Surplus Princess - Episode 2 (A SongJaeRimJob)

Bad news, Squeeglets. There is too much hate for some characters and not enough Rim to jeob this whole episode. Thus, we are extending the jeobbing to all puppies. Rim, Big, or Very Big. (Wait-- why is that bad news again?)
kakashi: My sentiments exactly. You know what? I don't like this show. Not at all.
JoAnne: I like it, but I get you.The problem is it's not BAD like Paris but it's weird like Paris, so it feels...slippery. I don't know.Hard to settle in to. I think that's part of the one episode thing, too.
becca: It does make it harder to get invested, but the show itself is just weird, too. I like it, though.

We get to know more about Ahn Ma Nyeo, our Share House Family, and Pervy Mermaid in this episode. Though in her case, what you see isn't very likable... let's hope the show fixes that soon.
kakashi: One of the main reasons I don't like this show is her. She is horrible. All the more horrible for not knowing she is horrible - if that makes any sense.
JoAnne: Honestly, did they not have manners in the ocean? But I do like the little physical things she does with her toes and legs to remind us that she is a mermaid.
becca: I guess princesses don't need manners? I think she'll get that mentality knocked out of her, though, and come out a better person. Or am I being too hopeful?
By the way, let's give a shout out of thanks to Jomo for pointing out the Secret Love Affair reference in Hyun Myung's piano/keyboard scene and to Lady Saotome for that mermaid lore reference that mermaid kisses allow you to breathe underwater. ^^
kakashi: Alright, that's an aspect of this show that I like - that it's become a community efforts of sort to pinpoint all the references. And that your first episode recap got so many hits.
JoAnne: I LOVE that everyone jumps in to point out what's from what.Sometimes I can tell a scene is referential and I know to what it refers; sometimes I can tell but I am not certain from where; sometimes I miss it entirely. It's a BLAST to read the comments and find out from people all the things that are going on.Do more, squeeglets! Do more!

Also thank you very kamsa to Sophia for answering my question about Manager Kim's epic entrance music! Turns out it's from Attack on Titan's opening credits. But the best thing about Sophia's tip was showing us this cat parody of the same anime.
kakashi: Yup, thank you very kamsa. Without you guys, I would understand even less than I already do.
JoAnne: I love 'thank you very kamsa' more than most of the dramas I've watched this year.Thank you very kamsa, HSKoS.
becca: At first it just seemed weird, but now I love it, too!

EPISODE 2 "Meet Your Worst Enemy At Han River Bridge"

First we go back to five hours before Aileen's transformation:

Aileen waits in Cheonggye Stream. In voiceover, Sevelyn describes the potion as sparkling and unmistakably magical. When Aileen spots something glowing inside the belt pouch Ahn Ma Nyeo left unattended, she swims toward it in broad daylight.
JoAnne: She is one slow ass swimmer, by the way.
becca: Not very graceful either. Splish splash!
A kid spots her and shouts "Mermaid! Mermaid!" Soon, a crowd forms. Aileen refuses to leave until she gets the potion but she doesn't seem to get any closer to it, no matter how much she flips her fins. Someone throws a net and traps her, which is when she wakes up from her nightmare. (Of course it was a dream. Ugh, why the fook do I need to recap this shit? Give me Rim, Show! Chigeum tangjang!)
kakashi: Yeah. 
JoAnne: Never mind.
becca: I was so BORED.
Jin Ah (the fox) and Jisoo (WTFParis girl) are unloading heavy boxes of utensils for the MAMA party. Jisoo gripes that when she worked hard to pass JH Food Corp's tedious application process, she had no idea she'd end up doing manual labor anyway. A voice says "and I had no idea you'd end up complaining so much either" as that epic Attack on Titan music plays. Hahaha It's Team Manager Kim, here to tell them to hurry the fook up and stop yapping. Did I mention I love her?
kakashi: Just not my sort of humor, this show. I'll stop saying that in a minute.
JoAnne: I know TM Kim from somewhere...I think she generally plays wacky.
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim~ Rim alert!!! Rim in a white suit! He gives final instructions to the MAMA Party team, finishing it off with a "Let's go~". Yes, in English. Ehehe. Manager Kim seems to be taken by him too. She looks blooming and happy when talking to Rim. I don't blame her. I mean, LOOK AT DAT MAN. SO PURRRFECT. He knows it, too! He takes selfies and tweets them together with that "I'm your shadow" message again. (Is he repeating the same pose as in his recent photoshoots???)
kakashi: I came for the Rim and if I stay, it's for the Rim. But they better give him some more weight in this story. Not body weight though, unless it's muscles.
JoAnne: Puffy Rim is distressing for me. It's like someone possessed MY Rim and every now then I just get a glimpse as he fights for control of the body.
becca: Lol! But yes, Puffy Rim is Disturbing Rim.

Compare to this:
He seems obsessed with this I'm your shadow, let's be shadows, thing but fooked if I know anything about it. So let's move on to... Hyun Myung's interview!
kakashi: *shrugs, cause comes up empty too*.
JoAnne: Ah, Second. He is First in my book.MORE than delivers on his early promise.
becca: *nods furiously*

It's a batch interview (oh dear) and Hyun Myung sits nervously as the guys on his left and right answer questions well. Haha, the one on his left even uses the "My strongest point is confidence" which was one of the lines Hyun Myung practiced earlier.
kakashi: This is bad. I cringe of secondhand embarrassment and feel an urge to HUG this guy. Oups, wrong recap.
JoAnne:No, no, I totally want to turn this into a Hyun Myung Hug Cap with little side trips for Big squishes.
becca: Hug ALL THE PUPPIES!!!!

The panel dismisses them without asking Hyun Myung any questions, so he raises his hand and politely requests for a chance. One of the interviewers reviews his resume then asks, "You majored in art? Are you good in drawing?" Hyun Myung answers in the affirmative. The judge asks what he's doing here then, applying in the food industry.
kakashi: A valid question. Ah, I feel so sorry for him ... whenever I get applications of people clearly NOT suited for the job they're applying to, I cannot help but be sad.
JoAnne: Right but sometimes there's valid reasons to make the switch, and as long as you're smart enough to know you'll be asked the obvious question and have a solid response - it doesn't have to be an issue.
He cuts off Hyun Myung's answer and asks for a portrait. The other interviewers laugh but the judge insists he's serious, so Hyun Myung draws one on the spot. It's a good sketch. Even the other judges are impressed. The judge he drew says, "You're so good at drawing, just keep on doing that. What the heck are you doing applying here?" But Hyun Myung isn't finished yet. He approaches the judges' table and shows them the sketch upside down. Which... HA! The nose and forehead turn into a huge F- YOU.
kakashi: Oh! Very talented!
JoAnne:Hot with balls, both metaphoric and actual: my favorite combination.
becca: So. Awesome. I hate it when people ask you to just "perform" on the spot like that. Bravo to him for not taking it lying down! *applause*
(Am I the only one who thinks the middle judge was being serious? He didn't laugh or scoff like the other judges, and he wanted to evaluate Hyun Myung's talent...)
kakashi: I was wondering about that, too! He did indeed seem serious. Sometimes, you see something in somebody - and you try testing them on more general skills.
JoAnne: I did not think that the judge was trying to troll him. It seemed like he wanted to give him encouragement in the field he was trained for - which is still presumptuous, however well-intentioned.
becca: There are better ways, though, if that was his intent.

Hyun Myung walks out of the interview. He strolls along the Han River bridge and leans on the railing as he remembers all the steps that led to this point in his life. (Beautifully sad music in this scene, btw. It's Kim Yun Ah of Jaurim's "Going Home". Thank you very kamsa to twitterbean Helena for the tip!) (Added note: LEE SUN KYU, the Share House owner is actually Guitar/Vocals of Jaurim band. Fancy that!)
kakashi: Under all the (forced) comedy, it's not easy to see the seriousness of this show. But I do remember know that this is a show about a generation that cannot land good jobs. That's jobs, not jeobs.
JoAnne: I THOUGHT he looked familiar...and the song was lovely indeed.As to Kashi's point - it's part of why I describe the show as slippery.I want it to find a groove and be funny and meta and all that, but not a farce.Because the topic IS serious. I want these share house people treated with respect, even as we giggle.
Yes, he WAS talented, even prospective employers acknowledged that. But he couldn't find a job for various reasons, "it's not enough that you know how to draw", "you need an exhibition first", "you can't afford the rental fee for this gallery", etc. Hyun Myung had to keep taking student loans. Until one day, Jin Ah tells him to give up on this art thing already and look for other jobs. He's bright. He can get a "normal" job if he tries. She says she wants him to be successful because she doesn't want to be separated from him.
kakashi: Oh, what? It's all her fault?! The biatch! There's many an artist in my family and I know how hard it is. Without the support of your loved ones, it's nay impossible to keep doing it.
JoAnne: Poor guy. Totally realistic situation, realistic problem.Not funny.He better get a good ending.
becca: And I think we all agree that a good ending doesn't include her.

Back on the bridge, it's already dark. Hyun Myung remembers Jin Ah's mom's comments about him being a loser. Just then, he receives a text from his mom. "How was your interview? I'm sure you did well. -Love, Mom." *creying*
kakashi: Very tough, this. Also on the parents.
JoAnne: On everyone.To be fair, it's hard to ask the girlfriend to make the adjustment, too. But right now I'm deep into hating her, so, tough!

I'm not sure if he was planning to jump and his mom's text saved him. But he steps down from the railing and walks away. I'm surprised to see that the supportive messages on the railing are actually THERE and weren't just edited into the film. The railing even lights up when you pass by them. Daaaaamn, Korea. You have serious suicide issues. (Here's more info on how Mapo Bridge was transformed via Bridge of Life project. Although its effectivity is questionable at best.)
kakashi: Switzerland also has a few high-risk bridges. No lights though, just barbed wire and nets. Strong ones. Much more effective...
JoAnne: Yes, bridges here have physical barriers.The lighting and all is pretty butyou know, if I'm gonna jump, some trite saying on a bridge ain't gonna stop me.

For now we go back to the MAMA party where my Rim compliments Manager Kim on her preparations. "You're really the best." Hihihihi he says "best" in English and I can't stop giggling. My kokoro stirs awake and asks, "Is it that time yet?" I swat it away for giving in so quickly like the shallow, Rim-obsessed thing that it is.
kakashi: Oh mary ... this still sounds SO WRONG!!!
JoAnne: The less said about the stirrings of Mary's kokoro, the better. Especially because I get images of tentacles and things.
becca: *covers ears* I don't want to hear any of this!!!
To be honest, I always imagined a kokoro as a very hyper little pet ovary who always chases after Rim. So somewhere between "heart" and "urban dictionary kokoro", yes. :) No tentacles though.

Jin Ah and Jisoo overhear Manager Kim gossiping about Rim's promotion to Global Chef of JH Foods Corp. (Raise your hand if you heard the sound of the cash register dinging in that gold-digging fox's head! She gets that greedy look in her eyes, yes) Jisoo kindly expositions for us that Rim's dad is an influential diplomat and Rim has no girlfriend because "who would date a workaholic like that?" (WHO WOULDN'T??? I WOULD. I'll take that Rim home and hug his apples. Puffy or not.)
kakashi: I ship you two. REALLY HARD!
JoAnne: Totally. Rim and Mary, forever.
becca: So we're not marrying her off to Nam-su Puppy, then? Eh, just tell me what you decide. I'll keep working on her trousseau, and whoever she marries, it'll be ready on time! (I'll just wait for the final verdict to add the monograms.)
Of course I'll marry Rim. But NO APPLES SHALL BE SERVED in the reception.

Looks like Jin Ah wants to date him too (that bish! *slaps Jin Ah with a fish*) but she's reminded she has a boyfriend when Ji Yong (Ivy League Gamer) and Big call her: Hyun Myung hasn't been answering calls all day. He failed the interview and he's drinking near the Han River! Jin Ah makes excuses to her boss and runs off to look for her "loser boyfriend" all while grumbling how useless the guy is to her now. And I'm like, where the fuck is righteous Kei and why can't he falcon punch this goldarned bitch to oblivion???
kakashi: There will be SO MANY more episodes of hating this biash. I hope she gets punished in a very satisfactory way though. I.e. get eaten by 5 sharks? Slowly? Or pinched by a hord of terror-crabs? Strangled by a giant squid with poisonous arms?
JoAnne: Using the words of a basketball cheer from my school days, slightly adapted for the situation:She can roll around The Rim, but she won't get him!

Hyun Myung is drunk and drinking. He ignores Big's adorable dialect-accented text messages. He ignores Jin Ah's calls. He takes off his shoes and socks and walks towards the water. FWOOOOOOOOM!!! Aileen crash lands behind him, distracting him from his suicide attempt. He drunkenly stares as she laughs crazily about her legs. It takes a couple of tries before she manages to stand up, a feat which has her shrieking in joy again.
kakashi: There was a (very) brief moment in which I liked her. I like people who are so crazily joyful. (Now I know why you enable my Rim-mania. Hehe)
JoAnne: That shot on the right had me laughing like crazy, though. Because I knew immediately that she was entirely naked...

Hyun Myung keeps looking up at the sky and back at the weird girl wondering if she's real. You see, that transformation thingy... it didn't come with pants. Or underwear. PWAHAHAHAHA! And OH MY FOOKING GOTT. They censored her wimmin-parts with a fish. I just can't. Hahahaha OMG. SNL Korea, are you spying on me? *waves* *blows kisses*
kakashi: I liked this bit, but mainly because of him and his weird smile.
JoAnne: Honestly, I have to hand it to Jo Boah. For an inexperienced actress - I mean I saw her FIRST role, which was what? 2 years ago? - she is GOING with the crazy full speed.Very good jeob, indeed.
becca: She's adorable! The character is iffy, but the actress isn't holding back, and I like that. Also, is the fishy blushing? So cute!

Hyun Myung smiles at her, all "I come in peace" and tries to touch her to check if she's real. She freaks out and uppercuts him to unconsciousness. Then she steals his coat and ties it around her waist. She unbuckles his belt and zips open his pants (would be my first thought too, honestly..he's really delicious.)to steal them too, when Hyun Myung wakes up and fights back. He gains the upperhand and tries to get his coat back. Which is how a group of ajummas find them. Which, dude, ajumma power is legendary! Of course the sight of a drunk guy with his pants half-down trying to remove a girl's "skirt" has them hitting him and threatening to call 119.
kakashi: Poor guy. He seriously is unlucky...
JoAnne: What do we always say? Don't go to the Han River!
becca: I was cringing so hard for him! It looked terrible, but he's actually the victim here!

Jin Ah arrives on the scene and just gives him this look, making Hyun Myung even more desperate to prove his innocence. But Aileen, The Selfish Fuck, keeps mum and doesn't talk when Hyun Myung asks her to correct the crowd's misconception. The Lead Ajumma dials 119 and starts reporting the attempted rape when Ahn Ma Nyeo's entrance music plays (LOL). He snatches the phone away and ends the call. "Ajumma. You're supposed to call 112, not 119." HAHAHAHA I googled a bit and 119 is for ambulance or fire kind of emergencies, while 112 is for the police.
kakashi: Can't they make it the same in all the countries?! Here, it's 117 for the police, 144 for the ambulance, and 118 for the fire brigade.
JoAnne: I think we only have 911. I know that goes to the police station. I just assume they call the fire department? Although I live in an older part of town, too, and we have actual fireboxes you can pull for the Hoxie House Fire Dept, which is the one for the actual village I live in, which is part of a bigger gets confusing.
becca: I think here you call 911 and they decide who to call? Maybe? All I know is, if you want to call the city police directly, you have to dial the full number.
Aileen recognizes Ahn Ma Nyeo so the ajummas don't protest as he takes off his long coat and wraps it around Aileen before carrying her away like a sack of flour. Hyun Myung shouts at them to clear his name before leaving, but The Selfish Fuck just waves goodbye at everyone (she is selfish, yes, but seriously doesn't KNOW she did anything wrong - she watches dramas - I think she'd at least know that he was in trouble because of her). Jin Ah asks Hyun Myung if "this is all you think about all the time, like an animal". And now I get why they made him out to be this HornDog the whole first episode. It kinda lends credence to the drunk rape accusation... Poor Second. (Who actually looks like First. *sigh*)
kakashi: Ah, about that ... that'll be the big question from here on out, won't it?!
JoAnne: Oh I'm quite certain Second is First.
becca: A) This girl is ridiculous if she thinks that him wanting her all the time means he'd commit rape. She obviously doesn't know him. B) The female lead already likes Rim, so Second is obviously First. That's how it works, 99% of the time.
Ahn Ma Nyeo drives Aileen back to his home in his "tayoyaki" truck. (I wonder if that's another pun/joke on takoyaki...) He gives her some clothes and shoes that "my wife wore". Aileen takes one look at the old-fashioned clothes and chucks them back in his face. She deems the heels passable though because they look good on her "great legs".
kakashi: Wait a minute. Do we know who his wife is/was?
JoAnne: Nope. She could be anybody.
becca: Her glee over her legs is hilarious! But all through this scene, I couldn't forget that she's still not wearing any pants/underwear.

She's very annoying and shallow and stupid. I want to slap her. Ahn Ma Nyeo chides her for drinking the potion without knowing the consequences. She assumes the consequence was having legs. Ma Nyeo just asks her if she's sure that Rim loves her? She brags about the kiss with tongue action and assures Ma Nyeo that when she meets Rim next time, they'll do "it" for sure.
kakashi: How does she know about "it"? Did she watch porn? But how did she know porn existed? Would somebody without any knowledge of such things actually find it on the internet?
JoAnne: Fishprocreate too, Kakashi. They do it differently, but they do it.And she goes online. She must see things.

She steals Ma Nyeo's shirt and sends the "tayoyaki" truck zigzagging across the bridge (because she's selfish like that). And-- wait. I have to leave. I hate her so much right now it's messing with my RimJeob.
kakashi: Yeah, sure, take a break. I need one too. (*goes to look for tequila*)
JoAnne: I'm having a Hugo, which you introduced me to LAST summer.
becca: ........ I'll just have a soda, then.

[[Okay! I'm back! And there's a moaning Rim in episode 3 waiting to be capped, so I'm very energized right now. *does push-ups to release pent-up energy*]]

Aileen bullies Ahn Ma Nyeo into lending her his jacket which she then repurposes as a dress. Then she bullies him some more into wearing her mermaid bra and driving her to Hongdae. (Someone pointed out on DB/Twitter that Ahn Ma Nyeo is probably her Sebastian! Hehe... poor Ahn Gil Kang.) (was that me? I think I said it when I sneaked into the last Jeob. Someone else could've said it, too, though! Hee.)
JoAnne:Who here thinks he's wearing eyeliner besides me?

Aileen walks the red carpet to everyone's envy and bypasses the line using the invitation on Shi Kyung's phone. Fine, I forgive her a little bit with this butt wiggling. Even the camera loves her butt. What is this show's obsession with butts anyway? They're not gonna spring unibutts on us next, right? If they do, I swear I'm hopping on a plane to Seoul and demanding royalties. Or apples.
kakashi: Oh yes. That butt was glorious! Yay for casting a woman with such lovely curves!! As a mermaid, she'd know how to wiggle her butt, too! Hey, where's unibutt though? I haven't seen her in such a long time!!!
JoAnne: I was watching this and had to rewind in awe of that glorious tush, yes. She is juicy like a peach, that girl.
becca: I also approve!

Hyun Myung chases after Jin Ah right up to the MAMA Party place. He claims it's a misunderstanding, but Jin Ah says she doesn't care if it was. She just doesn't want to stay with him and his bad luck anymore. Goodbye. Sayonara. Poor Second has teary eyes which makes all of us teary-eyed too. Right? Who wouldn't?
kakashi: yeah ... he is CUUUuuuuute
JoAnne: Oh yes, he is that, indeed. And then some.And squishy like a puppy even though he is sort of over-aged to be one of my puppies. Sigh. He can be a puppy emeritus since he totally would have been one had I known he existed.

Aileen is wiggling her butt in the middle of the dancefloor when she spots Rim talking to someone at the bar. Suddenly, everything freezes except the two of them. Rim looks up and a familiar music plays as they walk towards each other. Rim bats away some bubbles and PWAHAHAHAHAHA it's that You From The Stars song! Rim hugs her and she hugs him back but her hand is on his butt. (LOL WTF SHOW, you better be paying Rim's butt too for this extra job you're giving it.)
kakashi: I'm going back to that naked-butt Rim-picture to check up on it, alright?
JoAnne: You know, I did not see this naked butt Rim picture of which you speak. Can this oversight be corrected post-haste?
*cough* Well, if you must insist... (Kids, do not click that link at home! Or at work. Or, just... yeah. Be careful. Sung Joon and Birkin Bitch's son is also in that pic.)

He says "I've been waiting for you." Also something about being selfish and wanting to be with her? Was that in the original YFAS? *shrug* (yes) They kiss! Well, almost. Because Aileen wakes up from her fantasy again. Rim is still at the bar and she's still holding his phone. She stuffs it in her chest and walks toward him.
kakashi: Some fantasies she has ....
JoAnne: In this, she is one of us.

CEO Hong and Manager Kim notice the preening Aileen and ask Rim if he knows her. Aileen calls him familiarly and calls herself "the one you've been waiting for". Rim: Who? Haha. She takes out the phone as proof, except she doesn't have it!
kakashi: Shit, I did see that coming but it's still a shock when it actually happens. Because...
JoAnne: Damn she's cute and he looks more Rim-ish there. They'd be cute. But no, it's SECOND for me. Second is first!
becca: Honestly, I could be happy with either, as long as Aileen grows up and Jin Ah sleeps with the fishes.

"Sheppu-nim?" says the Calculative Bish Jin Ah. "Sorry I didn't return this immediately" as she hands over Rim's phone (FUCK YOU!)(Curses fucking liars who lie.)(*slaps with fish*) We see in flashback that she was staring at Aileen because she was the same girl who got in trouble with Hyun Myung. When Aileen walked towards Rim, the phone dropped through her skirts. (LOL, also eeew) Jin Ah picked it up and realized it's Rim's phone. We see in another flashback (really, Show?) that Jin Ah read those vague tweets Sheppu has been posting lately. Because she's been stalking Chef Rim's twitter too, as all girls with proper kokoros are wont to do.
kakashi: I don't know how I will deal with my hate for this woman. Maybe disfiguring her like I disfigured Polar Bear?!
JoAnne: Can we just slowly melt her face off, episode by episode?
becca: I am only enduring this hatred because I'm trusting that she'll get her just desserts later on.

Back in the first flashback. (Gawd, do I need to make a totem now?) Jin Ah gets this awesome smirk which makes me me very afraid for the damn mermaid even if I don't like her right now. Maan, I hate smart villains.
kakashi: Yeah. Especially the one in the Little Mermaid.
JoAnne: Yeah but somehow I don't think this girl is going to rise to that level of challenge.

Finally, we're in the present. And Jin Ah just nods demurely as Rim and CEO Hong acknowledge her as Sheppu's savior. Aileen calls bullshit on it all. She grabs the phone and insists she was the one who saved Rim. She gets all up in his face and mimes the licking thing to remind him of their tongue action. LOL.
kakashi: hahahaaaaaaa.
JoAnne: So the mermaid is not very likeable at this point, but I have a definite girl crush on Jo Boa.
becca: Hahaha! His FACE!!!
I had a vision that this is how Rim will react when he finally meets me and I try to climb him or something. :<

CEO Hong is scandalized. Rim fights Aileen off. Jin Ah grabs the phone back and promises to take care of the weird girl. Aileen wants none of that shit and grabs the bitch's hair, which is when Rim takes her hand and says, "Enough". She looks up hopefully, only for a doodle gun to shoot her heart three times as Chef Rim says "a girl like you doesn't belong here!" Then the guards drag her out.
kakashi: She has a loooong way to go, this woman :)
JoAnne: Honestly why IS she this way? Did they not have society in the ocean? Rules? Manners? 
Aileen whines about what happened as she sits on the Cheonggye bridge with Ahn Ma Nyeo. She figures Rim isn't worth staying in the human world for so she might as well just go back. Except she can't. Ahn Ma Nyeo doesn't have the potion for turning back. Prilly arrives in a panic. (Finally! Hi Prilly!) She shoves a couple of bills into Ahn Ma Nyeo's hand, asking for the last potion. He says he doesn't have it anymore.
kakashi: Dun-dun....
JoAnne: Bye, Prilly.
becca: Oh dear.

Aileen tentatively calls Prilly unni's name, and Prilly's face goes from confusion to shock then despair as she registers Princess Aileen's legs. Then Aileen watches in horror as Prilly dissolves into bubbles. (Oups. Bye, Prilly! Haha, that was a short appearance!) Ahn Ma Nyeo tells her that unless she finds true love within 100 days, she'll end up like Prilly. Oh, and by the way, today counts as the first day. So she only has 99 left.
kakashi: That's a tough schedule, don't you think?
JoAnne: It's a whole drama. Which means it's MORE than enough time.
becca: I was annoyed with Aileen before, but I got REALLY mad here. I know she didn't mean to, but she just indirectly killed Prilly! I hope she at least learns something from this.

Next morning, Ahn Ma Nyeo takes her to Surplus House. Turns out he's best friends and ex-roommates with the owner (Lee Sun Kyu). (HAHAHA - I LOVE IT)
They have this hilariously short conversation. "My friend." "Hello." "Who's she." "My niece. The room?" "Here." "Thank you." They shake hands on it and haha! We're treated to a montage of the two of them in the same pose and the same spot sporting different fashion over the years.
kakashi: Question is ... why? Does he regularly bring mermaids turned humans to this house?
JoAnne: Lots of questions. The only one I actually care about: when does Second take a broody shower? Ok another: What's Big packin' under those baggy shirts?
Aileen is given Prilly's old fake identity. She's now Oh Ha Ni (eh? that was Jung So-min's character in Playful Kiss! Is this intentional, too?), a business administration graduate from a rural college. She trips over the doorstep and Ahn Ma Nyeo shouts "Princess! Princess!" in concern before carrying her again over his shoulder against her protests. Do Ji Yong and scary noona Hye Young (Kim Seul Gi) look on suspiciously at "The Witch and the Princess", while Big sighs that he was hoping a cute freshman like Suzy would rent that 2nd floor room.
kakashi: How does he not find her cute? I means she's stupid and mean, but she certainly is VERY cute! Luscious, even! 
JoAnne: Yeah how come the boys aren't all over her?
becca: It doesn't compute.

Ahn Ma Nyeo spreads the blanket and tests the bed for Oh Ha Ni. LOL WTF is he doing bouncing on it like that? But it's also kind of sweet how he tucks Aileen in, pushes the hair off her face, and closes her eyes like he's still her nursemaid. He tells her to rest and think about how to find true love. He has to leave because he has to work to feed himself.
Aileen tries to sleep but there's something inside her blanket... Aaaaack! It's Prilly creeping The Grudge style!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT. This again, Rim??? Why do all RimJeobs have this shit??? Prilly strangles her for revenge and Aileen wakes up from the nightmare thanks to Sheppu-Rim. He's here! He remembers her now!
kakashi: Will you watch Rim's horror movie, mary? :)
JoAnne: Wait, what? Rim has a horror movie? Point me at it? I love horror movies! (Tunnel 3D with Yeon Woo-jin and Jung Yumi of Rooftop Prince! It's currently showing in KR.)
He cups her face and leans in... only to move his hands further down and strangle her. HAHAHAHAHA OMG Crazy Mo! I missed you! C'mere kokoro, I want you to meet this guy...
kakashi: maaaary, staaaap saying that!
JoAnne: Make her stop, Kakashi, make her stop, I can't...
becca: *squeezes eyes shut and covers ears* As for the scene itself: genius. He looks so HAPPY to be killing her, how can you not love him?

Aileen wakes up from this nightmare (again - does it matter that she thought she was suffocated? Air? water? fish? No?) when Big and Ji Yong knock to invite her downstairs for some ramen. In doodle form, we see that ramen is #8 in the "Top 10 Human Food I Want To Try". Here's the complete list:
  1. beer and chicken
  2. brunch
  3. pojangmacha
  4. samgyupsal
  5. jjajangmyun
  6. pizza and cola
  7. kim-deok-soon (kimbap, ricecake, soondae)
  8. ramen
  9. ice cream
  10. chicken feet
Aileen slurps down bowl after bowl in slow-mo PPL style as she exclaims in voiceover how wonderful ramen is. By the time she's done, we see Big, Ji Yong, and owner Sun Kyu staring at her. She ate everyone's share!
kakashi: Yup. So selfish, without even being an only child!
JoAnne: She is certainly a woman of appetites!
becca: That ramen looks good....

They teach her what "Share House" means. Hint: it doesn't mean "what's yours is mine, what's mine is mine". They have a motto written on the common blackboard: "Mom is not here". Do Ji Yong explains it like Grand Theft Auto with him as the main character. (GTA is a game where you roam the streets and hi-jack cars, shoot people, etc with the goal of rising in the criminal ranks).
JoAnne: Tori loved them! Especially Liberty City!

First, he steals Hye Young's food from the ref. She attacks him because "this isn't your house (with mom), you can't just eat someone else's food". Game over. On round 2, Ji Yong is bored so he keeps butting into Big's phone convo. Big attacks him too because "you're not their mom, respect others' privacy". Game over. Round 3, Sun Kyu is sick. Ji Yong ignores him, so he gets attacked too because "mom is not here, take care of your friends". Game over.
JoAnne: This whole bit was awesome.
becca: I know, right? I love these people.
Hahaha this part was hilarious on the 2nd watch! On the 1st watch I just kept staring at the minute counter and going, FOOK YOU, SHOW. 5 MINUTES LEFT. WHERE IS MY RIM????
kakashi: You should probably do a RimJeobCap and only recap Rim-bits. You'd be done in 5 minutes top.
becca: .... Rim-bits? Really?

They finish discussing house rules and ask if she has questions. Ha Ni gets all up in Ji Yong's personal space and says, "What do you think about true love?" Ji Yong stutters that maybe she should wait for Hyun Myung, the other guy on the 2nd floor who can answer that.
kakashi: Girl, girl .... you're trouble.
becca: *is excited*

Hyun Myung is outside Jin Ah's apartment complex begging for another chance. She doesn't budge. He takes her hands and hits his own face with it, willing her to just let her anger out. She slaps him real hard then breaks up with him anyway. When Hyun Myung explains how a naked girl dropped from the heavens and tried to strip him, Jin Ah scoffs that he can't even lie properly. Just like he can't do anything else properly in life. (Ouch!) She says it's really over now and walks back in. Hyun Myung shouts at her back, "I understand, call me when you're not angry anymore. Oppa will wait for you... Good night." Then he goes home too.
kakashi: So degrading. So mean.
JoAnne: When someone is suddenly that mean, there's a reason.I mean, look at his face.Why would you hurt that face if you didn't have to?
becca: WHY does he like her, again?? And did she ever actually like him?

Gawd someone please hand me Jin Ah right now. I wanna punt her head to the 18th hole. Speaking of holes...

Aileen is in her room Googling what "true love" is. (She's using Prilly's old phone btw. Not sure if that's relevant.) She catches herself flapping her toes like she still has fins which naturally makes her curious about her new legs. She gets this naughty look and slowly pulls her skirts up...

Hyun Myung reaches the second floor landing and wonders at the light seeping out of Jin Ah's old room when he hears someone screaming "HNNGGAAAAAH!!!" inside. It's Aileen. She looked at her kokoro (the Urban Dictionary one) and went "so that's how it looks like..." HAHAHAHA OH GAWDS. Can you imagine what would happen if this were Secret Garden and she swapped bodies with Rim? She'll probably molest herself, this pervy mermaid.
kakashi: Alright, she hasn't watched porn then. Which makes me wonder again how she knows about sex with humans. This is really pervy.
JoAnne:So...are you saying that the only way to know about sex is by watching porn?
kakashi: Uhm ... no, but from a mermaids perspective ... how else would she know what the Urban Dictionary kokoro looks like?
becca: Sorry. I still can't get over the fact that SHE'S NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR (ME TOO! I mean, I can't get over it too. Not that I don't wear underwear). Ahn Ma Nyeo obviously gave her clothes. Did he forget the undies or something???

Big and Ji Yong follow Hyun Myung to the second floor and offer to introduce him to the new boarder, Ha Ni. Hyun Myung is not in the mood to socialize so they miss each other as he enters his room and she opens hers. Big and Ji Yong tell her to go back to sleep and ask "the guy who knows about true love" some other day. The two lunkheads worry whether Hyun Myung broke up with Jin Ah, and if they should ask him about it. Except they're doing it right outside his room. See: lunkheads.
JoAnne: Yes but he IS in his room, so he should take off his shirt. And his pants.
becca: Who's being pervy now?

Hyun Myung hears all of it, making him more emo, so he goes out to the balcony to emo for a bit. Aileen is in a pensive mood too. Not caring about legs or parties anymore (I read "panties"). She misses her family and her old life.
kakashi: yeah, think before you act next time. 
JoAnne: I assume your 'biatch' was implied.

She steps out into her balcony too and stares up at the moon. Hyun Myung looks over and sees the very girl who caused him his recent troubles. Aileen looks back and the screen freezes as the doodled timer counts down again. D-98. 
kakashi: No pressure at all.

Time to find that true love, perv. Tick-tock.
JoAnne: Which puts me in mind of a song. Color Me Badd - Sex You Up


Oh no. No no no no. All signs point to Second, right? It's practically a drama law. The one who gives you the most trouble is the OTP! I don't know if I'll survive watching Rim's character be butchered to promote the OTP. But... that moan preview. I must soldier on like a brave girl and watch Episode 3! For Rim! For kokoros! Damn you, tvN! *shakes fist*
kakashi: Yes, he seems Second. But. There's a but AND a butt. Something not quite right with him, but how will that matter?
JoAnne: I'm fine with Rim being second, and Second being first.

I really hate this episode, mainly because Aileen turns out to be your typical royalty: very much self-entitled and careless. It was frustrating watching how she made Hyun Myung's life worse and how she treated Ahn Ma Nyeo like a servant in the takoyaki truck.
kakashi: Yup, she's so unlikeable, I don't even care what happens to her. I just want more of the Rim.
becca: So... the girl is jerky chaebol and the guy is the hard-working Candy in this show? Also, I second the vote for more Rim!

Meh. I know, I know. She's a princess, she's new to this human thing, she'll grow up, etc etc. But that doesn't mean I can't hate what she did in this hour, right? Seriously, why do the wimminfolk in this show keep hurting Hyun Myung? He's just a loyal, loving HornDog. How can you hurt him?
JoAnne:I don't want to hurt him. Not at all. Hurting him is not even on the follow up list to the list of things I'd like to do to him.