Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 30 (KimJiCap)

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Oh! We're getting closer and closer to the truth! It feels the BIG reveal is just around the corner (how many times have I said that though?!), but I guess we'll need about 10 more episodes for that? Also, Jae-hwa and Bori are getting closer, but I wouldn't mind some real romance between them, not just drunken hijinks. Overall, this is a very good episode, which makes me crave more. So glad it's almost time for the next episode!
JoAnne: Yeah, they need to start REALLY being a couple, not just a couple of people who like each other. And they need to figure out what Bi Dan is thinking, FAST, because I can't cry like that every week. We can drag out the inept Min Jung plotting right to the last minute though, if it means we can continue to see her get stomped at every turn by our awesome gang of Anti-MinJungers.
Episode 30

Min-jung's skillful lying is interrupted by the entrance of her mother! Ah, rejoice! Veggie looks from one daughter to the other, with tears in her eyes. She turns around and confesses that she gave the hanbok that Bori made for her to Min-jung. And she falls on her knees. In her head, she apologizes to Min-jung and thinks she needs to be Bori's mother for a change. Min-jung tries to get out of this mess by lying again, but uri prosecutor has more proof: Min-jung bought her mother the cellphone. The account is under her name. Oh, and even more damning: Min-jung gave Veggie the original hanbok top that Bori made. Oopsie.
JoAnne: See? She's either lazy or stupid or completely misguided about the intelligence of her opponenents. Well that could file under stupid, I guess. She's either lazy or stupid. Either way, it's HILARIOUS every time.
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BaDIL tries to get out of the mess too (she claims she didn't know!), but of course, GooDIL knows better. Even though Min-jung tries to cover for her new mother. She claims she was disappointed in Grandmother for trusting Bori (though she had been sent from Bi Sool Chae), yaddayaddaya. Anyway, because they obviously made evil hanboks (that is the ultimate sin!), the Matron says Min-jung will not be her successor (I guess that means BaDIL won't be, either), but Bori will be. And the Head Seamstress position will also be reconsidered. The end. At least I hope so!
JoAnne: I'm not satisfied! BaDIL should be stripped of her duties! What's to reconsider? You talking about evil hanboks makes me want very much a story about a hanbok that reveals the ugliness of people like Min Jung when they put it on. It shows their true face and makes them tell the truth, kind of like the red shoes make the dancer dance and dance and dance.
Outside, both BaDIL and Min-jung try to intimidate Bori, but fail. What's more, Bori tells Min-jung she has a score to settle and whisks out the recording of Min-jung's plotting against Jae-hwa. That'll be the end of that evilness, too, I hope.
JoAnne: Don't you love how she just asks for information or to be given things that could potentially harm her (so she can get rid of it) as if she truly expects people to just hand over the evidence they have? And one of these days I want her to have to stand there and just be slapped by everyone she's messed with. Like a receiving line but with slapping.
Jae-hee, the fool, goes to pick a ring for Min-jung ... with his mother. Who still violently opposes the alliance. Good gut-feeling there, Stupid Mom. At that very moment, Min-jung calls Jae-hee in panic to tell him they've been discovered, which causes Jae-hee to go back to the office and send AppaNotOppa to buy the ring for Min-jung. Pfffft, the irony. Bad Dad is not very pleased about his younger son's methods - and the marriage with the snake is off the table now.
JoAnne: Jae Hee hurts my heart. I just keep seeing the sweet boy with the terrible hair and the good heart and wishing for him to come back.
Still, my delight is tempered by the fact that Bad Dad is far too lenient with his stupid young son (he only ever slaps Jae-hwa) and by the fact that Jae-hee is too stupid to realize that Min-jung is poison and what he did is very wrong. Jae-hee is just afraid Jae-hwa will go after the company (that again?) and this time, it seems Jae-hwa is not entirely disinclined.
JoAnne: What does he mean, 'go after', anyway... it's not like Jae Hwa doesn't have the right. He has MORE right. He's the oldest son, it should have been his - he only abdicated because he didn't want the family drama. Anyway it certainly seems like it could be big enough to support both of them having a leadership role of some sort.
Now, we may have thought the Veggie Ahjumma has been fully redeemed? Think again. GooDIL is finally ready to reveal the picture of small Eun-bi, but ... what is that? It no longer is in her purse! It's nowhere to be found! Because Veggie Ahjumma took it. Also ... she fiddled with the DNA test by using Bori's toothbrush and throwing the old one with Bori's DNA out. Now it seems that Bori isn't even remotely related to anybody in the Jangbori universe. Great. Poor Bori ... she's devastated to learn her real parents aren't even looking for her. Oh, but interesting ... Veggie did it for Bi-dan's sake, she says to herself, and because she thinks Bori is better off with her than with BaDIL. That's an interesting thought ...
JoAnne: I think those things happened pre-recognition of her contribution to Min Jung's behavior, though... and I do realize that she revealed the truth out of love and concern for BOTH girls, so I don't think for a minute that she's done trying to help Min Jung if she can. I just think she will be more thoughtful about what kind of help she provides, for what kind of plans. I am pretty sure she's not going to harm Bori in the process ever again - at least not deliberately.
Jae-hwa may no longer be prosecutor, but he also isn't idle! He does PPL research on the "auto brand" his family's clothing company is distributing (he even goes and takes PPL photos of hiking gear!) ... and when he gets back to Bori's place, a familiar figure walks up the street! Ha! That's unexpected!!! It's Sensu Young-sook! She's not very pleased to see Jae-hwa - but he treats her like an old friend.
JoAnne: I thought we were done with her but I am feeling stirrings of awesome with this little plot off shoot.
Bori is very pleased to see her friend, but Young-sook turns sour again when she picks up the very friendly vibes between Jae-hwa, Bori and Bi-dan. But no, there was no cheating behind her back, they assure her: they met again by chance in Seoul. Young-sook is in Seoul because of her new clothing business (her husband seems of the lazy type) and they go out for pork belly and soju together.
JoAnne: See? Clothing business. Awesomeness brewing.
It's the total reverse from last time, when Jae-hwa only had eyes for her: Bori and Jae-hwa feed each other lettuce packages and I Diiiiiiiiiiie of the cute a little (Bori is so shy, awwwwwww). And of course, they get very, very drunk.
JoAnne:  Since I really dislike being drunk (and even more, sick after!) I get kind of tired of these scenes. I like tipsy. I'm good at tipsy. I'm FUN at tipsy. Well, I'm more fun. Most people are! Why does anyone need more than tipsy?
Quite drunk, Jae-hwa says he really, really likes Bori - but she just doesn't listen to him. Young-sook chooses not to understand and says what a shame! She has four kids, they cannot be together. But if he told her to come to him, she'd get a divorce! How did Young-sook make her husband fall for her, Jae-hwa wants to know? And Young-sook tells him: they were very drunk. He held onto her face, like this ... Jae-hwa does the same to Bori ... and then, pressed her to him, like this ... and then, he kissed her.
Jae-hwa clumsily does the same to Bori. Hahaha, seriously. Well, Jae-hwa, I hate to break it to you, but I guess Young-sook was a LOT more willing than Bori. The kiss looks terrible, is he trying to give her a mouth-to-mouth? Young-sook gets up and breaks the two apart - and then smacks their heads together. Jae-hwa only wants to know what happened after Young-sook kissed her husband? And Young-sook laughs dirtily and says: "You want to do that in front of me too?" No, but Jae-hwa now knows what he wants to do: he wants to get married to Bori.
JoAnne: Happy sighs about that.
Let's see whether they remember that in the morning! Because currently, they're all passing out, one after the other, on the table.
Bi-dan has to go to kindie by herself because both her mom and "dad" threw up all night (pfffffft). AppaNotOppa picks her up outside his new place and gives her a ride - she is very pleased, because she was always jealous of kids riding to kindie in a car. She would also love to go to an amusement park, she tells him. So he takes her! That's probably not good?!
JoAnne: Seriously. WTF.
When Bori wakes up (hangover!!) and removes her pillow from under her head, GooDIL sees it and recognizes the genius cross-stitching!
JoAnne:  It only took forfuckingever. I mean come ON, they live together.

The Rest

Big Kang finds his wallet on Little Kang and immediately acts on this big opportunity by calling Bad Dad and offering to meet with him (as his big savior). There's a huge gathering at the pizza place next (well, "huge". Ga-eul is there as well), and .... hahaha. Every scene with Big Kang is a winner!!! Big Kang asks for Jung-ran's hand, Bad Dad keeps refusing. When Ga-eul realizes that Big Kang is Little Kang's brother (and is penniless), she also suddenly opposes the marriage. Because Bad Dad always listens to Ga-eul, that's the end of things. Ga-eul, I don't like you.
JoAnne: I don't think that's it. It's going to be that thing about marrying two members of the same family. So if her aunt marries Big Kang, she can't marry Little Kang. Either that, or she's afraid that the association will tarnish Little Kang in such a way that her father won't allow her to be with him.  
Dumb Mom goes to threaten BaDIL (basically to tell her her daughter should keep her hands off from her son) - but that's not a great idea, because BaDIL? She knows about "why" Jae-hwa's mother died, or rather, whom she met at the store before she was run over. Of course, it was Dumb Mom, with her huge baby-belly - Jae-hwa's mother realized who the baby-daddy was (same rings on both the women!) and when she tried to return Dumb Mom's wallet to her (she had dropped it before), she was run over. Dumb Mom picked up Jae-hwa's mother's ring from the accident scene (let's not ask how it got to lie on the street like that) and puts it back into the ring-box. dun-dun.
JoAnne: I'm shaking my head at how contrived this subplot is anyway.
Jae-hee proposes to Min-jung on that concrete patch where she force-kissed him. They swear their ever dying love. Her tears look real, but they always do before they don't.
JoAnne: Right? She even fools us!
Min-jung manages to rip evidence of her past life out of Jae-hee's hands at the last minute ... and there is AppaNotOppa, being freakishly scary again. He asks her whether she'd rather call off the marriage today, before he exposes the truth about her, or whether she'd rather be in the most miserable marriage ever? She starts attacking him and they have some kind of fist-fight, with her telling him to just die and him telling her he cannot die as long as she is alive. He also takes a USB stick from her ... or does he put it in her bag? 
JoAnne: He puts it in her bag.
Min-jung gets a call from her mother and then tries to remove all the Eun-bi pictures from Bi Sool Chae. She does and puts them all into her suitcase. Still, Bong2 is very suspicious of her and goes to her room ... but he finds no evidence of any pictures. She sits him in front of her computer to show him something about an exhibition, but the stick she puts in ... yes! it's from AppaNotOppa. And it contains evidence of her true connection to Veggie Ahjumma!!!!
JoAnne: I cannot stop laughing. This show trolls its own characters, that's how awesome it is.


Is this the end of Min-jung's lies? Will she finally be kicked out from Bi Sool Chae? It seems possible. I really liked the twist with Dumb Mom being under pressure to accept the marriage because of her own (misguided) guilt - I didn't expect that at all. I somewhat doubt that Min-jung will REALLY get to marry Jae-hee though, which is a shame, because I would love to see her suffer in that household (and I would love to see her as Bori's younger sister-in-law). And I can't wait to see whether Jae-hwa remembers about his marriage-wish - and what he will do to finally win Bori over.
JoAnne: I'm not at all convinced Min Jung is done with her evil ways, and I can't decide if she will get to marry Jae Hee and then get kicked out, or if she will get to the altar and then get kicked out, or if she will get kicked out earlier than that, even. What's worse to you? Getting THISCLOSE to what you want and then having it snatched away, or getting a tiny, tiny taste of it before it gets snatched away?