butt out: he is crossing the line. He smirks a little and leaves. Still don't see the appeal of this guy. Like: NOT at all.
In a flashback we learn that the Evil MIL very clearly approached Sad Wife to split her son from the Nurse (or at least move her forcefully towards her son). She is such a liar ... Pretending to be all concerned about Sad Wife's mother, who died, while only caring about the status and background of Sad Wife. Fie!   


I actually like Boksu's difficult mother. She's such a child! She's also having a hard time to let her son grow up, which I somewhat understand. Of course she'll like Dooly (who doesn't!) but from her perspective, that woman is loud, coarse, and hits her son. That said, I don't like Dooly's mother much. The only reason she is against the marriage is background. A pig's feet restaurant is beneath them, that's what she things - and then, she and Boksu-Omma don't really match well.

I couldn't care less about the others. Boknam and In-woo are kinda cute, but they don't get a lot of screentime yet. Not cute at all is Sad Wife and Giha. Seriously. He just makes me fall asleep as soon as I see him. Maybe they'll have a heated affair though? I like to be surprised.