Bad Guys - Episode 2 (A "Is it possible to squee if quite scared?" Cap)

This drama is dark, people. No unicorns, fluff and fairies in this one. The crimes are very gruesome and scary and the bare brutality of this world is quite shocking. People are using people and are being used and at the moment, there is a lot of talk about trust, but almost zero of it between people. Also, this is an episode centered on Tae-soo - and seeing him vulnerable isn't exactly helping me get rid of that feeling of dread I have when looking at this band of not-(yet?)-brothers. Also, sorry for the delay with this recap. Even though this is the only show I'm currently watching, moving is a bitch, but now I'm here and all is well.
bcook: *rushes in out of the rain* Omo! omo! I wanna comment! not to late?
JoAnne: Trust us... this show is worth the wait. And be careful with the subs, because they're still all being ripped from DSS and wayyyyy too early. Go to the source!

Episode 2: Outlaw

Tae-soo is dragging himself along, barely able to stand. Nooooooo! My Tae-sooooooo! He's bleeding from a wound in his side and collapses, leaning against a wall at a street corner, moaning. A woman steps out of the house with a garbage bag and sees him when she rounds the corner. Alarmed, she addresses him. Is he okay? Quite obviously not: he faints. When he comes to, he finds himself in a hospital: the woman has saved his life. He takes a good look at her as she is standing outside the room with a doctor and closes his eyes again. 
bcook: A woman with values. If I came across Tae-Soo bleeding outside my door I'd call 911 then take a picture. Coz ... you know... Tae-Soo
JoAnne: I'd totally convince myself I could heal him at home. And then he'd be touched by my tender kindness and I'd touch his hard torso. You know, to tend the wound.
When he opens them, he's in that church with the broken roof (the one that illuminates our guys so well), currently waking up from a dream - or rather, a memory in a dream (Is that how contract killers dream? So cool). Psycho Kid comments that he woke up early - but Psycho Kid has obviously been awake for a while already. (Psycho Kid is not cool, he is just creepy). Like all contract killers, Tae-soo is fully awake within seconds (this guy does not need coffee, people!) and tells Psycho Kid that they spent time in the same prison, even if only for a short while. (Ah, that's why he knew him from the photo in episode 1) We see in a flashback how wearily Tae-soo observed Jung-moon during that time.
bcook: Psycho Kid is hot! and Psycho! and now I have to re-examine my values because no way should I find Psycho Kid hot.
JoAnne: Psycho Kid is exceptionally observant and still, which is why you think he's creepy. He's not creepy. He's very sad, to me.
Jung-moon doesn't see how this is important, but Tae-soo thinks it's an interesting fact. Then it remains to be seen whether their meeting is ill-fated or not, says Jung-moon - and leaves with a little banging of the door. (He should work on his people skills). "If it's ill-fated, you'll die by my hand", says Tae-soo with a dangerous smirk. From one of the benches, Woong-chul's cuddly head emerges as he complains about the noise - he is trying to sleep. Thank god for the humor!
bcook: He's like a cuddly bear with fists of steel. I think I like his character best.
JoAnne: I wonder if he'd let us call him Woong-ah, or Chulie. I do love them all for different reasons.
Well ok some of the reasons are the same.
Because now it gets serious. It's raining - and that's never good in KDrama and much less good in an OCN crime series. A new body has been found: Goo-tak is at the crime scene. When a young officer greets him, he remembers an encounter with the now-dead Detective Nam, whom Goo-tak told to be careful. He should have listened, this NamBoy. Goo-tak then takes a good look at the body (a young female, stabbed) and then turns around, smirks dangerously, and says "having fun, you bastard?" He is creepy.
bcook: He was looking right at me! I love when they break the 4th wall. I felt guilty coz erm yeah... I'm kind having fun. PDnim, cinematographernim... nomu kamasmida *deep 90 degree bow*
JoAnne: Bad Dad is actually the creepiest LOOKING one, although I do suspect that the Police Commissioner will show some levels of creep that might surprise us.
Our band of Bad Guys are being driven to the crime scene. Yoo Mi-young briefs them (that there are 9 victims until now) and at the same time informs them that it's likely that they'll be recognized by other police at the scene, so they can only go in once they have left. Suddenly, Tae-soo's eyes grow wide as he looks at the houses to their right and he demands that the car be stopped. Love his tone. He's so badass. I'm so in love.
JoAnne: He is very swoony. Especially later when his face gets all boyish. *dies*
The car is indeed stopped and Tae-soo politely begs for some time - he won't take long, he assures Yoo Mi-young. OMG, I wouldn't be able to refuse him! Yoo Mi-young is stronger than I would be though, because she calls Goo-tak for advise. Let him go, is the answer - just send somebody with him. And so, Tae-soo goes ... to that house we just saw in his dream/memory. But the woman who opens the door is not THAT woman! Tae-soo gets this almost pained expression on his face as he tries to process the situation. The detective who is with him starts talking on the phone, which gives Tae-soo an idea. He asks whether he can use that phone for a moment. Of course not, according to the detective. So Tae-soo simply takes the phone and knocks the guy out with one blow to the throat.
bcook: I totally flashed back to the prison bus when the detective smirked and said no. hehe. You shouldn't do that to Tae-soo
JoAnne: Well then we're fine, because I'd be babbling yes to everything.
In the car, Woong-chul is currently trying to imitate Tae-soo's request (word by word) - and fails. Shouldn't have keep calling her Agassi, you fool! She even threatens to beat him up. Haha. A glance at her tracker device shows that Tae-soo is getting near, but what is that?! Way too fast! Yes, cause pretty boy is in a car, racing past the van. Woong-chul takes the wheel and starts chasing Tae-soo.
JoAnne: I love how betrayed/disgusted Woong Chul is by what he views as Tae Soo escaping.
Tae-soo remembers ... a visit in prison by Heartless City chairman, who asks him about that woman and how important she is to him. Tae-soo remarks that that woman saved him - whereas Heartless City chairman tried to kill him. Hm ... that's interesting. Who is this guy? But Chairman remarks that he made a big mistake then when he surrendered. Atoning for his sins in prison means he cannot be out here, protecting that woman. So he abandoned her when he surrendered. Awwww. Nooooooo. Tae-soo has a fatal weakness! Don't die, Tae-soo! Don't die!!   
bcook: Fatal weakness does not equal death!!? Does it? Maybe on KBS but not OCN...right? right?
JoAnne: Oh I'd think ESPECIALLY on OCN, the Overly Cruel Network.
Shaking off Woong-chul is about as easy for Tae-soo as shaking off an annoying fly and then goes to pay a visit to Chairman (who was Tae-soo's teacher? What kind of teacher? A killer-teacher?). (I think it's just that use when it's a sign of respect, not an actual teacher in this case...although perhaps Tae Soo was an apprentice, who knows.) Who stays totally cool ... isn't he wondering why this guy is out of prison? Chairman says he also doesn't know where that woman is, he just sends her money from time to time. Doesn't Tae-soo trust him? No, he does not. Tae-soo demands to know everything about her, where she lives, how she is doing, how her kid is doing, etc.
JoAnne: This is a deeply fatal weakness, Kakashi. Oh dear. You know she's the reason he went into prison in the first place, somehow. Bad Guy trying to atone because he's discovered hope by finding and falling for a kind woman? Dead. (And that's why Oppa lived in WAML because she tried to be kind but didn't always succeed.)
Chairman-Teacher is still very cool about it all, even when Tae-soo threatens him. And then, sirens outside! The police are already here to pick up our runaway. Before he's out the door, Chairman says: "You protect that woman. Don't hide because you're afraid". It's what he would like to do, too, says Tae-soo in reply. Wow, now we know why this guy has a huge incentive to catch bad guys in order to get his sentence reduced!
bcook: I don't unnerstand. If Teacher tried to kill him, why encourage him to have a heart as it were? (maybe he means figuratively as in it was Teacher who sent him on the job that got him stabbed).
JoAnne: That's how I'm looking at it, and I'm wondering about him saying that Tae Soo went to jail because he was scared. I do not think that was the case at all, unless he was scared that she'd be hurt if he DIDN'T go.
Goo-tak is waiting downstairs. I love how Tae-soo saunters down those stairs and then faces Goo-tak defiantly. Mad Dog feels his trust has been violated and socks Tae-soo on the jaw for his insolent answer.
bcook: Bitch slapped I thought. Open handed slaps are so insulting.
JoAnne: Come on, he has on the anklet. They should know he wasn't trying to get away.
During a lunch break, Yoo Mi-young tells the Chief that she realized something strange: All the three Bad Guys went to prison around the same time. And Goo-tak was suspended around then, too. Yes, and Goo-tak knows an eerie amount of stuff about Jung-moon, too, adds the Chief. Yes, it's all true - but today is not the time to venture deeper into that secret.
 JoAnne: *rubs hands gleefully*

The hunting dogs are set loose! They get half a day from their boss to find out something about the killer. They're in a neighborhood in which all kinds of crimes are rampant, and people commit suicide above average, too. So many deaths already ... they really cannot stomach a serial killer, in addition. Next, we get to see all three of them doing their special thing.
JoAnne: *mind wanders into interesting places*
Psycho Kid is at the scene, intently staring at the chalk outline. He then flips through the case file ... and dryly remarks that this is not the killer's first time. Tae-soo who is approaching hears that last bit and demands to know what Jung-moon means by that. But Jung-moon just turns around and leaves. Or rather, wants to leave, because Tae-soo puts his hand on his shoulder and tells him to let him know about what he meant by "not his first time". "Let go", demands Jung-moon, with this deadly-creepy look of his. If he doesn't, he'll die. Not likely, is Tae-soo's reply. He can't just threaten to kill anybody, or he will get himself killed.
JoAnne: Ah, come on, be besties! No! Be his big brother, Tae Soo!
Ah, says Jung-moon, Tae-soo must know himself really well. Him? He doesn't know himself. At all. He doesn't even remember if he killed someone. The good thing about that? No guilt. Is Tae-soo like that too? I'm sure he wished he were, but quite obviously, this guy is carrying a heavy burden, one that made him turn himself in a few years ago. And we get a flashback, it's a funeral of a guy. A woman weeps heavily. It's Tae-soo's savior. SHIT. Why is Tae-soo there at the wake?! Did he ... don't tell me he is the one that killed her husband?!
bcook: Naaah...surely not. Right? That'll be too much even for this drama. Jung-moon is just so....shivers*
JoAnne: Oh I absolutely believed even before this that he killed her husband, and that it was no accident he was outside her place wounded. He either went there to see her one last time or he was there, and someone caught him. And Jung Moon, well... I don't know if he's a serial killer or not but what I see at this time is a guy who has learned that no one can be trusted, and he's using his wits to keep ahead.
Woong-chul, in the meantime, went to some apartment building. He beats up three guards in under a minute and then busts open a door, behind which sits ... Kwon Ji-Hyu's annoying brother from Can We Love! Haha, sorry. Had to make that lame joke. The guy's name is Yun Chul Ju (Park Hyo-Jun) and he is the local gangster. Woong-chul beats him up a little and then gets him to organize a few guys for him, to help find a person.
JoAnne: Oh I hope our Bad Guys get sidekicks, that would be awesome!
Tae-soo has a different approach. He carefully studies the case file and then starts pulling all sorts of knives out of a black bag. Who gave them to him?! So he is matching the wound and the knives. In perfect Vampire Prosecutor fashion, he then sees the whole scene in front of him - a woman walking where there is no CCTV, no witnesses. It's the perfect place for murder and Tae-soo is sure the killer knew the area well. He, who only kills on rainy days, must be shorter than 170cm given the position of the wound. He is most likely a psychopath.
bcook: That VP type shot tho! It was beautifully done. The night scene reflecting in his eye, he takes on the role of the killer. Very Gap Dong esque. Why, why, why can't the major channels do this?
JoAnne: Because they have audiences who aren't the right target. Cable will skew younger, more affluent, more urbane, more familiar with shows from other countries.
But that's how far he gets and how far the others got too, their half a day is gone, they're only a little bit wiser. That gets them a scolding from the two police persons. Aren't they a little mean? Hm, the problem is the following: each of the Bad Guys is not sharing anything with the others, out of competition. He didn't expect any teamwork of them anyway, remarks Tae-soo. And he doesn't care if there's another victim. He is only interested in his own life - and reducing his sentence. The others seem to think like him, but unexpectedly, Psycho Boy speaks up.
bcook: Which instantly makes me suspicious. Why is he sharing? What's churning around in that hot psycho head of his?
JoAnne: I really don't think he's a criminal. Or if he is, he's not in THIS mind when he does it.  So while he is self-protective, he's still going to have some reactions that are different from a career criminal. And I also think he has enough faith in his  superior mental abilities that sharing a bit won't give someone much of an advantage. Plus maybe, like lots of really smart guys, he can't help showing off a bit. Or even he thinks if he puts them in the right direction they can do his leg work and then he can swoop in.  Of all of them, though,  he doesn't seem all that interested in being out of prison.
Why does the guy kill? It's the smell of blood. He likes it. And since that smell is stronger on rainy days (it is?!), his compulsion is harder to resist then. And he thinks that there were other cases. Eeeeek, why does he know that?! He is sooooo creeepy. He says that his technique in the 9 cases is too clean and too efficient. Just the one stab wound to the lung was enough to kill them. To get to such a level of proficiency, the killer had to practise. And during that phase, his killings were probably very messy. Jung-woo thinks that this guy is hiding within other murder cases.
bcook: Somebody's been watching Criminal Minds.
JoAnne: It actually has a Criminal Minds feel, this show, which is not a bad thing, because that show is exceptionally well-done. And gruesome.
It's a lead! The two police officers start making phone calls, while Woong-chul tells Tae-soo that he doesn't trust Psycho. He is convinced he is feeding them wrong information in order to go straight for the prey. You think everyone is like you, Big Guy? Not much later, boxes upon boxes arrive at the church. These are all the murder cases that could be the one he is "hiding" behind. Goo-tak weeds out all the ones during which it rained and which were very messy/bloody. And he finds the relevant ones.
JoAnne: Sure didn't take long.
All of them murders in the home of the people: no break-ins. Nothing was ever stolen. He used a pipe wrench to kill his victims. It was always extremely bloody. And most of the victims bore an injection mark. This monster friggin collected the blood of his victims!!! But that was then ... now, he doesn't take blood anymore. Goo-tak thinks it's part of his evolution: he needed an easier and faster method to kill after he perfected his skills. It took 15 people. But hear this: two of the victims survived.
bcook: ewww. Gross. But blood congeals and then smells... ew ew ew. So gross. Human beings can get so weird.
JoAnne: Dexter and his slides.
Woong-chul is hooking up with the gangsters again. As they sit in the car, watching the area, Woong-chul wonders about how all these people just let the murderer into their houses. For Little Gangster (he does have a name, let me use it when I remember!) that's not surprising: of course, he was a lock picker! Just like him. Cue a story about Little Gangster and his first attempt to pick a lock. But Woong-chul isn't listening ... he has had some sort of epiphany.
JoAnne: I like that he isn't all brawn. To do what he did, take over an entire syndicate in 25 days - that took brains. And he has really good instincts when it comes to the cases, as we will see. Now let me snuggle against him. He looks like he'd be warm.
What do you do when the door to your house is broken? Your toilet? Your sink? Your everything? You go to the hardware store! And that's exactly why nobody suspected him. Is it coincidence that they are parked in front of such a store? Woong-chul goes in and the shop owner answers his questions, one by one. This is the only shop in the neighborhood. He is the one that fixes broken locks. He makes new keys. He makes house calls. How very accommodating, says Woong-chul, does he also kill people? The Hardware guy follows that question with an increasingly annoyed "Yes!" like the others. Oups.
JoAnne: Made me laugh.
"It's you, bastard", says Woong-chul, and drags the elderly man outside, where he starts beating him. But here comes Goo-tak with Tae-soo in tow and punches Woong-chul, angry that he dared accuse somebody innocent. Understandably, Woong-chul is mighty pissed.
bcook: Smart thinking though. If only he'd share his thoughts. How many movies/shows have you watched where it's the locksmith?
JoAnne: Umm...none that I can think of?

Goo-tak and Tae-soo are visiting one of the survivors who lives close by. Goo-tak is wondering why Tae-soo insists on accompanying him, at which Tae-soo replies it's because he needs to catch that murderer, to reduce his sentence. Why? Because he needs to protect somebody. Hm, that gets him a puzzled stare from Goo-tak. But they're already at the door and Goo-tak rings the bell.
JoAnne: Not as contradictory as it seems, I think.  He went in to protect her, but new info (she's not where he thought she was and the bastard from Cruel City doesn't know exactly where she is) indicates that she's not as secure as he'd imagined. So now he needs OUT. Tae Soo-ya, are you in love? or are you a loyal guard dog? *Sobs for Shinichi all over again.*
SHIT. The woman inside is nobody else but Tae-soo's savior. The very one he wants to get out for. She doesn't recognize him - and why should she? It was dark back then, he was gravely hurt, and she most likely didn't even look at him that closely. She serves them tea inside and poor Tae-soo is completely flustered. When she mentions her husband that died a few years ago, Tae-soo even spills some tea. Oh man. Now THAT won't escape Goo-tak's notice.
bcook: Huh. How could she not remember him tho. Ref back to my previous comment.
JoAnne: Seriously, that's nuts. There's no way she wouldn't remember that face. VERY interesting that she was attacked by the killer, though. Was it before or after she saved Tae Soo? Because if it was after he went into jail. Well. Imagine the rage.
Goo-tak gets her to tell them what happened when she was almost killed. So horrible .... she and her daughter are asleep, when the killer comes in, wearing a rain coat. Because one drop from it hits her daughter's toe and another her face, the kid awakes and screams, awakening her mother, who starts fending off the killer. He throttles the life out of her, but the kid has run out, alarming the other neighbors. It's not quite clear how the mother got away, but she did, the killer fled. It's horrible. The poor woman cries from the memory (it was too dark to see the killer's face) and Tae-soo looks pained, oh so pained.
JoAnne: I desperately want to know about the people he killed, and why he killed them.
Mi-young and Psycho Kid are at the other survivor's place. The woman tells them an equally horrible story: she awoke from a mosquito to find the killer in her room, bludgeoning her sister to death right next to her. In horror, the woman froze, hoping to be spared that way, but after killing her sister, he bent down to her and said "If I want to beat that guy, I need to kill more than one at a time. That's why I came to this house: I can kill two at the same time".
bcook:  *shiver*
JoAnne: Oh my God... a competition?
Oh shit. Psycho Kid remarks that she is really lucky. Since she's alive. Hm, boy ... not what you say to somebody whose sister was murdered right next to her. Outraged, she lifts some hair away from her face to reveal a horrible scar. So the killer left her to die, bleeding from a terrible head wound ... but she survived. "Live in the light. Don't die in the darkness", is what Jung-moon remarks ... I am not entirely sure where that came from. Is he living after that motto?
JoAnne: I'm trying to figure the boy out. I really don't think he's a killer.  Or rather..I don't think he WAS a killer. I think he could be, now, if he needed to be.
At the other survivor's, Goo-tak and Tae-soo take their leave ... but when they're a few steps down the hallway, Tae-soo turns back, telling Goo-tak he has a few more things to ask her. Only, when she opens the door, he doesn't really seem to know what to ask. So he says ... why does she live here? Does she not have money? She completely misunderstands him (and who wouldn't!) and gets offended. Is he looking down on her just because she is poor? People are not poor by choice. And if he wants to be a good detective, he should also learn to understand poor people. After she slams the door in his face, he vows to catch the killer for her, Park Seon-jeong. Just around the corner, there's Goo-tak, looking all too sly for my liking after eavesdropping on that exchange ....
bcook:  Goo-tak ahjusshi is just... delightful. I thought he knew more than he let on even before this.
JoAnne: I can't figure out how he'd have known about the connection to this woman unless her name was listed as the person who brought him into the hospital that time, and even then... I think this is more his wheels churning for how he can use this info.
Anyway, they now have a lead - that sentence he said about wanting to beat someone. There's a psychopath that was caught a year ago. He killed on rainy nights and he was turned on by the smell of blood. 23 victims. Smart-lass Mi-young has found this person and is certain that their pipe wrench murderer mentioned him. So it's some kind of crazy competition for Pipe Wrench! Jung-moon says he'll kill at least two more to get ahead - he wants to be Number 1 Serial Killer.
bcook: Seriously though, did writer-nim watch Criminal Minds? I guess psychos think the same way no matter where they are. They're motivated by the same thing I guess.
JoAnne: Normal people are all alike; psychos are all psycho in their own way.
Helper Detective (the one Tae-soo took the phone from) brings a load of case files over from the station at Mi-young's request (kinda illegally, it seems!). She immediately discovers that Psycho No 1 also had a survivor. Which means ... 22 victims. Which means ... Pipe Wrench (who took out 9 + 15 - 2) just needs one more! One! Which means: The survivors! They're in danger!
bcook:  hmm I missed this part. Watched with 98% quality subs. I need to get on darksmurf more.
JoAnne: I love this part and what's coming. I love it so much.
Outside, it's raining. Fooooook. Woong-chul is keeping look-out with his gangster "buddies" (he wasn't in the church with the others). Elsewhere, Mi-young calls for additional police forces and a curfew. Woong-chul is out of smokes and goes into a little convenience store to stock up. A guy in a raincoat bumps into him on his way out. When Woong-chul takes the packet of cigaretts, he notices some blood on his hand. It must be from that guy who just came out!
JoAnne: Woong Chul got cut! Now I'm mad.
I think it was just from his raincoat or his hand. 

Woong-chul storms out, there he is, walking away with an umbrella. When Woong-chul shouts at him to stop, the guy runs, Woong-chul after, alerting his guys that a suspect in a black hat is on the move. Is that some intended humor that all of these gangster guys are overweight and can barely run? Close by, the van with the rest of the Gang has arrived. Jung-moon coolly puts up his hoodie and walks off. But Tae-soo runs to Park Seon-jeong's apartment (which is empty but open). On the streets, Goo-tak encounters one of the Fatso gangsters and beats him up a little, until the gangster tells him he's with Woong-chul. Goo-tak takes his walkie-talkie to inform the police that the suspect is on the run.
JoAnne: Also made me laugh. The gangsters are the best. And I think they're fat because they sit around and eat, and then go bust up a joint, but they don't generally run anywhere. They carpool. I think these are protection gangsters (you know, shaking down the shop owners) not drug dealer/pimp gangsters.
The one on the suspect is still Woong-chul, however ... who gets attacked by the killer all of a sudden and stabbed in the lung. Almost! Teddy Ahjussi caught the knife with his hands!!! The killer slides that out, but Woong-chul gets in a good punch - but the killer is really fast and cuts Woong-chul's face with another something. Is it a smaller knife? Poor Woong-chul is hurting and crawling on the street, when two feet approach. It's Jung-moon, who watches it all impassionately. Woong-chul tells him to hurry and catch the killer, but nope, not our Psycho. He just stares a bit into the direction of the fleeing criminal and then ... extends a hand to Woong-chul. Oh. Where did that come from?
bcook: Part of me was like..."Run after him psycho bastid!" and the other part was all "omo! does Psycho Kid have feelings?!
JoAnne: I think Psycho Kid knows it's kind of dumb to run after a guy with knives who has just laid flat a brick building that looks like a man.
Ack, our guys are too late anyway ... the killer is back home, meticulously cleaning things up. In the handle of his huge knife, there's a vial with blood.
bcook: Who does that? Who makes knives that can do that? Again, human beings are weird.
JoAnne: I am sincerely happy that I have no impulses that are worse than ogling half-naked men who are young enough to be the sons I bore when I was way too young to be a mother. I think a lot of people who do terrible things probably wish they could be normal, but are unable to resist the compulsion.

It's light out but still raining. A stone faced Tae-soo is approaching the yellow-taped crime scene. Oh no ... Memories of his beautiful savior in his head, he bends down to the body bag. Pauses. Goo-tak watches with interest. Tae-soo starts opening the bag ... and sees the terrible scar on the dead woman's face. Not his! NOT HIS! No, she is standing a bit to the side, hugging her kid close. He goes over - and stares wordlessly at her for a few moments before he walks away. Still watching: Goo-tak.
bcook: Not gonna like I was clutching my duvet whispering "not now, too early, not now, too early" Goo-tak is an observant ahjusshi isn't he?
JoAnne: I like Tae Soo's inscrutable face but I LOVE his vulnerable face. And I really like him with his hair that way. Really a lot.
At the church, the atmosphere is not the best - how to catch the guy now? They're waiting for the forensic report, but Jung-moon is quite certain that nothing will show up. There never were any traces - there won't be any this time. But! Goo-tak gets a phone call and informs them that there was a fingerprint. It's Little Gangster Lockpick!!! And since the culprit has been caught, the extra police patrols are terminated. Naturally.
JoAnne: Sorry but no fucking way.

Well, if you've been wondering about this little twist, you're just like Jung-moon - who states flat out that this guy is not the murderer. He is shaking. He's scared of all the people and the attention. If he WERE the killer, he'd be very angry. Because he has killed 23 people ... just like his rival. He needs to kill one more to get to be Number 1. (so ... is he saying that Pipe Wrench didn't know about the survivor?)
Mi-young is sitting in the van with Goo-tak in the back. They're out waiting. Tae-soo calls her, asking how tall the captured guy is (name, by the way, Yoon Cheol-joo. The answer is 175cm. Hm..... and then, it starts to rain (the curch roof is full of holes, hehe). Jung-moon: it's killing time. And there is just one survivor. Tae-soo is out of that church like lightening.
bcook: Grease Lightening? Bad joke.. don't mind me.
JoAnne: I sincerely love Tae Soo. *ignores Cookie*
Seon-jeong is walking home in the rain, a shopping bag in her hand. There's a guy in a raincoat behind her. Fuck. She walks faster, starts panicking... but he simply overtakes her. What a relief! She turns around to walk on when she bumps right into Hardware Ahjussi! The apples roll all over the street. He helps pick up the fruit and then tells her that he will walk her back. Uh-oh. She doesn't want to. He insists. Like ... a lot. Oh god. She breaks free and almost runs up the street. Hardware Ahjussi looks after her and smiles an eerie smile.
JoAnne: I knew Woong Chul was right. That'll be how it is, sometimes - they each reach the right conclusion with completely different paths. (And so easily that I laugh in derision about the police.)
Tae-soo is on his way. OMG, hurry!!!

Hardware Ahjussi runs after her, omg he is so fast! and smacks a pipe wrench over her head (so he still uses that, the asshole). Blood splatters and she goes down. He tells her she should have listened and she starts begging for her life. Why does everybody do that, he wonders - he needs to kill them. He grabs her hair and drags her along a bit, then deposits her against a car. He pulls out his scary long knife. This is the fun part, he says, and gets ready to strike.
bcook: Nooo! Not now!! Not her!
JoAnne: There's no way. If she dies, Tae Soo will go crazy.
But in the reflection of the car door, the killer realizes that they're no longer alone. Tae-soo has arrived. OMFG how glad I am to see him! Seon-jeong has passed out. He punches the scumbag and tells him to beg for his life and for forgiveness himself. But the killer just laughs at that. And Tae-soo starts punching him, over and over ... until the asshole DOES indeed start begging to please spare him. So he wants to live, says Tae-soo. Fine ... then die. He takes the bastard's knife and pulls his hand back but ... Goo-tak has arrived, telling him to stop. That man cannot die by Tae-soo's hand.
JoAnne: You son of a bitch. I know what you did.
Tae-soo stares at Goo-tak ... and realizes something terrible. All of this? Part of Goo-tak's plan. It has barely sunk in, when Tae-soo pulls back the knife again, about to kill Pipe Wrench - so Goo-tak shoots him in the shoulder.
bcook: How could he not suspect tho? It's cruel but classic bait work. Interesting how her safety totally drives all thoughts of freedom out of his head.
JoAnne: I think back to their conversation when Tae Soo said all that he cared about was reducing his sentence, not whether more people died along the way, and Goo Tak said ok, go ahead and think that way.  And then started watching Tae Soo very carefully. And I think he knew about that woman back then, maybe. But how, I don't know.
More police start arriving, leading Tae-soo and Hardware Ahjussi away. Police Commissioner is also there and he says that it's time to put them back in prison - until the next time that they can be useful. It seems that Goo-tak is feeling something (remorse?) when he puts his jacket over the woman who is still unconcious on the ground.
JoAnne: Well shit, yeah. You don't DO that with civilians.
At the church headquarters, Mi-young admires Goo-tak's handiwork. So he lied about the fingerprints. Yes, he did. He had Little Lock Pick arrested to flush the killer out, knowing that Pipe Wrench would be enraged that somebody else took credit for his beautiful work. He then withdrew the extra policemen and used Park Seon-jeong as bait. Also knowing that Tae-soo would do anything to save this woman. Evil. Evil. Mi-young laughs ... calling him clever, but not very nice. Oh, but he doesn't take that well: So she thinks he's cruel? But she's the one enjoying it. That makes her just as bad as him.
bcook: I didn't really get that part (partially coz the subs weren't complete) but her laugh (to me) wasn't so much enjoyment as amused disbelief.  You know? Like "jeesh really dude?"
JoAnne: I'm with you on that one. I did not think she was expressing admiration in any way.
Jung-moon is interrogating the murderer (in a confessional box!!)(I noticed that too and laughed really hard. I love this show so much.) There is one vial missing - they only found 22 blood vials. The murderer is adamant though: no, he only killed 22. One less than his rival. Jung-moon throws photos of all the dead women on the table: who among those did he not kill?
In the other room, Tae-soo has arrived and pushes Goo-tak against a wall. By his throat. Yeah, he deserves it. Why did he use that woman! he demands to know. Well, says Goo-tak, didn't he say he wouldn't do any teamwork? That he didn't care about another victim as long as he could reduce his jail sentence? Not knowing how precious that woman is to him, he should consider every human life to be as valuable (to be a man and not a beast, is the implication). Tae-soo lets go, because those words ring true.
bcook: word.
JoAnne: Straight up. And gives me some hope for Goo Tak, too, because even though he took a big chance on someone who was defenseless... he values human life. He is not just in this for his daughter, and he's (awww) teaching our boys to be better men.
But here comes Woong-chul and punches Goo-tak in the face. For taking life as a joke. (Funny though because it does look like that, but he DOESN'T.) In the confessional box, Pipe Wrench has identified the woman he hasn't killed. How funny she is dead, he remarks... he did follow her for three months, but he didn't get to kill her. He felt that somebody else was around. Who? Who is it?!
bcook: Which woman? copy cat? Somebody with knowledge of the killer's methods?! Police!! There aren't enough "the policeman did it" shows. The only one I saw that just crushed me was season 4?/3? of The Killing.
JoAnne: Dammit I was going to watch that series.

We don't get to see which woman he didn't kill because now, detectives are coming into the church. Fun is over! To Mi-young's great surprise, they drag their "Bad Guys" away. Gaaaah, the look on their faces!! They feel so betrayed ... Goo-tak explains to Mi-young that if the hunt is over and the dog days are here, it is necessary to kill and eat the dogs.
JoAnne: I did NOT realize they wouldn't stay out and continue to fight crimes.  And I assumed when Commissioner said to collect them that it would be a surprise to Goo Tak, too, but I guess not.


Hot DAMN. Who is the 23rd woman?! Could it be ... Goo-tak's daughter? The only one that seems to know is the murderer and Jung-moon, who was in the room with him. If it isn't Goo-tak's daughter, then was that just to alert us that there is another killer out there, one that killed exactly like two guys that are now caught? That's so creepy.
bcook: It's a club!
JoAnne: Oh goodness, imagine a group of psychos who band together to have a killing competition. Ugh. *shivers*

This episode was used very well to get us further acquainted with our Gang. Overall, it was centered on Tae-soo and his crushing guilt, but those scenes in which the guys were working to solve the murder on their own showed their strength and character really well. Overall, the red thread through this episode was the topic of trust. Only with trust can you succeed, is the message that Goo-tak tried to deliver. Only if you value human life will you become human was another. But what does that make Goo-tak?
bcook: Goo-d? Bad joke, don't mind me.
JoAnne: Actually I sort of liked that one. I think Goo Tak is pretty particular about which lives he values and which he doesn't.  Which appears to be true for all of them, though.

We have heard before that he was known for his extreme methods and we got to see that in play. He is ready to gamble with human life in order to catch a killer. It went relatively well, but the risk was terribly high. A few seconds later and Tae-soo wouldn't have been able to save that woman anymore. Goo-tak has a superior view of things, but I think he is someone who has to reflect just as long as his three "Bad Guys" about the dos and donts and about the fine line between man and beast.
bcook: Because I don't want my badass ahjusshi to be completely without morals I'm going to argue that he got there about the same time as Tae-Soo. Tae-Soo was just too absorbed in beating up the bad guy that he didn't realize he was being watched.
JoAnne: Sure but think of everything that could have gone wrong - what if there were a car accident on the way? I think that 'bait' is generally used in a much more controlled environment.

One last word on Mi-young. I am not yet sure what to make of her. What purpose does she serve in this drama? She is smart, yes, and she helps solve the cases ... but what else? 
bcook: She'll probably be the one investigating the big "why did everybody go away at the same time" mystery. Maybe she's our proxy? The one asking "Why?" and saying "WTF" for us.
JoAnne: I think that might be the case. But I wonder if she also doesn't have a skeleton in her closet.