Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 4 (KimJiCap)

Onward we go with Hanbok Makers in and from Hell, Episode 4. Just to let you know, I'm taking a whole new approach to this "thing" now (apart from dragging recapping-duties out as long as possible): I'm not even EXPECTING to see Kim Ji-hoon anymore. You know how pleasant a surprise it will be when he finally does appear, totally unexpected???!
JoAnne: All I'm saying is if he's gonna cry he better show his abs, too. That's only fair.
Episode 4

Dun-dun-dun ... will Evil Daughter-in-Law's (EDIL)'s secret (she is sewing and selling illegal hanboks!!!!) be revealed? Will she be beheaded on the spot? Good Daughter-in-Law (GoDIL) faces a terrible, almost life-threatening dilemma: if she tells MIL, her SIL is in trouble - if she lies about the EDIL's deeds, she tarnishes Bi Seul Chae's name! It's the world's sacred Hanbok Place and the fate of humankind depends on it!
JoAnne: Do NOT get caught up in the hanbok black market. I've heard tales of itching powder in the under layers, curses embroidered into the jackets... it's not worth your life to get between these ahjummas and their fabric.
At that wedding hall, Bong Bong One (that's her husband) is shaking his head in despair: Their SIL is no longer who she used to be: Sewing has corrupted her soul. He thinks they can no longer cover for her, but GoDIL has not yet given up hope. When confronted about the clothes by the Matron, she says that they were not Bi Seul Chae clothes. Alone with her SIL shortly after, GoDIL tells EDIL to go and get all the clothes back that she sold illegally. If she needs money, she will help her to the best of her abilities. Seriously ... why does EDIL continue to deny everything? It's like the dog that shits in the garden in front of everybody and then pretends it's not his!
JoAnne: It's all those tiny stitches, man. They make you craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.
Uh-oh ... but look, it's Bong Bong Two (the younger son) - he is also tracing the illegal hanbok. And OF COURSE, he is not backing his wife after he finds out. He is exposing her immediately to the Matron (pretending to have received the clothes from somebody who wants to check their authenticity). The Matron rages at GoDIL first, for lying and for tarnishing Bi Seul Chae's name. Second, she wants to go rage at the EDIL, but she is just leaving Bi Seul Chae, dressed in ... very colorful things.
JoAnne: It's like ahjumma pants in hanbok form. I'm conflicted about Bong Bong 2, I really am. On the one hand, his wife is a BITCH. But then again, she is his wife. And then again, I mean... that IS his family's reputation, plus he is trying to get his wife to pay more attention to the kid. And yet... the kid misses the mom but loves her and admires her and seems willing enough to make the sacrifice so why couldn't Dad just step up more if Mom is so very 'GOTTA SEW GOTTA SEW GOTTA SEW RIGHT NOW' about her career?
Next up, the Bong Bong brothers talk to Eun-bi, who continues to draw the yard with the colorful fabric and the kite, that's the trademark of this particular yard. Let's see, so this kite is going to have significance later? All three of them see the EDIL leave the House, and the Matron following her in secret. People see or hear other people do or say things all the time in this drama, don't they?
JoAnne: Sewing leaves a lot of time for spying, apparently.
Matron confronts the EDIL at the wedding shop (of course that is where she went). So, EDIL only came to Bi Seul Chae to make money! Not for the sacred art of clothes-making! It's quasi the end of Bi Seul Chae! And it is definitely the end of EDIL's time at Bi Seul Chae! Leave this instance! But the shop-keeper interferes: isn't she too mean to the kind DIL? She leads the Matron to the back of the store, where a photo shoot with elderly, poor people takes place. Thanks to the good, good EDIL, they get to take their Memory Picture in a beautiful hanbok. Is that the picture that goes into the shrine? Oh fie! EDIL is even worse than we thought - she just fabricated this whole old-people-will-be-helped together with the shop keeper so that they can continue to sell hanbok?!
JoAnne: Which means she manipulated her MIL into following her and had this all planned out? That is some devious shit there.
Mother is all "oh I'm so sorry for mistaking you", and I'm all "but seriously, she totally HAS turned hanbok's into money to give to her brother, hasn't she?" and ... YES. As soon as the Matron has left, the shopkeeper turns around and says "I have done what you wanted, right?" and is all smiley, because she has the exclusive right to sell the hanboks. She is quite shrewd, our EDIL. I'm actually a little bit afraid of her.
JoAnne: She always plays evil women. Were you perhaps not taking her seriously enough because it's 'just' about sewing traditional clothing? Were you not acknowledging the cultural importance of the work they do? What do you figure those outfits are worth, anyway? Couple thousand, maybe? Every hanbok counts!
It's Kim Ji-hoon!!!! No, of course it isn't, it's just little Cry Baby Jae-hwa. He is fondling his mother's saved vest (no smelling) - and he even finds a photo of her wearing it attached to the vest. And he starts crying. Maybe I should stop writing that, we'll just take it as a given. I will tell you when he STOPS crying. And now the plot twist ... the vest is from Bi Seul Chae!
JoAnne: Well that just makes sense, her sister works there.
Ah, not a plot twist? No, maybe not. But Lil Jae-hwa's eyes go round as saucers when he reads the label. When Lil Jae-hee comes in to get his brother to play soccer, Cry Baby has gone. Lil Jae-hee finds a sheet of paper full of dates and dishes, some of them crossed-out. He asks what this is. Yes, tell me! What is this? Is it significant?
JoAnne: Not as significant as how cute lil Jae Hee is. It's probably Jae Hwa's 'Crying Schedule'
Matron is feeling so sorry for thinking badly of EDIL. She is almost depressed - the misunderstanding has hurt everybody, also Bong Bong Two, maybe even Eun-bi. Bong Bong One is trying to say something about the true nature of the EDIL Witch, but GoDIL doesn't let him. So he leaves the room, all bothered. His brother Bong Bong Two is shouting at his wife - he can no longer cover things up for her, he will tell his mother. Ahahahaha, seriously, drama! How many times will we go back and forth and back and forth? Tell her already!!!
JoAnne: Moooooooooooooooooooooooooom, she doesn't keep the Spirit of Hanbok in her hearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt.
He wants to divorce. She says: "It not like you didn't know I was a person who sewed - does it make sense that you want a divorce because I sew?" This. OMG. She cannot leave because ... wait for it ... because who would teach Eun-bi to sew then??! Of course, Eun-bi is at the door and hears everything - ONE SHOT! EDIL tries to hold him back and begs him not to tell MIL anything - she'll even go to America with him. Is that the magic word? Yes! He now no longer wants to tell his mother everything.
JoAnne: She's lying. If she's going to America, then it doesn't matter if MIL knows. She's not going to America.

Lil Jae-hwa is at Bi Seul Chae - he wants them to fix the vest (it looks perfectly fine to me, but apparently, it's a bit burned). He smiles, by the way! He is happy that the Matron will be able to fix it. 30 seconds later, he cries again - over a handkerchief that his mother sewed, with his almost completed name on it. Through his tears, Lil Jae-hwa sees the cloth in the yard - and he forgets his pain, while running through the colorful wonder. There, he meets little Eun-bi, who is staring at the kite in the sky. Crying.
JoAnne: Will he... become a Hanbok Namja and soothe his soul with SEWING?
Suddenly, the flying line snaps! Both of them run, but not far: Lil Jae-hwa ends up in blue dye. Eun-bi starts laughing and calls him a blue alien. He might have to walk around like this forever, too - blue dye doesn't come off easily! He starts pouring water over himself in panic and she laughs even more: she was just pulling his leg. She hands him his handkerchief, which is all blue now, and guesses right that his name is Jae-hwa. He insists she has to call him oppa from now on though. She will, she says: if he buys her jjajangmyeon.
JoAnne: OMG this girl and her noodles - does she have a tape worm?
When he is gone, she turns sad again. The kite is gone. If her mother leaves, too, there is no more happiness in the dyed yard.
JoAnne: Pick up a needle, young lass.  Sewwwwwwwwwwww something....
At Jae-hwa's house, there's about 5 different types of eggs for dinner. Nobody knows about his egg-trauma? Jae-hwa is almost crying and cannot eat anything, of course. Oh, but Lil Jae-hee suddenly puts one and two eggs together: the list of food items in Jae-hwa's room? All the egg-stuff was crossed out. Because the Mean Dad forces Jae-hwa to stay at the table, Cutsie Jae-hee fakes an egg-allergy.
JoAnne: Awww, that kid is such a good egg.
Later, Jae-hee's loud mother surprises him with a huge amount of dishes just made for him. The Curly Aunt has had the same idea, she went and got take-out for Jae-hwa ... who is crying over the handkerchief in his room. The two kids meet on the corridor when they try to bring each other the food they got - and they giggle in glee when they find out that they now have Korean food AND Chinese food.
JoAnne: This is an actual honest to god bromance with real bros and I'm happy.
Little Witch kid is trying to sew, but she is entirely untalented. That's going to be an issue when the switcheroo happens, isn't it? Vegetable Ahjumma finds her straight A-school report and promises to take the Little Witch out to a restaurant as a present.
JoAnne: So uninterested in this brat.

Eun-bi is sewing and she wants her mother's attention - which she doesn't get, of course. Her mother is ironing because it's her conviction that people with good clothes will never be looked down on (that sounds like a perfect match for the Little Witch who is also extremely obsessed with good looks). She also tells Eun-bi that it's her husband's fault she can no longer sew. The little kid immediately thinks her parent's issues are all her fault.
JoAnne: I will wrinkle her clothes with the heat of my hate.
The little Jaes watch star-constellations in a projector while laying in bed (whatever). Jae-hee says he'll never eat eggs again because of his brother, even though he loves them like nothing else. And while Jae-hwa cries, he tells his little bro about the egg-trauma (in case you don't remember: his mother went to buy eggs because he threw a tantrum and then died in an accident). Ah, the guilt! Of course, the Loud Mother overhears that (ONE SHOT!). Little Jae-hee comforts Little Jae-hwa by telling him some secrets about his mother. The bromance is strong!
JoAnne: Jae Hee is still the way better brother.
Oh, but here DOES come a plot twist ... I think? So, Loud Mother was THERE when Jae-hwa's mother died. She was already extremely pregnant then even though it has been 6 months? What does it signify that she now knows little Jae-hwa's "secret"?
JoAnne: I thought it was only 2 months? The subs I saw didn't make it seem like the eggs were the thing for the Loud Mother - it seemed more like she knew the mother died that night and she had been kind of worried that it was HER fault, because the mother clearly knew who she was and saw her pregnant state.

Grandmother is reading Eun-bi the wolf story from episode 1. Eun-bi is terrified - until her mother comes in. EDIL looks tired, so Matron tells her to rest well. EDIL cries. Eun-bi does as well. Matron looks heartbroken. But EDIL just does it to look good in Matron's eyes, the evil witch!
JoAnne: I want to jab her lips with sewing needles.
Jae-hwa thinks of Eun-bi and her Jjajangmyeon obsession - and Eun-bi is sewing his little pant-pouch (and I can't believe I'm only 36 minutes in ... why does this drama make me write so much???? Well, maybe because I recap every single scene even though they are not relevant AT ALL?!)
JoAnne: It's hard to do a KimJiCap when there is no KimJi to be capped.

Oh dear, EDIL is really good at being evil. She orders herbal elixir for her SIL - for her to get pregnant. What a bitch. GoDIL, who is making breakfast in her stead, is offended (of course) AND scolded by the Matron for being ungrateful. So unfair. Damn. And EDIL now also gets what she really wanted: another go at the successor competition, because Matron thinks she was biased. They need to find a logo for the king's garment - or a person that can do the logo? Yup, the second. A cross-stitching genius. There's also a riddle to this all, which will probably help them find the right person.
JoAnne: A cross-stitching genius. Have you done cross-stitch? It's kind of hard NOT to be good at it.
Vegetable Ahjumma is all dolled up: she promised her daughter to dress nicely to go to the restaurant. Oh, but the loan sharks are throwing her veggies onto the street! This is about her not-and-now-dead-husband's debts. And they threaten to "take it from her daughter". I don't want to think about what THAT means, thanks. Oh my ... two of the scumbags are already THERE, in front of the school, identifying Min-jung from a picture. They take her school bag! Her hair pin! And her jacket!
JoAnne: I would rather watch hanbok drying on the clothesline than this.

Her mother has run there and starts her (rather short) counter-attack on the two men. When they start hurting her mother, Little Witch bites one of the men. Hard. The fight continues for a while, in the end, the men leave, but they promise they'll be back. Vegetable Ahjumma cries, Little Witch is just furious. If she doesn't pay back the money, they will come back, every day. Her mother might as well sell her off to a rich family - so that she may be happy. She = The Little Witch.
JoAnne: Oh sure, Little Witch. But what you don't know is the hanbok is ALWAYS nicer on the other side of the fence.
Jae-hwa is now trying to make a kite - and Curly Aunt smartly gets the Loud Mother to do it. Jae-hwa smiles (yes, he smiles) and runs out.
JoAnne: Ok I did like that. She's so annoying and stupid, I hope they trick her every day.

The Bong-Bong brothers meet. Doom's day. There's a second competition, Matron is being fooled and Bong Bong Two is told to stop his evil wife. He kinda tries ... well, at least he slaps her. And he shouts at her for lying to him again and being an evil woman etc. etc. etc. The divorce is on! YES! Will he tell his mother? He turns around and comes face to face with Eun-bi - she immediately lashes out at him for being mean to her mother. She doesn't want them to divorce! Nooooooo! Now he will not tell his mother.
JoAnne: A Hanbok marriage is forever.
Little Eun-bi cries bitter tears in the dyed yard, but when she turns around, there is the new kite. And a smiling Jae-hwa. He comforts her (awwwwwww) and they agree to meet this Sunday for noodles. Wanna bet that date will never happen? Also, she gives him the yellow pouch she sewed. It's a lucky pouch - and it will make him laugh every day. Thank you, thank you little Eun-bi! So glad to hear that grown up Jae-hwa might no longer be a cry baby! They fly the kite together and it's really, really cuuuuuuuute.
JoAnne: Still really do not get why that pouch will make him happy every day.
Bong Bong One is very bothered by everything that is happening at his house, he tells his Boss, the Bad Dad. Bong Bong Two is also very bothered: he is fingering the divorce papers. Eun-bi watches him from behind, thinking about what Jae-hwa told her: she just needs to reconcile her parents.

Little Eun-bi is with her nice Aunt, the GoDIL, and learns some knots from her - and while they talk, GoDIL suddenly realizes how she can win the competition. EDIL is also getting very close to solving the riddle the Matron gave them ... The cross stitch that will complement the MIL's sewing technique is ... the Jeonju Elder! They need to find one of her designs! At the very same time, GoDIL finds a picture of that Jeonju Elder in a photo album. She takes it out and hides it behind her back from EDIL, who has just stepped into the room.
JoAnne: oooooh, hanbokery is afoot!


Judging from the preview, the accident is happening in the next episode, as they rush to find that Elder. Let's just say I'm GLAD we're almost there, because I simply cannot take another round of "I will tell mother everything!" vs. "but I must seeeewwwwww!". This drama is just as insane as everybody claims EDIL is. And it's making me insane too.
JoAnne: I must be sniffing the dye because I read your comment and my only thought was OH THANK GOD the car accident is coming and now some people can die.
in our near future! I promise!
What I like: the little Jaes. Jae-hee and Jae-hwa's growing brothership/friendship is very, very cute. Also, the interactions between the future leads were also very cute - if only Little Kim Ji-hoon were a better actor. 
JoAnne: He's practically as orange as her dress, Kashi.
kakashi: I don't care. Not at all. Just make him BE THERE on my SCREEEeeeeeen! I don't even care if it's in hanbok. He looks good in hanbok! 
Big question for me: How is the switcheroo going to happen?! I mean ... we know little Eun-bi is abandoned pretty soon (next episode?). Will Vegetable Ahjumma find her? But unless Eun-bi loses her memory (AMNESIA I LOVE YOU ... NOT!), wouldn't she always know where to go? And how will Little Witch come to the rich family? Because her mother sells her, like the Little Witch wants to? Damn, I guess I will have to keep watching to find out ...
JoAnne: I think it would be fitting if we soak fabric in soju and then suck out the alcohol, if we have to keep watching.