Rants and Weekly Raves #16 (RAWR)

I'm on holidays at the moment (wrong: I was when I wrote this though but now I'm definitely not, like NOT AT ALL, dammit), which means I can get a lot of recaps done (which is so not true anymore I haven't watched any Kdrama in at least a week!!). This week (that was 2 weeks ago), I did Jangbori 49 and 50 (and then 51 and 52, burried that fooker!), We Got Married 1, 2, and 3, gifs for Surplus Princess (mary is on a roll! (Yeah, totally finished by now)) and started Bad Guys 1. Also on my list is Yoo-na's Street and I am sorry for not pressing this ahead, but since there is NO WAY we can catch up with this show, it goes on priority No 3. 4? Anyway, I'm happy. All that recapping also meant I didn't work, which I should have, but these are my holidays, so I shouldn't (ah, how I wish I HAD though. So behind! So behind!).
Lafer: You are a recapping marvel. And with a new house, too. I do admit to refreshing every 20 minutes starting around 9 p.m EST on Saturday nights to see if We Got Married has been subbed yet, so I understand your enthusiasm for that show.
bcook: Slowly life is getting back to normal (or as normal as my life can be...don't ask) and I'm catching up on the months and months and months ... *checks* and months of return of superman I missed.  Minguk is adorable! and I miss Jusu and Juno *sob* but Haru is as adorable as ever. aaah! cute variety shows!! 

On Bad Guys

Another great thing that has happened is the DarkSmurfSub-editing some of us did. So much fun!
Ooh. I'm interested. Hmm must look into it. must must.
JoAnne: Oh yeah, that's going to be a major time suck. Addictive! And I'm realizing the reason I struggle to find the energy/interest to finish old recapping jobs is because I spend a lot of time as a commenter (which is my favorite thing anyway) and by the time I've done the comments I owe people for posts (which to me is more of a priority than my own posts, so I don't hold people up) there's barely any time to watch anything before I fall asleep, which I am still doing at the drop of a hat. So of course it's not exactly helpful that now I want to sub all the things, and try to have a little time for some neglected hobbies
bcook: Bad Guys is Awesome! and I'm very happy and grateful to everybody subbing (translating and editing) I will try and help too when I can. I'm very excited and looking forward to what happens next. OCN is batting at 50% for me so *fingers crossed!*
becca: I am also in love with Bad Guys! Thank you very kamsa to all the lovely subbers. *blows kisses to you all - you know who you are* I love you almost as much as Park Hae-jin.
I'm working on the 2nd recap. Slowly. Too much happening. Ah, my new boy-cat says hi, by the way! Ah, and here comes the girl, too. Is she trying to hunt my fingers on the keyboard?! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

On Misaeng

Lafer: Ok, who else is watching besides JoAnne? Are your hearts being ripped out? This is what I decided to pick up after Plus 9 Boys ended (which had a decent ending, although as some of my twitter buds and I agreed it was somehow slightly unsatisfying).The first two episodes were tough to watch but luckily I feel redemption coming. Otherwise I'd have to jump into that screen and kick some office-mate butt. By the way, Lee Sung-Min is doing an awesome job as Mr. Oh.
JoAnne: Oh my gosh, I want to take that sad boy in his baggy suit and feed him and hug him and make him smile.  I mean I guess things could be worse, of course they could, but this poor kid...I was so upset and anxious on his behalf for the unrelenting loneliness and disappointment of his life that I almost had to stop watching...and then things started to turn around, just a tiny bit, and I actually feel like if I stop watching it will break the momentum! There's no way I'm stopping.  Don't let me put you off it, anyone.  It's so well acted by so many people, including the lead. You will fall in love with him.
becca: I want to watch this! I would have already started it if I hadn't gotten sucked into one of Shuk's lakorns. Sud Sai Paan. It is both terrible and great. I can't decide if I love it or hate it.
JoAnne: I watched you and a few others comments as you watched that. Now *I* have to watch it, because anything that inspires such RAGE... that's good tv. Well. It's good BAD tv, which is what I like.

On My Spring Days

Lafer:  I have to say I'm a little disappointed with this weeks' episodes. I was really looking forward to the hug as promised at the end of 10, when the sexual tension was off the charts, but they skipped right over it. Yes, there was one later, but only after we were introduced to our fair share of tropes. I seem to be in the minority over my disappointment of the recent turn of events, but never the less it is still the drama I look forward to the most. Because really, ahjussi, those subtle little moves of yours are so divine.
JoAnne: Yeah, it didn't bother me at all, this week. I am curious to see what the reason given will be for her situation, though. I love how both brothers and their mother actually came to some realizations about themselves and their relationships, and I'm glad that the story with Miss Bae has finally come out. I have faith in this story.
I'm never going to watch this, but I do enjoy the kyaaaaaaing on twitter. Haha, some people simply LOVE this show to pieces.

On Modern Farmer

JoAnne: Watched episode one and what can I say, except that the screaming kept waking me up. Despite my fondness for several of the actors, this did not impress.  I'll give it another episode to see if it gets over it's hysteria, but that's it. It's too much of everything. Update: Yeah, I tried. No. Not my thing this time around. Enjoy!
Too much cabbage?  

Other Shows

JoAnne: Still really happy with Three Musketeers, decently pleased by the endings of My Secret Hotel and Plus Nine Guys both, still having kittens (yes, I got two kittens too in real life!) and puppies and a total love affair with Blade Man, still wishing that My Beloved wouldn't end up with Krystal (and that she would end up with Shi Woo), definitely want TurtleFace to fall off a cliff... but am actually ok if none of that happens. Still haven't checked out Liar Game or Cantabile Tomorrow... maybe this week. 
Update: Have now seen available episodes of both and am happily onboard.
Lafer: Liar Games has me on the edge of my seat. And they certainly cast it well, with creepy My Love From Another Star guy, Shin Sung Rok and sweet innocent Kim So Eun (altho we know she's no soooo innocent after seeing her on We Got Married.) And Lee Sang Yooon - wow  quite a different role for him! But hopefully we'll get to see those dimples soon.
bcook:  *whispers* I'm at work right now. Must type quietly. My kdrama backlog leaves me in shame. *hangs head* I am making head way into my variety shows though but I've started watching this strange paranormal show on Netflix  (from the travel channel of all places) called *pauses to look it up* The Dead Files. Basically, if you own a house that's more than 10 years old and has a basement... chances are there's something down there. So...  yeah... no basements for me. Other than that I'm looking forward to falling sick or thanksgiving in order to catch up on all the shows I missed.
JoAnne: I have to watch Sons of Anarchy last two seasons at Thanksgiving or the admin at work will stop ordering my special pens. Liar Game is SO much fun. Shin Sung Rok, I did love your goofy chaebol in Trot Lovers, but you really are good at menace. I'm sorry. You just really are. And apparently Kim So Eun just has chemistry with everybody, which sort of throws my RimKim convictions into a tizzy. Because I know there's no romance in Liar Game, but I kinda want her and Dimples to fall in love. In other news: To support my domestic industry, I am watching American Horror Story: Freakshow (scary); The Walking Dead (who dies next?); Sleepy Hollow (but I'm behind); The BlackList (Pee Wee Herman was a criminal!) and I hear I need to check out Jane the Virgin.
I'm quasi not watching anything. I do kinda keep up with Vampire Diaries (whatever FOR?!) and do watch Sleepy Hollow, but it doesn't tickle me as it did last season. They need to step up on the romance or I'll get too bored. Can't watch American Horror Story, I'm much too afraid. But you know what starts this weekend? Constantine! As an old Hellblazer fan (I mean the comic books), I am much looking forward to that!!! And dare I say I miss Outlander a bit?