The Night Watchman - Episode 4 (A WTFCap)

There's no Hot Watchman in this episode. Not even the slightest glimpse of him. So here, because that was obviously an error which needs to be corrected at the earliest opportunity:
How perfect. He's pounding red hot steel.
Episode Four


It took forever to do this one.  I'm blaming the lack of Hotness McWatchman to drive me on.  Judge me if you want...

With all the excitement about the hot, though, I sort of forgot that at the heart of this are two little boys and a little girl whose lives were torn apart in pretty gruesome ways.  I thought that story would just be fun and not really touch me, but I don't know...something about the brothers so far makes me kind of sad.  Anticipatory sadness, I think. How can it end well for both?  Kisan didn't start out bad, and it's not his fault he's a bastard.  He also didn't make himself crazy.  Poor King.