Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 37 (KimJiCap)

Get some tissue ready for the latter part of this episode ... we're here! We've done it! The big seeeeeeeecret! It is out! (On another note, Kim Ji-hoon is quasi absent from this episode, but hey! All in all, over 50 episodes, there will be a lot of him. So I'm not complaining. Or only a little)
JoAnne: Man. I need to go hug my daughter. (Starts crying again because, can't right now.)

Episode 37

In the dye-yard, Min-jung challenges Bori to go take a DNA test - cause she's in for a nasty surprise if she does. Her real mother? Not what she seems. The terrible secret will be revealed after Bori steps forward as Eun-bi (by Min-jung, of course) and the world of the Hanbokers will be in turmoil, Min-jung says into Bori's ear - she will definitely lose both mothers. YES! Do it, Bori! It's the best that can happen to you!
JoAnne: Is it just me or is this quieter Min Jung... I don't know, slightly terrifying, maybe? Like, maybe they should put extra security at night even 20 years from now, because she's going to get out of prison and stab them all?
kakashi: Perfect villain. This actress does REALLY WELL
Bong2 hears a few of MJ's threats and comes over to investigate, but Bori is weary and already thinks in earnest about Min-jung's words. Why will she be the cause for the rift in Bi Sool Chae? Bori doesn't back down though (can she slap her "sister" before this drama ends, please?) and follows Bong2 to his studio. He shows her one of the pouches she has made - a lucky bag. It's the one she made for her mother, to prevent her from leaving. Awwww, so sad. She remembers everything clearly, but pretends not to - still thinking about what Min-jung said.
JoAnne: I do understand her hesitation, although a LARGE part of my heart says screw that woman, she's hateful. But still, your mother is your mother - and do you want your introduction to a family to be the thing that destroys that family? Little does she know that family was destroyed long ago and she'd be doing them a favor.
BaDIL hates Bori with all her might for "destroying" her hanbok line, but Bori has pictures of the Hanboks with her - and that's proof enough that they were made with a sewing machine, not by hand. BaDIL knows who is to blame: Min-jung. She runs away in search of her. The troll is at the company with Jae-hee, who says it's all fine because all the evidence has been destroyed. How is that all fine?!
JoAnne: In a universe where every day MinJung wakes up thinking she's the one in the right and everyone else is wrong... is it really so strange that Jae Hee believes if you can't see the evidence, no crime was committed?

The meeting between BaDIL and Min-jung shortly after is tense: Min-jung lies that the hanbok were made properly but Bori and Jae-hwa lied about it (suuuuuuuure), but you know what, Troll? Your "mother" has seen the pictures of the faulty hanbok. Hahahaaaaaa. And she also knows you lied about the Bori-Eunbi-picture thing. Oh, but now, Min-jung shows her real face: she tells her mother that finding Eun-bi means the end of BaDIL at Bi Sool Chae, isn't that so? Oups ... BaDIL realizes the Troll must know something.
JoAnne: That was hilariously funny until you saw that subtle shift on her face and became frightening. Lee Yuri, you are one damned fine actress and you are playing your heart out. Now that I know what a fuzzy kitten hello kitty inexperienced actress she is, to see her do this is amazing.
Bong2 sneakily takes Bori to take a DNA test - and she agrees, even though she still has massive doubts and fears to hurt people around her.
JoAnne: Do it do it hurt the bad people do it we don't mind honest.

Almost 26 minutes in until Kim Ji-hoon appears. I'm sure he's enjoying a schedule that's not stressful but I am NOT OKAY with this! He is very busy at work, showing great talent for all that business stuff. The phone rings and it's his Bori Bori! But she's not in a mood for pleasantry ... just waiting for him downstairs. Thanks to a colleague, he hears about it and gets Bori to bring him food.
JoAnne: You have to admit, though, that his few moments were FULLY utilized, not to mention so stuffed with cute that three of my teeth fell out from the sugar.
He gets her to feed him kimbap and soup - and he is a little bossy. I like that. She likes it too. Anyway, since he continues to be so busy, she sits herself onto the couch and watches him. And then, she smiles ... Awwwww. She thinks to herself how soothing it is to see him after a troubling day.
JoAnne: Ah, my heart. Just make a baby and kill me, already.
Later, she falls asleep. He goes over to the couch and smiles. Then, he pulls out a necklace, with a ring on it - is it for her? Oh yes it is! He puts it on her finger, while she is still asleep - adapting his strategy, I see? A kiss from him on her hand wakes her ... but the first thing she sees is not the grown Jae-hwa, but his young, crybaby self.
JoAnne: No dwelling in the past with crybabies!
That prompts her to call him "Jae-hwa oppa" - he smiles (ooooohhhh, swooooony) but says he'd rather be called jagiya. She discovers the ring on her finger, wondering what it is (hm ... yeah, WHAT could it be, pray say?!) and he says he put it on while she was sleeping so she cannot reject it. No, don't take it off!! Or he must die, it's a spell. 
JoAnne: Sniff... he had it made for her from his memory of his mother's ring. So sweet.
He also takes Eun-bi's yellow lucky bag out of his pocket and gives it to her - so she will find her parents and her laughter. Awww. It's about time you TOLD HIM, don't you think?! Anyway, talking to this cheery yummy specimen makes her laugh, which pleases him greatly. She is so pretty when she laughs! Look at those dimples! He wants to "dive into them". 
JoAnne: There's never going to be a baby, is there.
kakashi: Just wait until she lets him near some other regions of her body.
Veggie is VERY attentive towards Jae-hee, her (secret) son-in-law (who is so nice to her TROLL daughter) - much to Jae-hwa's displeasure, especially since he will soon be her REAL son-in-law. Well, it's the other way round, but he doesn't know. And Min-jung is ... SUCH A nasty BITCH! I'm mentioning all this just so I can gif my beautiful man.
JoAnne: I was laughing because my immediate thought was 'why isn't this under 'The Rest' and then I remembered how cute he was here just as I got to your sentence.
At the next Bori-Troll confrontation, Bori says she'll do everything to protect her mother and Bi-dan from Min-jung - and she is no longer afraid of Min-jung's threats. If revealing she is Eun-bi means breaking apart Bi Sool Chae, then so be it. What has to be done has to be done. BRAVO.
JoAnne: YES. Would have been slightly better if Jae Hee had been lurking around the corner, but only slightly. This is like one of those really good long drawn out sneezes.
And then, from about minute 52 onwards, it's this great rush towards the big reveal. Bori tells Veggie she has done the DNA test - and thank you for being so nasty, now she doesn't feel sorry. Veggie tells Min-jung about it, who swears to go "to the end". Whatever that means. Show down on a bridge, maybe? TEN-style? (Where is my TEN3, by the way?!) BaDIL goes berserk over rejecting the idea that Bori could be "her" Eun-bi. I feel a tiny little bit sorry for her. This will be BAD.
JoAnne: What like you weren't already going to the end, you midget maniac? And I'm taking odds Bori ends up making up with Veggie. And where the hell is Bi Dan while runs around town having dramatic confrontations anyway? And yeah - BaDIL - man, she has practically staked her sanity on this not being Eun Bi. I don't know how you come back from that.
At the DNA testing center, Bori hides from Bong2, aka her father - she has seen the results already. He goes in and it is confirmed - Do Bori is his daughter! He runs out, thinking she has left, he might have lost her again, but there she is! On a bench. A very teary reunion follows - they had me there. They really did.
JoAnne: That was just... really, really, REALLY good. The change in his voice as he made his speech through the tears he was holding back. The way they both held it in at half power until the end when they really let loose. That was really something to see. Very real feeling.

The Rest

At the hotel, Jae-hee gets his wife's clutch back. Inside, there two rings ... but not Min-jung's and Jae-hee's. They're rings with the initials MJ and JS. Jae-hee doesn't need long until he has a pretty good idea what these initials could stand for ...   
JoAnne: Jae Hee, dude, if you were going to lose faith so quickly, why did you not do it BEFORE the wedding? Oh wait... still not registered, right? Ah hahahahaha, boot the bitch out on her ass, stark naked.
Oh, and Min-jung? Jae-hee is now looking for that envelope that was taken from Moony. Because he really wants to know what's in it. Heheheeeeeeee. Min-jung has the envelope in the car, under one of the foot mats. She takes it out and ... Moony alert! He is going to his car, seemingly unaware of her. She hurriedly looks for a new hiding place. (How STUPID can you get?!) She puts it in the back, with the spare tyre.
JoAnne: You cannot be an evil mastermind with such ridiculously weak game, MinJung. Thank God you're such a moron, though.
Moony, who still has a set of keys, takes the documents out of Min-jung's car - while she is trying to suck up to her MIL in the house. Bad Dad comes back and says go and switch the engine of your car off - it's still running! Min-jung panics as she belatedly remembers Moony has a key, but the envelope is still there! What a relief, Troll, right?
JoAnne: See, I could thoroughly enjoy a concerted effort to make her think she's losing her mind.

That very moment, Jae-hee arrives and Min-jung has to go back in. In their room, Jae-hee gives her the clutch back and watches her closely as she looks at the "wrong" rings. Since she only knows how to lie, she says that the thieves with a consciousness probably put some cheap rings in after stealing the diamond rings - and throws them into the bin. He takes them out again once she has left.
JoAnne: He stares at them sadly, thinking, 'I married an idiot.'
Min-jung goes to the car again, to check the documents ... and indeed! Moony has won another round, because the documents inside the brown envelope are just white sheets of paper! And here is Moony, waving to her from a few meters away with the envelope. Min-jung descends deeper into hell when she starts threatening Bi-dan - it's her last resort, but come on!!! Where's her redemption? We're running out of time!!!
JoAnne: I just realized she looks like Jessica Rabbit.
Min-jung also calls Bori and warns her to block Moony or else ... if she succeeds in controlling Moony, she'll not say anything that will break Bi Sool Chae apart (oh drama ... but Bori will know herself! She was there ...)
JoAnne: Yep, MinJung's secrets are coming out - if not from one angle, then from another. It's allll over but the singing.

Magic sperm alert! Jung-ran is pregnant! Btw, Niiiiiiiice legs there, Big Kang!
JoAnne: Well, I did say I wanted this baby, too.
Veggie starts quizzing Bi-dan about her English ... so the US it is? Moony gets nervous about it and so does Bori. Min-jung, however, just laughs at them - a good education far away? Who can be against that?
JoAnne: Sure, that's why she's doing it. At this point I'm willing to think MinJung is behind the disappearing honeybees.

BaDIL and Min-jung discuss a new collection - and finally, Moony does it! He smuggles in a photo of Veggie with little Eun-bi. It's a bit late - but better late than never.
JoAnne: I'm glad I didn't see this part at lunch. The lady's room is too far away from my cube.


This was Jae-hee's hour to "shine". Poor sod. Too late - but better now than never! I like that he is suspicious and I hope he will see the light soon. He deserves it, poor kid with the terrible hair.
JoAnne: I am perfectly willing for him to be 100% redeemed.

Moony finally hit where it hurt and now it's just a matter of ... episodes until Min-jung gets what she deserves. Who thinks she'll get redemption? I'm beginning to doubt there's any possible. She hasn't even started to realize that she has been doing evil stuff all her life and we only have 13 episodes left! 
JoAnne: Hahahahahah it kills me that we're both panicking that that there are so few episodes left when it's still nearly an entire drama's worth remaining.
As for Jae-hwa ... sigh. So cute. And yet so under-used. I hope he has a comeback in the next 12 episodes - cause this man? He can do SO MUCH MORE 
JoAnne: Well think about it, with the secret out now, what's left? Min Jung rampaging. Perfect opportunity for the two brothers to bond together to fight Evil, save the company, reconcile families, make babies, do whatever. Maybe we should text suggestions to @jraishin99 or whatever his twitter is.
kakashi: Yeah, good idea. Let's start "Operation BoriBori"!