What is it about the Eiffel Tower??

"I ought to be jealous of the tower. She is more famous than I am."
- Gustave Eiffel

Everywhere you look, the Eiffel Tower pops up in Asian dramas.  

Shuk:  Heck, here's a picture from my parent's bedroom, and they are New York City born and bred. I am of Italian, Irish, and Lithuanian descent, so what's the big deal about Paris? Mom just shrugged and said she liked the pic.

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Here's one from my Twitterbean chingu Cassie in the UK!
Shuk:  Anyways, it seems that a show just isn't a show without that familiar outline popping up.  It shows up more often than the obnoxious second lead or the Truck of Doom.  Have you noticed?
Fai Nai Wayu (2010) Thailand

Fated To Love You (2014) South Korea

Fated To Love You (2014) South Korea.
Apparently Gunnie loves Paris every bit as much as Ellie Kim
I have that exact tower (a gift from a friend) in my family room

Love Myself Or You (2014) Taiwan.
It's even being shown as jewelry!

King Of High School  (2014) South Korea

Maya Tawan (2013) Thailand

Here is a crystal one from Japan (Time Spiral 2014)
My Pig Lady / Go, Single Lady (2014) Taiwan
My Secret Hotel (2014) South Korea
becca: I'm pretty sure there's another one in MSH, too. Sadly, I don't have a pic, but I CAN contribute one from Doctor Stranger. Han Jae-joon liked the Eiffel Tower so much that he had three!!
Doctor Stranger (2014) South Korea
bcook: There is an apparent kdrama obession with Pranseu (France). I dunno why. France seems to have an equal obsession with korea (re: turn out for every kpop concert ever) so I guess it's love? Which means there has to be a second lead. hmmm. Miguk (US)?
Shuk: LOL.  Who knows. I think second lead is actually Australia, though. The US is a place where you can get a ticket to a state without worrying about any pesky city or airport.

Back on topic (sort of). Here is Mary of Random Soju fame, with the oldest ET find, from Taiwan's Meteor Garden.  It's not a model or picture, but it gets an Honorable Mention for it's...err...honorable mention:

Shuk:  And it doesn't end in dramas either! In my home state, a 315 ft / 96 m, one-third scale model is located at an amusement part near Washington DC.

Shuk:  And JoAnne found this one: Super Junior's Lee Dong-hae has a ET-shaped mirror on his mantel!

Shuk:  Does anyone know any other dramas that somehow show the Eiffel Tower?

Lafer:  Sorry I'm so late to the party - but I've actually been visiting the REAL Eiffel Tower.  Here's a few shots that give a different perspective.  You haven't seen the Eiffel Tower until you've seen it glittering at night!