Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 14 (KimJiCap)

It's meet the families time! Yikes, this is when worlds collide ... Of course, Boksu and Mijin get over their tiny little rough patch and are back to loveydoveysweetdeluxe in no time. I could watch them all day. Just looking at them being in love makes me very, very happy.

Episode 14

The Lee family gets dressed: Man, what a circus! They are growing on me like fungus. Mijin tells Boksu on the phone that she'll be there, but she is still reconsidering the marriage. Yeah, sure ... The Jo family is ready as well, and gets to ride in In-woo's fancy convertible (named Papillon. For details see below). Before the Lees get going as well, Boksu's mother is polishing Boksu's car, while Boksu's father worries about the price of food at the hotel. He doesn't like hotels, by the way.
The Lee family gets there first and is seated. The Jos are approaching ... and everybody is worried the mother will say something she shouldn't. The two families meet ... it's stiff and awkward, but civil enough. They exchange a few "pleasantries" until In-woo, who had to go to the toilet, comes in and sees Boknam. Grandmother goes: "Isn't that the guy we caught in Boknam's room?" Buahahaaaa. and Faceplam.
They eat. Nobody says a word, but then, Boksu's father orders Kimchi with the Western food. More facepalming. Boknam (Mijin's mother thinks she is the older sister) eats like a pig. Boksu and Mijin are about to die. Finally, Mijin's dad addresses Halmoni and they start talking about how mother's of daughters (i.e. Boksu's mother who has married 3 of her daughters to eldest sons (huh? that many?!)) know about the pain of mothers when they lose a daughter, and how these mothers will treat their DILs really well. Don't they? Boksu's mother says "yes", but we know she has different plans.
Upon that, Mijin's mother thinks she needs to ask a question - and her family fail to stop her: when will the kids be able to move out? Hehehe, goes grandmother, don't worry about that. She will forge Mijin for three years - but then, they will be able to move out. She is not that old-fashioned. But what will be left of her after the 3 year DIL forge?
Oh dear, everybody is really glad it's over, including me ... that was quite a tension-filled meeting! I expected more things would go wrong. Back in the car ... haha, the Lees are so funny! Much funnier than the Jos, minus In-woo. Both mothers say the other family was loud, and Mijin's mother is quite upset over the fact that Boksu's mother doesn't like her daughter. That she heard from In-woo, who told her before the meeting about that writer he is in charge of, whose mother doesn't like her future DIL. Well done, In-woo, well done.

Delicious Bokus is on the phone with his Dooly. She agrees she had a difficult day today and he asks her whether she wants to go for a walk. She starts with the honeymoon thing again, but he doesn't look phased at all. And is it true that her mother hates her?! Of course, he denies it - but he quietly vows to kill his sister.
Yes, he is going out again - he can't keep away from her, can he? They will make many babies, I'm sure! They meet in a bar with music and candlelight and when she asks why he keeps looking at her all the time, he says "because you are so pretty". Yes. Definitely. MANY babies!
She is resistant though - and blows out the candles. Lol. She will NOT fall for it. The honeymoon must either be Tahiti or Europe. He just smiles - and has the waiter light the candles again. The reason he asked her out is that he wanted to celebrate their wedding just with her - no family, no siblings. And he thanks her for marrying him, Lee Boksu. That's it: her resistance is broken.
She is getting quite drunk, and then he says: If you want to go to Tahiti, let's go there. It may be far, but she was right: it's once in a lifetime after all. He will just send his parents to Jeju later. But the truth is, she was only upset about his bossy behavior - and that he JUST thought of his parents, not her. When she is alone with him, she STILL doesn't feel like they're alone - his whole family is right behind him. He says he will do better in the future and she says fine, then let's go to a resort close by. She doesn't want to sit on a plane for hours either. He asks for this in writing, but she rips the napkin he put in front of her apart.
At her gate, he kisses her on the forehead (WHY???? she was so ready for some hot lip-action!!!) and tells her to sleep tight.
He then admits to the night, us, and himself that he really, really, really cannot understand women. Well, sweetie - sometimes, we don't even understand ourselves.
Mijin is inside, skipping like a little girl, when BoksuOmma calls her. Haha, Mijin is very drunk and very silly. BoksuOmma invites her over to the house the next day to discuss a few things - and then, she asks Mijin where they are going on honeymoon. She gets to hear the whole story why they are "only" going to a Korean resort. And she ends the conversation by telling her future DIL that she wants to treat her like a real mom and that she wants to be treated like a real daughter ... and that she really loves her MIL a lot.

The Rest - there's a lot in this episode!

In-woo is reunited with his beloved car named Papillon. He missed the car more than his mother. He cautiously tries to get closer to Boknam, but alas ... not the woman to take for a ride in her convertible, dude! I could have told you!

Family gathering at the Go-family abode. Sad Wife and Awful Mother clash: Sad Wife tells Awful mother not to baby Doctor Son and Awful Mother replies that she knows her son and doesn't want to be lectured. for whatever reason, she doesn't want her DIL to come to Boksu's wedding. She is TERRIBLE.

Later in the car, her husband tells her she is "very proper". He is an emotionally stunted dick, he is. No wonder she goes and smiles at Giha right after. They walk through the night together and he is very interested in her. He says he'll be her friend. But she's not that kind of woman - not yet. Where is my steamy affair, show? He's a pretty okay guy when he doesn't brood unsexily. By the way - his friend, who also works at the company? He's gorgeous!
Halmoni gives Boksu's Omma all the jewelry to give to Mijin - to the shock/surprise of poor BoksuOmma. When Halmoni says she's in control, BokusOmma's face lights up like the sun - it's kinda like a promotion, I think? Oh my, she is SO EXCITED - and she is sure she will do SO WELL, with ... everything.


I'm quite fascinated by all the terrible ringtones in this show. But it was 2007. In 2007, the world was a different place.