Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 51 (KimJiCap)

Time to tackle this beast for the (almost) last time! To death! To glory! To Min-jung! To makjang! To Kim Ji-hoon! Yes, he made me do it. I feel like I should add a "hicks", but I'm not drunk.
JoAnne: I came for Kakashi. I stayed for the krazy.

Episode 51

It's "Show me yours, I'll show you mine" time! Min-jung and Bori unroll their yongbos. But what is that? They look identical! Which one is the true and only? Well, quite obviously Bori's! Min-jung even admits hers is GooDIL's. But she didn't steal it. No no. She found it. And it is the piece that fits Master Artisan's work the best. So everything she EVER did is of course justified.
JoAnne: Oh for crying out loud.
Since people are not enthusiastically clapping (I'mWe're not either), Min-jung tries the pity-tour, i.e. cries fake tears and says she's an unwanted, adopted daughter, who was just used as a puppet in this competition, which has already been decided long ago. WHATEVER, show. The First Lady thinks she has a point though.
JoAnne: Oh screw you, go read a book to some kids or something.
She's terrible. I've decided to just do Kim Ji-hoon reaction pics.  
Little Shit (aka Jae-hee) takes Bi-dan to kindie in his car. Wait, what? He is taking her to SEE her?! Because he's not only a little but in fact a BIG shit. But Bi-dan suddenly gets cold feet: she doesn't want to know anymore. Her mother is Bori. Nobody else. Jae-hee's crazy eyes are so funny I laugh out loud. Also, because trotwood asks below in the comment section: He realizes at this point that he has been a very bad and stupid Jae-hee and simply gives up on telling Bi-dan who her mother is. Good boy.
JoAnne: And then he has that seizure or whatever the hell it was...
Min-jung almost wins the yongbo competition because her yongbo is slightly more elegant (or whatevs). Why? Because Bori added cloth to the original one. Why? Because this is the thing that saved her life 20 years ago. Also, the king had stomach issues etc. and thus needed to be kept warm. Hence she put some insulating paper inside of it. Enthusiastic cl apping. Bori knows the true spirit of the Hanbok! And she knows the king would have wanted his yongbo sewed on with cotton thread. JoAnne, I'm laughing HARD right now. Bori and GooDIL win the first round.
JoAnne: I joined you in spirit, my friend. MY king would have wanted a cracker sewn in, in case late night snacks were in order. To have a Hanbok, one lovingly prepared by a master craftsman, is to know that you will never again experience temperature extremes, hunger, thirst... 
Bi-dan has arrived at Bi Sool Chae and is waiting in a Hanbok room all by herself, curiously eyeing The Hanbok. In comes Min-jung! She tells the kid she's really unfortunate, because the woman her mother hates the most is her real mother. That's why Bi-dan will never be loved. Min-jung out, Bori and Jae-hwa in. Bi-dan is crying again and I must quickly have fallen asleep (I'm not kidding you) because I already don't remember a thing that Min-jung said to Bi-dan. Anyway, Bi-dan is much upset (because she now suspects who The Mother is) and spills a red drink on Bori's competition Hanbok. Oupsie.
JoAnne: I do that a lot. Forget things. Not spill on things! Although I do some of that as well. So I write things down, which works, unless I spill something on it.
At this point in this episode, Kim Ji-hoon has done nothing else but smile like a fool
Wow, they don't even scold her. They're saints! Well, BaDIL comes in and does all the scolding. There's dramatic collapsing and wailing, and then, cute but utterly useless Jae-hwa (has has barely spoken 5 words in this episode) leads BaDIL out of the room. And goes back in. BaDIL remembers 20 years ago, when Eun-bi destroyed her own clothes - and when she glances back into the room, she sees how Bori hugs Bi-dan, to comfort her. And that changes her forever. It's now or never (also because we need to come to an end indeed).
JoAnne: I spent some time thinking about this. Maybe the endless ranting of BaDIL just then gave Bori time to calm down and make a better decision, because surly any actual human would have displayed SOME displeasure, however briefly? No question the response she gave was a better option, just saying even as loving and devoted a mother/daughter as Bori would have had some agita over this.
The police have arrived at Bi Sool Chae, but unfortunately, also utterly useless Veggie realizes what's going on. Guess what she's doing. Correct! She warns Min-jung. It seems everybody under the sun has filed charges against her, haha, so if she wins or if she loses, it's jail for her. Beg! Beg! says Veggie. But no, Min-jung wants to compete and then run - at least until she's come up with lie no. 2009903098.
JoAnne: VEGGIE. Does Min Jung have to chop off your foot for you to realize she's an axe you can't trust?
On her way into Bi Sool Chae, she bumps into BaDIL - or rather, BaDIL bumps into her. Min-jung falls, BaDIL hands her back her Hanbok package. Oh, they did a little switcheroo? It's round 2, and Bi-dan has drawn Halmoni's favorite flower on the stained hanbok. Also, lots of talky-talky and cry-cry. Have I mentioned how tired I am? It's those Bad Guys' subs. They kept me up until 3 last night.
JoAnne: I keep leaving gifts from Bad Guy's subs everywhere. Even here.
Min-jung counterstrike! She unpacks her hanbok, but ... what is that?! This isn't hers! But it's BaDIL's. A man's hanbok. A hanbok for Bong2 and the baby that died inside of GooDIL. It's not forgiveness that BaDIL wants - she knows she'll never get it. And she confesses it all. I admit to being quite moved. Especially since she speaks as a mother, who was afraid of being kicked out of the place where her long lost daughter returned to. And because for the first time in 50+ episodes, Kim Hye Ok tones it down. Wow, she can in fact act!
JoAnne: Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not being the shrill, keening, overacting witch you've given us for the last near-51 hours. Because I see your face and I just begin to cry helplessly and beg for someone, anyone, anyone at all to put me out of my misery.
Min-jung loses it. She almost has foam at the mouth as she shouts that this is all invalid etc. etc. But Bori stops her by saying she has no right to be a Head Seamstress, she doesn't know how to love. So how can she make clothes that people wear? More rage and yaddayaddayadda, and then, the final death blow: Bong2 informs MJ that her adoption has been nullified.
JoAnne: Are you as boggled as I am that this is a SURPRISE to her?
Bori is declared winner and new Headseamstress. Of course, Min-jung objects massively (exclaiming it was always unfair because Bori is a favorite by default blablablaaaa  --- and then runs out. Jae-hwa, Moony and the police after. The one that does catch her (she's wearing her mother's clothes ... and even those look good on her!!!) is Bi-dan. The little one tries to stop the witch, but it's in vain.
JoAnne: (I love Bi Dan. I will miss her most of all.) Right about here, I wonder if MinJungie's big fit was all so she could 'run out in tears' and kind of throw them off for a beat... that they'd think she was heartbroken, not necessarily escaping.
Min-jung sneaks into the Lee house with Bi-dan's help (the girl is the "only one she can trust"). She needs clothes and other stuff. Like her expensive wedding ring. Bi-dan feels kindness towards Min-jung, because they're alike, she thinks: everybody in the family hates them. Min-jung feels regret and is sad. This is a much shorten version of things, but believe me, you're not missing out on anything.
JoAnne: I was angry here. Bi Dan! Two minutes ago you were telling her to face the music. Now you're helping her escape? What took you from Point A to Point B? (her good heart. And probably the knowledge that this is her real mother) No dessert for YOU, Missy.
Jae-hee calls: he is on a mission to catch Min-jung and lures her to their vacation house. She doesn't know that, of course. Jae-hee has lit a fire in the yard (yeah, where he already burned all the photos) and Min-jung is so glad to see him. The feeling is not mutual. She begs for one last night with him, after which she will turn herself in. But no ... her love was his hell. To see the ring on her finger makes him shudder with horror. He pulls it off - and throws it into the fire. It is soon joined by Min-jung's car keys. She is to wait - the police are on their way.
JoAnne: Again with the boggling of the mind. She's absolutely delusional.
He leaves. And because this show sometimes takes the dramatic "slightly" over the top, Min-jung puts her hand into the flames to get the ring out. OMG SO STUPID, use a stick or something!!! She gets it out (her hand is gravely burned - Gollum! Gollum!) and then walks to a river. And into the river. Her heart is broken. She loved Jae-hee. She really did. Haha. Following her into the river to save her ... Veggie. Bye bye, you two. It was fun while it lasted.
JoAnne: Glub, glub, glub, two stupid women in a really big tub.

The Rest

Moony hands in his resignation and begs Bad Dad to be lenient to Bori and Bi-dan. BadDad finds Bi-dan candies in his drawer. He grows all thoughtful and age-mellow and goes out to find the little one. Who is currently crying alone in her kindergarten's playground. She hugs the old man and apologizes sincerely - basically for existing. She really needs therapy, the poor one.
JoAnne: I sort of hate everyone (including Bori and Jae Hwa) at this point, for either hurting or allowing this child to be hurt like this over and over and over again.
Little Kang (looking particularly cute) and Ga-eul get their love-line after all. Better late than never, I guess? She should go to acting school if she thinks about appearing in a drama again. Please.
JoAnne: He was very cute, yes. There was an annoying mosquito buzzing around him, though.
Oh, maybe he smells nice? To mosquitos, I mean. 


This episode was all over the place and WTF, but hey, what does it matter now. See what this is? Pictures from the Wrap-up Party .... awwwwwwwwwwww, it's really over!!!
JoAnne: Look how pretty little Bi Dan is! And how much older she looks, wow. She must be 9 at least in real life.