Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 46 (KimJiCap)

거짓말, 거짓말, 거짓말!Min-jung, DIIIIIIE! Also, I'm bored. This drama isn't what it once was. Or maybe I'm not what I once was? This drama has changed me. Forever.
JoAnne: Everyone's tired, let's clean up and go home. That face is not acting. That face is mugging. Let's wrap it up.

Episode 46

Wanna bet things don't go as planned at Truth Tribunal No 1? I betcha. After Bori is finished recounting the horrible memory of her uncle's death and her mother's inaction, GooDIL calls on witness No 2. It's Veggie! And we all know that Veggie .... well. Is dumb as **** and was of course instructed by Min-jung to lie. Yep. Veggie believes it's all for Bi-dan. Yep.
JoAnne: Oh for crying out loud. Veggie, I applaud your desire to protect the two people who actually love you, but come ON. Has taking Min Jung's advice EVER worked out for you before? Why would this time be different? And the first person who tells me there's a first time for everything will have the pleasure of feeling my considerable bulk crush them into the earth like they're made of dead leaves.
So Veggie makes it sounds as if GooDIL and Bong1 had driven little Eun-bi to that place and abandoned her there. Yep. AND that GooDIL knew all along that Bori was Eun-bi without any memories. I can't even. GooDIL faints from the stress (who else had to laugh? Sorry) and I am trying hard not to throw things. I'll give Bong2 and Halmoni a tiiiiiiny little bit of credit for not believing this bullshit 100%. They only believe in it about 98%.
JoAnne: Judging by the faces, both MinJung and GooDIL are attending the same acting classes. And yes, I laughed my ass off at the temper tantrum/faint. Plus how they just left her there and continued on.
The whole thing is the perfect opportunity for BaDIL to call for another Seamstress Competition - because they never got to really finish that, didn't they. Well, that's not true - but the yongbo never made it into Bi Sool Chae. GooDIL gets to crawl around a bit (?) and then, the fight is ON. Well, I thought it already was on, but now it's really on. The person that loses will have to leave Bi Sool Chae foreeeeeeever and ever and ever. That law extends to Min-fooking-jung.
JoAnne: That fight? That was the warm up fight. And 20 years ago was the pre-warm-up fight. Now this is the real fight. At least, it's the real fight until Min Jung or BaDIL gets caught cheating and says ok ok ok well let's start over and everyone just hands over their frontal lobes and says 'sure, why not?'
In the process of sneaking around, Min-jung realizes that nobody is on her side. (How unfair!) You don't say! So she decides to go see the First Lady and tells her about the competition. To turn it into a Big Deal. Why is beyond me, but this show isn't going to last much longer and I say go for it. So this competition will not be a Bi Sool Chae thing but a National Whatever Thing.
JoAnne: If she gets the First Lady into it then Jae Hee will be impressed and Bad Dad will have to help and she will have more resources to fold, spindle, and mutilate into her own little twisted, festering cauldron of dishonesty and tears.
Min-jung makes me throw up with all her slime. She goes to pick up Jung-ran's wedding hanbok at GooDIL's shop with Dumb Mom and that's when Min-jung remembers that the yongbo might be near. She starts searching the place and finds it. Well, one of them. THIIIIIEF!
JoAnne: At this point, I did not know that there were two, and I thought Team Dim But Decent was screwed.

More minutes are wasted on establishing that Veggie is useless and dumb as ****. Seriously, just stop wasting my time, show. Suffering GooDIL in her hanbok looks really pretty though, look!
JoAnne: Oh give me a fucking break. The man is dead. He doesn't care.  Let it go. Have a drink. Get laid. I bet Bong 2 would be happy to do the job.
While Min-jung is triumphant (so clever! got the First Lady involved! So clever! Got the yongbo!), GooDIL shows Bori the real yongbo (I guess) - the one that was hidden among the silk scrolls.
JoAnne: Yeah I was pretty goddamned confused right about here but I'm too ready for them to MOVE FORWARD ALREADY and I was damned if I was going to rewind.
Moony gives Bi-dan a load of stuff to draw with. And look who's there, all saintly, letting Moony spend quality time with his daughter? Jae-hwa! Smiling happily. I almost forget that he is hardly present in this episode (which is a total dud so far).
JoAnne: They need a name. The Bi-Danimales?  Bi-Danimen. Bi-Appas. Bappas. The Bappas? They're cute.
Moony goes to the PPL shop and takes the chip from Min-jung's phone. He almost gets caught doing that by her, but he quickly comes up with a diversion aka being a bit violent with her. Well, using that chip, he almost catches Shady Servant, but since the episode needs to run for 13 more minutes, not quite.
JoAnne: I, for one, would look the other way if he wanted to slap her. No, no I take it back because she's so small and he's so big and that whole thing and all but damn, can I find a short angry woman to beat the FFFF out of this piece of trash?
Min-jung hears about it and rushes to his help. In the garage, waiting for this moment: Bori and Jae-hwa. Who apparently have nothing better to do. (Well we know they aren't having sexy times.) They chase after her. When she gets to the motel, she sees Moony waiting outside. She drives past. At the corner ... Shady Servant. She cannot stop though because Moony is too close! And drives past. Moony hears Shady shout "Min-jung" and here comes the Dream Couple as well. But Shady runs. We all know how well Kim Ji-hoon runs, but alas ... nope. They don't catch up to Shady - Min-jung does. And drives off with him in a taxi. Don't dispair, says wise Prosecutor Oppa: the higher they climb, the deeper they fall.
JoAnne: Moony looks like he smells Min Jung's sulferous soul.
During a deliciously violent episode between GooDIL and BaDIL (who is sad her daughter doesn't speak to her anymore), GooDIL discovers that the yongbo has been stolen. That is the wood-box yongbo. GooDIL accuses BaDIL of stealing it. Bori comes in and hears that. And believes it. She doesn't know there are two yongbos and I bet you that Min-jung has the wrong one.
JoAnne: So is GooDIL running a scam? I mean, it's for truth and justice of course, but still. Is it a fake out? And she didn't tell Bori?
So, here are the tasks for the Competition! No 1: find the yongbo. No 2: making Halmoni's death dress. Uhm....That's it. They get three days. Ah, but that 2nd task is a trick-task: the death clothes are clothes a person most liked when alive. And BaDIL knows: Halmoni likes Shady Servant's fabric the most. So find one must Mr. Shady - or get his fabrics. And so they do, our Dream Team. Min-jung is too late. Which means she has to "find" Shady - and if she can find him, that's proof that she was hiding him. 
JoAnne: Well, no, but it does make it a possibility. Still, we'll go with the faulty logic. At this point if you want to blame her for the melting of the polar ice caps, Scotland's failed stab at independence, and that horrible trend of wearing lipstick only on your inner lips, I will support you. Wow, did I just get a bad picture.
And then, finally ... well. Bi-dan overhears that she isn't Bori's child. She runs away in shock, right onto the busy street. Nooooooooooo! A truck of doom is approaching! And Moony sprints ............
JoAnne: THAT'S what that was? I missed that! I thought she went deaf again. Poor little baby.

The Rest

Jae-hee and Min-jung go to earn some brownie points by being really nice to Jung-ran. I think Jae-hee is genuinely happy to do something good for a family member. At the same time, Bad Dad finds out that Big Kang is Little Kang's hyung. That's enough to change his mind about him. Whatevs.
JoAnne: Jae Hee is not an inherently bad person. He has been led astray by his idiot mother and his bitch of a wife. Remember the sweet boy, pray for the return of his brain, and hope that both of those bitches fall off a truck.

And then, it's time for cute wedding photos. And heartwarming pre-wedding vows from Big Kang. Oh, looook! It's our favorite couple: the Jae-hwas are also coming for the shoot. Which makes Jae-hee leave immediately. He's such an idiot.
JoAnne: It's a nice picture but she's wearing the pleather couch and the lace table cloth again.

Ga-eul being annoying and dumb. Whatevs. Just trip over and fall on your stupid head. Cause Dumb Mom and Ga-eul are horrible to Bi-dan. Burn in hell for that, you bitches. They're just jealous that Bad Dad loves her so much.
JoAnne: Oh they have to pay. That crosses whatever tiny line they had left.


The show is trying to keep up the momentum (not very hard) and it managed to give us quite a fright there at the end. No! Moony! But then, everybody has seen the preview, in which Moony is alive and looking really good, so unless the next episode plays in the afterlife, he is going to be fine and we will get one tiny little step closer to having our bad characters punished.
JoAnne;  Tiny. As tiny as the part of the brain that governs empathy is, on a slide with a piece of Min Jung's after some random Korean citizen sees her on a sidewalk and beheads her with his new Galaxy Note Edge. I think there's an app for it.

I think we might have seen the last of Big Kang and Jung-ran in this episode - their storyline is wrapped up neatly. Little Kang, who has always been redundant, can also move on. We have Moony as Secretary anyway, I don't even know what Little Kang is doing at the company these days. Make coffee? 
JoAnne: Moony is Dad's, and Little Kang switched to Jae Hee, back when Jae Hee fired Moony.
kakashi: Believe me, I didn't even want to know in such detail.