Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 47 (KimJiCap)

Dear Readers, I'm sorry for the delay. Subs @viki were not accessible for me (and still are not) but I'm trying other ways. Like subbing with incomplete subs. Oh well. I bet the only bits that aren't subbed are not my Kim Ji-hoon's bits so I don't care. Can he sign on to a drama in which he has more scenes and one which is not more than 16 episodes? Thank you.
JoAnne: Life is hard for a Kim Ji-hoon recapper. You work very hard for your guy. I just stare at My Beloveable and croon at the screen about his pretty face and his soothing voice and his adorable butt. 
kakashi: There was so little of the adorable butt of my guy in soon 50 episodes :( By the way, people - Episode 49 of Jang Bori was preempted due to - I think? - basketball. Baseball? Some kind of ball.

Episode 47

While Bori tells Min-jung that it's certainly not the heavens helping her but at most, the devil, who will also end up despising her for the things she did, since the devil has a child and a mother too (he does?), little Bi-dan hears the "shocking" truth about her being an adopted child out of Veggie's stupid mouth. And runs onto the street.
JoAnne: But she doesn't know yet that she's Teng Teng Teng's daughter, does she? At least that one corner of light is left to the poor kid.
Oh no, a truck of doom approaches out of nowhere! Is this the end of Bi-dan? Of course not - because Moony saves her! (I have one simply question though: why is she just standing still in the middle of the road like a deer caught in headlight?) He jumps in front of the truck himself to push her out of the way. Is this the end of Moony? Don't fear, it is not. The truck stops, Moony hurts his shoulder and possibly his head, but he is alright and his daughter is alright and everything is alright.
JoAnne: In my head I went yeah right. He's got a slow brain bleed and in two weeks he'll drop dead in front of everyone after having fully exposed Min Jung's evil ways, right? I will feel like he's been vindicated but I will also want to kill people.
Veggie gets another minute of absolute stupidity when she rails at Moony for "not watching out for the kid" (er, he just saved her life?). But then, the ambulance arrives and Moony manages to climb in. Bi-dan cries and cries that she wants to go with him and finally manages to break free from Veggie (can she just go away please?). She runs after the ambulance, is seen by Moony and finally gets to go to the hospital with him.
JoAnne: This is the part where I tweeted that I was just done with her. No more.
Min-jung goes to Halmoni and tells her that this competition is unfair - Bori took all of Shady Servant's fabrics. Which, by the way, means they have been hiding him. Yes, in Boriland maybe. So this is unfair (?) and Halmoni is to forbid Bori to use the fabric (?). Halmoni promises to think about it. This will be a test how senile she really is. She says she'll give them a new assignment. Pretty senile is what I think!
JoAnne: She should have just laughed and said how do you like the taste of your own medicine, tiny evil troll? But I do understand how the good guys don't want to allow even a tiny little bit of area that the bad guys can grab on to and cry foul. That way if they lose they won't have anything they can say. I get it, but I HATE it. And very subtly, Halmeoni is helping the good guys but I think that might come out later so I'll wait.
At the hospital, Moony gets stitches. But he is absolutely fine as soon as he hears that Bi-dan is fine. But when he hears about Bi-dan's fear she might be another woman's child, things turn a bit teary-eyed. He lies to her, no no, Bori is her real mother! Which is probably the right thing to do in such a situation? It's not his to say ... but still.
JoAnne: In real life for a child that age I'd argue that the truth is better (and should come from Bori): I didn't give birth to you but I am your real mom. I've raised you since the day you were born and you are my child, etc, etc. Definitely side step who Mom is though. But in Korea I think adoption is still very on the hush-hush side so... and anyway, I don't think she actually believes him. Although watching this part at the time, I thought she did.
Bori and Jae-hwa (what on earth is he wearing?) come running in and after assuring herself that Bi-dan is fine, Bori starts scolding Moony too, as Veggie just did. What's wrong with these people?! Moony sends Bi-dan out to get him water and then explains to her parents that she must have heard something. From Veggie as they find out a few seconds later from a worried GooDIL who also comes running. Who learns from Jae-hwa that Moony is Bi-dan's real dad. From there, it's a small leap to guessing who the mother is.
JoAnne: Finally people start to get a clue. All the secrets, and everyone knows some but few know all and I get so confused about who knows what!

Fuck, Dumb Mom is mean - why is she not getting punished?! She says the meanest things to Bi-dan about her real dad and how he could come claim her or money etc., which just scares Bi-dan even more. And then, she talks about Jae-hwa's and Jae-hee's children, which have to be donsaengs to "this child" (meaning Bi-dan). Bi-dan starts thinking that her now-parents might end up loving that child much more because it's going to be really theirs. Seriously, stop this already.
JoAnne: This woman is just vicious. I hope to hell her husband hears her and kicks her ass out on to the street.
Because Bad Dad sees that Veggie runs after Min-jung and hits her (= definite sign you're related), he starts wondering about the connection between the two women again. I'm too lazy to look this up, but hasn't he already found this out? I thought the secret that was kept from him was Min-jung and Moony's common past? When Moony comes in, he asks whether the connection is for real. He wants absolute proof before he is ready to believe, though. And if Moony is lying, he is to resign. Pffffft. Hey, but Moony is ready to even give his life for this! Yeah, why not.
JoAnne: He was told, but then he was convinced by Min Jung (and supported by Jae Hee and Dumb Mom) that it wasn't true.
kakashi: So ... what is he sniffing?
BaDIL pleads with her daughter to be nice to her, but nope, Bori tells her she has given her a chance to come clean and she didn't. The big difference between BaDIL and Veggie is that Veggie always did everything bad that she did for her (real) daughter - while BaDIL did everything she did for herself, out of greed. That's quite an accurate observation, bravo Bori! Still, show: Veggie is too hateful. Just go away.
JoAnne: Agreed. Not because you don't love her, Bori, but because she's always going to make the wrong choices because she loves you and Min Jung and Min Jung can manipulate her and no matter what you THINK, Veggie, that will always be to Bori's detriment. She's one of those toxic people you might love, but have to cut out of your life.
A new assignment is given: use Halmoni-dyed hemp cloth to make the garment. They are to dye and decorate the garment - she wants to meet somebody in the afterlife. Min-jung laughs at this assignment - to her, it's just some clothes. Fie, you! But no, says BaDIL: the person she wants to meet is Bong1, and if she wants to meet Bong1, it means she wants a scented piece of clothing.
Grass-scent, in particular. And the decoration will be Japanese apricot blossoms, is what GooDIL knows. They will use mugwort, but don't know how much - for that, they need to find Shady Servant. Him again! Yeah, tough luck, Min-jung! Your plan ... foiled!
JoAnne: Is she going to die the day after the clothes are made? How long does that scent last? (And this is the part I was saying was Halmeoni subtly helping them.)
kakashi: I wouldn't mind if they all died. In a huge explosion for example. It's a good way to end a show.
Jae-hwa and Bori discuss what to do with Bi-dan's birth secret. Bori wants to keep quiet - it's going to be hard on Bi-dan if she finds out when she's 20, but much harder on her if she should find out now. And Bori is of the opinion that they shouldn't have a baby too quickly. Which is not exactly what Jae-hwa has in mind. He hugs her and tells her that it's going to be alright. Yes, I believe that too.
JoAnne: I do too, and much as I want a BoriBaby I agree with her. That little kid is too insecure because of all the mean fuckers around her.
Moony goes to see Veggie and tells her that Bad Dad wants to see her at a fancy restaurant - to thank her for raising Bori. Bad Dad also asks Bong2 to meet him there. Hmmm ... what's going on? Little Kang overhears this and tells Jae-hee ... who calls Min-jung. Who rushes to the restaurant too. That will be a merry gathering!
JoAnne: Giggling just remembering it!

Min-jung calls Moony first though who tells her that "the Chairman" will be 30 minutes late. Hehe. I see what you're doing there, Moony! He has led Bad Dad and Bong2 into a room right next to Veggie's room. Between them: only some paper. He has also instructed Bad Dad's driver to lie to Min-jung if she calls to ask how much longer - exactly what happens.
JoAnne: Please, please, can we find Moony an awesome woman after this? (I think trotwood is married) He's smart and he's fair and he's a good dad (as much as he can be) and he loves pretty hard.
And then, the trap snaps shut: Min-jung runs into Veggie's room and frantically tries to get her out. But Veggies is "why should I? It's a nice dinner!" Min-jung goes: but what if he asks about our relationship? And blablabla, they spill all the beans, including "father-in-law doesn't know I'm your daughter. If he knows I abandoned you and lied about being an orphan, he will not forgive me". Yup. So that's out.
JoAnne: I was so happy that it was incontrovertibly out, but it was kind of low-key and left me wanting more. Something like Bad Dad breaking through the paper wall like Mr. Kool Aid and strangling Min Jung right there, maybe. (Mr. Kool Aid never strangled anyone, to my knowledge. He just gave them something to drink.)
The two men are duly shocked (for the I don't how manieth time), utter a few "what a horrible person" comments and decide to kick her out as daughter-in-law and adopted child. Do it already. Not right away though because Bad Dad first wants to find out why everybody around him is keeping this known secret secret.
JoAnne: Can't fault him for that, but I still want my blood.

Min-jung and Veggie run into Jae-hee outside the restaurant and they tell him all went well - Bad Dad isn't here yet. Only that Jae-hee sees him exit the restaurant a few minutes later! BUSTED! Later that evening at the Lee house, Jae-hee is super apprehensive when he gets home. But he hears from his mother and Min-jung that his father is playing with Bi-dan. Ah ...... sweeeeeeeet. She stays in her grandparents' bed tonight.
JoAnne: How does he explain this to himself to keep from jumping out of his skin? None of them seem all that worried about it.
Which means .... yes, hormones are overflowing in another bed. Jae-hwa sends some love stickers to Bori with a PPL vaccum cleaner robot. She sends him one back but claims to be busy. When he starts exclaiming things about a certain Juliet, she takes offense and gets jealous - which is funny. He offers to tell her that story ... in bed. SCORE!
JoAnne: They need to give this woman an education.
Veggie goes by Bi Sool Chae to give Bori a sewing kit. You know what, I so don't care. Veggie is just rotten. I'm not forgiving her. Especially since she keeps doing WRONG all the time.
JoAnne: I'm with you. Fine, she has realized that she treated Bori badly and that she has done wrong. So her big change? Now she's not actively trying to hurt Bori, she's just trying not to hurt Min Jung - but since she does that by following Min Jung's directions, it's always going to hurt Bori. She's just so stupid to fall for it every time. I can see why she wouldn't want to abandon Min Jung. It's partly her fault that Min Jung is this way, and she loves her daughter no matter what. But there has to be a better way to deal with this problem, and I have no faith that she will ever find it.
Jae-hee is doing some shady deals again (with a guy who is not Little Kang). He signs a document and says it will be worth money if Min-jung wins (she has also signed) - but not so if she loses. In that case: get rid of it. Is this about Bi Sool Chae and the company? Outside Jae-hee's office, Lawyer Jo is caught by Jae-hwa. Hehe. He picks up the documents that Jo dropped in fright and sees that it is an Acquisition Agreement.
JoAnne: And suddenly, I understand why Jae Hee was keeping Min Jung around.
That goes straight to Bad Dad. Can he please explain this, asks Jae-hwa? Is this by Bad Dad's orders? To steal Bi Sool Chae through Min-jung? If she becomes Head Seamstress, she can hand over Bi Sool Chae to Jae-hee (how this should work in practise is beyond me, but logic isn't a thing often found in KDramaland). Ex-prosecutor Jae-hwa finally understands: this was never about winning over Bori or staying in as an adopted daughter - it was always about getting an immense sum of money through owning Bi Sool Chae. Haha. You make me laugh, show.
JoAnne: The show did a bad job of this, I think. We knew that they were the pre-eminent House of Hanbok and traditional sewing in the country, but we never really saw that that translated into mega millions. It never occurred to me. Obviously they had money - but that much? And while I knew money was important to Min Jung, I thought she really did want to be part of that family, too.
Bad Dad calls Jae-hee over and tells Jae-hee to divorce his wife. Not right now, says Jae-hee ... after the competition. You vile toad! That's also what Bad Dad says to him, in other words - is this all he's come to be? A greedy bastard? He would tolerate a witch like Min-jung just for money? He is worse than her! But Jae-hee thinks differently. Duh, what are we going to do with you.
JoAnne: My sweet little boy is gone, isn't he...
Moony is out and about (still hurting a lot) and his face lights up when he gets a phone call from Bi-dan.  She tells him she has drawn a picture of him and they agree to meet in front of Bi Sool Chae in an hour.
JoAnne: Bi Dan is not stupid. She's going to figure out who he is.
Jae-hee is desperately looking for Moony now. To take revenge, to kill him, or whatever. He is so stupid, this Jae-hee. Moony went to the warehouse, he learns. So Jae-hee rushes to the warehouse, Min-jung (who heard about the divorce) right behind him. There's a huge bag full of ... uhm, who knows ... being moved around on some hook up in the ceiling. Oh no ... show? You won't do that, will you?! Yes, of course it will. Min-jung is now also there. As soon as she sees the huge bag, a plan forms in her head. The workers leave for lunch - and she sees Moony behind some boxes. Jae-hee, by the way, is still shouting around for Moony to come out. He may need glasses too, Jae-hee.
JoAnne: Is Trotwood RIGHT? Is Moony really going to die? Fuck you show. Fuck you.
And so, Min-jung steers that heavy bag into a row of boxes behind which Moony stands. Because she thinks he has to "just disappear" for things to be alright again. Suuuuuuuuuure. At Bi Sool Chae, a happy Bi-dan gets ready to meet the friendly Mister and give him the picture she drew of him. Last image: Moony looks up in shock, as boxes start falling down, towards him. Let's all pretend they don't look empty, okay?
JoAnne: Falling boxes is better than dropping that bag on his head, which is what I thought she'd do.

The Rest

Ga-eul is back from where nobody missed her even a tiny little bit and complains that Jung-ran got married in the meantime. So what about her love? What about her Little Kei Kang? He had to give up his feelings for his hyung! Little Kang hears her talking about her and his feelings because he steps into pizza PPL place right then - and back out, unseen, to think about how sad he is but how happy that his hyung is smiling.
JoAnne: Would have been nice if they had let us know this before hand instead of just having them not be around and looking like a dropped plot thread (I think it totally was). I don't care about her since she hurts my ears with her screeching but I like him.
Jae-hee gets to be a proud and nice person briefly at the PPL store and gets tons of praise from his father.
JoAnne: I sigh sadly thinking about how good it could have been if they weren't such miserable fucks.


All things considered, this was a good (tight) episode. If only I weren't so bored with this show! I hate to say it but we have 5 episodes left! 5!!!!!! 
JoAnne: We only need two.
kakashi: In the meantime, have some cute!